Revolutionary Evolution on Earth Accelerates....Your 10 Practical Steps

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In this pivotal point of human history on the planet, as an energy worker in the shift, it's essential to remember that in any given moment that presents externally in life and society, YOU have the capacity to transform it by bringing your consciousness to bear in it. Let's be crystal clear, the ongoing roll out of bogus pandemic measures are only happening BECAUSE of our emaculate emergence of consciousness. What's necessary now is to strengthen this emergence by each realising that YOU are the Messiah of your own Life, and an inspiration to those around you.
Let personal revolutions accelerate!

10 Practical Ways to Uplift You and Our World

1) Turn up the volume on your soul: The intervention is working hard to distract and divide. It's creating ever increasing iterations of the external drama and then spinning the stories with misdirection so as to pull consciousness in and divide it. The most powerful protest I witnessed recently was a group of people simply standing in silence. To me this is highly symbollic of tuning into your sovereign soul consciousness. That's why meditation on what's taking place is so important. See what's unfolding in the external, but be not distracted by it - notice the apparent landscape, but then tune within then let consciousness unravel and work it through. It's going to greatly help to be tuned into the naturally unfolding 5D consciousness of the New Paradigm. Get to know what that sense of dynamic interconnectivity feels like...
5D Crystalline Grid - Divine Super Intelligence, And 5 Ways To Be In It

2) Learn to follow your soul in day-to-day life:Life on the planet and in society is progressively transforming. Make no mistake, it is all caused by the 5D Ascension Shift. And no matter how the controllers try to lock it down, the light continues to break through. You can amplify and ride these flows of light in your day-to-day life, ESPECIALLY as things are now changing. Change is a great engine for the soul. If we're prepared to relax and open to new possibility, then the flow will come through us, and be felt either as a spontaneous landing of higher knowing or the heartfelt pull. So make sure you know how your soul speaks to you and follow it as a compass through the day-to-day choices you make...
Here's Openhand's groundbreaking process for attuning soul...Openway

3) A route map through life's twists and turns: Once you've tuned into your soul and begun to realise it as a guiding compass in life, it can help greatly to understand 'where' the soul is leading to. The intervention is purposefully attaching attention onto the plane of the intellect. We need to break down this distraction by recognising it's the movement through the inner landscape that counts - the outer is merely a hologram of the inner. As we shift on the inside, this ripples into the outer. So let's be clear on the routemap through the inner landscape, and pay particular attention to that, so as to know what the shift is really all about from a consciousness viewpoint...
Ascension into Fifth Density Consciousness (primary concepts)

4) Processing karmic density: Density can surreptitiously lock into inner 4D karma where we're not being vigilant. It's essential not to sleep walk through this pivotal point. So make sure you have a well honed process for dealing with karma and activating density. Wherever you're hooked into the external through karma, will keep you connected into the old consciousness. This is fine, because as you transform, so you transform the outer, BUT, this is why it's essential not to let the external drag you in with its constant shennanigans. Look into the outer, notice, and feel the contracting tightness either in the body, the emotions or the mind. Engage with the tightness, but then work to unravel it within yourself.
The Daily Process of Karmic Processing

5) Connect Strongly with Mother Earth: Let's be clear, Gaia is progressively shifting her vibration, centering herself in the New 5D Paradigm and ascending other sentient life there. Currently in excess of 200 species a day are migrating to the New Paradigm. Actually you can already witness and feel it in the 3D life forms around you - how they're communicating and connecting in new resonant ways. Even as society challenges the environment, yet the light is shimmering in the outer as the vibration shifts. So work particularly on the heart felt connection into nature. It's humble and persevering in the face of the density of society, but make no mistake, IT IS ASCENDING. So it can greatly help to shift your own consciousness by being tuned in to Gaia and nature on a daily basis.
5D Ascension Shift: The Whale Nation Calls to Humanity

6) Become more Resourceful and Innovative: It's highly likely that there will be challenges up ahead due to increased unemployment and food shortages. It will require us to be increasingly resourceful by being continually innvovative and creative. Also be mindful that poverty consciousness does not creep in. The risk being to create what you fear. There will be enough. Be careful not to squander. Recycle resources where you can, store some dried and tinned food. But also keep the energy flowing in life - apply it in the direction you feel your soul wanting to flow. Continual innvovation of the patterns in life will be key. Making new contacts by following the signs and synchronicity is the new dynamic and language.
How to Innovate to Succeed on the Spiritual 4 steps

7) Develop Stong Focus and Boundaries:  The Intervention is deceptive and distacting, so as to divide consciousness and pull it into the drama - the synthetic agenda it is attempting to roll out. There are those who are, at this time, being willing drawn into the deception. And they can be depleting of our energy through their fear and control if we're not being attentive. Yes, we'll want to help as many as possible emerge from the density. BUT, it's essential to be clear of your energetic boundaries. Each must learn to walk their own path and forge their own soul. Hence it is essential we focus on our own unfolding pathway, setting energetic boundaries where necessary, encouraging those along who we naturally connect with. Be focussed on where you feel your natural soul direction wants to take you. Be careful to maintain your energy through effective bondaries, especially with those caught up in the pandemic agenda.
Maintaining Healthy Boundaries when Being of Service

8) Raise Your Vibration: Ultimately the unfolding shift is all about raising our vibration by the progressive internal shifts of consciousness. Essentially, you're purifying the lower densities in what you eat, consume and attach to in relationships. You're applying daily spiritual practice to unravel karma and attune the natural flow through the multidimensional landscape. You're tuning into Gaia, and while still connected to the 3D, you're living more the higher dimemsional 'dreamscape' that permeates through it. You'll know if your vibration is rising, because although you get sucked into karmic density regularly, yet tremendous moments of lucidity keep unfolding and emerging. The synchronistic interplay increases and you feel a part of an interconnected dialogue. It's essential then to be clear on what practices are continually raising your vibration.
The Top 10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration in Earth's 5D Shift

9) Developing conscious community: The system is attempting to divide people through social distancing and pitting various groups against each other. It won't work! Tremendous connections are also happening in the ether and across the web. Do not underestimate the power of these community groups, they are helping to revolutionise consciousness by inspiring each other. BUT, do be mindful not to waste time and energy, be clear which groups continually elevate your consciousness as opposed to simply sucking you into more drama or lightweight meaninglessness. Be clear how your consciousness is impacted or elevated and go with what builds the expanding feedback loops. 
Connect with Openhand Facebook, for just one meaningful connection per day

10) Become a positive force for change:  No matter that at times you may already wish to leave, you incarnated here for a reason! As dense and difficult as it seems at this time, your soul can flourish and is destined to make the critical difference. You're here to embody soul and resonate it around you. Never has this been more essential and productive as life transforms. So keep finding that natural inherrent vibration, shine it forth through your behaviour, the radiance of your aura, your smile and the twinkle in your eyes. Show that you are NOT afraid - at least if fear comes up, work it through. Love, openness, trust and interconnectivity, following the soul through signs and synchronicity - these are our inherrant gifts to inspire others to join the shift. Keep shining. Keep trusting, keep radiating - be the positive force for change. These are the times we've been waiting for. WE are the Pioneers and Wayshowers in the Shift - our destiny has arrived. Be that. Express it. Now, in all that you do.
Reclaiming Your Sovereign Power under the Universal Law of "God"

The Real Revolution is Evolution

There is no question about it, life will ultimately transform for the better on the planet, no matter how the shadow powers-that-be try to constrain what's happening in the short term. They will likely achieve some level of synthetic reality in the 3D, in which, as it currently appears, some will be hoodwinked and accept the limiting program. But bubbling under the surface is a growing rebellion from this control mechanism, a surging for soul sovereignty and self determination within an interconnected, just, more respectful, way of living and being. It is this driving energy of love, which is being the engine for the transformation.

At times you'll likely doubt if it's possible. This is where it's essential to let go of the doubts in the mind, to unwind the restrictive consciousness that you might feel inside, and feel the heart open to embrace the expansive interconnectivity of 5D consciousness. This CAN transform the world for the better. It IS transforming the world right now, and it's utterly essential each of us plays our full part in it.

If you feel you're an essential key to changing the way the world works, if you know yourself as a pioneer and wayshower for the new paradigm, then come and get involved with the Openhand Advanced Evolutionary Program - transform yourself and thereby transform our world in the process....

The 5D Ascension Program

In Loving Support

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19/10/21 Toroidal Flow Gathering Momentum

I felt to draw attention to this article today, about 10 practical ways in which you can accelerate your own personal evolution in the Shift. I can feel the toroidal flow of consciousness through our reality on earth steadily building as the Stargates are opening. It's beckoning your personal Ascension, an inner journey that reflects into your outer life. There is no time to waste. We must progressively untangle, unravel and release the threads of inner consciousness from the density of the surrounding 3D/4D field, being doubly clear about our boundaries with those going the route of the synthetic agenda. It's essential to know and focus on where your soul orientation lies...

Revolutionary Evolution on Earth Accelerates....Your 10 Practical Steps

Let's keep digging in folks and unravelling through - the timeline to the grand convergence of Galactic, Solar and Earth Pole Shift cycles is shortening day by day. A spectacular new dawning awaits us all in 5D. Let's get on with the essential inner work right now!

Much love to all.

Open 💙


5/11/20: Journal Update: So, the election in the USA has so far NOT yielded a clear victor as essential vote counting goes on. AND we go into lockdown here in the UK today (including many other countries around the world). PLUS, it's all taking place on November 5th, Guy Fawkes day, he who unsuccessfully tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament back in 1605. I can definitely feel civil unrest beginning to brew, and whilst calatytic agitation is most definitely necessary at this time, I prey that it will be as peaceful as possible.

Each of us can help: We can channel the revolutionary consciousness through our being, and ignite a beacon of light, to uplift our own lives and the people we come into contact with. To me the unresolved election result clearly demonstrates one thing: it is NOT about waiting for any one leader - we are each the "Messiah" of our own lives. And in revealing our light, we inspire those around us - we unleash a ripple effect of personal sovereignty and freedom.

Do refresh the 10 Practical Ways to begin Revolutionary Evolution in your life above.

These are pivotal times of alchemical change. So much is transforming in the world right now. Let's each become the wayshowers and pioneers of a new consciousness.

November 5th? This little clip seems entirely appropriate...

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I was out making a new film yesterday on the day of the election vote tally called "Alchemising". I was intrigued about how the election would go. As I asked the question, my attention was drawn to the colour red all over the place and poignantly at this "Crown Inn". So as I was alchemising around the country I got the sense Trump would either win or had won. Except then I saw a guy on a push bike with flashing red tail light so I guessed it wasn't cut and dried - that's when I got back and saw the result. But my sense is that Trump will (or should) win, unless that is, the shadowstate steal the votes.

Hmmm, let's see. Liberty or Lockdown? It is highly significant for sure!


There comes a point in life, in any Shift of consciousness, where the ways of the old construct reveal their bankruptcy. To me, what's happening now in society is a spectacular revelation of idiocy. Make no mistake, let's call it as it really is: we are seeing the beginnings of tyrannical ridiculousness masquerading in suits requiring us to submit to bogus regulations due to a conncocted bogus pandemic. Liberties and freedoms are being progressively constrained day by day. It happens at the convenience store, the shops and the malls where you're supposed to social distance, wear masks and next even goggles perhaps - yes really!

Well I simply refuse to comply. Whatever comes. Whatever the cost.

Who will stand with me?

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I Will! I refuse to Comply.  Yesterday the Minister of Health made an announcment. Masks are mandatory now for everyone.  Not Just a guidline, it is actually unlawful to not wear one.  We have an average of 40 degrees celsius in Cyprus. Thats crazy! 

P. S. I Read an article.. New study found the virus may be hiding in or behind the ear! 😂 

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I feel for you Vaso - and I'm right there with you. Heart

Investigate the Common Law as expressed in this article below. The Common Law applies to most, if not all, countries...

Reclaiming Your Sovereign Power under the Universal Law of "God"

Let's be clear, these are NOT Laws that are being enacted. They are regulations of the corporatocracy. And they can be challenged as such, to anyone who would try to impose them. Simply ask, "under what Law are you proposing to act?" Challenge whether it is actually the law of the land. Be clear about your jurisdiction under Common Law - specifically the Law of the Land. You may also challenge the authority of those who try to impose it - what oath did they swear upon entering service? Often it will be an oath to uphold the Law, meaning it is actually fraudulent to then try to impose the bogus regulations - and using coercion to do so (such as the threat of arrest or fine) is against your inalienable rights. Restricting your feedom of movement and expression for example is actually an act of treason under article 61 of the Magna Carta.

When it comes to trying to impose a vaccine or even an invasive virus test, that would be against the Nuremburg code, which specifically requires your informed consent... the Nurmenburg Code

It's time to get to get to know these very basic and inherent rights that can protect us.

I've been saying this for some time now, and I do believe it's important for people to inform themselves so they can act in a way that protects their freedoms.

I believe you're a lawyer right Vaso?

Have you explored application of the Common Law where you are?

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Hello Open, 

Yes i am a lawyer, although i am not practising law. 

I had Read about common law a couple of years ago and about the strawman. I never believed i would live such times that i would actually have to put it into use :p

I have to study more about it to be more confident in applying it and I have been avoiding a bit to put all information together.  

I Will also take an oath under Magna Carta art. 61.  It says that i am under common law. since all goverments have committed treason, they are unlawful and i am not obeying any legislation/statute but common law.

We are also sending notices to Police and informing the government about it.

Thank you for the information you provided and the extra push! 

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I've been saying this for a while now here on Openhandweb, and it's essential for us each to take note right now. So good for you - great that you're working to apply it Thumbs Up SignThe Sun Emoji

It's actually not complex to understand your basic rights but you do have to apply yourself.

Here are some of the key things to pay attention to...
1. All countries are registered as corporations
2. The authorities try to enforce the legislation of the corporatocracy as if it were Law (of the Land), but these regulations are not. And so they are acting fraudulently
3. You inadvertantly acquiesce to the legislation when you accept the legal fiction that was created about you through your birth certificate after birth
4. When you know this, you do not have to consent to the "contracts" that are being issued - the legislation. You simply have to say "you do not comply", "you do not consent".
5. You then have to know how to deal with the police, should they try to enforce it...
- you do not consent
- the regulations of NOT Law of the Land
- why are they trying to enforce them when they swear an oath to uphold the law (of the Land)?
- You don't even have to give your name or address - which in itself is acquiescing to the legal fiction about you
- If they threaten to arrest, you're in your rights to call it an "unlawful arest and tantamount to kidnapping"
- Issue them a notice of liability (verbally but recorded on camera), that they would be personally liable for the restriction of your freedom. Provide an amount...£10000 per hour that you are detained for example.

This may sound 'out there' to some, but people are successfully enacting this around the world and it's becoming increasingly necessary that you know how to do it.

I would strongly suggest not to wait, but to start to research it now and applying it in basic ways - going into a shop, getting on public transport.

These are the first steps of empowering sovereignty in a 3D way.

I've explained the approach with reference material here in this Openhand lead article...

Reclaiming Your Sovereign Power under the Universal Law of "God"

PS - I know this is 'inconvenient' and something you'd probably prefer not to engage in, but I do believe it's becoming very necessary right now.

Open Praying Emoji


We're in that pivotal moment of human history where the shift hangs in the balance. Plenty are waking up and finding their sovereignty, which I maintain is the genuine energy that's been fuelling the majority of the protests. Yet still some people still sleepwalk into the synthetic agenda. Now is the time for maximum consciousness commitment. It will greatly spur not only our own lives, but ripple through the field and free others too.

It may look like a tall order at times, but rest assured we are succeeding. The light is breaking through. Keep working, keep digging, keep unwinding through the karma - we are succeeding!

That's why I felt to list the 10 practical ways above. It's something that can bring focus and inspire.

Much love and support to all

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It is there, between the lines, but I felt like stressing on it:

For me, this is the first thing to do when I open my eyes in the morning, and then every moment I am aware of, and I keep realising the importance of these words: "making a choice". For me it begins there, this is the Step 0 - starting point.

What do I choose? Is it to stay in my 'comfortable zone'? It might feel comfortable or not, fun or not, but this is what I know. Or is it going to be the unknown, maybe scary in its uncertainty and unfamiliarity, but so aligned with what makes me feel most 'alive', most 'inspired', most free as a being, more 'me'? (or in short 'what stirs the soul'). And if I choose the soul, then am I ready to do whatever is necessary to stand by this inner choice I've made?

And it is not important, I can get lost, I can have moments of weakness, where I say "I just want to rest, I just want to go back to the 'normal' life..." etc etc, and it is ok, but the most important thing is to always find the strength to make this choice again, and then, at least this is how it is with me, all the rest is being shown to me, how and what to do.

Making this choice also doesn't imply perfection. It is a learning experience, and when learning, things don't go perfectly smooth.

So I would say that another words ensemble that works for me is 'passionate playing' :D

So it's making a choice, following it with commitment and passion, but also playing with it all, with easiness, joy and spontaneity.

And then, 'armed' with these two - steps 1- 10 :D

I would also add that for me, interacting with like-minded, inspiring, open, honest and 'high-vibrational' :) people was and is one of the most helpful 'tools' on my path.


I imagine many of us are exploring how we feel about the
changes that lie ahead for ourselves and humanity as a
whole. I concur with the steps you have outlined as they
simply resonate. Having looked at the Transition Town idea
again, for example, i can see it as preparing for a softer
landing, which will be invaluable as we collectively
gather ourselves after the bubble of peak oil and money

The issue of personal boundaries, step 10.
This for me will be the most challenging. I cannot
conceive how this might look for me individually. As to
how it might look collectively, i just have no idea.