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Smoothie Recipe

Healthy Smoothie Recipe

1 small frozen banana

1 cup frozen organic strawberries

Approx. 1 pint (2 cups) Vanilla Almond milk (or other milks)

MCT Oil- sm. squirt or approx. 1/4 teaspoon

Raw Hemp seed oil-sm. squirt or approx. 1/4 teaspoon

1 heaping teaspoon Chia Seeds

1/2 scoop Vanilla Plant based Protein powder

1 heaping teaspoon Superfood Greens-Moringa & Wheatgrass powder

tiny bit of Machi Powder-very high in Vit C so use sparingly

1/2 teaspoon Acai superfood powder


High Vibe Cookery Class: transitioning to a plant-based diet

Hi all. Our lovely Ann is going to be helping me transition to vegan. And the man that knows, John Marzulli says Ann is an incredible cook.

She will be leading a donation based online class. there will be discussion of how diet can be used in detox, for example:-

Transitioning to a whole foods diet from processed foods

Transitioning to a vegan diet


5D Ascension: Essential Cleansing and Detox from the "Plandemonium"

I felt it vital to begin a forum thread on the essentials of detox due to the toxins floating around in society because of the "Juice" (toxins from the jibjabbed). We have to pay special attention because society is litterally AWASH with these toxins and poisons. But with a committed approach, it can ALL be cleansed from your system.

Let's share, and let's stay clear folks!


Giving up sugar (and junk food)

Hiya everyone 

I'd really like some help with this.

I have given up refined sugar so many times, and just can't stick to it. The longest I have gone without it is six months. I alternate between having a clean diet (meat, dairy, sugar, wheat free), and eating whatever I like. It's really annoying. 

Do any of you have any tips on how to stick to a clean diet? I'd love to be free of my addictions to toxic foods. 


Fasting to Raise Vibration, Expand Consciousness AND THRIVE!

Today we're beginning a new forum thread in our Conscious Cafe exploring the power of fasting to raise vibration, expand consciousness and positively thrive in your life. In this lead post, I'm focussing on understanding the nature of fasting and how it relates to spiritual growth. Do feel free to ask questions and share.

Aspasia - Openhand Community Coordinator