5D Crystalline Grid - Divine Super Intelligence, And 5 Ways To Be In It

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It's challenging down in the old 3D/4D karmic construct on earth, as the controllers struggle to reshape society according to their shadowy intentions. What needs to be hoisted on board by ascending souls is that WE are in the driving seat - the controllers are merely reacting to the 5D Ascension of Consciousness, desperately efforting to lock it down. They will fail. The Benevolents have been augmenting the structure of the 5D Cyrstalline Grid, the energetic foundation upon which the new paradigm will sit.

It's already downloading energy from the sun and galactic core. Here's how we can benefit from that infusion of energy.

Seeing Beyond the Veil

Firstly, the 5D Crystalline Grid is a term that's been used through the years in spiritual circles referring to a weave of light that's higher dimensional yet anchored in place here on Earth in Gaia's 3D crystalline nature. So the Grid itself is not crystalline, but bears similarity to that of a crystalline lattice and is held in place by its intimate vibrational relationship with the 3D crystalline form.

It's becoming more widely realised that throughout her history, Gaia has suffered a controlling intervention by an ET Opposing Consciousness that has worked to usurp and replace the natural vibrational frequencies of the earth and reconfigured human DNA in order to create a synethic reality more of its own choosing. The very latest wave of this is clearly the increased electrification that is clearly designed to connect people more into the synthetic metaverse.

Fortunately, a growing number of people are seeing through this charade and the slowdown in the matrix has created openings in the field, which plenty of souls are expanding into. For some, there is the opposite of the designed intervention intention, which is a deeper sense of letting go, an expansion of consciousness and raising of vibration. You can just feel the growing sense of commitment and renewed alignment... "Let's get on with it!"

5D Crystalline Grid - An Intelligent Cloud

Light Beings from across the cosmos have been drawn by the benevolent sense of service, a desire to support, and the enormous potential for growth, for humanity and the planet. It's in such challenging times that the soul is truly forged. This latest part of the Benevolent Mission has been to repair and augment Gaia's 5D Crystalline Grid, which is interwoven with an array of different frequencies that the new Human 5D DNA configuration connects into, plus of course, all other sentient life ascending into the New Earth of the Fifth Dimension.

Feeling and experiencing this completion of the 5D Crystalline Grid is nothing short of miraculous. The best way I could describe it, is as moving within a cloud of Divine Super Intelligence. It's a superconscious field, that is dancing, weaving and interacting with the core essence of aligned life. It's downloading energy and power both from the galactic core and the sun. Thus you can plug into it to uplift and feed your own soul. As you move through life, it's providing a platform through which streaming synchronicity can flow. You're inerconnecting with the higher dimensional aspects of life here, which is all singing in harmony.

What I've come to realise of late, is how the Intervention has tried to mimic this spontaneous flow of divine interconnectivity with AI and (Not-so-)Smart technology. When you think about it, the lower dimensional synthetic reality is trying to read your lower dimensional thoughts and desires, those of the ego, then to present you with something you can consume to fulfill these desires: filling consciousness with downgrading distraction. Social media feeds are designed to titillate and pull you in. It's an interesting reflective parallel, yet the contrasting effects are stark. The 5D Super Intelligence is all about soul liberation, expansion, personal sovereignty, evolutionary learning and growth that respects and cherishes ALL sentient life. The ongoing fear shenanigans of the shadow side reveal a clearly growing division between the two.

Fed from the Source, through the Galactic Core and The Sun

The 5D Crystalline Grid is here to provide a consensus construct for the New Paradigm - yes. However, the super intelligence of it allows and provides also for complete soul sovereignty, freedom of expression and crucially, it is being fed from the source itself, through the galactic core and the sun. You're not divorced from these vital centres of energy in some disconnected and limiting 3D/4D bubble. The soul's aligned journey is an intimate part of these divine centres of consciousness. The 5D Crystalline Grid holds in place the new learning, evolving and growing inquiry of the next evolution of humanity, that of the divine being DIVINICUS. And crucially, that next inquiry is in alignment with the divine flow of dimensional interconnectivity.

This is to me the meaning of the 11:11 synchronicity that people are seeing across the planet. It's the connection of 4 key centres of consciousness that are essential to your natural existence and continued evolutionary growth: the alignments of your soul; that of Gaia the home in which we live; the sun, providing light and energetic sustenance for the entire solar system; and the galactic core that holds everything in our galaxy together and provides super conscious intelligence that can be accessed throughout. The galactic core also provides the breaking down cleansing mechanism, of the galactic superwave pulse, that untangles out dated karmic reality constructs. Like the one that's become so misaligned here on Earth. It is the connection of these 4 key centres, which provide an interconnected stream of consciousness that is our 'life bood'.

My sense of the next learning environment for DIVINICUS, is how to coexist in harmony with all sentient life, and yet to also create the individual dream of existence which feeds for each, the experience of soul sovereignty. How do you dance in concert with the divine, yet ride fully the unique wave of your own soul? And that's what I clearly sense the new reality, supported by the 5D Crystalline Grid, is designed to achieve. You can literally dream reality into existence from your deepest soul inspiration. You can manifest at the speed of thought, become as one with the dolphin, the bird and the tree, yet be entirely unique and sovereign too. I would say that's the fundamental learning inquiry and environment humanity is moving into. It will be a tremendous existence!
5D Shift: What Will The New 5D Paradigm Look Like?

5 Ways to Live from the 5D Crystalline Grid Right Now

The key is to start to live that way now, rather than waiting for it to happen. If it is to be real for you, it has to be actualised with each step, and you have to know it as something your soul genuinely yearns for. I can share my experience, but I do so only as a reflection of possibility. You will know if you resonate in any way with what I'm sharing. And if you do, then my encouragement is to keep embracing the next synchronistic step that presents itself. But do consider that synchronicity is providing more a pathway for the soul's growth rather than a specific outcome. Outcomes will naturally happen, but, crucially, as the direct result of what you're now embodying. The natural aligned landscape builds around that.

So how might you access the 5D Crystalline Grid right now, and have it inform your daily life?

1. Transcend the 3D/4D Construct: First and foremost, it's essential to begin to transcend the lower 3D/4D construct. But transcend does not mean to distance from it. Rather to pass through it, by confronting and softening your reactions to it, as through the eye of a needle. That way you locate the buried fragments of soul that have gotten stuck and identified in this old karmic construct. So keep confronting and turning into the tightness the Old Paradigm generates in you. BUT, do work to quickly process and let go through them.
Openhand's Breakthrough Approach is specifically designed to help you do this

2. Tune into Mainstream of Soul: The purpose of transcendence of the lower reality is to tune into the mainstream of your soul and be following that more and more in daily life. What does your soul feel like? It will have different characteristics of beingness, that want to come through in different harmonies at different times for each new multidimensional landscape you find yourself in. To be truly dancing in 5D, is to unleash the full palet of these divine gifts. They are what will form for you the new DIVINICUS configuration. So in any given moment, create the internal space for that sense of soul rightness to come through and express.
The 7 rays of Consciousness that animate harmonic soul expression

3. Centre in the Sacred Ground of Being: It's essential to be coming from the source, from the Void of Infinite Potential, so as to be clear you've not simply floated off in some disconnected 4D bubble. As you ride the wave of the soul, karmic fragments will activate. If you don't supress or avoid these, but work into them, then progressively you open an internal space which feels simply transparent openness, the pure being of infinite potential. You can't aim for this, because the very intention separates you from it. But in aligning with the soul, it will simply arise in the background. And when it does, get to know the sense of it by having a good part of your awareness attentive to this hallowed sense of belonging.
Explore the Sacred Ground of Being and How to Centre in It

4. Connect with the 5D Intelligent Cloud: As these other qualities begin to animate your daily life more than the external drama of the 3D/4D, then the new consciousness will start to come into your inner perspective. You'll start to feel something like what I'm describing - a super consciousness cloud of dancing interconnectivity that feeds your soul. You start to experience not just isolated synchronicities, but streaming synchronicity. All aligned life around you, the birds for example, are singing into your soul, animating divine feedback loops and bringing you more alive. You're feeding more from this energy than from physical food. Pay increasing attention to the feeling and embodiment of these experiences. Let it become ever more of your awakened experience.
Explore further the nature of the 5D Crystalline Grid

5. Grow the 5D Landscape: As you well know, the 3D is a very dense place to be - beautiful still yes, but the relativity is intense and so it's easy to identify with the daily things you connect with; whereas the 5D experience begins in a more subtle way with inner perceptions interrelating with more the patterning of external events through flow and synchronicity. This builds a 5D landscape around you, BUT, you have to keep paying attention to that, keep tuning in and keep connecting into this space in order for it to become more your reality. You can certainly thrive here by being informed from the 5D, but it's essential to keep building those feedback loops that connect you more to the ascending naturalness of life, so as to become a part of it, right now.
Multidimensional and Kundalini Activation Download Meditation


Just as the 'Beast' of the old 3D has, in recent times, fully revealed itself, so has it become much more clear and easy to see the new evolution of humanity. Look in the 3D/4D mirror at what you are not! Previously the sense of external titillation and distraction might have easily drawn you in. Now we're becoming much more aware and careful. And to meet this new level of discernment is the tremendous intelligence of the new 5D cloud - the 5D Crystalline Grid.

I find in these times right now, it can more readily inform the new 5D existence and I feel my soul centering in that. There's a tremendous expansiveness and sense of freedom. It's not there all the time, because still there's the requirement to engage in the old 3D intricacies. But that's what my soul yearns for pretty much all the time and so quickly finds a way back into that hallowed space. You can still engage with the 3D/4D sucessfully, but you're being informed in a different way. Rather than seeking answers, you're holding the question within the intelligent cloud, which then shapes a pathway around the question. It's divinely miraculous!

I find this immensely exciting. It's the new form of divine human that we're evolving into. Not at some distant point in the future. But right here, right now. Let the 5D Divine Super Intelligence inform our new way of living and being!

If You Resonate Get Involved with Openhand's 5D Ascension Program

In loving support

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A big story from our recently completed Himalayan Pilgrimage, was our encounters in the ether with what I can now describe as the "Golden Tara". Who is she? In Tibetan Buddhism she is the life-giving female Buddha, which is entirely appropriate, because our experience of her was as the "Queen of the 6D". In the new paradigm, she'll sit in the core of the Toroidal Vortex from where she'll weave life in the 6D aspect.

But here's the Golden key, we definitely don't have to wait until the shift completes before calling on her support. She's right there, right now, weaving the dancing light that we can call upon in our lives to manifest new possibility.

I've carried a representation on the Openhand altar at events now around the world for several years. You can for example, she her in this video below, appropriately at 1:11.

I'll be sharing my interpretation of her, including direct connection, at the upcoming Ascension Exchanges this coming Saturday. If you want to manifest new higher dimensional possibility in your life, it will be unmissable. We still have a few places left. But hurry if interested as they tend to book out...

4th Nov: Ascension Exchanges: 1/2 Day Seminar, ZOOM (USA/UK/EU/AFRICA/INDIA)
Spend a low-cost, easy-entry, half-day with Open on Zoom. What's your most pressing issue in the 5D Earth Shift right now? What's the game-changer beingness that wants to activate and shape your new reality? Gain invaluable illumination for your pathway.
One-on-one Exchanges with Open

See you there!

Open 🙏


13/11/2021 Openhand Journal Update

I felt to draw attention to the nature of the 5D Crystalline Grid today - it's something that's not being spoken of in the spiritual mainstream, yet it's fundamental to how we can successfully navigate through the dense challenges in society on Earth right now. The 3D/4D field is morphing strongly as the controllers effort and struggle to mandate the situation according to their shadowy agenda. Plenty are going with the charade but gaping chasms of light are breaking through, which is inspiring a strong wave of pushback and uprising in countries around the world - Australia is strongly prominent. It's fantastic and refreshing to witness.

It can be extremely tiring for lightworkers - as all that energy processes through you. My heart goes out to you all for the valient work you are doing 💙

What needs to be hoisted on board, and a crucial point I shared in the recent 11:11 gathering (video out soon), is that the 5D Shift is in the driving seat, WE are in the driving seat! Because it is the Ascension of Consciousness that the controllers are reacting to - and ALWAYS WERE!

The Benevolents are working tirelessly in the ether to form bridges into the old terraforming 3D/4D construct, and we can each benefit from that if we tune in. It's going to require us to be brave and courageous though - to let go of the old "tried and trusted" ways of doing things in the 3D. These are bankrupt now, together with the system itself. Therefore we must tune into the inflows of higher consciousness and create from there - by connecting the dots of signs and synchronicity, weaving from the patterning of events by witnessing flows and sacred geometry. I know it may sound a bit "out there" to some, but there is enormous opportunity for those who begin to embrace it and work from that place.

With this in mind, do review and reflect upon my article about how to work with the 5D Crystalline Grid and especially how to download energy from it. We're moving into a time of high inflation in the old 3D world, and challenges to the energy supply and food chain - it's just as I said, the energy is draining from the old world. But it's there, in the realigning 5D wave, which can manifest new possibilities of living and being that are abundant right now. We can create and shape in this new way. I'll be writing more on that soon. In the meantime, here's my lead article for you to refresh...

5D Crystalline Grid - Divine Super Intelligence, And 5 Ways To Be In It

Bright blessings to all

Open 🙏💙



04/05/2021 Being A Light Unto the Darkness

I'm hearing from people out there in different parts of the world having extremely tough times right now, even as waves of light are rippling through the field. People struggling with their immediate circumstances; people amidst the quietly destructive unconsciousness of the vaxxx; people whose liberties and inalienable rights are being challenged by the state. To all of you, I say, "You are Seen!!!" Your struggles do not go unnoticed by the divine. And your struggles have meaning and purpose.

Why Did I Manifest it?

Always when you hit hard times, first ask, "why did I manifest it?"

It may sound harsh and even cruel of me to ask this, but if you're reading this, it's because you're on a pathway that has asked for the deepest revelations - the actualisation and embodiment of you as the One. Plenty of people speak about being the One, but as yet, don't actually have the courage to embody it. Being the One means being able to hold the centre space and shine the light even amidst the deepest darkness. It means not contracting or retracting within, in any given circumstance, or else it is you that is extinguishing the light.

Therefore to be here (on this website) at this time, you must have asked,
"How can I be the light all the time? No matter what."
Then you have your answer as to why you manifested difficult waters in dark times.
Where do you identify? What makes you contract down inside?
Whatever circumstances they are that do this, you'll manifest them so that you can come up with the fortitude to decide... "I AM NOT THAT!" "THAT DOES NOT DEFINE WHO I AM".

That's where you forge the soul.
That's where you craft your beingness.
That's where you channel the light.
Anyone can do it when the light is already shining.
It takes real courage and conviction when it gets tough.

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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Dear Open ,

You write

Then you have your answer as to why you manifested difficult waters in dark times. Where do you identify? What makes you contract down inside? Whatever circumstances they are that do this, you'll manifest them so that you can come up with the fortitude to decide... "I AM NOT THAT!" "THAT DOES NOT DEFINE WHO I AM

I am having to be so mindful of the myriad things that contract me right now. Each day has its own set of challenges and each one reveals to me something about where I am attached. Yesterday I found myself contracted in my neck and had to breathe deeply to recognize I was invested in a particular outcome. In this case it was about someone I know getting better. I had to let it go and allow for ANYTHING to happen . These times also make for extreme authenticity : I really couldn't care less "what people think" and they get a pretty unadulterated dose of me - Ray 1 is strong :) ( as the policeman who dared to stop me recognized ) And of course then there are the miracles. A very, very sick baby miraculously "got " a bed in another hospital because I had a hunch to talk to the right person at the right time . It's bloody hard work . Feeling ,softening .On repeat. 

And so many things are like an unexpected kick to the stomach ( a friend getting the second dose of the jib-jab despite a 2 am talk the night before :( )Still processing that grief.

And yet there are so many, many gifts .

The air clears in lockdown and today a friend and I lay down on the grass and watched the clouds play as we talked. It's intense and brutal and beautiful !

Thank you so much for all the support I can feel from the community ,though this ( and indeed I ) continue to be a work in progress !

Deep regards to you Open.The truth of your teachings and the association I have with Openhand is what guides me at all times .


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Dear Open,

I am embroiled at present in a pot boiler of drama. With intrigue ,violence ,abuse physical and verbal thrown in along with feelings of Fear ,shame ,guilt in the mix. It's a knotty marital situation that had me locked down in silence ( throat chakra) and fear ( root chakra,) as well as repression ( sacral chakra) . As these chakras seem to be waking up and shaking themselves off ,I am having to process the very karmic debris . 

Suddenly all the meditation I have done to the point is having to challenge all my deeply held beliefs about the Matrix in context to relationships ,an area in which I am realising how much entangled I was by the construct. Anyway ,long story short is that I am finally finding my bearings. Interestingly ,an inner knowing has brought me back to my marital home. I sensed that was the best way to overcome the manipulation of my partner . I have to therefore deal with the vibe I seperated from. Which is certainly challenging but also in a strange way enlivenenlivening.Ever since I have asked for a divorce ,he is trying to somehow entangle my energy in with old grouses and complaints . It's fairly challenging to be face to face with his very distorted controlling, manipulating energy and still keep my centre which is what I seem to be doing . 

Something seems to have changed though. And I feel far more creative ,strong and centred despite emotional upheavals . I am trying to focus now on breathing and feeling . Everything . Not easy and yet that seems to be driving this situation. 

I find it ironic that the comment below this is also mine. Seems like a long time ago even though was but a few months . 

Lots of good wishes out there to all and any in difficult situations . 


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Hi Megha - you are such a courageous soul - I get the strong sense you're working through energies for a whole string of people in India caught in similar circumstances, but not having the illumination or courage to break out - you're amazing! ♥️

So the path took you back to the matrimonial home? As you explain, it's almost certain to break down old energies and density within - around the lower three chakras. Do be careful not to get sucked back into old behaviours, routines or compromises - the old energy is clearly very dense and consuming.

Why would we go back into the old relationship circumstances?

I've often thought that when a relationship breaks down, why should it ALL break down? How can this be conscious and aligned? Surely that as a relationship changes, there must still be some threads in there of aligned connection?

I had a challenge with a neighbour recently, who I felt was unfairly projecting on me about something on our boundary. So I stood my ground about it. This seemed to antagonise. I feel that's an opportunity for them to see something about themselves - and of course it's always a co-creation. I saw the invaluable lesson in it for me too. My point being though, there must be a way to consciously express differences of opinion and energy without everything breaking down. We must speak our truth, even if it's uncomfortable because that's the only way things are truly going to shift in an authentic direction.

I wish you well in your dis-entanglement!

Open 🙏


03/05/2021 Journal Update: Make Hay Whilst the Sun Shines!

We've just enjoyed the ancient gaelic ceremony of Beltane here in Britain, and in Glastonbury the heart chakra of the planet, it was as if festival time had suddenly exploded. The Tor was literally full of people celebrating and unleashing ecstatic beingness. It felt like the lid lifting off the genie's bottle.

It's so refreshing and invigorating after everything that's happened on the planet this last 12 months. I can't say how it goes from here (not can anyone), but it most definitely feels like there's been a palpable shift of consciousness, an opening, an awakening. And my sense is that's going to be very hard to constrain - fortunately!

You simply cannot bottle up the human spirit indefintely. We are not zombies! And so I am filled with encouragement about the state of the human spirit which feels essential to convey to you all. We have a window of opportunity on the planet these next 5 months of so to open a window of flowing consciousness that is wide and strong.

How can you express the fullness of your divine being?

The 5D Crystalline Grid

You may recall that about this time last year I shared my feelings on the reactivation of the 5D Crystalline Grid which is forming the basis of the new 5D Paradigm on Earth. It is vibrant and active as I speak. And you don't have to wait - you can create from their in your life right now. With each in-breath feel like you're unwinding the old 3D construct of your life. With each out-breath feel like you're creating anew from the higher dimensional 5D. Watch the alchemical magic take shape all around you - in relationships, how you live and work.

That's why I felt to feature a lead article today from that time last year...

5D Crystalline Grid - Divine Super Intelligence, And 5 Ways To Be In It

Do refresh the article and especially the key 5 ways to be in this new consciousness. Right now we need as many people as possible downloading it into their lives and on the planet!

In loving support

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Dear Open ,

I felt into this opening yesterday . In fact ,I found it a little strange also magical that I was feeling that considering present circumstances . And yet ,I can feel higher vibrations coming in despite the craziness of multiple challenging situations including what feels like genocide in my country and people lining up like lambs to the slaughter for the v@((i.n.e. . I am also feeling I to the very grey melancholy energy affecting those that have had the jib-jab twice and the ...confusion the soul of those that have had it once . 

And yet ,when I tuned in yesterday it was like Angels were speaking too. And the sunlight on the leaves is just glistening despite the carnage . Simply alchemical the way these things are superimposed on each other . 

Namaste :)


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Megha - you are such a light in the darkness. You are simply awe inspiring. Angel Halo
Whatever happens where you are, and to all others in challenging times, see it as the opportunity to overcome that which would extinguish the light in you, to peel that away, and therefore shine ever brighter.

Bright blessings

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18/02/2021 Journal Update: There's so much moving, shifting and shaking in the field right now, as the Opposing Consciousness seeks to terraform society in it's agenda of the 4th Industrial Revolution. I have to say that in places like Britain at the moment, it feels pretty challenged and challenging as seemingly plenty are buying into the narrative and going for the "jibjab". As that alters DNA, it's going to make it increasingly difficult for those people to truly feel the carrier signals of the soul and break out. It's my concern that the testing is doing a similar thing - just another means to roll out the synthetic agenda. That all said, there is truly an amazing saving grace that's rolling out ever stronger at the same time, and that is the 5D Crystalline Grid.

I started writing about this back in April 2020. Essentially it's the 5D foundation of the new paradigm that the earth is ascending into. It's been repaired, augmented and is now fully online, downloading energy from the sun and the galaxy. At times, I feel the energy is so strong and fast, that I could explode! My sense is that plenty of people are now tuning into it. Let's be clear, not only is that going to feel uplifting, exciting, empowering and exhilerating, BUT ALSO, because there's such a strong vibration flowing through it, then it's going to contrast and highlight any density within you - it will amplify that too, because it strongly agitates it, like a fast flowing stream stirring up the sediment in the bed.

So if you have been tuning into the higher vibrations in meditation and through signs and synchronicity, then expect that you could also be plunged into physical, emotional, mental and karmic density at times too. The opportunity is great - and the challenge aswell. That's where your way of processing becomes paramount. Don't ignore the feelings coming up. Turn right into them and work to process through. Seek help if you need to, it's not always easy to process through it alone, that's exactly why Openhand is building a global network of facilitators to help the karmic transformation (do check in with Tilly Bud our Community Connector if you require facilitation support).

Here in Britain things do appear pretty dense at these times - at least that's what appears to be reflected on the surface of society. However, the light is clearly breaking through in places around the world, where you're witnessing uprisings and rebellions against the lockdown narrative, and this is enlivening and refreshing to witness. I suspect you'll see plenty more as we head into spring in the northern hemisphere.

Do keep tuning into the sense of the 5D vibration and the 5D Crystaline Grid. It's purposefully there to support us through this deep process of transmutation. If you're finding it tough, work not to worry, but instead keep breaking through, keep opening up and feeling the infusion of the divine light. Be aware that this roller coaster is likely to be a lengthy process, so don't expect immediate lasting resolutions. There's much karmic density to work through. Have no fear, the light IS breaking through and transforming consciousness in the process. But it will be a turbulent journey through the stormy karmic seas.

Do check through my lead article above and especially the advised 5 ways to be in the super intelligence of the 5D Cyrtsaline Grid as much as you can. To me, it is for sure humanity's saving grace right now. It is speaking to you right there, through all the circumstances and situations of life, and the grand happenings and the minutii.

5D Crystalline Grid - Divine Super Intelligence, And 5 Ways To Be In It

Finally I felt to leave you with this superlative David Whyte poem. It's always motivated me in difficult and challenging times...

In loving support


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Been like climbing an ever steeper mountain. i  would have much preferred an actual mountain barefoot to this pain lol! But then i remember the pay off, and more importantly the reasons why. There's no way we can go on like this. As much as i am mourning Gaia, i would rather the end than the torture we're putting our mother through. My heart is so broken for her right now. But hope prevails; im starting to forgive myself, and i won't let myself off the hook for bad behaviour; to myself or others. i love that..."carrier signals of the soul". This morning i needed to relax so i decided to listen to the kundalini and wounded dragon meditations before work and other than a couple moments where I felt tired after eating, my energy was unusually high today. Synchronicities: coworker talking about her stitches brought me back to an unhealed memory i needed to process. Processing a traumatic memory on the bus home and imagining waiting for my younger self to come running out of the house so i could console her, tell her it wasn't her fault and give her a milkshake cause i knew she was hungry. I opened my eyes and a fella sitting in front of my had a milkshake. You're saving our souls.💜💜💜🙏

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Yes I completely understand the sadness for Gaia and the suffering society is causing other sentient life. However I also feel Gaia as being incredibly vibrant, alive and well. I feel she's building to a great cleansing in the not-too-distant future. We see that in the tremendously shifting weather patterns that are converging with the Grand Solar Minimum and the Pole Shift. A great purification is coming, which no sophisticated life in the 3D will be able to endure. That's why NASA is bent on getting to Mars. Life here is progressively shifting into the 5D Paradigm - that's the aligned future for humanity now, and that's what the Openhand work is here to encourage.

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I definitely still have attachments to the old, letting go has always been difficult for me. Just hope we have enough time to align with her before it "goes down". I do feel more prepared to rise up than last breakthrough; it was a bit overwhelming and I panicked and went back to self-soothing. Having now read Divinicus and armoured with your tools, especially keeping grounded, I think I'm getting ready to start letting go and aligning with higher vibrations. And even if can't do a retreat yet, I will open myself to connect in the ether. Fear is being replaced with excitement and so much gratitude that things are finally breaking down so we can get on with real change. Yeeehawww!!! 😉😄💜💜💜🙏


I wonder if something like the energetic shift happened a really long time ago with really ancient megalithic construction that was obviously part of a plan that spanned thousands of years.

Also I would recommend meditating on the Flower of Life!


Hi everyone out there - how are things moving through for you?

We're travelling and venturing through some dark times for sure. But I can feel the field all shifting and "terraforming" - meaning big shifts are happening. I'm sitting here in the heart chakra of the planet, "Avalon", a key energetic centre, and so it's the perfect place to get a sense of what's going on. I can tell you for sure that strong planetary change is happening and the light is transforming through. So fear not, and if you do go into doubt, keep working it through in Breakthrough fashion.

I felt to feature this Openhand lead article about the 5D Crystalline Grid again today - it's something I worked to bring to light at the peak of the 1st lockdown. We've just completed a marvellous Ascension Activation online, and the group could palpably feel the formation of. the New 5D Paradigm - it's simply wonderful to open out into the higher dimensions and feel it all crystallising into form. So have faith the process. Keep working through your karma and density. This will all be worth it in the end - an amazing new way of living and being is awaiting the completion of our journey.

In loving support

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Thank you. I'm with you, Open.

I can literally see this 'tunnel' that humanity is going through at the moment - it's dark and deep... like a birth canal. And I can also clearly see and feel what's being 'birthed' at the end of it, for all of us - and it looks and feels so bright and fresh and new... as well as balanced and harmonious. So let's keep on keeping on, stepping forward in what feels right, even though we can't always see where we're stepping... it'll all be worth it.

That's my tuppence-worth as Saturday's dawning on a beautiful new day in Oxford just a few hops and skips away from you, Open.

Love and blessings to all.



Hi Open,

thank you for sharing this beautiful crop circle.

I'd say your hat is being spared from being eaten haha :D

Feels for me like the 5D earth grid, too. i like the large size of the pentacle inside, there is really grwoing something beyond the surfce. The pentacle looks for me like strong, lightful elbows pushing out from the core of the earth, saying "i'm on my way guys - wait for it!"

Crop circles are such an amazing thing!


I felt to draw attention again today to the emergence of the 5D Crystalline Grid during the lockdown period of the first half of 2020. The importance of maintaining focus towards it as the new 5D construct we're ascending to. Do read the article above for insight and do check out this video below in relation to the crop circle I'm about to share at the bottom...

Of course if there's any accuracy in what I'm sharing in the video you'd expect some signs and synchronicity backing up the claims. Some I've shared in the article and video, like for example the various comets that we'ved witnessed at these times, such as the comet Atlas. But I also had the sense we'd likely witness the depiction of the 5D crystalline grid in the annual crop season cycle this year. Just as when Openhand was focussing on sun cycles in 2019 we got the marvellous completion of the facilitator summer school with a crop circle that clearly depicted the sun... check this video Starseeds in the 5D Ascension Shift

So, with that im mind, here's a crop circle that just appeared in Hampshire UK. Now if this isn't a representation of the 5D crystalline Grid, I will eat my hat! What do you make of it?...

Photo Copyright 2020... Stonehenge Dronescapes

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Remarkable, wish I could be there. Speaking of throat chakra, I'd been working on it lately as I feel some block. Then spontaneous movements began to unlock the neck and I couldn't keep slouching anymore, my spine wanted to be aligned and head upright. My body wouldn't allow my neck to remain bent down anymore and holding myself better took the pain and tension away. Synchronicity working as always, helping inform: a couple years ago I had a vision of me letting someone go who I had developed very unhealthy attachments to. When I let go I floated out into space and "died", and just floated in peace and nothingness, until I came upon the opening of a tunnel which when I looked through was a vibrant blue starfield. Until now I couldn't figure out what the tunnel was or where it led and now I think the vision was showing me I would reconnect with my higher self, through the throat chakra, once I opened it back up again. Remarkable!!!💜💜💜🙏


Hi All , 

Today , i was given a fabulous opportunity to Help random people shift from the fear narrative into 

a more softening version of themselves . 

As i entered a supermarket & lightfully engaged with another customer ( joking at the fact we need to master patience nowadays & some humour ) , we were suddenly verbally attacked ( projected at ) by a woman with a mask . She was on the other side of the fruit area shouting at us without having greeted us previously in any given respectful way . Wow !! That was a wild situation . while writing this , i can help but giggle still ......😀

So , as i have often been the target of people projecting their fears , anxiety or pend up stuck emotions at me , it felt like a great test to keep my Soul aligned ground & express authentically from the heart .

She was directing her Anger ( hiding fears underneath ) at both of us and so i directly engaged with her to bring  attention towards how we felt with that free distorted projection . This is what she was shouting out loud :

" You are putting people in danger for not wearing masks & i can't tolerate anymore people who don't comply with that safety measure & are spreading the virus around , specially for us  !! " I than replied with a grounded open voice : " well , i will not comply with that nonsense measure any day soon & U have no right to bash me that way based on your fears . Nobody is harming anyone , i  sense its just your belief . U may have to work on your fear issue going on .I can help u in that matter if u feel like  " . Everybody around at that point could hear the strong exchange going on for 2 short mins . I made sure the arguments coming in don't last long as to dissipate the fear , anger & resentment tensions  she had in her . 

than as i went on walking towards the items i was about to pick up else where ,  2 of supermarket young girls busy re-arranging an alley tried to make me feel like my authentic expression was wrong . So , again , as a situation facilitator , my duty was to clear the projections thrown at me . They claimed i had created a Scandal ( LOL 😅) ... that nearly made me laugh but i kept my grounded composure and replied : 

" If expressing oneself Authentically is creating a so called scandal , than why so many are afraid of doing so ? " ... and left them with that question . 

As i went by some alleys few mins later , intuition guided me at the back of the supermarket for no specific reason . I than was delighted to witness the shouting lady talking ( without mask this time , the mask went off i guess after our clearing exchange 👌 ) with some of the supermarket clerks busy piling bottles of water . She seemed to be laughing at the situation & maybe herself . It felt pretty amazing as i could sense how i catalyzed a shift in her .....apparently very benevolent . the great thing is : I don't attach any importance on the outcome of how i am given to Be - even when feeling very surprised or caught off guard  like today . I knew it was my duty to express how it feels to be Blamed at for no valid reason & I managed that as it was . It felt a bit raw but aligned & purposeful . it had finally  a positive impact to help someone unpack a big load of repressed fear / anxiety . I truly felt supported by the New Grid in some way & everyone played its given role in the scene . The other guy i was engaged with before the shouting quickly vanished as i took the lead of expression . he must have felt " Jeeez , that's a quick response , so lets get out of here  LOL " .

few Minutes later , as i came to the cashier to pay for the items i bought  , i did not feel that were any pend up heavy energies around & did not cross the lady anymore . Wow , what a confirmation about the very deep impact we can have on a larger scale while cleaning a situation with just one stranger . It felt delightful , light , empowering &  very encouraging for anyone still struggling to figure out how to Be the change we would love to see out there . Its best when spontaneous of course but its not necessarily easy to master . Its a constant ongoing inquiry " How do your want me to be in this situation ? " 

Namaste , Jean Bluehopi

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I'd say challenging wearing a mask, in a compassionate way, is a very important thing indeed, especially as the World Health Organisation is coming forwards strongly supporting them in public. In the UK it is now a requirement to wear them on public transport - and in some other countries.

Just consider it for a moment what the masks do and say: firstly there's no scientifc basis that supports they prevent the spread of the virus. In fact the reverse is true - they lower the immune system and make people more vulnerable by impeding their breathing, plus virus particles are a faction of the size of the fabric gaps, although bateria may be then held in the masks, which is detrimental to the health of people wearing them. So why are the powers-that-be so insistent, especially as the virus is now greatly diminshed?

I would say it's becasue it conveys the idea that we are still in a pandemic of some kind; it heightens the sense of fear and control; it readys people for other measures, other waves - it's a baseline for this "new norm" of systemic control. And they tend to prevent people from connecting.

This is why I think it's so important to challenge. But we do als have to be careful not to create an "us and them" situation - those accepting the program against those who don't. Again this is what the powers-that-be want - they want the "good" citizens becoming the police against those who won't accept the program. I'd say its the same with "trackntrace".

Open Praying Emoji


Dear Open, 

I think I touched or perceived the grid today in my meditation. It was beautiful. After a particularly difficult last week, this week I seem to have a singing heart and a smile on my lips. I cannot explain it because I work in a hospital and sh*t is hitting the fan. I am disengagingand and  starting to work independently in a clinic, which I am envisioning as this space where I teach parents to tune in to their kids rather than just treat disease. So much is being destroyed and yet it feels like I am finding slowly but surely my voice and my song.

Lots of love, 



I wish I could know what the world was like before the Great Flood and Atlantis. Apparently this junk DNA is abilities we used to have that got deactivated.

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Greetings Sakib The Sun Emoji

Yes I would say that's generally accurate. To many, Atlantis was an advanced civilisation that came to an abrupt end around 12,000 years ago during catastrophic floods induced by a solar micro nova that brought the last Ice Age to an abrupt end in around 3 days.

Atlantis was also the period in history that began with Original Humans being genetically hybridised and downgraded to Homo Sapiens. And yes, within the so called 'junk DNA' is likely to be plenty of the Original DNA that's been switched off.

We're switching a lot of it back on and activating new 5D DNA as we move to the new evolutionary form DIVINICUS.
Here's an Openhand article exploring that process...


5D Shift: How will the New Evolution of 5D Human DNA take Form?

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Hi Everyone,

the new earth grid is really an astonishing thing going on.

My mom told me about it some years back, that she had received the task to clean and nourish it - what she did daily for about a year between mid 2018 and mid 2019. We talked about it often and the development was amazing. First it was a grid of fine lines where she had to clean up clouds of emerging smoke every day. Then the lines gradually became thicker and more luminous and there were less lower energies hanging around. At the end it was a brilliant shining ball of light, where you would not be able to distinguish the lines any longer.

Now, for me, it looks crystal clear and shining, and it permeates all the inside of the earth to the core, where sits a great quarz crytal that shines in all directions to connect to the hearts of all beings living in and on earth. Quite a beautiful sight, i love connect to it every day in my morning routine.

Like you said, Open, attuning the Chakras helps a lot. For me it was most important to start working actively with the chakras 8 to 12 and it feels very liberating above my head.

Wonderful times now, very amazing.



Where do souls who remain in the bubble or in a synthetic reality end up after death? 

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The approach of the Intervention is to try to harvest souls and continually place them back into the synthetic reality - in a new bodily vehicle, one that is either synthetic or else ursurped - a possession.

Open Praying Emoji


Thank YOU so much for all your amazing support. I don't tune in often, but when I need to, I do.

The energy out there is so thick and distorting at the moment. I feel myself at times wading through and being pulled in, suffercated in grief and sadness. And then my energy changes and the potential of a beautiful new way just springboards me up through the ether, my soul dances and anything is possible.

I'm on the knife edge of possibility.

Having meditated on the 'dark' direction, this also I know, would come with a beauty, because I know that whatever happens, this is within me, whatever the circumstances, however life is, it is within my power for it to be great!

Such interesting times, so much is coming up in me, challenging my ways of thinking; really it is such a profound time, for which I am truly grateful.

And to know that I've been training for this my whole life and that I will play an important part in this shift just makes it all the more precious.

I wish for the continued awakening for people all over the world and for all to know peace within.


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I'm glad the article resonated.

Best wishes

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We're entering a new phase of the system narrative behind the lockdown - how it now becomes a political football - especially in the US. And gearing people up for a second wave ahead of a vaccine. Beware of getting pulled into these narratives. Watch them, discern how they might effect you physically, BUT, know that our destiny lies elsewhere than this ongoing charade.

Keep going within. Keep softening through density. Keep opening up. During this pandemic, I can tell you important shifts have happened for me personally. I feel ascended in the 5D now - centred there, and there's a tremendous sense of freedom that goes with it. That's definitely the movement that Openhand is now here to inspire in people.

The chakra opening and attunement meditation is designed to help people open up to the higher dimensions and allow the light of the soul to flow in. It's something I would encourage. Maybe you already have an effective breathing meditation for attuning the chakras - great. If not, you might want to sample the Openhand one, which emanates from the ancient Kriya Yoga...

Openhand Chakra Opening and Attunement


Flowing with the 5D Intelligent Cloud was something that I worked to convey in this previous Openhand video from retreat on La Palma. I wasn't expressing in terms of the 5D Crystalline Grid at that time, but it still captures the essence of what I'm taling about...



Hi Open, I found a part of my soul today...oddly whilst mending the cistern in the downstairs loo!  I became aware that I  was far more than I  had realised before, difficult to describe,  that I  didn't  have to bow to other's  expectations, that their view of me was of no importance and a great feeling of freedom has arrived with me. As I read your article, which I had saved for my late night reading, it reflected  how I felt, a beautiful feeling of connection with my  soul and lightness that I  have not felt before.

Thank you Much Love





I would urge it's essential right now to look beyond the veils of the 3D/4D drama. The virus intervention has hoodwinked people and pulled them in, yes. But nevertheless, it is still the last thrashings of a system that is well past its sell-by-date. My advice is to notice it, untangle from it where you still identify with it, but then focus more on the new evolution which is unfolding through it.

The 5D Crystalline Grid - or Intelligent Cloud as I expressed it above - is a tremendous way to coexist in harmony with all sentient life. That which I know we're coming to. We can begin to live it right now. That's certainly where my consciousness has centred itself through all this - thakyou pandemic!

In loving support

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Dear Open, 

When you first posted about 5 D honestly I wasn't feeling it at all. I was feeling in fact very heavy. A lot of anger against control and grief I had to wade through.

I have retrieved some important soul fragments. Marye helped me regree to a couple of lives where I was literally hanged from the ceiling for talking against authority and it took me a couple of weeks to totally feel into it. As I did though, I released a lot of blocks around the throat and now I find Ray 4 coming up for me. I am able to now express so as to not entirely dismiss the others narrative and yet keep my own truth at center stage. Also I learnt how a block in throat Chakra for me expressed as either totally shouting out against authority or resentful acquiescence.

I am still feeling anger and grief but in the last few days something else as well. I can't put it in words. It's as if something lighter is weaving into my soul. Something real, subtle but very real. And despite the fact that lockdown has been extended and the situation is actually a little worse, I feel okay. Good, upbeat. It's very strange and different. It's almost as if the container has enlarged and there is room for so much more emotional processing. And Joy! And a feeling that no matter what, things will be okay 

I am sorry if it seems like I am babbling. My heart is just so uplifted at times despite the lockdown. Dare I ask, is this what you mean by 5D?


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Hi Open and all

Loved this article - thank you!

And just wanted to support and re-emphasise what you said here about looking beyond the veils of the current drama: 'My advice is to notice it, untangle from it where you still identify with it, but then focus more on the new evolution which is unfolding through it.'

My feeling is there's so much higher dimensional knowledge and wisdom wanting to come through right now if we can just be open to and receive it and keep focus on what's evolving out of all this and let ourselves be carried forward.

With much love to you all.