5D Ascension Shift: What Will The New 5D Paradigm Look Like?

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Imagine a World of interconnected frequencies of light dancing in harmony. Where you feel at peace, cherished and nurtured, with infinite possibility to express yourself and unfold the next highest version of you. Imagine a World where conflict has transformed into constructive confrontation to peel away that which doesn't serve, so as to find the next highest harmony. Imagine a place where there are always enough resources to be who you really are, and where fear and suffering have fallen away.

This is what it's like to live fully in 5D consciousness in the New Paradigm.
My only question is, why wait?

The Not so Truman Show

It's time to wake up from the amnesia. It comes as quite a shock when you realise that as Homo Sapiens, you've been caught in an experiment by an Opposing Consciousness whose very purpose it is to control, downgrade and enslave. Ever seen the film The Truman Show? Take a moment, see the perfect metaphor of the reality game show people have been contained within...

You just know it don't you! If you're reading this, the delusion is already coming into view. But the Interventon is exceptionally clever. It keeps creating new episodes of the drama to bend and distort people back into the show. It could be that new 'eco-friendly system', where we're all consuming exactly what we want, just as long as it has that all important "eco" stamp on the label. Yet it's still a prison cell - this one just designed to assuage a degree of guilt about how society is obliterating the eco-systems and mercilessly exploiting other life.

Let's wake up, it doesn't have to be like this! Just like Truman, we can all step out of the Show!

The Grand Deception

The greatest part of the deception has been to disconnect Humanity from his multidimensional self. This primarily happens through the fourth density, playing on karmic attachment, inserting energetic implants, thus causing addiction to lower behaviourisms through lack of trust. Humanity has lost trust in the divine that the flow itself can furnish everything we need. It's not humanity's fault - by playing dissonant frequencies through the field via electrosmog, an eddy current in the flow - a "Truman Show" - has been created. It's a clever way of controlling reality. And yet there's no longevity to it. In the end, all control breaks down: it's like you've put an anchor in the space-time-continuum, a dam in the stream, but since everything is interconnected, spacetime bends and gathers around it until eventually the anchor is ripped up. And so the Intervention moves onto another planet, perhaps it's Mars this time - all aboard SpaceX or Virgin Galactic - with the hapless Truman Show in tow. It's just another series in another landscape, but with the same limiting agenda.

How about we step out of the show now?

It's not that difficult to reclaim your multidimensionality. I'd say there needs to be a couple of essential things landing for you: (1) the realisation that you're in something like the Truman Show and don't want to be there anymore (2) the daily commitment to find your authentic soul truth.

Explore this Openhand Meditation for Opening and Attuning the Chakras

What will 5D reality look like?

There are many characteristics of the soul, but when you're in your authentic soul-ray-harmonic, what people say is that it just feels 'right'. There is a 'rightness' to it. That's not right as in 'right' and 'wrong', just the sense and feeling that you're in resonance in that moment for you. Imagine you were an ET from another constellation and you'd never seen a guitar before or heard it play. Nevertheless, you'd instantly know when a chord was being played that was in tune. When you've felt your soul resonance once, there's nothing quite like it, nothing that this synthetic reality can ever replicate. So keep looking for that new chord, that new tune, keep playing it, because that's exactly how the illusion evaporates like some distant desert mirage. Whatever the smart-phone-distraction, whatever the next social-media-must-see, keep playing that tune which is yours, and sure as the sun comes up over the ocean, just like Truman, you will escape into reality.

Discover the characteristics of your Soul-Ray-Harmonic

What will 5D reality look like?

The 5D New Paradigm (actually 5D, 6D and 7D) already exists. We're living in two worlds right now not one. And the most essential thing is that you get to know the New Paradigm yourself, in your daily living, right now. We can share reflections, yes, but you have to live it for yourself to be there. Here's my vision-knowing, I felt to share so as to inspire...

Imgaine a world without concrete cities, highrise buildings, without cars and trains and planes. Imagine all the pollution and electrosmog gone. Imagine governments, police forces and armies dissipated. A place where there's no war or conflict. And most essentially, a place where ALL sentient life is respected and cherished. A place where there is no requirement, need nor desire to consume another creature. Imagine the consciousness of all life here being rejuvenated in a higher vibration of light. Imagine that as you express your authentic self, light bends around you to create a vehicle for your expression. Imagine waking up for the day (you actually never go to sleep), and your purpose is to learn, evolve and grow, to experience the fullness of who you are. Imagine that as you create, you're creating in harmony with a group of souls closely resonant on your frequency, so it feels totally harmonious. This is a brief glimpse of my knowing-sense of the New Paradigm. Crucially, I experience it as already here, already around us.

What might it look like for you?

We're not Waiting for some Big Event

The point is that you can't wait for the next big event to realise this. Yes, the planet is undergoing phenomenal transformation and transition. Over time, the old reality will steadily break down. If you're truly honest with yourself, surely you can see it doing that right now. It's getting increasingly dissonant with the authentic vibrations day by day, doing its damndest to shift and shape so as to lock people into another episode. But that's just the karmic construct twisting and turning in its end game.

Here's the crucial point - to fully shift into the New Paradigm, you have to be ALREADY living it as the karmic construct peels off. If you're here in this reality, then the chances are that you have karma to process and so fragments of soul are bound into the old reality. It's these that keep creating the illusions of the Truman Show - people keep getting sucked back in through distortions in relationships, careers and general living circumstances. And yet if you're reading this, likelihood is that you've already had experiences of what it's like to be living in 5D (and 6D/7D). The essential thing is that you keep digging for these kinds of experiences in daily life. It's definitely NOT waiting for "The Event" - that's likely just another deception. Yes there will be plenty of events in the Shift to the New Paradigm, but the point is to live it right now.

Here's how to Know You're Living 5D Consciousness Now...5 Typical Experiences

Time to Step Right out of the Truman Show

So my encouragement is not to wait. You can explore higher dimensional consciousness in every aspect of your life. Beware, there are a zillion reasons the Truman Show recreates to keep people locked into the illusion. Don't be fooled. In your soul, you know the truth. Keep trusting in the guidance coming through you. Keep checking that against the synchronistic interplay of the flow. Keep exploring and inquiring. And don't worry about making 'mistakes' - I can tell you, I have only ever truly found the flow by the times I've mistakenly stepped out of it!

The New Paradigm is there for you right now. You know it intrinsically in the core of your being. When you're in it, it just feels 'right'. You're seeing and stepping through the density, out of the Truman Show...

I know this is not always easy. There are so many blinkers to keep people locked in. But I have the privilege of meeting and working with people around the world who are steadily breaking free, choice by choice, step by step, moment by moment. Yes, the density pulls you back in for a time, but it's never long before the next wave sweeps you up again!

Enter the Openhand 5D Ascension Portal

Bright blessings

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Last weekend whilst pilgrimaging around mystical Glastonbury I definitely found myself in a new world. I could not find the words yet to describe what has unfolded for me and still can't . Wandering through the streets and fields of Glasto I was drawn into another world yet very present in 3D. 

A community where we support each other, can grow, play and experience exactly as you describe in the first sentences. I discovered an energetic place where I could be myself , see  others and they me in great harmony and love.  I ploughed through ancient trauma and feel revived.  I felt a deep connection to the fields of Avalon, the nature and creatures in it. Not difficult to drift into different dimensions in this fabulous and magical world.

I have bathed in the new paradigm , it was glorious ! It is all around me.


30/11/2023: How will the New Paradigm be Experienced?

Many people who come to the work ask the essential question: what will the new 5D Paradigm actually look like? How will we experience it? This is what I'm sharing in this updated Openhand article above. It shows the illusion we must unravel from as an essential step to actualising the reality of the 5D. It's something we're working diligently to help people experience within the Openhand work, like our recent Heart of Gaia Pilgrimage in Glastonbury. Scroll up for the article and see how you feel about it.

Bright blessings

Open 🌈


As I've freqeuntly intimated, you're going to see daily new developments in the unfolding control drama - such as m@nd8tory v@cc1nes. That's it's means by which is pulls people in and keeps them invested in the old 3D narrative. To some degree, have a sense of what's going on, yes, BUT - with a huge proviso...

To utlimately realise the new 5D paradigm, you have to actualise it around yourself as a landscape NOW. How to do this? It's about looking at the external 3D, feeling your contraction to this sheer madness that's unfolding in the name of the pandemic, BUT, then soften right through this ridiculous "Truman Show" - that's all it is! And you can decide to step out at any given moment. The New 5D Paradigm is there, waiting for you to engage with it.

It becomes like passing through the eye of a needle: each time you feel an attachment, a contraction into the drama, feel into it, express the fear or anxiety but then let go. You've got to touch the very point of contraction within you: is it physical? is it emotional? Is it in the worries of the mind? Or is it some curious patterning of karma that fires off in your field?

These are the touch points to feel into, normalise with, become The One in, and then expand out. That's when you start to pick up the higher vibrations, which you now begin to amplify and accelerate by noticing the synchronistic feedback loops going on in the outer.

This is how you progressively build the sense of the new 5D landscape around you. You're starting to live it right now - so that your soul is attuning to it and growing within that new vessel. This is how you progressively shift to the new reality.

PS - if you resonate, get involved with Openhand's 5D Ascension Program
It's a life saver!

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I've just been out on Dartmoor, the place where I'm living and one that's deep in my heart. It was a tremendous meditation. Just looking deeply into each aspect of nature - trees, rocks and rivers, the higher dimensional vibration just seemed to leap out as feelings and knowings. It was truly wonderful. felt to share this. It seems to capture the sense of it...


Hey Open,

I have a message for you from your Twin Flame. Wink Emoji

Couldn't help picking up the sign(s).  Apparently it has returned as a musical.



And as a bonus synchronicity I may add that the second after I took the photo with my mobile phobe, I looked at the clock.

It was exactly 11.11 on the 11/1

It was clearly a wink from my Twin Flame as well. I fell in love with that movie the first time I saw it.


Well, that's an example of how the 5D is working for me right now  Angel Halo

Gotta love it  Heart




Hi Hannah - it's not at all easy ending a relationship, I do know that one Wink Emoji

One of the things that happens when you decide to pull apart, and make that decision internally, is that stronger boundaries form and it becomes easy to forget any of the negative reasons you pulled apart in the first place. It's easy to overlook those and slip back toward relationship again. So the Universe has its way of slapping you in the face!

You might need a few reminders, but if it's right to part, there comes a point where you have to be clear in yourself what the nature of the relationship is. I would say at the mind and emotional levels, there requires a degree of determination not to slip back into the old patterns - it might feel a degree like programming yourself, but really you're simply making an internal statement and commitment to what the Soul is reflecting through the Universe at other energetic levels.

I'd say take your time, but keep clarifying internally. And steadily the correct boundaries will establish themselves.

Wishing you well with that

Open Heart


Hey Open!

You're right, time to step out of my comfort zone Wink Emoji. Thank you for the encouragement! 

So for a while I've been in the process of unwinding a relationship that I feel is outdated. For now we are going to separate physically (I'll be moving out soon), but recently found ourselves being in a better place. Although part of me realises this is probably because the moving apart frees up energy and enables me to reclaim pieces of myself, the feelings are quite confusing. Another part of me was hoping things were changing and also made me realise again I want him to be a certain way. The more positive feelings between us quickly led me to turn a blind eye again to the reasons why I felt the realtionship was outdated in the first place. Yesterday that illusion was shattered though by some pretty obvious synchronicities, which left me really sad, angry and scared initially, mostly of losing a very comfortable safety net. But then also filled with energy as the path becomes even more clear. I was just writing a message to Rich about this and everytime I typed 'relationship' I mistyped it as 'relationshop', which the 'Urban Dictionary' translates as: "Relationshop; When two people have a relationship just to maintain a business or when one of them fakes having feelings for the other just for the sake of saving their business." Gotta love those synchronicities haha!


Come on everyone, you're being a bit shy - So what are your 5D experiences? I'm sure pretty much everyone reading will be having them in one form or another.

A crucial aspect of the shift is to keep bringing internal awareness to what you're experiencing. Because what you put your attention on, grows!

So do share what you're experiencing when you get a moment - I'll gladly offer a reflection and amplify some things.

In loving support

Open voltage emoji iconPraying Emoji