5D Ascension: "Alchemising"

Submitted by Open on Sat, 11/07/2020 - 07:14

We're living in highly transformational times. Right now shifts in the energy field are transforming everything around us and life in society. But that's nothing to fear - alchemical change presents great possibility and opportunity. How can we best tap into this divine alchemy and harness it to "Alchemise" our lives - to bring divine magic to our evolution?

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27/06/2022 Openhand Journal Update

I'm taking a few days out "alchemising" in the Avebury energy fields ahead of the upcoming Facilitator Conference here. It's a totally magical area, full of portals and interdmensional connection. I'll tune in and share here on Openhandweb as I can. To provide a sense of the area and what it feels like, I felt to share this video I shot in the area some time ago called "Alchemising: How to Alcemise Your Life". Do take some time to tune in and see how it might transform your life today.

Love and bright blessings

Open 💙

So much joy was coming up in me watching this video! Thank you  Open!

Great video. Needed this today before our ascension activation retreat.

Thank you

Thanks Open

Lovely to to see and reminded me of every one  on your beautiful retreats.

I'm feeling the  love 

Such a blessing

Obrigado  https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/ZoKN

Beautiful 💕 no other words needed.

07/11/20: Journal Update: So much is changing right now, it's hard to keep tabs on exactly what's going on! I shot this film a couple of days ago in Avebury, UK, and also during the Presedential Election vote count. Also at the time we're coming into lockdown again in the UK and around the world. But I really do believe and feel the shadowstate shenanigens will be exposed - the light will illuminate and transform through.

And in our personal lives there's so much opportunity and possibility right now. So let's harness the divine flow to "alchemise" our lives!

Do watch the video, I think you'll enjoy it, especially with the antics of spiders, wasps, dogs and helicopters. It was all happening!

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