5D Ascension: Essential Cleansing and Detox from the "Plandemonium"

I felt it vital to begin a forum thread on the essentials of detox due to the toxins floating around in society because of the "Juice" (toxins from the jibjabbed). We have to pay special attention because society is litterally AWASH with these toxins and poisons. But with a committed approach, it can ALL be cleansed from your system.

Let's share, and let's stay clear folks!


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Is it possible to raise ones frequency again after "falling off the wagon?" What a terrible term to use when discussing caring for one's temple to the divine! I fear I may have sabotaged my own ascension after overindulging in disgusting hospital food when my resolve was weak and I am sick over how low my frequency has fallen. "Weak resolve" is also a terrible term! Ugh!

I have no excuses for eating that food when I absolutely knew better but I am too stubborn and know I have the capacity to hold very high frequency, so I will not accept that I cannot be redeeemed. Is there anything anyone could recommend to cleanse and any actions I may take otherwise to escalate my frequency?


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Greetings Sam - welcome to Openhand 🙏

It's always possible to correct when we go wayward, absolutely, yes. But before doing so, it's crucial to explore deeply into why? And without judgment of oneself. This is essential because without it, the likelihood is we'll simply repeat the same issue further down the line.

The words that stand out from your sharing are, "when my resolve was weak". So the question is, are you efforting to stay on the path? Do you really know why you're doing it? Is it to get somewhere? In which case, we'll most likely fail at some point. However, if you've explored what motivates your life, and if that happens to be something like finding the best expression of you in any given moment, because you've realised there's nothing more worthwhile, then you'll always find a way to navigate through the tough parts again. To be specific, life is not a destination - it's not somewhere on the horizon. It's how you're being here and now. Likewise with the mistakes - they are the past. Can you learn from them and move on?

Making mistakes is a part of the path - it's what defines the path. Without the mistakes, we wouldn't be touching the unconsciousness. And the unconsciousness is exactly where we need to go to evolve. Ideally though our attunement gets ever finer, so the consequences are less brutal, and the time we're out of alignment gets ever shorter.

In terms of purifying once more, this forum thread contains plenty of worthwhile suggestions. But I would also explore developing a generally healthy plant-based diet. You can discover lots of info and reference material in this thread here... Openhand's Conscious Cafe

Bright blessings

Open 🙏


Hi Open and everyone,

The only thing I would add to the list is the epsom salt baths.

It came spontaneously as I was doing the colon cleanse fast a couple of years ago, and boy was it powerful. It helped me relax deeply, and that made the body feel heavy, so I lay down and let everything happen, including in the intestines as I could feel and hear everything!

This reminds me that it will be time soon to repeat this fast and add the liver cleanse too. I have to laugh at myself at getting so excited about this!! Few things bring me such excitement! Let's get those toxins out, and feel energetic, fresh and alive!!!

Alex :)



Hiya all - I did Anthony William Medical Medium 28 day detox in 2018 and from that learnt a lot; I shifted my migraines that i'd had since i was 10..(I am 60 next year). Friends and Family also have done this detox. Currently reading more of Jason Vale and his juicing plans.   Anthony William recommends a 'heavy metal detox smoothie' which is 2 bananas; cup of 'wild' blueberries; coriander (cilantro in his book); orange juice; tspn spirulina; tspn barley grass; small handful dulse (i like to soak beforehand and i add a little water ). he also does a 'liver detox' which is bananas, dragon fruit and wild blueberries.  

i feel detoxing is also to do with being able to vibrate at a lighter level. and Yes, definitely to remain healthy at this time. 

the detox is to shift mercury, lead, strep, epstein-barr.. etc.. that has been passed down through generations. Probably helps the whole ascension process which will clear this anyway i feel.. :-) 

Oh to add - i recall that with 'brushing' which i read lower down on thread - you always brush 'towards' the heart ! i remember that was very important.. 

much love and blessings.. Judy 


Having just got back from the Brighton Divine Being Event, I felt the need for a detox - society is so awash with toxins these days. So I thought to share my approach yesterday...

Firstly there's the one meal a day fasting, to give the body plenty of time to detox, rest and heal. As I was preparing the food, I grazed on some yummy blueberries and red grapes. The main meal was then a raw salad, with Kale, Cabagge, Cellery, Carrot, Tomatoes and Beetroot. I dressed it with a special blend of ground seeds (flax, pumkin & sunflower) then avocado, lemon, basil, apple cider vinegar, tamari with the main metallic detox agents of chlorella and coriander. To add some density and protein I included chickpeas and cooked millet rice (which is highly alkalising). An hour after the meal, I took a teanspoon full of Bentonite clay mixed with warm water - to pull out some of heavy metals that might be in the digestive tract.

Several hours later I can feel so much being stripped away inside. It's tiring, but oh so worth it!
I know the body is going to feel great afterwards and consciousness at a high vibe.

Let's go for it!

Open 🙏

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Hi Ingrid,

Yes, an Openhand soulmotion instructional video is definitely on the list of material to produce.
We will get there!

Open 💙

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I have some interesting experience after this Brighton Divine Being Workshop as well. The next day after it I started feeling some weird heaviness around the third eye, particularly at the back of the head. I thought it may be an entity and was watching it but didn't feel any movements as I put an attention to it. Here to mention that even though I had very long day on Sunday, driving three hours to Brighton in the early morning and then after the full-day-event driving back again for three hours (my whole day lasted twenty hours and was full of activities) I felt quite energised and not too tired when back home.

Then the other next day my body suddenly said to go for a method of detox which is already tested by me many times, actually my favorite - fresh juicing (no, not jabbing :) ). I have made a good dose of the Heavy Metal Detox Green juice. For that I used green apples (these have the lowest sugar), a bunch of celery stalks, dark kale leaves, big bunch of coriander leaves (didn't have the parsley at hand which is a perfect detox-herb as well), ginger root, lemon and chlorella powder. This drink was the first meal my body received after the eighteen hours of intermittent fasting.

By the way, the Slow Juicer (masticating) I consider being my best ever investment in the kitchen appliances... It gets perfectly juiced all green leaves and even can make the nut / seed milk, and is not heating the product like the regular centrifugal juicer. And also, it doesn't make a noise, working very quietly.

What happened next I have never experienced before and, as mentioned, have done the juice detox many times. I felt a sudden burst of an emotional "craziness" when my brain draw the (illusionary) picture that I have been in an excessive communication and all the world impatiently wants my attention. This caused sudden annoyance that I have only two hands and cannot respond in writing to everyone at once (my personal contacts and those at work), something like that but in a depth. I was standing in the middle of the kitchen quite nervously shaking and felt even more annoyed that cannot understand what's that going on with me. I do not remember myself having such a level of uncontrolled annoyance, normally managing it internally quite well. That was yesterday and all this situation I could review and understand only today (the day later). I got that that out-of-control annoyance began maybe 10-15 min after drinking the detox juice and lasted until I had some food and calmed down, as if it never happened. The same was today as I was on the intermittent fasting and then the same juice in the morning again. Just the wave of emotions (annoyance but with other things) has lost its power and was under the control. And so I was able to watch this weird dynamic within from the side. The emotional provocation made its attempt about 15 mins after drinking the "magical" green juice. I know it sounds very weird and so it feels to myself, I could say, very unusual for my self.

I'll be doing the same tomorrow again and see what happens. I wonder if this is the "new type" of "smart" toxins from the society or the entity which somehow doesn't like the green detoxing juice Thinking  Any reflection very welcome. 


Much Love to Everyone

🌺 Asya

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Hi Asya - thanks for sharing - great to see how the detox can help clear unwanted conditioning and programming 👍

What springs to mind is the many armed Buddha...

The mind can have a tendency to fixate on one objective or goal at a time. I do believe the various metallic toxins in the "juice" are designed to condition people that way. So if instead we can learn to hold the possibility of several creations but without fixating, then you find yourself juggling the possibilities until each progressively lands of its own accord.

See how this might help!

Open 🙏


I do cold showers in the morning,   but  it's much better to take at least 2 minutes or more, doesn't sound a lot but at this time of year the water's icy cold. Much better to spend some time under rather than a quick one. Also, I use turmeric on the teeth and gums in the mornings, and it's great if you have sensitive gums.

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When I see all this great advice coming in and reflect on the (now) enhanced daily practices I've always undertaken, it makes me feel like a warrior - with a real sense of purpose. And the contrast makes me feel great. So I'd say let's dive fully in, commit to this challenge - meet it head on.

Open 💙


Ever wake up in the morning and your tongue feels like you've been eating horse manure? (LOL). A lot of toxin gets deposited on the tongue in the night. So a great thing to do first thing in the morning is to scrape the tongue with one of these copper "yogi tongue scrapers". You quickly get rid of a load of this toxin awash in society. I can imagine the metals come off well too because of the copper. Be sure to wash the copper well though too!

Open 🧘‍♂️😉


The body cleanses a lot of toxins and metals through the feet so daily foot bath and soaking can help a lot.  Regular salt baths are a must.  I also like to drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach.  

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Hi Sherri- I use Dead Sea Salts.  Seems to be the right fit for me given they come from the desert in a metaphysically charged area.


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I use strange Japanese herbal  patches taped to my feet overnight : in the morning they have turned from white to black . After 2 or 3 days they are only slightly discoloured and by the 5th day they are still white in the morning . Can definitely feel it working as I need to drink even more water than usual after sleeping with the patches on my feet and I can see my face  looks much clearer  in the mirror and I am less tired .


I had a fascinating trip to the movies the other night, guided to watch "No time to Die" - indeed it isn't, because we still have plenty of work to do! If you've not seen it, the plot is a fascinating one for this time in society - DNA targeting nano-m3t@llics to take out certain members of the population. "Hmmm. Very interesting Mr Bond." It was particularly poignant as I was clearly sitting in an audience of heftily juiced (jibberjabbed) people. How do I know? You can literally feel it!

Within a short space of time my nose was beginning to stream. And at one point, I inadvertantly poked my eye and you could feel metallic toxins entering through the eye fluid. Okay so I'm sensitive to these things, maybe most don't experience the immediate effects, but if not cleansed away, they'll certainly embed and have a deepening negative effect on one's system and expansion of consciousness. If you're not careful, it's as if you'd been juiced yourself!

So what are the key things to note and do to cleanse and detox? I felt to compile a list of 4 essentials here. Please do comment, ask questions and make additional suggestions. I can't express how important it is we address this vital subject of our times...

4 Essentials of Detox in Today's Plandemonium

1). Intermittant Fasting: We've long spoken here on Openhandweb of the tremendous benefit for detox and especially for consciousness expansion of Intermittant fasting. You're eating only within a 6hr window within any given 24 hrs. Outside of the 6hr window there is no calorific intake at all - only water or herbal tea. The value of this is immense. The body has time to properly detox and cleanse. It rests and has greatly enhanced energy to heal. If you can, or feal you've been particularly effected by immersion in society, then shifting to just one meal a day in any given 24hr period amplifies the effect still further. Intermittant fasting is an essential.

2) Healthy High Vibe Diet: there are plenty of supportive essentials within your diet to take note of and apply. Firstly it's going to help enormously to move to a plant based diet that has a high raw content. And especially to consume plenty of greens such as Kale, Cabbage, Cellery, Broccoli, Cauliflower and fruit such as apples, pears grapes, berries (such as blue berries as an antioxidant). Also Beetroot for deep cellular cleanse. Ideally get your foods from a market and with high organic content. Definitely avoid fast foods and highly processed foods from the industrial food chain if you can.

3) Heavy Metal Detox: we need to apply some extra attention at for heavy metal detox, especially because of the graph-3n3 (reverse the 3s) O3 that's contained within the "juice". Chlorella and coriander work very well. But if you feel you've been especially effected explore enhancing with Zeolite. It's a natural volcanic mineral, which is proven to remove heavy metals from your system. Please note: when you are detoxing heavy metals it does not feel good! You will possibly feel pretty rough as it moves through and out of your system (Zeolite and Bentonite clays help the heavy metals released by (such as) chlorella move from the system).

4) Immune System Supplements: I'd say it's essential to take daily supplements to enhance the immune system, which is likely to be working pretty hard in these challenging times. I would say taking 1000 mg of Vitmanin C is important and also Vitamin D. Zinc is also important which comes naturally in the consumption of Bananas and Tomatoes. Also fennel tea is an important one to drink.

High Time to Thrive!

It's no time to die - definitely high time to thrive! And we can do that, even now in the plandemonium. I can definitely feel if I've taken on toxicity, but it does cleanse out quickly by daily application of the above minimal suggestions. What's more, the body heals well and your consciousness expands a treat. Paying attention to these things was always a great thing to do anyway. The plandemonium has done us a favour!

Let's thrive in the Shift!

Open 💙🙏

PS - do share any of your suggestions below to add to the essentials - thankyou ♥️
PPS - You can discover more of the values of it Intermiitant Fasting in this thread here...
Fasting to Raise Vibration, Expand Consciousness AND THRIVE!

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I come across a lot of info about pine needle tea/tincture doing a good job detoxing the juice contents out of your system. Haven't tried it like that yet, but I do inhale it through essential oil. I also want to add if you use algae like chlorella and spirulina it's good to combine it with a clay like bentonite or zeolite. I often feel sick after taking higher amounts of chlorella or spirulina but not clay, and I found out it's because yes, spirulina/chlorella do a great job absorbing heavy metals initially, but then it's also a food source with nutrients your body digests. Apparently those heavy metals can then be released back into your bloodstream again, hence the sick feeling. The clays do the job absorbing them AND guiding them out of your body👌 so does activated charcoal. I believe this is also mentioned somewhere on here, but I take a mixture of psyllium husk powder (for fiber, to guide the clay etc through your intestinal tract) with bentonite clay, a bit of charcoal and herbs that support cleansing the bowels. I also look extra after my kidneys and lymph system (which is literally the filtering and sewer system of your body). Keeping the lymph moving by moving the body/stretching/massage and supporting kidneys with herbs.


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That's great additional info Hannah - awesome, thankyou.

Yes I get that similar feeling after eating chlorella - hence the guidance to use Zeolite or Bentonite too (I believe Zeolite is better).
I used psyllium husks and bentonite in my original muccoid plaque detox several years back which worked a treat...

Fasting and detox for Evolution - cleasing the gut of Mucoid Plaque

And yes, Bodywork is absolutely essential to in order to drain the lymp system. I find standing on my head regularly works a treat!
And cold showers aswell.
It's all the good stuff!

Open 🙏


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This is a great topic to talk/write about. Thank you for bringing it up, Open!  Slightly Smiling

Here are a few more things that are useful to protect everyone concerned with the sp!k3 protein and gr@ph3n3 O3 shedding coming off those who’ve been "juiced" (yes, there is plenty of evidence out there showing that the latest "juices" contain: sp!k3 protein, gr@ph3n3 O3 and numerous other potentially toxic substances):

•Coated Silver (Coated silver blocks the sulfur-bearing protein on the spikes from entering the cell. Sulfur-rich amino acids causies them to fold incorrectly).

• NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) (accelerates detoxification and is considered a producer of the super detoxifier glutathione in the body).

• Pine Needle Tea for shikimic acid or shikimate (from green edible pine needles).

• Fennel and/or Star Anise Tea: these are also an excellent source of shikimate or shikimic acid.

• Peppermint (very high in hesperidin).

• Super herbs to help disable spike protein: Schizandra Berry* (high in shikimate), Triphala formulations: In Sanskrit, the word Triphala means "three fruits”: a combination of Indian gooseberry, black myrobalan and beleric myrobalan.

• St. John’s Wort (shikimate is found throughout the entire plant and in the flowers)

• Wheatgrass and Wheatgrass Juice (the young blades are high in shikimate)

• Dandelion Leaf (Common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale).

• Carrots and Carrot Juice (rich in Shikimate).


What I take personally right now is:

• Shilajit - Shilajit is a high-mountain black-brown resin also known as Black Gold, Born of Stone, Destroyer of Weakness. 🔥 It’s is generally ranked #1 in Ayurvedic medicine of all medicinal substances. Shilajit typically contains 84 minerals.

• Liquid Chlorophyll

• Raw Wild Pine Pollen Powder


With love, The Sun Emoji




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Hi Desi,

That's a great amount of good info.!  I've not heard of the Shilajit and wanted to know how do you get it or buy it?  Do you have to see an Ayurvedic practitioner or do you buy from some online source?

I use a Naturopath dr. for a Homeopathic remedy and an herbal blood pressure and they both work really well.  Do you know if you can mix those with the Shilajit? (I realize we can't give advice like prescribing but curious if you might know)   I'm still studying the various natural methods for health and healing.

How does the Shilajit feel to you once you use it?  Long ago I used something called Liquid Life which was rich in minerals but I don't believe the company is around any longer.  I feel my body needs more minerals.  After I'm around the jibjabbered people, I'll dose with Black Elderberry and Vit. C.

I also use MACA for brain improvement, it's the Peruvian radish.  I only take it when I intuit the need for it.

Thank you for any input you can share  Heart



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I mentioned the dry brushing of the skin in a recent post.  That dry brushing of your skin, brushing downwards, also helps stimulate the lymph system!

I forgot to mention drinking plenty of the purest water you can find.  I try to avoid water from city sources as they say not all the drugs, heavy metals, antibiotics and things like that can be totally removed.  ( some dentists have been known to dump their mercury amalgam leftovers near streams of water)  I have a well on the property here and I drink that water.  The well has been tested, but not extensively for drugs, but it's not in the town near where I live on the Pacific coast, I live out in the country surrounded by forests everywhere, and on this property.  This place was vacant for almost 2 years so nobody was using the well until I moved in here.  The wells in this area are rich in Manganese.

Thank you for the topic here.  Praying Emoji


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Hi Open, Hi everyone,  I'd suspected the jibbjabbered group shed something and I've been using plenty of extra daily Vit. C, lots of D3 (which is the best type to use) Zinc 50 mg. a couple of times a week, along with organic bananas and the tomatoes I grew in my greenhouse and froze the extras.  

I also use Black Elderberry Extract in much larger doses since the scamdimic began.  It's a great anti-viral.  I love Fennel and have it growing in my greenhouse too and a fennel plant that is going to seed and that seed is the Coriander.  It's great to add to a Pho hot soup with organic veggie broth, some grated fresh Ginger and freshly shredded or chopped veggies like carrots, cabbage, kale etc...I tend to intuit things my body needs so it varies somewhat.

Along with the Fennel, Coriander, Basil-(in Nov.!!) and some other herbs still growing in the greenhouse, I'm also growing Overwintering onions, Rainbow Beets variety ( I eat by color too...some days my body wants certain colors in my diet)  Rainbow Carrot seed will be planted very soon and many types of lettuces, mesclun etc... as I'm a big salad lover.

I eat Red grapes, Blueberries, home-grown organic Strawberries and I'm STILL harvesting Orange Bell Peppers because this year my body wanted Orange ones so I'm growing Orange.  (Does anyone else eat by color?)

I've done heavy metal detoxes and sweating is a good way to release mercury, such as sitting in a sauna or really hot bath, but you have to shower after sweating or the body will reabsorb the mercury.  Dry brushing the skin stimulates and can help shed old cells.  I've used the psyllium seed husks from time to time.  

What is Zeolite?  This is something I'll check into.  I do use Icelandic Kelp tablets, I have a Wheatgrass juicer but need to order more wheatgrass seed to grow.  I'm learning that some of the conifer trees here in the Pacific Northwest in Oregon have very beneficial uses in teas, and are medicinal.  

So I'm excited about this topic since I've been learning about the minerals and healthier diet for many years.  I'll be following and will check into that movie with Bond...James Bond.  Always loved his movies when I was a kid. lol   If I think of other things I'll add posts under this topic.

One last add here: Forest walking (barefoot if possible) or putting your bare feet on the earth is beneficial to help remove many toxins from the body.  I have garden gloves but rarely ever put them on as I love getting my bare hands in the soil and planting, stroking and talking to my plants.  It helps me and them.  I swear.  Smliing  Many organic things in the Earth are healing.  And getting PLENTY of sunshine if there's any around.

Thank you Open and everyone who's contributing here.  I feel this topic will have much benefit!  Heart Eyes Emoji

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Yes I'm there with you on many of these detox practices Sherri - some vegies, fruits and herbs have literally jumped off the stand at the local famers market I go to in Glasto: Blueberries, red grapes, coriander and basil - just picked up some organic seeds to start growing my own herbs.

The sauna too - a big one for a good regular sweat. There's a problem though - if other people are sweating out the "juice" in the same place! So for now I stick to a hot sweat in a hot bath at the end of the day.

Zeolite is a volcanic mineral and very powerful to strip out the metals. You have to be careful with it though, otherwise you get flooded with the metals leaving your system - take it steady!


Open 🙏

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Hi Open,   I either buy or grow a nice assortment of herbs, most of which are perennial.  The Basils are annuals so I have to get more each year.  I buy only NON GMO, organic seeds and just found some Calendula recently.

One item I buy and forgot to mention is Turmeric and it has to be kept frozen so it won't get rancid.

The sauna is not something I have or use but Mother Earth News magazine had an article years ago on making your won sauna to use privately, you can make a box type one that you can lie down in, made me think of a casket...lol  But it would work.

Zeolite:  Do you know if it would remove the mercury amalgam fillings out of the teeth?  I read somewhere long ago that something could literally melt that out of your teeth.  I have quite a few of the fillings that were put in as a child.  That's why I have done the heavy metal detoxes from time to time to try and remove the mercury from my body.  The fillings are old so they've probably gassed off most of the mercury but it may still be in my body tissues.  I do remember how yucky you feel when doing a detox.  All those toxins are flooding into the bloodstream.

About the dry brushing, I think you're right about the brushing upwards, not downwards.  I was thinking of another energy method that used a downward movement I believe.

Thank you for the feedback and blessing to you too Praying Emoji




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Hi Sherri,

I grow holy basil at my place its the best thing as it grows all year round, drought tolerant, bees 🐝🐝🐝🐝love it, can be used for pesto and it can purify water I read somewhere. That's  what got me onto it in the first place. It's  extremely easy to sprout with cuttings, just put in water and they will root.

In India they grow it near their entrances too! It is such a great herb to grow! 

The ones at my place almost grow into small trees when allowed free reign! 

Much love

Erin 💚🐎🌳Aus



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Hi Erin, 

I've not bought or grown the Holy Basil.  Right now I've got Sweet Basil and Thai Basil in my greenhouse.  All of the plants are big, bushy and 3 are tall.  They do grow really big and I pinch them a lot and keep them from flowering.  We usually get cold enough temps. at night this time of year and it will kill them eventually.   I call them my Basil Bushes. I love the stuff!  It's been stormy the last 2 weeks but when the weather's nice I leave the greenhouse door open some so insects and bees can come in to pollinate.  

Much love to you  The Sun Emoji