2 days too early

Excuse the probable typos on my mobie. Every time I have come to openhandweb.org there has been an article, image or piece that I feel I have had some kind of link to in the while preceding logging on. This often draws from me a smile (I like coincidences). E.g. The picture of the kingfisher (I had a dream about a kingfisher that had a strong meaning to me), the Police message in a bottle song (had it going round and round my head on the same day). Well, I have come here today and there are no such coincides. How disappointing (only joking). Instead of being quiet, I thought I would fill the void. So what magical thing can I bring to the table? I pause for thought. Because I am here today, I would offer you my everything. If you were cut, I would repair you. If you were sad, I would play with you. If you felt you couldn't, I would encourage and reassure you that you can. If you were tired, I would help you sleep. I promised myself that I would be awake only while the moon travelled from one side of the window to the other. It's almost gone. Tag, you're it!


Hi Samantha,
Always wonderful to have friendly folk here. You sound like a gorgeous soul. Thank you for stopping by and sharing.
I offer my everything too... - just me. My everything is dissolving into the all that is :)