Conscious Eating: 19 Essential Tips to Spur Spiritual Evolution

Welcome to our Conscious Eating Forum. What are the essential things to consider when switching to a plant-based conscious diet? How will eating consciously support your spiritual evolution?
It's essential in today's toxic environment in society to get this figured, so here below are 19 key tips. No doubt there will be plenty of others, so do share your own views and questions in commentary.
Let's get an illuminating inquiry going 😉💙🙏
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1) Radically reduce or eliminate your intake of meat, diary and eggs: Animal protein tends to be much more destructive to the gut (check our forum on muccoid plaque) and damages or slows many internal processes, such as neuro transmission by creating brain fog. A diet without animal products frees up a lot of energy so that the body can get on with other important functions, such as repair, cleansing and rejuvenation. Many people regain their health during life threatening illness or crippling arthritis by eating consciously and going dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan. Most importantly, it means you're not consuming the fear, anxiety and stress caused through the planetary exploitation of animals.

2) Minimise your sugar intake: Refined sugar is one of the most undermining, harmful food substances in our world today, contributing to many illnesses in our synthetic society. It is found in most processed foods and often tempting to use in home made products. Instead, use fresh fruits, dried fruits and healthier alternatives such as apple juice, maple syrup, agave, coconut sugar or brown rice syrup. Less processed alternatives can really jazz up your cuisine, although they are still best used in moderation.

3) Go wheat-free and reduce your gluten intake: Gluten is a 'gluey' substance (‘GLU’ten) and to put it bluntly, can wreak havoc with our vibration. It is found in many grains, the worst culprit being wheat (which has been radically hybridised for the high yielding commercial market). Many people find less glutenous grains such as spelt, kamut, rye and barley easier to digest.

4) Eat organic: Local organic, fresh food is without a doubt, brimming with a vibrational-raising life force. Pesticides and chemical control is an unsustainable and disrespectful practice with a plethora of negative consequences for wildlife, mother earth and ourselves. Find your local organic markets and enjoy the high vibrational vegetables and fruits available from local producers. Buy in season to avoid high prices. If it does happen to be a little more expensive than its chemical laden equivalent, see it as an investment in your health and evolution.

5) De-acidify: if you've eaten a diet that's contained plenty of processed food or animal protein, then you'll need to de-acidfy the gut over a period of time. For this, drink a little bit of apple cider vinegar mixed with water before eating. Avocados, cabbage, kale and cellery will help, as will pears and grapes. Consider the supliment acidophilus to help neutralise acidity and also Kombucha. They help transition to a more alkaline state.

6) Daily Detox: Society is awash with toxicity, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Hence a daily detox regime is essential. Eat plenty of raw food, such as kale, cabbage, cellery, avocado, beetroot and fruits such as apples, pears and grapes. If you want a strong inducement, and feel like you have some hefty toxins to remove, then you can juice all of the above.

7) Heavy Metal Detox: There are lots of heavy metals awash in society that damage healthy internal cellular activity. Especially after the pandemic. So consider a regular cleanse to release heavy metals and spiked proteins with pine needle tea, chlorella, coriander and also bentonite clay.

8) Intermittant fasting: today's society and how we generally consume is full of harmful toxins that lower vibration and damage bodily function - healthy brain function for example. However, if you eat only within a specific window of 6 hours a day, then it gives the body 18 hours to cleanse and heal at a cellular level. It also calms the metabolism and so consciousness can expand into other dimensions to better receive higher dimensional information and infusion.
Check our Intermittant Fasting Forum to Thrive!

9) Confront comfort eating and dopamine addiction: Heavier foods often act like a kind of anaesthetic, they cause dopamine addiction, lower vibration and de-sensitise to the world around. Be mindful that dopamine addiction, that sudden brain hit, drives a great deal of consumptive habits and there's an ever escalating need for more, with less satisfaction. Change your habits and practices in key moments of challenge, by plenty of brisk walking, connection in nature, conscious bodywork, and natural endorphin activation.
Explore 8 ways to activate uplifting endorphins

10) Confront cravings through meditation: when you make the transition to more healthy plant-based eating, and if you move to intermittant fasting, you'll most likely experience hunger pangs and cravings. Crucially though, rather than immediately giving in to these, take yourself into meditation when the feeling strikes. This could just be a breathing meditation where you are. But then go deep into the feelings and become intimate with them. There will be emotional hooks to break and mental programming that immediately reaches for a completion. You can transform the feeling of hunger into merely emptiness, and then aliveness, because you're not dampened or slowed by the food. It starts to feel good to be empty, expansive and alive!
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11) Drink pure water: Water is essential for health, although it can be challenging to find a pure source of it. Avoid naked tap water, because it's awash with the medications and chemicals circulating in society. Ideally, you would put it through a reverse osmosis filter to remove impurities and chemicals before using it for drinking or cooking. If possible, find a local spring or purchase spring water from a reputable source harvesting from clean organic lands. It’s a tricky one to get the balance right on this, but do what you can. Pure water is vital for health and vitality.

12) Grow some of your own herbs & food: There are few things more satisfying that gathering and eating your own fresh fruits and produce. If you have a garden, then the limit is your imagination. If you don’t have that luxury, then plant a few things including herbs (basil, parsly, coriander, rosemary for example) and other leaves on your windowsill or balcony, or else consider joining a local gardening group and helping someone with their garden in return for some veggies. You’ll be saying ‘wow - I can’t believe how good this is’ with every mouthful!

13) Avoid GMOs at all costs: Genetically modified foods are the real ‘Frankenstein’ of the food world. Apart from the common sense factor of ‘not messing with nature’, there is a growing body of evidence showing how GMOs are radically denaturing ecosytems, harming wildlife and causing damage to our bodies. Certainly not designed for a natural healthy body.

14) Embrace raw, loving, living foods: Cooking tends to diminish or can destory the vibrant enzymes in food. As much as possible, incorporate fresh, living, plant-based foods into your diet for an extra infusion of life force. A salad, fresh, ripe fruit on a daily basis will support higher vibrational living. If you do cook, then move more toward lightly steaming, reducing the amount of frying and baking.

15) Honour the need for some healthy comfort: We all require comforts and soul food from time to time and perhaps even daily in some form. But the crucial thing is to find a healthy alternative - raw chocolate for example, halva or something like tahini with dried fruit. Introduce these in a measured way, but enjoy them thoroughly, working to break down self-judgment. It's natural to want a "pick-me-up" at key moments. If we don't self-judge, then we'll likely need less and get more of a benefit from it.

16) Eat slowly and savour the taste: Sounds simple, yet its amazing how many people rush their food, chatting away. Switch off your phone and t.v. (if you have one) and really taste your food. Connect with the texture, flavours, vibrational life force and you will begin to embrace from a centred place of true experience. You will feel much more guided on how much to eat and what your body actually needs for optimal health.

17) Giving thanks: We are so blessed to be able to eat and savour food. Take a moment before you eat to close your eyes, connect with what you are about to eat and offer thanks (whether it is to Mother Earth, the Universe, the One, Buddha or another deity)... the important thing is to connect with your food and allow a natural arising gratitude to permeate into the field around you.

18) Learn to listen to your body: The body really does 'talk', we just have to tune in to the right language. If we have aches, pains, illness or disease happen then the body is starting to scream. Learn to recognise denial, cravings and subtle addictions and move beyond them. If we learn to listen to our physical body by embracing as many of the above tips as possible, we start to hear subtle cues that will guide us... what to eat, how much to eat, where to buy it from etc. Our life becomes so much more flowing and satisfying once we start to flow with it in a way that serves our journey of optimal health and evolution.

19) Learn to tune in to your soul: When we start to tune in to our soul, it’s amazing how powerful the guidance can be. It will guide us to make the most aligned choices, inviting change and evolution. It's not always the choices that we 'want' that it will show us, but always the choice in the best interest of our continued spiritual evolution. Profound self honesty is the key here. Tuning into the soul is perhaps the most important tenet to the success of eating consciously. Embrace it and honour the guidance it brings you.
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What other tips, recommendations and experiences have you had in switching to conscious eating? Do share, let's inspire each other onward and upward!!

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Okay folks, it's that time of year, where we put behind us the wayward consumption patterns of the past, and switch to a more healthy, conscious way of eating and consuming. Hence our conscious eating forum here, which begins with the 19 top tips above. It's all designed to inspire illumination and exploration to spur our spiritual evolution. It's at the top of the list of important evolutionary considerations - especially in today's toxic society.

Do check the list of 19 above, but then do share your own experiences, tips and challenges below. Personally, it's been a 20 year journey of constant exploration and resolution. There are masses of insights I can share. So what have you experienced?


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I could also write a whole book about this with 10 years of trying different diets, cleanses, fasts etc, and still figuring it out! What feels natural to me is eating plant based & intermittant fasting (for me this means eating in a 4-8h window, it varies). What I also learned personally is how easily I go out of body if I keep my diet too strict, light or fast too much, often unconsciously trying to stay away from lower vibrations. After the Egypt journey I had a month of being out of body and eventually I had to eat denser things (more processed) to come back a bit. It really is to just go with the flow and this was a hard one often. A year ago for example I was still very preoccupied with eating as clean as possible and doing more detoxing. But to my surprise according to a bioresonance test at a naturopath my gut was very unhealthy with several bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Recently I went back and despite my diet having been by far not as 'clean' the past year most infections cleared up. But I would say this of course goes hand in hand with inner work too, letting go of control, working more within denser layers. More and more I'm invited to let go of judgements around what food is 'good' or 'bad', and instead let my soul guide me. 

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Hi Hannah - you register an essential point in this conscious eating forum - the essential importance of healthy gut microbiotics - getting that sorted.

For many years I had problems with excess acid. It can happen with someone who is highly catalytic - the adrenaline from catalytic action breaks down and is deposited in the gut. It can then damage the lining of the stomach causing ulcers. I recall one day when it got so bad (with ulcers in the mouth and on the tongue) that I could hardly speak, and this was the day before a seminar!

I asked, "show me!" The flow took me straight to the nearest deli, and standing before the smelliest blue cheese. I could hardly believe what I was seeing! But I bought and consumed the cheese. The ulcers disappeared within 24hrs because they mopped up the acid. But  was determined to be strictly plant-based. So I knew I had to work on the acid. That's when I began working with apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut and acidophilus. But also plenty of grapes, pears and celery.

What's also very important for someone on the catalytic side, is to consume plenty of dense plant-based foods that are high in protein, like chickpeas, hummus, tahini, lentils, millet and quinoa.

I guess you're on the other side of the spectrum and so have different issues to balance. But I also imagine the denser foods help you stay embodied?

Thanks for your reflections

Open 🙏



One of the essential things I had to consider when switching to a conscious plant-based diet, was how to transition to healthy gut microbiotic bacteria. So if you've eaten a reasonable amount of animal protein in your life, or plenty of processed food, the likelihood is that the microbiotics in the gut will be in a pretty poor state, and more configured to animal protein - they will be more acidic. It tends to cause many problems such as leaky gut, low absorption of minerals and vitamins, slow neurotransmitter brain function, loss of energy, excessive appetite leading to weight gain, piles from excessive processed sugar, ulcers in the stomach and mouth. So we will need to work on transforming the chemistry of the gut back to a healthy and aligned state once more.

I think one of the reasons some people struggle to persist with a plant-based diet in the beginning, is because the gut then tends to detox, which can cause all manner of unpleasant and challenging side effects. As the clearing takes place, it's highly possible you'll feel worse before feeling better. But it's no reason to turn back! A healthy gut chemistry is utterly essential to health, wellness and expansion of consciousness.

The impetus to switch for me was strong, so as soon as I'd had my awakening/incarnation experience, the switch was immediate. The biggest challenge I faced by far, was realigning the gut microbiotics and it took several years to fully achieve.

It involved plenty of green juices, water fasting at times, taking acidophilus supplements, eating sauerkraut (stewed cabbage). I found it essential to focus on eating as much alkalising foods as possible... Pears, grapes, Kale, Cabbage, Celery. I found avocados great for healthy fat, which also seemed to support a more smooth transition.

If you've eaten a dense animal protein diet, and your energy is quite strongly catalytic, like mine, you may then find you'll need to consume plenty of denser plant-based alternatives: chickpeas, lentils, nuts, sweet potato, pumpkin and grains such as quinoa and millet (these I found much more strongly alkalising than rice for example).

I've only provided an insight here. For me it involved a focused inquiry over some considerable time - but the beneficial effect on consciousness has been nothing short of miraculous. So I invite you to consider this essential aspect of transition to a conscious diet.

In loving support

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Hi Sindi - I understand when you start to contemplate living cmpassionately and consciously it can see a tall order - a vertiable mountain to climb!

But we are living in a very imperfect world. And so the important thing is not to self judge or beat one's self up about the conditioning people have grown up with.

Explore the daily habits, the unconscious behaviours. Bring awareness to them and inquire what's your highest truth in that moment? What's the most aligned expression of you right now.

Inquire, feel, explore and let the truth naturally unfold without judging oneself.

We live in an imperfect world!

Much love to the sisters!

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Greetings Openhanders,

Since we came back from our retreat in Tofo, my girls, sister and I have obviously been sharing our experiences as we go along and have been holding each other’s hands.

We have also stayed in touch, where we can, with people who went to the same Openhand retreat as ours.

one of thois topic among us isconscious eating and having listened Open’s passionate and loving speak on how we are what we eat; in that we need to be lovingly conscious of what we consume, really resonated with all of us.


Here we have been, happily living the good ol’fashioned “African” way as we have known it - where slaughtering cows, goats and sheep is a way of life in our rural communities and even urban ones.


I must add that slaughtering these animals plays significant roles in our cultures traditions, which until now, was all very normal and all part of it, and it’s all very worrying that we are so in the dark about so much about consciousness and being our authentic selves.


Reading the many conversation on this thread brings both comfort and absolute panic, to be honest.


With consciousness comes responsibility, in as much as Open was clear that we are not obligated to anything or anyone (well if that’s applies in this context, I don’t know), but when I look at my loving adorable-I-could-hug-and-kiss-them-all-day-Family, I can’t help but want and need a paradigm shift for them.


When I see the weather changing, life changing with natural diasaters and curious weather patterns, it makes me worry about humanity and our soul brothers and sisters out there who aren’t as enlightened or even aware as most Openhanders clearly are.


Just reading I’m thinking oh my word! Eeek! Even the water we drink causes density so I am going to waterman (they sell all sorts of water products) tomorrow to enquire about, and hopefully get a reverse osmosis tap thingamabob.

In truth, yes my eating patterns have altered and I am being aware and have only just managed to cut out red meat for now and feeling terrible that I am not at the point where being a vegan will not feel like an effort.


But through reading and realizing that it’s been a journey for you,has been an is very encouraging. so keep up the great effort and do touch lives around you. You never know who is reading/watching and getting inspired.





Wow Lisa and Aspasia - that sounds simply divine.


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What a beautiful way to begin the fast.  I may well do a meditation at the start. Before I go into the fast I will take a digestive enzyme and also do a lemon water enema.  The following morning, Wednesday, I will begin my day with kundalini yoga and a walk to the beach . Walking barefoot on the sand.  I will break my fast with a lymph buster juice: oranges, lemons and grapefruit . I then add some tart cherry concentrate and the following powders: schizandra, camu camu, baobab, cinamon and gogi berry.  This is divine and pure nectar and such a beautiful way of honouring the body, mind and soul. 

Wishing us well for our  dry fast! 

Love, Lisa :)  xx

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Lisa, what a blessing to honour ourselves together in this way :)

I LOVE your care and divine ritual. I very much look forwards to reading more!

Its a beautiful day down this part of the UK - Devon - and after I go to the gym for a free flow movement session soon - I like the open, flat space and toys I can use there - I am off to wherever the Flow takes me for most of the day. Meditating out in Nature and touching Presence inside and outside. Well, maybe I go to the beach and walk on the sand - is this a beautiful sign??? ;)

Not sure how Wednesday will unfold yet :) I can see a lush smoothie breaking the fast, yam! Your pure nectar sounds amazing! Maybe I will taste it sometime down the flow. 

With divine blessings to us and all through the ether Heart Honour Yourself

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Dry fast completed today at 3pm, one hour later because I was out at a coast town on a beautiful sunny breezy day. Meditated sitting on a bench overlooking the ocean, opening up to a lot of felt heaviness. I had some hunger pangs in the morning during work but they faded away quite quickly. I broke the fast with a fruit and veggie smoothie - very enjoyable.

There has been some processing for me, which the fast accentuated, so I feel like doing a longer one during the weekend and into the next week. Lets see what the discoveries will be :) 

Thank you Lisa for a wonderful etheric 'fast' connection.

Lots of love xx

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Hi Aspasia, 

Hey ! So glad to know you did it!  And you were working....

Today I did 75 minutes of kundalini yoga and a meditation . I relistened to a few of Open's videos .

Bizarrely last night I felt like tidying up and dusting! ( a rare feeling) so I made the most of it . I seemed to have more energy both last night and today . 

I broke the fast with a lymph buster juice, grapefruit , oranges and lemon . I sat in the garden sipping it . It tasted divine! ?

No spiritual unfoldings...

I must say I find it quite easy doing the  24 hour dry fast once I've set my mind to do it. I've only done one 36 hour dry fast and that stretched me . Not sure I want to do it again for a while but I'd be interested to know how you get on . 

Lots of love to you ?, Lisa 

Ps I live in North Devon . Where do you live in Devon? 


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Hey Lisa, thank you :) have been lovely to feel your etheric presence fasting with me :) Your meditation and yoga sound fantastic! Oh yes, I was full on working too but that was perfectly ok for a 24 h fast. During the weekend I am not working so it will be more 'relaxed'.

I resonate with the bursts of energy during this fast, I went for a walk for example.

My 3 day fast will be a combination of water x 1 day and 2 dry because I will go hiking on Dartmoor, so I will be active - will see.

Re: spiritual unfoldings, may I ask how were you stretched with the 36 hour dry fast? Would you say that there were certain unfoldings happening then or not?

With a lot of Love xx

P.S. Oh, we are close :) I live just 10 minutes outside Exeter in Upton Pyne but soon moving towards most likely South Devon. I often work up in Barnstaple and Bideford :)


I have just done my 1st 36 hour dry fast! Although again like the 24 hour dry fast, I didn't notice any layers peeling away , I am amazed that I managed to do this even while sitting by my partner who was eating sandwhiches! ( not that I would eat them anyway!) I found it fairly easy and had so much time to just BE , but it pushed me ....

I hadn't even planned to do it. I woke up in the morning and felt the pull to try it. I plan to do a 36 hour dry fast once a month and a 24 hour dry one weekly . Hopefully something will shift . I think my stuff is so deep rooted that I need a sledge hammer to shift or unpeel all the layers!

An area I am questioning is why I haven't cried in over 20 years! Even when my parents died I didn't cry . And I was close to them.

All those years ago , when my parents were alive , I had moved to a new area on my own and felt alone and 'depressed' and started to cry and then I thought if I cry I will feel even worse , so I decided not to cry anymore and now I can't cry . That's one of the reasons why I am trying these dry fasts.

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Lisa, it is very inspiring how you have challenged and are challenging yourself with the dry fast like this. There may not be 'noticeable' layers peeling away, though I would say that many qualities of soul are coming through and embodied like - I imagine - determination, resolve, willfulness, surrender etc. To me, these soul qualities are not only the 'result', if you like, of breaking through density, they also 'come to hold oneself' when karmic/dense layers arise. Therefore, embodying these during a dry fast for example is very valuable. Also, very often, I have discovered that, there will be subtler layers arising before big layers emerge and frequent meditation and  'just being' as you said - I will add consciously - during a fast will catalyse this.

You share here:

All those years ago , when my parents were alive , I had moved to a new area on my own and felt alone and 'depressed' and started to cry and then I thought if I cry I will feel even worse , so I decided not to cry anymore and now I can't cry . That's one of the reasons why I am trying these dry fasts.

When my father died I was 8 years old and I didn't cry. I didn't cry for many years. Everybody around me as a child - mother, brother - would cry, so it felt like I 'should' be the strong one in the family and there and then I repressed a lot, so as to protect myself from the pain and to also 'protect' the family. A hardening happens, like walls around the pain and I have found that the opening and the breaking down of walls happens in waves - some are subtle and some are big waves... life will create the conditions for the walls to break down ...

I used to 'push myself' if you like by combining intense meditation retreats alone with intermittent fasting (one very small meal per day). 'Feeling alone' and 'depressed', well I am very well acquainted with these guests in my consciousness. One day in meditation at home - that was a few years ago... though the waves still come but subtler or/and deeper - I was feeling alone and sad and I just sat with it for 3 hours! Totally surrendered to 'it', crying happened while staying with the physicality of the experience. At the same time, whenever a conditioned thought/belief arose in my mind I would just 'see' it and feel the effect of it in my physicality and energy. I was witnessing and feeling at the same time. 'Feeling alone and sad' lifted and I found myself laughing and feeling bright.  So, a big wave came to shore to dissolve itself...

On a slightly different note, Next week Im doing a 24 hour dry fast, as promised. Would you like to synchronise?? What day are you dry fasting? May be we can do it together? Would love the support :)


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Hi Aspasia,

That must have been so dificult at the age of eight to loose your father and then not to cry even although the rest of your family did as you felt you needed to be strong . At such a young age!

   I too have experienced this hardening and feel like the ice queen at times but where the ice cannot melt.

I would love to carry out a dry fast with you over the ether.  I was thinking of starting around 2PM on Tuesday . Would that work for you? Usually I start a dry fast on a Thursday as I read that it's linked to Jupiter and helps in some way . :)

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Hey Lisa,

Thank you for your kind words. A pivotal point in this 'melting the ice' process for me was 'seeing'/'feeling' the suffering of animals...big turning point.

Starting the dry fast tomorrow at 2.00pm is great. :) Very exciting to do this with someone else even through the ether because I used to do any water fasts on my own normally. I will be reporting here on my experience. :) Im going to start the fast with an hour meditation, burn Vrindavan flower incense and light a candle to Buddha nature on my altar. Heart



How interesting that also your experience right now is very synchronistic! I felt a call to write this piece - in between a busy work schedule - on fasting methods as a means to better health and well-being and as a means to 'burn off' karmic processes. From experience and also reading on research I find this fascinating! I have been doing intermittent fasting for some time now and it really serves...looking forwards to sharing this piece soon here.

First let me say how much I honour your inquiry and calling to change how you eat - Praying EmojiBig Tuna three bows! I feel from experience that the Soul's Heart is eager to re-align for harmony in/for all beings. It is also eager to break through and challenge collective oppressive narratives of consumption that put animals as 'food' on a plate. 

And then you share:

I can feel toxins beings released and all the emotions that use food as a shield are now being seen and need processing ( I have been up since 3 am attempting to do just that) .it feels as if deep karma is being addressed .

Yes! Big process isnt it? I have been there. And SO worthwhile to unravel and open up! I find this is a) a uniquely individual process with emotional ebs and flows; and b) a collective karmic process that is called to be unpacked and felt through. Open posted a beautiful video on The pain of separation (Longing) today. To me its this underlying pain that 'comfort eating' (including other behaviours) often on particular 'food substances' attempts to numb. There is a lot to say here but for now, what I find interesting is how fasting in particular for me and Im sure other 'cleanse' protocols like the one you mention Megha, deeply illuminates and mobilises a complex physical, mental, social, historical and spiritual process that is calling each and everyone of us to re-align our relationship to ourselves, other people, animals and the planet. To me again, its not merely a better way to health and well-being but a revolutionary way to deeply dive into Karma (individual, collective, planetary) so as to come forth with Right Loving Action for all and express a New Paradigm!

Sending courage your way Megha for you are held in love by your own body, your own cells who know how to evolve through  a natural process of self (I) -disintegration - the small 'I'  ;) Heart





I am writing this sitting awake at 430 am on day 7 of a “cleanse” designed to reset my digestion which is central to the Ayurvedic system of nutrition .It is not easy at all. While I have been red meat free for 20 years -around the time i started meditating ,and am largely vegetarian ,dairy ,processed food and occasional fish were a part of my diet until recently .I have felt very called to change the way I eat recently . I can feel toxins beings released and all the emotions that use food as a shield are now being seen and need processing ( I have been up since 3 am attempting to do just that) .it feels as if deep karma is being addressed .

 Thank you for your sharing Jen -as always I am in awe of how synchronous this sharing is :) 



That's tremendous feedback and advice Jen - thanks so much for sharing. This especially stood out...

A healthy inner environment allows the 1/2 of a human hair's thick gut membrane to stay in tact and stay strong in the face of the plethora of toxins in the environment. I recently learned that 99% of neurotransmitters are created in the gut and 95% of the body's serotonin lie in the gut.


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Hi All! Great article and such important and helpful points!

I have recently been drawn to the importance and benefits of a healthy inner with a diverse population of bacteria and fungi. Just as a healthy soil deters disease and certain unwanted bugs in the garden or on the planet as a whole. A healthy inner environment allows the 1/2 of a human hair's thick gut membrane to stay in tact and stay strong in the face of the plethora of toxins in the environment. I recently learned that 99% of neurotransmitters are created in the gut and 95% of the body's serotonin lie in the gut...things like glyphosate (round up) are being shown to have massive impacts on plants production of amino acids and as a result affect our bodies ability to produce serotonin, dopamine and others.

I was shocked when I hear that these bacteria and fungi actually facilitate cell to cell communication within our bodies in the same way that they communicate through the soil.  What's astounding about this is something an Amercian, Dr. Zach Bush shares...that when cells undergo some form of damage from the sun for example, if the communication network is healthy in the body (which mirrors Soul Connection), then the damaged cell can be released - it recognizes due to the healthy reflections that it's time to let go and a new stem cell replaces the old one. If the communication is not online, the cell is isolated - believing it's the last one - not realizing it is intricately connected to the will divide and populate to survive. What an amazing mirror! If there is a healthy refelction of truth then we can let old programs go, and come into alignment with who we are. So cool how these things are mirrored on a cellular level!!

I was also recently reading about the importance of breathing diverse natural environments. With modern lifestyles it's great to be out in any natural environment at all - but the diversity of fungi and bacteria found in different ecosystems is very beneficial. 

Something fascinating that scientific communities are accepting is that there is no true "bad" bacteria or even "bad" parasite or is being shown that the body actually is drawing these bacteria, parasites etc as a last stitch effort to generate health seems these seemingly bad bacteria etc generate byproducts that benefit the body in a way that the barren sterile environment does not. So interesting when you reflect on the way that experiences - even OC intervention, bring attention to and call for a return to health - to conscious wholeness.

With regard to fermented foods - I recently started making sauerkraut...sooooo easy to make at home!!!! And affordable! Organic cabbage and salt to be really simple...but can add other veggies, garlic, herbs...look up online you will be surprised how easy it is to make yourself. Going to try making coconut kefir - I always thought that was only a dairy product but I recently was shown new possibilities. 

Ok -this stuff has been sooo exciting and connecting for me so just passing along.

With lots of love,


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Jen, thank you for this sharing because I am in the process of researching and writing a piece on Fasting and this you wrote really sparked my interest:

Dr. Zach Bush shares...that when cells undergo some form of damage from the sun for example, if the communication network is healthy in the body (which mirrors Soul Connection), then the damaged cell can be released - it recognizes due to the healthy reflections that it's time to let go and a new stem cell replaces the old one. If the communication is not online, the cell is isolated - believing it's the last one - not realizing it is intricately connected to the will divide and populate to survive. What an amazing mirror! If there is a healthy refelction of truth then we can let old programs go, and come into alignment with who we are. So cool how these things are mirrored on a cellular level!!

I love the way you bridge the microcosmic to the macrocosmic, so to speak - it makes sense. From personal experience with fasting in meditation retreats and daily life, and from the empirical evidence shared on different 'spiritual circles', the phenomenon of 'burning one's karma' or at least facilitating this process with fasting, is being well documented. At the same time, research increasingly reports that fasting as a health intervention:

"flips a regenerative switch" which prompts stem cells to create brand new white blood cells, essentially regenerating the entire immune system ... It gives the 'OK' for stem cells to go ahead and begin proliferating and rebuild the entire system," said Prof Valter Longo, Professor of Gerontology and the Biological Sciences at the University of California.

"And the good news is that the body got rid of the parts of the system that might be damaged or old, the inefficient parts, during the fasting."

 I wonder how fasting might facilitate the process of stem cell communication on a physical level AND the burning of old conditioned programs...interdependence and interweaving speaks to me a lot here! :)

A fascinating exploration about how might a healthy inner landscape be interdependent to Soul connection and Karmic processing! Inspiring. :)