The best drinking water

Hi everyone

I'd really like some advice on getting the best drinking water.

I sense that the best drinking water comes from natural springs, and second to that would maybe be water from a distiller or a Berkie. What equipment do you use to get the best drinking water?



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Hiya Charlie

Yes, that does help. Thanks for the link.

I'm thinking about getting a distiller now instead. The water that is produced by one is 99.9% pure by all accounts.



Thanks for all your input.

Charlie: I would love to know what you think of the system you end up going for. I had a quick look on their website and they have lots of different products. I also sent them a message to find out whether their systems would be compatible here in the UK, and haven't heard anything back. 


There is a lot of research out there about spring water bottled. This water is filtered at the source of the spring and then possibly can be treated with chemicals like fluoride. 

  As for collecting and drinking natural spring water I would recommend taking a sample and having it tested for contaminants. Contaminants can leak into the water table from miles and miles and miles away and up to over a hundred & fifty feet. So although it may be coming from the ground it still may be contaminated, best to check. 

  I am now going to be purchasing this portable reverse osmosis machine from this company. And I will get back to you when I try it out and see how it works. 

Much much love in your adventure. 



Hi Shine on,

It's an essential point to raise - water is crucial to healthy functioning of the body and especially to help raise vibration.

I find that because I eat a diet with plenty of raw plant based food and fruit, it isn't necessary to drink that much fluid. But when I do, I'll use local spring water as the priority if I can. Alternatively bottled spring water. I tend not to rely on tap filters - reverse osmosis purifiers would be my prefered if I had to use tap water.

Best wishes

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