5D Shift: YOU are the President Now!

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Finally then, a new President has been inaugurated. And it's abundantly clear (at least to me) that it signals a new dark veil being drawn over freedom and democracy - a large percentage of people feel the vote was rigged, for which there seems to be much evidence. Plenty have hung on, right to the bitter end, hoping some miracle would resolve the truth. But to me it has signalled an utterly essenital resolution: YOU are the President now! Meaning let's not rely on leaders of the old defunct and decrepit system. Let's make it increasingly irrelevant by reclaiming personal sovereignty and electing your soul as the true authority in your life.

That's the great opportunity in what unfolded.
It's time to take back personal power.
YOU are the President Now!

Liberty versus Lockdown

I always felt this election was not specifically one about politics, it's been taking place in the energetic dynamic of Liberty versus Lockdown. You have an Opposing Consciousness in the field, which is using the guise of the plandemonium to progressively curtail civil liberties and freedoms, applying mass media to persuade us the future is already decided, already marshalled, when it clearly isn't. See the surface shenanigens as a reflection of what's happening underneath.

Instead of being bedazzled by the drama, notice instead the extraordinary opportunity. Was not society already embedded with this control hiding within the shadows, mercilessly pulling the strings of power for its own selfish ends? Has it not ALWAYS been so? Of course it has. The only difference now, and thankfully so, to those who are prepared to see, it is clearly visible.

To me, what's clearly happened, is that a quiet (ish) coup d'état has taken place, involving the shadow state, big tech and social media to manipulate and control people - isn't that obvious? But here's the main point: to me, in recent times it's always been that way - it's always been designed to distract and pull you in, either attaching this way or that. But generally speaking, the majority of leaders have been merely front men, card-board-cut-outs for a sureptitious power hiding in the shadows. For anyone labouring under the belief that we've been living in a democracy, must surely see the illusion in that now. Thank God! Fortunately there are worldwide movements growing in strength by the day, that are seeing beyond the veil and by their very actions, choosing a different narrative, a different way of being.

How to Follow Your Path of Light through the Accelerating 5D Shift

A Resurgence of Sovereignty

Look deeper, through the drama and how they would project it playing out. And see the tremendous resurgence of sovereignty that's happening in cities around the world, exactly BECAUSE of the ridiculous plandemonium, which by now, to the truly awake, has all but lost any kind of credibility.

Personally I don't need evidence. I can FEEL a distracting drama was created. But it's ALWAYS been rigged - one way or the other; this way or that, to keep you disempowered, in the illusionary hope that someone - some great leader - will "fix it". There's a frustration building in the field at that. One that's been misdirected into distraction and idle entertainment by the mega tech corporations who are fuelling this mass hypnosis. It may appear to be working. But I see and feel something else. I do believe this shenanigens of a vote will prove the final straw that breaks the donkey's back. I'm already seeing and feeling it - an upsurgence of non acceptance, of non acquiescence, of non-compliance.

Plenty are sleep walking into the synethetic agenda - but that's all you read about on the surface. Behind the scenes plenty are challenging the narrative by quietly getting on with their lives and opening channels of freedom of movement in the best way they can. And especially by reclaiming their sovereign rights by application of the Common Law. Stop believing. Stop the mindless acceptance that somehow there's a system that has your best interests at heart. IT DOESN'T! It's all a charade, this way or that, designed purposefully to distract and control. It's time to let go now. Time to liberate yourself from that. Time to settle into the true seat of your power.

Reclaiming Your Sovereign Power under the Universal Common Law of "God"

The Power of Perception

Which way will the masses go as we sail further forwards through this charade? It's hard to tell. But you don't have to wait for that. As I recently discovered on a Tour around the 5 nations of Britain during lockdown, there's a high speed 5D consciousness flowing ever so strongly. You can pick it up in the subtle nuances and perceptions, that miraculously weaves a path through the density.

At times you will get stuck, where the density draws you into some process. Be prepared that this is going to happen. You'll feel it on the inside: the tightness of contraction into fear, powerlessness of anxiety. DON'T languish there! Don't let it suck you into distractive behaviourisms. Turn right into the density and inquire what the attachment is? What steps am I afraid to take? Work into the attachment to any particular outcome, AND then look for the emergence of soul that wants to take you in the direction of rightness. This is the classic Openhand Breakthrough Approach

So let's take maximum opportunity from this non-election. Instead, decide in yourself right now: Pick up the wave of your soul and ride it, for all it's worth. In any given moment, let the sovereignty and freedom of soulful alchemy shape and decide your pathway for you. Let your every breath and step become an act of rebellion against anything that would lock your consciousness down.

Let Revolutionary Evolution on Earth Begin!....10 Practical Steps

President of Your Soul

It was this sense of energy that was washing through me as I undertook my tour of Britain recently, challenging the lockdown, and opening waves of soulful freedom.

YOU are the President now - It's time to light up the vibration of your soul...

And if you resonate with my sharing and sense of alchemical freedom, come and engage in the Openhand work. Set your soul free.

Openhand Alchemical Courses and Retreats

In loving support

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25/01/21: Openhand Journal Update: Some of you will have seen this article before, that I wrote back in November 2020 after the intial "result" of the election - wow, seems aeons ago! So much is happening so quickly. But also so much distractive drama is being created to suck you in, either this way or that, including the alternative media working to persuade us, don't worry, something's being done for you, you can stay comfortable on the sofa. Just a great psyop!

Do check out the lead article above: 5D Shift - YOU are the President Now!

There's only one authority there needs to be in our lives - that is your very own soul!
And when you tune in and follow it, I very much perecive that you can pick up the higher dimensional wave, which is positively rippling around the planet right now at great speed. It's shaking things up for sure and can carry you through the density as you pick it up.

My first tour of Britain culimated with Storm Bella ripping across Britain. The second took place during storm Christoph - apthly named again. It's encouraging us to tune into the Christ Consciousness, experienced as a heart-felt pull: "this is the way to go now".

It's time for sovereignty of the soul and engaging with that fast flowing 5D movement.
So do check out my article above, and if you resonate, do take note of the upcoming Thrive in 3D/5D online events in Feb and March. I'll be incorporating all the realisations of the recent Tour.

Blessings to all:

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If somebody didn’t want Donald Trump to be president he would never be president. If the elections were rigged this time then they were rigged last time. If the powers that be want control then they’ve always had it it doesn’t matter who’s president. I live in China and there’s no up swelling of consciousness happening here it’s just the strange people in the UK and America who think they’ve been squashed by their rights by having to stay home and enjoy their families and their time together instead of running around and doing God knows what. What do you think the Indians thought about their collective consciousness when the white men came and killed them all and took their land that it was the end of times that there was an upswing of consciousness. What do you think black people thought when Europeans raided  them up and sent them to America as slaves that there was an upswing of consciousness. That their common laws were being taken away from them. That they knew their rights. That there  come a time when there would be a new up swelling of consciousness and the white man would pay for their sins. 

In reply to by George W. (not verified)


Hi George,

Greetings and welcome to Openhand. I respect your post, however to me at least, it's not exactly clear what you're trying to say?

If you're trying to say that rights have always been rigged and squashed to one people or another, then I would agree entirely. Peesonally I see it as the progressive emergence of consciousness. And based on my own past life experience, that happens time and again in waves. That's what I see happening now - another challenge to the supression, the density. An unwinding from it. And as for China, well we've had plenty of Chinese people coming through the work, which is possibly indicative of something wider. But yes, from there, probably not enough experience to know for sure. Having said that, if consciousness is emerging in every country on the planet, then why not there?

Wishing you well

Open Praying Emoji

In reply to by George W. (not verified)


Hi George,

It's hard to see the real point of your post because it is full of gaslighting tactics and matrix programmings.

Are people divided by the color of our skins? Are we either the victims, or the perpetrators in any given situation? Is there an objective Truth? And if there is, do you believe that only you alone can see it? Is there really such a thing called sin? Is there a God in the sky, or a moral code that demands vengeance and retribution?

These are just some questions that come to mind when reading your post. And I think without some clear self-sought and heartfelt answers to these questions, one can easily get misguided and misled by the reasoning of your arguments. 

I am someone who lives in China as well. While it's true that It's hard to see an upswelling of consciousness in the general population as of yet because how mind-controlled and programmed the Chinese people are (actually, many of these programmings I see in your post too), but there is always little speck of light here and there, if you care to look deeper. 

Blessings Praying Emoji


In reply to by Lyra Wind


Hi Lyra,

Interesting response. Actually there are no "tactics" at all, in anything that I write. My viewpoints are straight from the soul, with the only purpose to express a point of view. One which might activate a deeper realisation in someone else - that's what gives the most sense of satisfaction.

The general point of the article, which I do believe is reasonably well expressed, is not to rely on anyone, anything, or any 'result' outside of yourself. Instead to find your own sovereignty in any given situation. I wonder how you might conisder that to be misleading?

It would appear that we are both very juxtaposed in terms of the intention in which the article was written and how it was received by you. And you've attacked it, and me, quite harshly. I wonder what you might see of yourself in the mirror of what you've written?

That said, no offence is taken.

Open Praying Emoji

In reply to by Open


Yeah, no worries!

I guess I did attack something, didn't I? Smiling With Sweat Emoji

It felt like a strong soulful expression in response to his reasoning...but perhaps I could be more diplomatic, and calm. 



In reply to by Lyra Wind


Hi Lyra - for me, there's no problem at all in confrontation if it's justified. In the earlier days a lot of people attacked my views and I learned a great deal in the exchanges - what buttons does it push in me? Because ALWAYS we manifest the direct reflections we each need to get. So if I get push back personally, it's the first place I look - how do I feel about that? Is anything getting tight? And also to be careful if I might slip into using widespread terminology that could be judgmental. In that way, you gain greatly from the interactions.

Best wishes

Open Praying Emoji

In reply to by Open


Hi Open,

Yeah I agree, there was indeed a lot of buttons being pushed!  It would seem that there was a part of me that felt personally responsible of exposing and even fighting the faulty logic and mind programs that I was surrounded with when growing up...but perhaps it was also the unhealed inner child/teenager speaking out, projecting the pain of my own shadow onto the outside! One thing is for sure though there is still much shadow work to be done. So thanks for reflecting that back.

As of for the use of terminologies, I think by the very definition of it they may contain knowledge. And to me when applied correctly, or in an aligned way knowledge can offer protection against deception and manipulation, which I feel is rampant in our current world. But yes I do feel the same, it's definitely important to not slip into unconscious judgement when applying or using them. I guess what I wanted to incite rather was a sense of vigilance and discernment by using some of these terminologies. I do think there is a fine line to walk between that and judgement, though. Maybe it's where one needs to stay connected with the higher mind aspect of the higher self in order to best walk that tight rope. 

Blessings to all Praying Emoji


In reply to by Lyra Wind


Hi Lyra - it's a great inquiry - keep it going my friend! Praying Emoji

Here's an Openhand philosophy that might add value to the contemplation...

Every perceived and felt distortion conceals a hidden gift. Because the distortion is a distorted expression of truth. Find the truth and express that - then let the distortion fall away. Because the risk of simply burying the distortion and surpressing it is to bury a nugget of soul gold. In other words, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater!

So here's a classic example of that in your own words. And by the way, what I so frequently observe in people, is that when they're truly inquiring about their truth, the soul always speaks to them in their own words. So you said... "felt personally responsible of exposing and even fighting the faulty logic and mind programs that I was surrounded with". To me, I hear two parts to this: (1) felt personally responsible for exposing (2) fighting the faulty logic. To me, what I hear is that exposing the untruth is an aligned passion. Are we not all here to expose untruth in some particular way? But then to fight to make that seen, heard or respected is the distortion - that creates identity around the expression of the soul and fragments the soul.

Something to contemplate.


Open Slightly SmilingPraying Emoji

In reply to by Open


In fact, I didn't decided to write the headings of the post because I didn't want to personally associate with a possible "Matrix Agent".

I guess there was a level of fear in my choice which in turn caused this confusion!

And yes Open, I know you're expressing from the soul! I quite enjoyed the article actually :)



10/11/20: Openhand Journal Update: These are crazy times in a crazy world. We have a President elected by the media NOT the electoral college - at least not yet. More and more evidence comes to light that votes were indeed tampered, it makes it difficult to believe in the outcome. And the President non-elect's first utterance? - "that everyone should wear a mask!" The election WAS all about Liberty versus Lockdown, just as predicted. And now today, in newspapers around the world, "miraculously" we have a vaxx. What a fascinating "coincidence". No doubt plenty will willingly take the "coolade" without knowing what's in the bottle - no doubt something that shifts DNA so it becomes increasingly difficult to feel the soul. Because that's what this is really all about.

BUT, as I intimated at the beginning of 2020, a parting of the waves is taking place in society. We, the awakened ones, will NOT go blindly into the narrative, the synthetic agenda. And there are enough "White Hats" amongst us who know our Common Law rights NOT to be steamrollered by this. A rebellion is happening all across Europe right now - you just don't see it in the mainstream media. I strongly suspect that what's just taken place will only excite more people to stand up for their individual rights. Do not assume the shadowstate will get it's way. I don't see that at all. I believe this nauseating global deception will only serve to wake plenty more up. As I said yesterday, DO NOT "sit on the sofa" waiting for someone else - some leader or "Messiah" to do it for you. It's going to require a people's rebellion - against the bogus statutes and regulations, the mask and the vaxx. We can do it, plenty ARE doing it.

A growing surge of people are not acquiescing silently. It doesn't always look pretty, and I certainly don't advocate violence, but sometimes maybe a 'strong expression of freedom' becomes necessary...

Here's Openhand's lead article on reclaiming your sovereignty under the Common Law

And remember, this is all about following the path of light in your life - step by step. The light IS emergent, it IS breaking through. They just don't write about it in the mainstream. I'm running an online retreat group right now, with people from all around the world, and it's truly heart warmimg to see how people are readily responding to the Ascension of Human Consciousness. It's happening folks. All around us, to people everywhere. So do not be disheartened by what you're seeing on the surface. It's all designed to distract from your seat of power and the light flowing through you. Let's NOT let that happen.

That's why I felt to share this article today...

How to Follow Your Path of Light through the Accelerating 5D Shift

It contains an illuinating video on how to get into your Flow State so that you may go with the light of the soul in any given moment.

Now is NOT the time to be disheartened, but emboldened. It's time to wake up. It's time to connect. To share. It's time to come together and spread the light. If only with a comment. Come on, it's time!

Open HeartPraying Emoji

In reply to by Open


Thank you for your sharings, Open.

What I see around me here in Norway are people in shock, a trauma-state or what I like to call a freeze-reaction in the nervous system. I've felt it in myself as well for sure, though I have the tools to break out of it. Plenty however have some feeling that there must be a way out, and are waiting for someone or something to assist them in coming out of this frozen state and regain their power. I feel the call to assist in that as best as I can, and I do have faith that many others feel the same call. 

You've said it so many times, Open, but my sense is that the next few months are crucial to which direction this will go, after that it seems it may become more difficult, though never hopeless. This is happening NOW. 


Here's a great video of a demonstration held in Glastonbury that I attended last week as lockdown 2 was introduced. I'm hearing this kind of thing happening more and more around the UK and Europe right now. Sooner or later it just HAS to break through on a wider surface scale...