Fasting and detox for Evolution: Cleansing the gut of Mucoid Plaque

First published January 2007
Early on my journey here, I felt very much guided on a pathway of increasing vibration. This has lead me to explore the intimate depths of human nature and of course what we consume is a crucial factor. In essence, the higher the vibrational content of the food, the less the body has to work to assimilate it and consequently the slower our metabolism needs to work. As the metabolism slows down, our consciousness is occupied less within normal bodily processes and consequently may expand into other facets of our higher dimensional beingness.

As the soul expands beyond the limitations of the lower bodymind (physical, emotional and lower mind), it unfolds first into the causal body (also known as the 'energy body') connecting us to the conscious life force in all things and also where past life memories are held - here we can unlock the door to the karmic field which has an integral and profound effect on our current life experience. As the body purifies, we taste ever deeper realms of divinity and overlapping dimensions of existence.

For example, it becomes possible to feel someone elses blockages and karma as your own - thus you can help catalyse and process it.

Just like Alice, it begins to feel very much like we've stepped through the illusionary looking glass of our physical world and into the magical and etheric realms. What has become clear to me however, is the importance of bringing those intensifying spiritual experiences here into the physical realm - not to be divorced from them and then have to reconnect. Total application of our absolute, multi-faceted existence to the here and now, is truly living; it is the grounding of spirit, in other words bringing heaven to earth.

In order to do this most effectively, the body must be cleansed of the toxic waste and polluting detritus it has (in most cases) collected as a result of living in our denaturalised and desensitised society. The average forty-year-old eating what governments would describe as a 'healthy balanced diet' is likely to have in excess of 4 undigested pounds of meat - a festering compaction of accumulated waste, pumping out noxious chemicals like some gross chemical production plant belching black fumes into the sky. We may add to that the army of unfriendly parasites that most people have collected over the years as a result of unhealthy meat and dairy products, including the way they're prepared.

This actually changes the composition of the microbiotic lining of our gut and intestines. It means we assimilate plant based food and essential nutrients much less. Hence we find ourselves addicted to eating ever more - we're seldom fully satiated.

All of this undigestable waste compacts over the years into a thick rubbery substance that the medical mainstream barely admits to - mucoid plaque. It will have congealed over many years from the mucus lining the stomach wall, and imbued itself with toxic chemicals from the array of additives in our food (just as an interesting aside, did you know that human corpses decay much more slowly these days? It is a direct result of the preservatives we consume in our food - the preservatives supermarkets chains have to use to keep our food fresh as they fly it many thousands of miles to our dinner tables. Regretfully, long gone are the times when we were sustaining ourselves from homegrown produce alone).

Mucoid plaque is much more difficult to get rid of and requires a serious juice fast together with various decomposing agents such as bentonite clay and psyllium husks.

So it is with this knowledge in mind that I begin my detoxification and rejuvenation fast, something I consider to be a kind of 'resurrection' - the chance to cleanse my body as I move into a new phase of life. I will be sharing my experiences in this forum thread so do tune in and follow the experience.

Here is the schedule I'll be following:

Day 1: Meditation ceremony to set the tone, followed by a half litre of warm water containing two table spoon fulls of atlantic sea salt to cleanse any initial food waste from the gut. Later in the day after the initial purge, begin to take worm wood, black walnut green hulls and cloves to start to remove parasites. Nettle tea (or peppermint) throughout the day as required.

Day 2: Begin with strained linseed water (linseeds soaked overnight in boiling water and then strained in the morning). Followed by breathwork, meditation and conscious movement. After which begins a program of apple juice mixed with bentonite clay and psyllium husks followed by a glass of hot water containing one cap full of cider vinegar sweetened with honey. This would be taken five times at various intervals with nettle tea in between as and when I felt the need.

Day 3, 4, 5: same as Day 2, but being responsive in terms of meditation and spiritual practice to support the release of muccoid plaque.

Day 5: The fast culimates with a liver flush. Beginning with doses of epsom salts and then just before bedtime, downing a mug (about 1 pint) full of olive oil with grapefruit juice in it. Then to rest for several hours while it processes through.

This is a deeply challenging full-on fast that will impact people at the deepest levels. I would only advocate it to those in very good health, not taking medicinal or recreational drugs, having already moved to a strictly vegan diet and having been involved in deep spiritual practice for several years. I would only advocate undertaking the fast integrated with meditation, breathwork, conscious bodywork and spiritual practice.

Wishing You Well

Open 🙏


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Inspired by recent discussions about gut detox, I decided to do a mucoid plaque juice fast three days prior with two other openhanders. On the fourth day, I finally experienced the release of a long black rubbery substance. It was followed by a sense of lightness and a couple of cool synchronicities. lOn my balcony, I found a dead lizard and later a happy orange butterfly. . It feels like a huge relief because a part of me that was holding on inside is no longer there. 

When I opened my cupboard, I noticed that I was still carrying an old T-shirt that I borrowed from my brother. The realization hit me that I needed to burn it ceremoniously. Looking back, I see a lot of reptilian - pleadean dynamics between the two of us. After that, I was motivated to thoroughly clean the entire house. This bathroom cleaner caught my eye. Funny how the universe brings us such cool synchronicities. (The below cleanser is not part of the fasting process XD )

colon sparkling shine

The second day was the most difficult because we misinterpreted what Open had written and was only drinking one glass of juice per day. Then there was some confusion - maybe I should get a juicer, but we don't have enough materials. Thanks to Tilly who patiently answered all my questions and provided me with the right information. Then it gave way to some commitment to the path forward - okay, we started and we're not going back - and acceptance - I don't have to do it perfectly, but uniquely. Perhaps it is not a one-time event, but it takes many attempts. 

I think I will continue it for 5 more days through the upcoming Openhand retreat. Perhaps there's more of the gluey guy inside? According to what I've read, people do it for a month or two until all solid matter comes out of their gut. We were joking on the third day that it didn't feel like a fast. We are more energized and active than ever before. However, our process was backed up by many meditation ceremonies together - chakra attunement, bow, and discussions.

This felt quite synchronistic to me because I've been experiencing some heavy reptilian dynamics in my life recently. I had let myself be manipulated by someone who lived with me. The interesting thing about this energy is that it doesn't know when to stop and will reach out and grab for more. When I saw my attachment to the reality construct it was hanging on to, this deck of cards castle began to crumble. All I had to do was bravely stand in my truth and be ready for whatever transpired. 

Finally, it was my lack of trust in the universal flow that drew this energy to me. There was a sudden shift in power, and the power I had given up due to my attachment began to return. It felt right and good. This mirrored the dynamics I had with my brother as a child. This energy left, and a friend with joyful energy came to live with me and be a part of this fasting. After the fast, I feel compelled to switch to a predominantly raw vegan diet.

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That's tremendous Vimal - your body gave up the Mucoid Plaque and you experienced a tremendous spiritual release from it 👍

Clearly it's because of all the dedicated inner work you've been doing over the years.

Well done!

Open 🙏

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Most definitely open. It feels like a physical reflection of the years of release of dense energy from my field. It's the 5th day and more of this stuff is coming out. This has been lurking inside for all these years. No wonder I had many digestion problems. I synchronistically met a lady who practices naturopathy and she suggested papaya seed powder to counteract the parasites. But she also said that, thr mucoid plaque is just clay mixed with husk and dirt. From my personal experience, it doesn't seem so. The spiritual release is enough to confirm that. I experience a hightened sense perceptions and much more connection with synchronicities. I can also sense the thought patterns which is coming from external energies much more easily. . And i feel much much lighter! 

Vimal 🙏

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Hi Vimal - just to add, yes, some people maintain the release of Mucoid plaque is only the clay mixed with the husks from the fast itself. Nonsense!!

How does it get compacted, congealed, rubbery and stinking of festering detritus in 5 days?

Open 🙏


Didn't I post here already? I can't remember. Day 3 of the 'mucoid plaque' removal and I'm in the confusion phase. There was the panic phase, 'OMG, I've got to eat something'. Thankfully that was over fairly quickly. I found that I only had to steer my consciousness slightly to one side. Slightly too easy? Maybe I'm suspicious. Am I avoiding anything? Possibly. But what's come out early is that food is a distraction. The shopping, preparation, consuming...when you're not doing any of that as well as planning your next meal, then there's all this spaciousness and void beckoning to be filled. I suppose that's the whole purpose, to infuse soul into all those pockets of density concerned with food. There's a link to my 3D existence, of course. What will I become if I transcend this state? What will it look like, feel like...but, hey, I'm using comparisons to my physical 5 senses. As I mooted these musings earlier, I realised that I'm moving my consciousness out of the present and into the realm of expectation, judgement etc. I'm forming all sorts of wonderful fantasies about where this is all leading. And the point is how my consciousness is moving around this experience. There is nowhere specifically for me to go, just the changing quality of my awareness. 

So, the experience shifted from, 'hey, I'm hungry, where's the grub?' to 'OMG, I'm gonna die'! ( Ridiculously dramatic I know but there you go.), to 'ah well, get on with it'.  I'm still checking my profile in the mirror to see if I'm skinny enough to touch the floor when I do the bow, but I might have to let that one go. 

As I sit typing this, I'm feeling a type of unreality, like the room looks different. The medical profession, of course, would be honking about my blood sugar and blood pressure etc. Funny how the official line is the mucoid plaque is something the alternative lot make up. There is suggestion that the plaque is comprised of the purgents taken. When I try to imagine the collective psyllium and bentonite I've taken summating into one of those giant black, rubbery things I see pictures of, I can't. Funny how there's this black and white divide between mainstream medicine and alternative health. But it's just another bit of duality, yin and yang etc.  

In the words of P'taah, 'all is valid'.

If I make it to Friday, I'll post again...........

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Very well done Andy - keep digging in and processing through 👍

To be clear, there's no guarantee your body will give up Mucoid Plaque at the first attempt. It depends on how infused your consciousness is in the lower gut area and how surrendered you are to the process - not resisting or distracting. It has to be a full on immersion - nothing else going on.

See how it goes this time.

And by the way, they run retreats in this, and people are releasing Mucoid Plaque all the time. And when you see it, no, it definitely doesn't look like simply the congealed aggregate of what you consumed in the fast. It's a stinking rubbery mess of detritus that looks and smells like it's been there an eternity!

Bright blessings!!

Open 🙏

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well done and really great point about how much energy food takes up in our lives, if we let it. being a food addict/comfort eater i think about food way too much. the anxiety part is big for me too i think b/c the whole thing with food and me is having had it withheld sometimes and when there's not much love coming from a parent it becomes a comforting substitute. anyway knowing you got past the anxiety helps to know i can too. your feeling of unreality is interesting; do you mean you're disassociating ( cant figue out spelling rn)cause that reminds when i went to the water one sunday morning with no breaky and i felt like i was in an alternate reality, more ephemeral and beautiful, it was amazing. anyway have a great journey and may the plaque exit you 😉🙏


27/09/2022 Openhand Journal Update

I'm not at all surprised that people on the path would get interested in this deep cleansing fast and detox, especially of Mucoid Plaque, which I undertook personally and journaled early on during my time here. I can tell you it was deeply transformative. Because not only did it dislodge the gut material from having eaten animal protein for so long, but it also dislodged the entities that were attaching into it. This is especially important now, as that energy is beginning to peel off and leave in this Great Realignment.

Cleansing the gut in this way has so many advantages. Primarily you take energetic ownership and sovereignty back - because your soul is able to permeate that inner density once more. It brings the lower self into alignment with the higher self. You're no longer constantly derailing yourself due to the base diversionary impulses.

It's not to be taken lightly though. It is full on and you'll need to take a week out while you're working with it. It has to also be a spiritual fast - including plenty of meditation, bodywork (such as the Openhand bow) and plenty of stillness. In which case, it's going to be deeply transformational.

To get a sense of the work, review the approach above, and if you are interested in undertaking it yourself, then I strongly advise reviewing my various posts below, which I wrote during the several days of the fast. Gosh, it seems another lifetime ago now!!

Bright blessings

Open 🙏


Today I have decided to start the 5 day mucoid plaque removal process.

The warm salt water was ok, a gentle start.

I shall include updates if I live.




I felt to draw attention to this Fast that I completed back in 2007 - a comprehensive fast for getting rid of compacted food waste that has congealed in the gut as 'Mucoid Plaque'. It's a rubbery substance formed from eating meat and dairy, which in truth, the body was not designed to digest (at least not fully). The average human carries upto around 4 lbs of this undigested detritus which greatly affects our ability to absorb nutrients and the sensitivity of the gut, which has a guiding consciousness all of its own.

So if your interested in the cleanse, do read through the thread, which details my experiences. I know a few Openhanders who have conducted it now with varying degrees of success.

I should also say, it is a deeply challenging full-on fast that will impact people at the deepest levels. I would only advocate it to those in very good health, not taking medicinal or recreational drugs, having already moved to a strictly vegan diet and having been involved in deep spiritual practice for several years. I would only adovcate undertaking the fast integrated with meditation, breathwork, conscious bodywork and spiritual practice.

Wishing you well

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Several people recently have contacted me about the deep muccoid plaque fast that removes unwanted compacted waste from the gut, as a result of eating meat, dairy, sugar and processed foods over several years. My schedule, and what I experienced, is outlined in full above. The summary is below, however before contemplating doing it yourself, I would strongly recommend you read the whole thread.

The fast comes with an important note of caution: This is a deeply challenging full-on fast that will impact people at the deepest levels. I would only advocate it to those in very good health, not taking medicinal or recreational drugs, having already moved to a strictly vegan diet and having been involved in deep spiritual practice for several years. I would only adovcate undertaking the fast integrated with meditation, breathwork, conscious bodywork and spiritual practice.

That said, here is the schedule I followed:

Day 1: Meditation ceremony to set the tone, followed by a half litre of warm water containing two table spoon fulls of atlantic sea salt to cleanse any initial food waste from the gut. Later in the day after the initial purge, begin to take worm wood, black walnut green hulls and cloves to start to remove parasites. Nettle tea (or peppermint) throughout the day as required.

Day 2: Begin with strained linseed water (linseeds soaked overnight in boiling water and then strained in the morning). Followed by breathwork, meditation and conscious movement. After which begins a program of apple juice mixed with bentonite clay and psyllium husks followed by a glass of hot water containing one cap full of cider vinegar sweetened with honey. This would be taken five times at various intervals with nettle tea in between as and when I felt the need.

Day 3, 4, 5: same as Day 2, but being responsive in terms of meditation and spiritual practice to support the release of muccoid plaque.

Day 5: The fast culimates with a liver flush. Beginning with doses of epsom salts and then just before bedtime, downing a mug (about 1 pint) full of olive oil with grapefruit juice in it. Then to rest for several hours while it processes through.

Wishing you well in your deep cleansing

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It's brilliant you did this (colon fast) Alex - wonderful The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

It's a tough ride for sure, and I'd only recommend it when people are ready. It's not like other fasts you'll encounter. It seems to cut to the very roots of the matrix as it binds within. You have to be ready to wrip that ego aspect out!

There's definitely something to explore in the dehydration - that didn't happen to me. And possibly that's why you didn't give up so much Muccoid Plaque. I think the fact that the mind was busy fighting to a degree too. It will be most effective when the consciousness can fully feel into and through the abdomen. That way the unwinding separation does its work.

So maybe worth exploring this again in a year or two. Great that you came through it well though!

Much love and respect

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Couldn't agree more, Open.

I've seen various well known detox and nutrition leaders who write this stuff on the net or in books quite casually, like its some kind of simple 'snack recipe". There is no real mention of the impacts and challenges one might encounter, or how you might actually need someone around to support you.

Also, as with everything, detoxing is personal, what's right for you isn't necessarily right for someone else. And its good to remember you might have an expectation of what might arise from your fast. When the process gets underway, it could be quite different from that.


I felt to add something important about this fast - it is very powerful indeed, and is very challenging to the system. It's best undertaken when you've already done a at least a few years work cleansing your system by improving diet, because it will release toxin quickly, and then the body has to work hard to cleanse it away. This can feel pretty unpleasant and destabilising whilst it's happening.

So yes, it's something well worth doing to facilitate evolution. Yet you would need to be well prepared for it because of the powerful shifts that take place.


One can transcend anything, including hunger. Days 1 to 10 of my detox fast now completed. Yah for me! I just ate a bowl of nourishing beet borscht. Cheryl Strayed's quote from her book "Wild" and the subsequent film based on it has taken on a whole new meaning:

"The best thing you can possibly do with your life is tackle the fucking shit out of it."

xxx Catherine


Thanks Leslie i appreciate the feedback :)

Open i will take your feedback as consideration but i am not worried in the least about going all out, I have been through what most could not even imagine, an accident in 1987 and pretty much a walking miracle as per many doctors, i have lived life with constant pain since then, had many many badly broken bones and my pain and discomfort tolerance is exceptional and this said by all my battle is not gutting things out cause i can do that with anything but my battle is learning to surrender and let go so that i can reach the internal depths i need to.

i just need to find 5 days and work days would probably not be a good idea! lol...but i will do the 3 day first as you suggested.

My commitment is indeed made...and through Openhands guidance i am learning the beauty of Letting go, surrendering and more and more utilizing your catalyzing tools the observer in me is gathering strength...:)

Thank-you all so much for your guidance, i am very grateful.



Goodmorning, Open. Today and next week I want to do this fast.Question: The original mixture of green walnut husks/cloves etc. ...was that a tea? something you purchased already mixed? or did you create this mixture yourself?


Hey Steve - the commitment is great - wonderful *OK*

The fast will definitely cleanse a great deal. But don't be too expectant. Let be what will be. To get the maximum from it, is to be very surrendered internally, and that only fully happens when we've let go of a lot of control by walking the path for some time.

Personally, if I was doing it for just 3 days, I wouldn't do the gall bladder/liver flush at this stage. I'd leave that till later. Because it is intense and full on. I would go for three days of fasting first. You'll get a big uplift from it whatever happens. I'm sure that will then inspire you further.



Looking quickly at your list, only 5 is required, not 4. You finish your juicing after "lunch time" so fast apart from keeping your water intake going before the liver/gallbladder flush. The last epsom salts would be on waking early in the morning.



What I said wasn't accurate. I could feel a realisation but didn't word it correctly, something I frequently do. It was really just landing in a whole different way for me, that humanity is keeping the raptor consciousness here.


First Thanks for posting this, i am on vacation in 3 days for a week and then plan on doing your fast, i have already bought many ingredients from Trinity's recipes so again when back from vacay i can start making more recipes and change my diet.

I realize you are all busy with the Belgium workshop but when u get a chance can you clarify a few steps in the detox is what a picked up as i read all your 5 days.

see day 1

1) began with a half litre of warm water containing two table spoon fulls of atlantic sea salt.

2)worm wood, black walnut green hulls and cloves,

Day 2

glass of strained linseed water (linseeds soaked overnight in boiling water and then strained in the morning

1 hour later

apple juice mixed with bentonite clay and psyllium husks followed by a glass of hot water containing one cap full of cider vinegar sweetened with honey. This would be taken five times at various intervals with nettle tea in between as and when I felt the need


4) Tonight I will complete the fast with a liver and gall bladder flush - this involves drinking epsom salts followed by a mug-full of cold pressed olive oil just before bed time.

5) This involved more doses of epsom salts and then just before bedtime, downing a mug full of olive oil with grapefruit juice in it .

Another couple of doses of epsom salts

Question I have: Day 3 did u continue the same as day 2 ??

Thanks in Advance


I guess thats also the same as saying the raptor consciousness keeps finding ways to hold on - through humanity.
Wow I can really feel how deeply it is embedded as I consider both sides holding on.


This thread seems really relevant for me at this present time. When your body went through this process Open, I recall you telling me about feeling the raptor consciousness being released. I had not had that realisation myself during my detaox, though I did have an incredibly valuable experience on many levels. For instance I attributed releasing so much toxic material as playing a key role in my kundalini activation unfolding.

It feels like realisations around the raptor consciousness are centre stage for me now.



It's now 8yrs on since I did this fast and so much has changed as a direct result.

I can recall my body giving up the Mucoid Plaque all those years ago as if it was yesterday. I couldn't believe this stinking mess that had clearly been festering inside this body for many years. I felt totally relieved. The release felt deeply spiritual and so I took myself out onto the mystical Wearyall Hill in Glastonbury and expressed my deep gratitude to the universe in a very tearful, emotive ceremony. But what happened next was simply earth shattering...

    It felt as two energetic claws were being removed from my abdomen - from my intestine, which to that point I had been unconscious of. The dense vibration of mainstream food does that to you. Later I would come to express this as the 'raptor consciousness'. I came to understand that it was a purposeful vibration by which that consciousness could tune into us and take us over. Yes, absolutely shocking, but nevertheless true. From that moment on, whenever I sat with someone in meditation, I could instantly feel if they had such entities within attaching to this consciousness and feeding off the energy they were unconsciously releasing.

    And other incredible things began to happen too: it was as if that part of me - my intestines - had an intelligence all of their own. It was like they were tuned directly into Mother Earth - it has become an intimate connection. I can feel her deeply and what's more, my intestine seems to be able to choose the right food for me. I can mostly tell if a food is right or wrong for me.

    Since then, my psychic skills have expanded way beyond any possible imagination. It is this knowing, this expansion, that the intervention - through unconscious and incongruent eating habits - is desperately trying to conceal from humanity.

With blessings



Lesley posted this several years ago on this thread and I felt to repost because of it's importance. It's a definition of Mucoid Plaque...

    "The phrase mucoid plaque is a term that I developed to describe complex glycoproteins secreted by the goblet cells, which create a gel-like, viscous and slimy mucus that forms as a layer or layers covering epithelium (inner lining) cells in various hollow organs, especially all the organs of the digestive canal. These include the stomach, small intestine and colon. Mucoid plaque seems to develop in the presence of acids, wherein the mucus is secreted and coagulates....

    Mucoid Plaque is created by the body to protect itself when it is under attack from acids or toxic compounds, such as drugs (esp. aspirin and alcohol), salt, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, antigen-antibody complexes, microbial activity, the toxins produced by bacteria, yeast and parasites as well as solutions resulting from incomplete digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. And all of these substances have been found in mucoid plaque.....

    Because most people in the Western World are in the habit of eating toxic, processed and high-protein foods (which are acid forming foods) with, and often in between every meal, bowel problems and mucoid plaque development are epidemic, along with gallstones, calcium problems, heart disease, cancer, chronic fatigue, mental and emotional problems, and related disorders. It is important to know that mucoid plaque seems to be the forerunner of many disease conditions.....

    The bowel feeds every other organ, every tissue, every cell in our bodies. When the quality of that feeding is contaminated or inadequate, the cells and organs in the rest of the body will reflect that poor quality. A toxic bowel means toxic blood and lymph, toxic organs and cells, and distortions of DNA and body function."

    Richard Anderson
    Cleanse and Purify thyself


Greetings All! This is such a welcomed thread on fasting and detox given that I began a 10-day detox/fast three days ago. I was feeling a bit alone with this and unsure about which way to go from hereon in, so I greatly appreciate your timely re-post, Open, and all the informative comments here from the many contributors. As I read through this, I immediately alighted on the information that feels right for me, so I'm going to incorporate those elements into my fast. Lesley, some of your comments about your experiences around the time of your detox fast resonate particularly strongly with me. I've had a very itchy, uncomfortable red rash on my face for several weeks now, the purpose of which I am intuiting on many levels, spiritual, emotional, and physical. The detox invite is strongly beckoning. Much gratitude, Catherine xxx


As an aside to the detox conversation...but with a possible link...a recent discovery for me certainly has been the wonder of Homeopathy, especially with regard to raising energy levels and realigning the life force.Homeopathy could have great results, especially re: your comments Marigold...Hi Marigold ! Hope you don't mind me throwing this note in, I do realise that we all have our own healing path, though wanted to mention Homeopathy, it's a blessing for many and works with the body's enegy system (rather than biochemically Re: pharmaceutical medications). Dr Emoto's work is facinating and ties in well here, with the imprinting of energy in water, which is the means of creating Homeopathic remedies from the energy of eg. minerals/plants around us. All the very best to all,



I am one of those over zealous health advocates but the profound feeling of energy gained never ceases to amaze me and it is hard to to want everyone to feel the same. Unlike the artificial effect of stimulant food and beverages, live food donates its life energy to us. I am a huge proponent of wheatgrass and grow my own at home. I find it to be invaluable to detoxing as well as remarkably sustaining and I plan a day a month wheatgrass fast on top of my usual regime.

Since reading Dr Emoto's work on the effect of consciousness on water, I started blessing the food I eat & beverages that I drink. I thought that in the context of this thread this is another aspect to detoxing, understanding our relationship with food as well as recognising the chain of effort that brought it to our table.


It's a done deal, I shall go fasting for 24 hours, and live on my own concussion of tea.
I start NOW!
What time is it?
Sunday 16:25 GMT 0, 14/APR/2013


Hi Open and fellow enlightened contributors...
thankyou so much for this article and for sharing you experience/s. I'm planning to begin a detox and fasting period for March with a view to removing mucoid plaque for the first time. I am on prescription medication for depression, which unfortunately I've got very dependent on over the years so I think I am going to have to take this cleansing process very slowly. :-) I have been searching for various sources for the ingrediants(except sea salt which I have) and was wondering who you would recommend to purchase these from. I live in Scotland so the company would need to be UK based. I arrived at Openhand from Waking Times and I read your article, The Hunted Gatherer there. I feel that I am a reasonably enlightened person, but would really benefit from a thorough internal cleanse to help me achieve a greater spiritual connection. I loved the 5Gateways documentary, thanks for making. Peace and Love, Hilary

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Well after a bit of research, I've finally committed to purchasing the detox and anti-parasite kit online and ordered your Five Gateways paperback so while I am detoxing and killing the wee beasties i can read your book for inspiration. I will probably pass this book onto a friend as she's getting curious as to why I'm so different lately. :-)
Looking forward to getting started and sharing my experience too.


Great Sandra - go for it.
Maybe there's someone you can connect with whilst you're doing it - like Lesley for example. It's good to share experiences because they're likely to be very powerful and at least a degree unsettling in the beginning.

Best wishes

Open *OK*


Thank you for reposting this article!!!
For some weeks now I feel the pull to do a detoxification and actually wanted to do one with Lesly but as I will go to Portugal in 2 weeks, I can't do that anymore. I found a hawaiian detox fast which resonates with me, but haven't managed to do it yet. So yesterday I closed the link of the website, thinking that I won't be able to do it in the next time (but aware that comfort zone and lazyness playing a big part in it).
Reading your article and experiences here leaves me inspired and a little voice is telling me that I should get up and get started! Yesterday night I wondering what I could do to raise my vibration, as the vibration in the house I am living in currently is very dense and full of electro smog. And I am not strong enough yet to keep my vibration high. Over the last weeks I got drained more and more. But this is the answer! A detox fast will help!
So thanks for the (probably not intented ;-) ) push



Hi Semira,

Thanks for your interest. I could list the exact things I did during the fast, however I think it would be really beneficial for you to read the whole thread about the fast because there's a good deal of useful information in it. If you digest all the material, it will become clear what to do and when.

It is a very stringent fast and does have a deeply cleansing effect. You'll need to take time off whatever you're doing though - it's really all about a deep exploration of inner stillness and stripping away that which doesn't serve - not just in a physical way though. Also it will process deeply seated emotion and karma.

It would also pay to have a friend available to connect with - someone who's informed of what you're doing just in case you become a bit 'spacey' or tired at any point.

Feel free to get back to me if the posts above still leave any unanswered questions.



Hi Beta47,

I'm glad the site inspires you.
The oliveoil/grapefruit concoction is only intended right at the end for the gallbladder/liver cleanse. It's not necessary to cleanse the colon. In fact its a very intense process and should only really be undertaken when we're fairly well down the path of cleansing.

It feels like you have a powerful motivation now - so the invitation is to keep right on going. Sending you heaps of love and positivity.



Hi everyone - no I haven't been whisked off in handcuffs by the boys at no 10 yet!

I began the final phase of my fast last night with a 'liver flush'. This involved more doses of epsom salts and then just before bedtime, downing a mug full of olive oil with grapefruit juice in it - deep joy!

The advice is to lie down straight away and to be frank there's little else you can do. The night was pretty restless - just like when you've had far too much to eat only this persisted right until morning.

It left me feeling very week indeed and also I could feel a powerful release of toxins which doesn't help one's overall condition.

Another couple of doses of epsom salts an Openhand soulmotion moving meditation and my body started releasing once more - this time the waste contained small 'stones' which are supposedly released from the gaul bladder which has been choked over the years by too much cholesterol - too many cream teas!

The stones are initially formed from parasites which then build up - apparently most people have them although they can't be seen by x-ray until they become really hardened. I'm told these stones are even more toxic than the mucoid plaque.

I continued to release the stones up until lunch time, by when I started feeling a little better - well enough to switch back to solid food.

So I've now ended the fast. Its been a remarkable experience and my energy is now really soaring as a result. I feel much cleaner internally and trust that my digestive system is now more able to rebuild decaying cells in the rest of my body.

I would only advise conducting this fast with help from others who have themselves been through it - feel free to contact me if you'd like advice.

Open :smile:


Greetings once more - well if day 3 wasn't enough excitement with a huge release of rubbery noxious and highly toxic baggage innocuously known as 'Mucoid Plaque', I certainly wasn't prepared for two more releases of equal (if not greater) quantity on Day 4. It seems the world is falling out of my bottom!

I went for a walk later in the day and although I make light of the whole experience, it has had a deeply profound effect on me. Release of this vile substance (there are no other words for it) feels like a release from years of lies and deception by those corporations that would sell poison packaged as 'food'.

Typically, society wants to address issues like the nation's rampant obesity and is coming up with all kinds of inventive alternative solutions, when in fact the answer is really quite simple - don't package poison masquerading as 'food', designed to addict people, subjugating them to wanting ever more and then finally killing them painfully and slowly through body and mind degradation.

Does this sound strong? It's a toned down version of the way I really feel. I would love to gather a huge pile of Mucoid Plaque, dump it on 10 Downing Street's doorstep and ask the government scientists what they make of it?

Tonight I will complete the fast with a liver and gall bladder flush - this involves drinking epsom salts followed by a mug-full of cold pressed olive oil just before bed time.

I wait with baited breath as to what alien substance will materialise next!

Open :smile:

(NB: I would highly recommend that if you do this fast, you're cared for by someone who understands what you're doing. Better still, find people or an organisation that can help you through it.)


For all those hanging on the edge of your seats waiting for the next thrilling update of my detox and rejuvenation fast (:lol:) here it is...

I began the day as usual with an Openhand Meditation during which I noticed a bloated feeling in my lower abdomen. The deep rhythmic dolphin breathing was clearly moving something down below!

I was quite surprised since drinking only juice does of course make you feel quite empty. I didn't expect to be clearing long accumulated waste so early in the fast, so it was with great joy (well sort of) and relief when my body started giving up its age old and unwanted baggage.

There in the toilet bowl was this mysterious coagulated rubbery substance, looking kind of like faeces, but much more compacted - the shape appearing to mirror the folds in the colon - certainly because that's where it had been dwelling for perhaps many years.

Energetically there was quite a major shift internally. I felt much lighter, etheric and rejuvenated.

I'm absolutely certain this was the Mucoid Plaque of which people speak. It was most definitely not 'normal' faeces. It certainly did give the impression it had been formed and compacted from toxic waste gathered over many years.


(A much lighter) Open!


I haven't had a chance to look at the website for a while - and what do I get when I do : mucoid plaque and bowel movements... Wonderful! Seriously, it is also a very topical subject for me as after years of delusional "healthy eating" which led to me getting sicker and sicker I suddenly and thankfully made the spiritual sickness connection - which is probably not just personal, but communal and global as well. This awareness is taking me on an amazing journey into the realms of cellular toxicity, detox processes (has anyone tried coffee enemas - wonderful when you want to let go of something!), lunar influences and the bodymind experience of health and wellbeing. It is such a journey and so empowering to begin to address my physical/emotional/spiritual health at the deepest level - that is the 70 trillion or so cells that have been overloaded since birth (and before..) with chemicals, preservatives, impure water, antibiotics, painkillers and negativity. Although I turned vegetarian as a child and have largely eaten healthy/organic wholefoods as an adult, I eventually became quite ill simply because of the underlying toxicity in my cells, my inability to connect energetically with what I was eating and my lack of consciousness with Spirit. I could go on but!....I would recommend to anyone finding a process that resonates as it can literally, get rid of the crap that you are carrying about (and not just that kind..) It is, apparently (?) better to wait until the spring equinox before undertaking anything too serious as blood and lymph move slower in winter so making it harder to shift any cellular "stuckness". But, try it - without giving your cells a chance to function fluidly, it is difficult for anything else to function fluidly either. There is much information about - a brilliant resource is Paul Pitchford's Healing with Wholefoods.

So thank you Chris for sharing your experiences, it's not the kind of stuff you can discuss with most folk and it is good to know there are others out there too! I await your MP with interest! You might find the new moon helps on Friday?


Thanks for sharing and perfect timing. I have just recently discovered my body is in need of some serious healing and am looking for a detox process that will result in helping my cells to clear their memory and begin to form in a normal healthy way.
Keep going strong!


Hi once more to all those interested in my ongoing detox and rejuvenation fast. At the beginning of day 2 I awoke feeling quite tired and it took me a lot longer than usual to get out of bed. In fact most of the morning I felt weak which is unusual for me - I've done fasts quite frequently before and not suffered much from tiredness.

I put it down to the parasite measures I was taking (see day 1) which feels quite tough on the body but I still feel inclined to persist with these throughout the fast. Today first on the list was a glass of strained linseed water (linseeds soaked overnight in boiling water and then strained in the morning). After which it seemed right to conduct my usual morning Openhand soulmotion moving meditation.

soulmotion incorporates synchronising what we call 'surrendering movements' with breath. Attention is moved through various parts of the body using the breath to direct energy (consciousness) to that part. With keen focussed awareness, we invite the body to let go of tension and effort as it unfolds to its maximum extent.

In truth, it is actually the mind that is letting go of tension and effort not the body. Contrary to traditional beliefs, the mind is not something that is merely located in the head somewhere behind the eyes. Mind exists in every cell of the body and it is mind conditioning that holds such things as stiffness, injury, pain, stress etc. etc. If we can erase the programming in the cells, the body is able to spontaneously heal itself - something we frequently witness in Openhand courses (find out more...Openhand Advanced Course Program).

For me the meditation works hand in hand with the fast because it also helps release toxins from the body.

After the meditation, I began a program of apple juice mixed with bentonite clay and psyllium husks followed by a glass of hot water containing one cap full of cider vinegar sweetened with honey. This would be taken five times at various intervals with nettle tea in between as and when I felt the need.

As I write this it's early evening and the day has gone well. I've recovered now from my tiredness and I'm no longer hungry although it was a little challenging watching my wife eat steamed vegetables and quinoa!

I was encouraged to explore an old Zen technique of sniffing deeply the aroma and seeking to experience the benefits of the food without consuming it. Sounds a little esoteric I know but it does in fact work (providing you first let go of the conditioning that says you need to eat food to enjoy it!).

I haven't seen any sign of mucoid plaque yet, but I'm reliably informed that this could take a few days so onwards and upwards - or perhaps more appropriately outwards!

Best wishes


PS - Thanks so much for all your wonderful support :wink:


Every year for a 14 day period I fast as well. Fasting is an amazing way of releasing toxins from the body.

I keep my eating habits relatively in balance so weight has never been an issue for me. My reasons for fasting is to release toxins that have attached whether it be breathed or eaten. A total cleansing of Self.

My fasting technique is through an ancient cleansing method consisting of lemons, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and mint herbal tea. Some refer to it as the Lemonade Diet because of course no matter what method of fast one chooses to use, we are going to loose :wink:

I will state for the record, that this cleanse gives the word "energy" a whole new meaning! It is awesome!
Secondly, there is absolutely no hunger after the 2nd or 3rd day. None whatsoever.

I also would like to bring awareness to people who are looking to cleanse, that as the toxins are released from the body, there will be visible effects. Nausa, achne, running to the bathroom more frequently, headaches and moodiness. This is all part of the cleansing process, but the good news is that it DOES go away within a week or so.

I noticed that the Internet has a wealth of information on this cleansing technique and can be found by simply typing "Lemonade Diet". Make no mistake, this cleansing fast has been around for centuries! Its just that people more inclined to try something with the word "diet" rather than "Fast or Cleanse". :)

Open, I can totally relate to being reduced to tears in a fast transition. The release is truly an amazing experience.

Thanks for sharing and happy fast :)

Lori D. Carson


I will be following your fast with interest. I had my own experience of meeting my mucoid plaque last May!

At the time I had enrolled on a residential juice fast with the aim of releasing my fears around going without food. I had been encouraged to over eat as a child, and as an adult I would use food treats to lift my mood when I was feeling anxious or down. More recently I had been inspired by friends who fasted regularly and some who ate only raw food. I had been feeling it was about time I addressed my food issues. As with many things, there was a period of adjustment as I went from being unable to contemplate the idea of going without meals, through a real fear of doing so, then a kind of knowing emerged that I was ready to do a five day juice fast and I felt I was open to whatever happened. (Probably a good job too as it was beyond anything I might have expected!)

It was only when I arrived at the venue that I heard people talking about mucoid plaque for the first time. I was flabbergasted when they showed me some photos. It felt like I couldn't quite believe there was such a thing in people's guts. Surely it couldn't be true, that after a few days of drinking juices and rehydration compounds, a putrid smelling, rubbery, lobed string would fall out of my insides?

Well to cut a long story short, that is indeed what happened. In fact I was the first to "let go of mine" so I felt quite proud of myself really, when just three or four days before I'd never even heard of mucoid plaque. I can tell you when I had got over the shock of hearing about it, I put my guts on direct instructions that if there was any such thing inside my body, they were to give it up ASAP. Et voila! Out it came! For any sceptics out there, I can tell you that once seen and examined, this is no ordinary everyday body waste.

I might have been a bit flippant in writing some of the above, maybe to reflect the absolute disbelief I went through, but on a more serious note, the cleanse I took was in conjunction with daily meditations, yoga and discussion circles, and it was indeed a very spiritual experience. The cleanse worked for me on many levels. On the physical, I am much less attached to food than I was before and have continued to change and refine my eating choices since then. Indeed I am now able to see this as an ongoing process.

During periods of contemplation during the fast, I had some very important realisations. Then some images came, then a process where I gained a physical experience of a concept which I had been working with but until that point had not fully understood.

In the days afterwards I noticed a freedom from some conditioning which had been holding me back. This had not been in my consciousness during the fast, but had been quite a pressing issue over some weeks beforehand. I had thought it couldn't be resolved, now all of a sudden it was, without any conscious awareness of the process, all thanks to the juice fast stimulating a release of toxins and dead vibrations on so many levels.

For me, these events then in turn led to and linked with other very profound and moving experiences throughout the next six months.

With love on your journey.


I've felt this particular fast coming on for quite some time. I've worked hard on my diet and incrementally improved it step by step as I've steadily mastered past addictions; meat, milk, eggs butter, caffeine, wheat bread, and processed sugar - addictions fueled by the subliminal marketing messages of over paid, unscrupulous corporations. Doubt my words? Look carefully at the ingredients on the food you buy and notice how much contains sugar. In the beginning I didn't pay enough attention. I thought that if I cut out the obvious 'foods' like cakes, biscuits, processed chocolate and ice cream, then I would have solved the problem - how naive I was! The craving continued unabated.

Then I started looking more closely at the ingredients of other foods like bread for example - much of it contains sugar. As I took more interest, I noticed that many processed foods contain this hopelessly addictive white cocaine. But why is it so bad for us? Basically it is so highly processed that it passes straight through the stomach wall and into the blood stream giving the body a massive jolt of blood sugar. Such sugar surges are bad for the body and so alarm bells are sounded in the pancreas which releases insulin into the bloodstream to consume the sugar. The waste is deposited as fat around the body - the cause of much obesity. In some, it deposits itself in the soft tissue around the anus - the reason so many people suffer from piles. However this is not the only uncomfortable impact of the story. Sugar causes excess insulin to be deposited in the blood - insulin makes us feel hungry and so we crave the sugary foods more - it's a vicious circle. We develop an addiction to foods that contain sugar, great for supermarket share prices - a 'fat cat' investors delight - but for us, bad news indeed. Over time the pancreas is so bombarded that is begins to fail which is why diabetes is seeing an exponential increase. Obesity is just the thin end of the wedge.

Having mastered all of these addictions, I felt it time to cleanse my body, relieving it of the toxic waste it had gathered over forty years of mainstream food. So as I arose this morning and felt the urge to begin, although some trepidation, I could feel the density of the vibration in my body, and so at the same time great joy, as I knew I would be getting rid of some unwanted baggage. At the outset, I was reminded from previous occasions that a fast is not just a bodily cleansing process. In fact fasting is a spiritual art and should be approached as such if we are to gain maximum benefit.

So I began with a short meditation ceremony, lit some candles and stilled my consciousness further for clear guidance on the way forward. It began with a half litre of warm water containing two table spoon fulls of atlantic sea salt. Have you ever drank salt water? It's not pleasant at all, but it does have the effect of rapidly clearing away recent food waste. The next two hours were spent in close proximity to the loo! As the body empties itself, you begin to sense you are clearing negative energy as well and indeed you are. Consequently this can be very draining and I felt myself quickly becoming quite spacey - a kind of floating and expanded sensation. I felt a strong pull to lie down and meditate which I did to some soft music for the next couple of hours interspersed by occasional dashes to the loo!

Following that initial period, it felt like it was time to confront the unfriendly parasitic inhabitants which frequent my stomach lining. I've suspected their presence for quite some time - healthy whole food products have tended not to be fully sustaining as if the nutrients have been drained off, my faeces has been very soft and unformed and quite smelly considering I already had a healthy diet. There are other indications but I'll leave you to discover those on the web - there's plenty of info out there if you do a google search. I decided the best way to remove these unwelcome parasites with worm wood, black walnut green hulls and cloves, which together will kill over a hundred different types of parasite. An hour after consuming the 'antidote', I definitely felt deep rumblings in my gut - something was acutely unhappy. I shall now watch the change over the following few hours and stick to my favourite nettle tea to make the taste and experience slightly more palatable.

In fact I don't really feel hungry at all and had a wonderful two hour meditation in the early afternoon - it was deeply transcending and reducing me at times to tears. At some point in the not too distant future, I sense it will be time to move onto apple juice, bentonite clay and psyllium husks. This is likely to begin either this evening or tomorrow morning. Its purpose is to begin dislodging the mucoid plaque which is certain to be occupying considerable parts of my intestines. Oh what fun!

To be continued....

Open smiley