Waking Up....What does that mean to you?

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Hi Irma,

Welcome to Openhand. It's a lovely story - great that you chose the soul at such an early age.


Open heart




My journey begins with what I now call my soul remembrance, I was eight years old. 

In the Spring of 1962 at the age of eight I was spontaneously drawn to the front porch.  It was if I was being given instructions from some inner guide, I listened and followed.  I peacefully sat down on the front porch and waited for further instructions.  I was very aware of my physical body, it felt like there was an electric current pulsing through me from head to toe, then toe to head.  Pulsing, circulating, back and forth until the electric current seemed to exit the top of my head and the electric energy was now connected to everything around me.  Everything was electric energy, alive and pulsating. 

As the experience continued I realized there was a conversation happening between the energy in me with the energy all around me.  There really is no earthly understanding of how this conversation was happening.  It felt as natural as any other conversation with the people in my life, accept it was with something invisible but, yet as real if not more real than anything my eyes could see. 

I will do my best to relive and translate the conversation. I would like to note up until this point in my life I had not become aware of or attached to a personality or any projections from family or others around me. At least I was not consciously aware of a persona. 

The conversation: You are being given a choice in this moment between how the world will try to define you and what you already know is the true you, your soul.  If you choose the worldly definition, overtime you will forget the true you and what you are experiencing now, a connection to all that is.  There is not a wrong choice, but you do have a choice to make that will decide your destiny in this lifetime.

I knew that the choice meant that either I would surrender to a persona that had not yet begun to develop or I would become one with the life inside me (my soul) and the connection to all of life, a kind of seamless existence.  I knew that the choice of forgetting meant that I would believe the limitations of the physical form and the physical senses.  I could not choose to forget.  It felt like choosing to forget would be like trying to put a genie back into a bottle knowing that it would never be set free again.  I chose liberation, I chose my soul.