When it's dark, look up to the stars!

Submitted by Open on Mon, 03/23/2020 - 18:04
When it's dark in the world, look up to the stars!

There surely comes a point when you tire of the drama. Where you realise there's little you can do to shift the general state of consciousness to see past the veil of propogated smallness and fear. You've done what you can and you're done with it. What now?

It is to transcend it. Become a ghost in the machine, to prepare your Ascension - including those who might be inspired to come with you. So go along with the microcosym where you have to. But that doesn't mean you belong to it or are owned by it. Far from it. You know the truth, more or less, about this. And certainly enough to know your destiny lies far beyond it. In the end it's only a drama in a tea cup, because you are cosmic!

So is it time yet?

To accept your divine heritage. The expansiveness beyond time and body. The immortality that shines through the densest unconsciousness. Look closely into the mirror outside right now, but, flip it around. See it as the inverse - what you are not. You have to work at it. But then it becomes straightforward, putting a bounce in your stride, a rye smile on your face and a twinkle in your eyes. No concocted drama can extinguish this immaculate light!

Look for it. Feel it, everywhere. See the inverse - that which you are not. Let it inspire you ever deeper, ever further to find ever more of the brilliance that you are.

Look up to the stars in the night sky. See how they twinkle and shine when it's dark. You are one of them!

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