Earth Ascension: Gaia's 5D Crystalline Grid Comes ONLINE

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Right now we're witnessing what the First Nations people described as the time of a global "conflict with materiality". It's a double-sided coin, because the light of a new paradigm steadily emerges as the lower densities progressively break down and transform. If you keep transforming within you, then you'll tune into a super-conscious 5D crystalline grid that's already forming the light foundation of the New Paradigm. It's active, and you can draw on it right now!

Important note: It's exceptionally difficult to put accurate 3D words and phrases for the extraordinary shifts and completions that are happening in the ether right now. Therefore consider my sharing more as a framework for your inner inquiry. It's meant to be taken more in a metaphoric sense, that you may soften fixed and rigid belief systems to allow more expanded and fluid consciousness to unfold. Then you'll likely gain greatly from it. Namaste.

The Emperor's Clothes Fall

The tremendous reflection of the current concocted control drama, is that for those prepared now to see, the veils of the 3D matrix have come spectacularly into view. It's not just that it's been artificially created, it's the shocking disrespect for democracy, with fact buried under a web of deceit, and fiction cavorting shamelessly in Emperor's New Clothes. First, it's a degree shocking. But after that, almost humorous, as the ridiculousness of it all comes spectacularly into view.

You have to get above a problem to fully appreciate it. As I've gone inwards and expanded my consciousness in response, firstly I found it so much easier to let go. Is there now any point hanging on? And thus I found myself sitting up in the higher dimensions with those of the Benevolent Mission, looking downwards with much empathy and compassion. Below us, a controlling ant colony, furiously building its nest, but burying itself in a plank of dead wood, as the stream steadily builds to sweep all the flotsam away.

When the ironic smile wears off, there is work to be done. And benevolence has wasted none of their time. I could feel upwelling excitement, a thirstful sense of adventure, and a relishing roll-up of 5D sleeves...
"Thanks Intervention, thanks for the "plandemonium", now we can get on with our work."

An Ocean of Plasma

I incarnated as a soul exchange that began during a near death experience in a car crash back in 2002. I came in with spectacular visions of what the Earth is coming to, almost too much to hold in a 3D mind, except since that point, the shifts and unravellings of the 3D landscape have changed things so much, that with the visible eye and inquiring mind, it's clearly converging towards what I saw in higher dimensional mind.

I witnessed the earth cleansed in a ball of firey plasma. It was absolutely clear, that no sophisticated life would survive that in the 3D. I saw souls as streams of light emerging out. And some kind of web that they were opening out through, being caught by, and cushioned into. At first I put it down just to the angellic realm, but now, with the benefit of expanded hind sight, I can see and feel much more of it - a pulsating resonance of interweaving light: what some have called a "5D Crystalline Grid".

Please note: I've since been made aware that plasma beings will indeed survive this shift in the lower densities and have the purpose to support the lower dimensional earth grid following the cleansing.

To get what's happening in the 5D you have to first soften investment in the 3D. If you're just buying into the 3D plandemonium narrative right now, then you'll miss all the heavenly glory (which is exactly why it's being instigated). And as I've always maintained, we won't be 'raising the vibration of the 3D'. The 3D is a standing wave of Separation Consciousness within the Universal Torus. It's the Unity Consciousness of the Soul that raises in vibration, just as Gaia is doing right now. Ultimately the consensus construct of the Old Paradigm will be unpicked and unravelled, like a worn out garment. This will happen spectacularly, in due course, In the Grand Galactic Convergence of Galactic, Solar and Earth Pole Shift cycles. It helps enormously to ease the process within yourself by unravelling fixed beliefs and ties to the Old Paradigm...

In the Openhand work it's always essential to normalise and equalise with that which you yearn to transcend - to do the exact opposite of distancing from it. You become so as-one with it, that you no longer limit yourself by it - you become the heat, and therefore surrender through it as The One. The 'body' is only rendered as 'solid' from the universal light hologram by our perceptions of it. When you look through quantum lenses, then it's mostly space, interspersed with vibrational energy. And when you're truly prepared to let go of your identification with the physical, then I find it becomes much more malleable, wave like.

The Process of Transformation from 3D to 5D Earth

As we meditated together on the Virtual Retreat, that's what plenty of people could feel. The physical taking on a more wave like quality. This is exactly what will happen for those NOT in fear as the Earth's Pole Shift draws to a timely conclusion. The dwindling of the magnetic field softens the qualities of the physical. And then it dawned on me, that's what I saw in the crash and could now feel growing in the field - a building stream of plasma energy, that will dramatically reshape the landscape of 3D earth as the various cycles come to completion some while down the line.

Appropriately, leading edge science is now beginning to abandon the theory of unfound 'dark matter' and instead, realising the 3D Universe founded on plasma, bound through eletromagnetic coupling. To be clear, those still fixated in a rigid 3D structure of the world based on fear and control, will still see reality that way right up until the point the old construct completely breaks down. But for those transcending the boxed and the rigid, you may already start to feel more the fluidity of the lower densities growing, just like sitting in a warm ocean.

It happens in every action we take, in every moment and with every choice. If active attention is focused on the underlying truth of the energy that you can feel. If you can let go of fixed and rigid intentions in any given moment, then the intelligence of the energy field itself will simply melt you into it. The Earth's building plasma stream will feel like a warm ebbing and flowing ocean of consciousness as the body progressively softens into it. It's then that it becomes much easier to elevate your vibration and expand your consciousness into the new 5D construct.

The fascinating other fact that I realised on our retreat, is that despite long hours on the internet, 3D EMF can be much less impactful now. I wasn't tired by it at all. And so it can be as 5Jeez is rolled out. Take it as inspiration and motivation. Let the feeling of your body become more wave like. You can soften right out and around it into 5D. Let this become more your new vibration and the physical intervention will have less and less impact.

The 5D Crystalline, "Super Broad Band", Grid

In regard to the New Paradigm, I've heard people use the term "5D Crystalline Grid" before, but in the 3D mind, it never quite added up. I see it more in the form of a lattice of light, which I guess is why the term 'crystalline' has been applied. As I expanded into it after our retreat, everything came gloriously into view. It all made perfect felt sense: this is the higher dimensional energy of what you would witness in the 3D as crystalline - that the new construct is anchored in place on Earth by the 3D crystalline. In interdimensional journeying since the retreat, as I've looked down upon the Earth with the Benevolent Mission, I could clearly see and feel it harnessed in golden streams of solar light, interwoven with a blue weave from the galactic core.

It's become abundantly clear to me that Earth's new crystalline grid has, in recent times, leading up to this convergence, been repaired, augmentated and amplified as a lattice of vibrational light frequencies by higher dimensional light beings holding the space in the ether, and anchored within the crystalline 3D nature of the earth - with tremendous input also by an unseen army of energy workers in the 3D, who've been working tirelessly to this timely completion.Heart

And exactly because of the acceleration of the shadow side synthetic reality, then this multidimensional alliance has also quantum leaped their efforts. Working closely with Gaia, the development of the 5D Crystalline Grid has been accelerated and rolled out -  now amusingly known to some in the ether as, "super quantum broadband!"

Ascension Now: Exploring Shifts of Consciousness Through the Control Drama

Atlas - God of the Heavens - Comes Online

I've been waiting for signs of a completion. When a complex sequence of interdimensional work comes to fruition, you'd expect to see some kind of synchronistic response. It's how the Universe communicates that something monumental has unfolded - it's that inner perceptive "aha" sense, as everything clicks perfectly into place.

I'd been getting synchronicities around the arrival of the comet ATLAS (two of them in fact), and a raft of others too, coming into our solar system, leading into May. But why this also stood out, was that I'd been feeling the Atlas bone in the neck, which for many people (perhaps the majority) is often out of alignment, thereby restricting the free flow of kundalini up through the Throat Chakra and into the Fifth Density. It's a misalignment that I believe was purposefully instigated by the Intervention so as to limit the experience of higher dimensional awareness.

Atlas of course was the Greek God responsible for 'holding up the heavens'. Then it dawned on me: Voila, at the same time as the foundationary fabric - the "Crystalline Grid" - of the new 5D paradigm has been repaired, augmented and come online, so it is hailed in the heavens by none less than a Greek God, for all who might note the marvellous synchronicity (and, I believe, the divine is also suggesting to get some essential work done on realigning the Atlas bone!).

Please Note: I'm not saying the ATLAS comet is in some way delivering energy to the Shift or the new 5D construct. What I'm saying is that its an important synchronistic symbology. Including the fact that as it approaches its closest point to the earth it's already breaking up, symbolising a dispersal of the energy into the new construct.

To me it's now abundantly clear. The divine is telling us the vibrational weave - the superconscious intelligence - of the new 5D reality is complete, ready for sentient life to begin to populate and dream into reality. Right at the time the 3D is being so impacted by the roll-out of 5Jeez It couldn't be more perfect. I do believe you can feel the sense of this new vibrational weave as you expand through the throat chakra and up into the higher densities around you.

In recent days I've been in near constant interdimensional travel, watching, feeling and intuiting exactly what's unfolding. What I can clearly say, is that the "5D Crytsalline Gird" is now, most definitely, ONLINE! It's downloading and harnessing energy both from the sun and the galactic core. What's more, you can tune into it, to receive the most superlative uplifting and invigorating 5D energy from it, that can then cascade down into your being. I find it as being tuned into a super intuitive, dancing and weaving, vibrant, interconnected consciousness, that feeds your soul. The term "Atlas" is entirely appropriate.

As I sat marvelling at this revelation, my heart brimming at the tremendous multidimensional team effort that has actualised the new construct, it dawned on me that the band Coldplay (who always seem tuned in to the various shifts and interplays at large in the field), released a song called "Atlas" for the entirely synchronistic movie "Hunger Games", which is all about rebellion against a dystopian controlling society. Just take a breather to the song for a moment, sit back, put a good set of headphones on, and feel especially the rising swell of the background music. To me, it seems to capture the moment wonderfully...

Dreaming Into Reality

It's all accelerating now. A timeline instigated by the artificially created plandemonium. Thankyou! The new superconscious 5D intelligence is online and will strengthen in the months and years ahead.

We don't have to put up with this charade a moment longer. In some aspects, they've constrained and controlled the physical. But only the current form of the physical. My amusement at this is still tempered though with compassion for the intervention 'ant colony', furiously building its nest on a piece of driftwood, set to be unravelled in the great galactic cleansing process to come.

So I say to all, these are tremendous times of transformation. People like you across the planet are now palpably feeling the breakdown of the old reality and the progressive emergence of the new. Every cause has an effect. And so the Benevolent Mission has gone into overdrive, bouyant with enthusiasm, positively revelling in the 5D Atlas Actualisation. To some here, at these early completion stages, it may still feel like a distant dream - there are still lower dimensional veils and shadowy karma to be worked through. That's okay, but now let investment in the physical soften, just like surrendering into a warm aromatic bath; feel the fluidity of it as you let go of rigid identifcation. And then let yourself expand out, through the throat chakra, and sense the amazing home coming intelligence of the super conscious "broadband" 5D Crystalline Grid.

Right now, as the 3D veils fall, an immaculate new existence is coming online and being actualised into reality, most appropriately held aloft by the majestic Atlas.

PS: If you resonate with Openhand's Approach, dive in and explore our work
Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings
Open 💎

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18/10/2023: Shift Update: The 5D Crystalline Grid

I felt to draw attention today to the animation and ongoing actualisation of the 5D Crystalline Grid, which is forming the light based foundation of the New 5D Paradigm the Earth is ascending to. It's all too easy to attach and identify with the breakdown of the old materiality, especially with what we see escalating in the Middle East. BUT, there are two sides to this coin: as the old work consciousness unravels, a new one takes shape.

And so I commend all to review my article today on how the 5D Crystalline Grid has come online and strengthens, especially now, during these challenging times of transformation on the planet. It's downloading energy from the galaxy and sun, which we can draw creatively upon in our lives. It brings the soul alive and elevates consciousness. How will you apply it to a new sense of creativity?

Earth Ascension: Gaia's 5D Crystalline Grid Comes ONLINE

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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And here to remind us, during this time of escalating global conflict, a powerful synchronicity to show the light is breaking through - a ring of fire solar eclipse which has been moving across the USA. To me it clearly speaks of how the light of the 5D Crystalline Grid is downloading energy from the Sun (and the galaxy) which will eclipse the energy of the Old Paradigm.

What does it say to you?...


Hey Openhand fam,

I was wondering if a wee bit more light could be shed on a recent event that happened a few days ago.

Last Mon I had a very serious asthma attack which came out of the blue. I ended up in hospital which was the last place I wanted to be.

So I was forced to face into my fear of the system and receive treament. I was pressured to have a rat test which I found out I did have a choice and refused it. Luckily I was the only patient in the ED for the entire night and had minimal interaction with staff. 

The other thing that I have so far gleaned from the experience is that its ok to ask for help from friends and that I am not a nuisance! Old thought pattern from childhood.

I feel like there is more to be realized through this close encounter with death,  hence my sharing here.

I would appreciate any feedback. Thankyou.

Much love




HI Open, & all you Openhanders,

   About a month before Divinicus, I had a situation where I was triggered into the stuff I absorbed as a child, the results of which have been with me all my life.

So I knew what I was focussing on for clearing in this Divinicus week. I have to say it unfolded perfectly, first with the support of Thomas and Elizabeth during the first 2 days, our Vision Quest. Then by the work where we journeyed to back to other lifetimes, where karma is. I was amazed by how clearly this replicated this lifetime, in different but mirroring circumstances. Finally, during our sweat lodge, it was the right time to complete, and I have finally let this go. Now, a few days later, I can feel I have lost that underlying anxiety which used to subtley underpin my consciousness.  What a relief, and - so much gratitude.

This was enabled by the amazing holding of Open and the team.  What I appreciate the most is the way we were encouraged to actually FEEL !  That is the greatest skill going in healing, & therefore, this is the best healing I have experienced in all my years of doing the work. !!

In conclusion, I know this was the right time to complete this, so as to be able to move forward unhindered. With deep, deep gratitude, I now look forward to what comes next.

I m hoping, joining the Facilitator program !

Blessings, Sarah



30/05/2022 Openhand Shift Journal Update

Despite the ongoing machinations of the shadowside in the 3D, massive shifts and realignments are taking place in the field as we begin the energetic climb towards our completing Ascension. On this year's DIVINICUS retreat I do believe another pivotal shift took place, that is bound to have positive repercussions far and wide. What was that exactly?

It happened in our tremendously earth-connected cob studio, that holds a natural vibration wonderfully well. I'd been guided to combine Openhand's Breathing, chakra attunement and new Maya Samadhi meditations (evolved from the ancient Kriya yoga) in a new way. It took the group consciousness very high, into the 6th Density. Whereupon, we experienced a tremendous acceleration of the 6D aspect of Gaia's Crystalline Grid - in the image below, it's the interweaving golden light...

The expansion of consciousness was extraordinary, that felt not exactly blissed, but that combined with a superfast attentiveness and creative awareness.

My sense was to anchor the energy and work to interweave it down into 5D. It was also essential that an Openhand facilitator naturally felt to anchor souls from going out of body (thanks Elizabeth!).

What might this mean for those experiencing it?

My initial feeling is that it's very likely to increase one's ability to manifest here in the lower densities as the accelerated energy cascades down. It's the sense of more strongly weaving higher dimensional energy. That's all I can say at this time, but I'll be intrigued to see how it takes form in the weeks and months ahead. The vision of the multi-armed Buddha springs to mind when I contemplate it...

It's definitely a new facet of the Openhand work within the accelerating shift, which I felt inspirational and important to share.

Alchemical and exciting times indeed!

Bright blessings

Open 🧡😇🙏

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This was indeed a phenomenal experience that took place on DIVINICUS 22 - what felt like an acceleration of the 6D field, and an interweaving with the 5D Grid. To get an initial understanding of what the light structure of the New Paradigm on Earth will be like, take a browse through this lead article that I wrote during lockdown in 2020...

Earth Ascension: Gaia's 5D Crystalline Grid Comes ONLINE



They predicted that Comet Atlas would have long since bitten the dust. In fact it broke up into several pieces, looked like it would completely die, but then one part kicked in again and is now heading for a close encounter with the sun - highly synchronistic as the sun is beginning to play an active role in consciousness as we start to turn the next 11 year cycle towards a new Sun Spot solar maximum...

There's also loads of other comet action happening right at this time. To me it siganls some kind of broad energetic activation...

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New shifts beginning in the sunspot activity of the sun, the uprising, the agitation, and all signaled by the movement of the comets are interconnected - it's all a part of an unfolding dialogue.

Energy workers are being guided to hold the moving tides within so that the increased heightened vibration can peacefully integrate.

I'll explore that in the upcoming Facebook LiveStream on 6/6 (now there's definitely synchronicity around that date)...

Rise of the Human Spirit - Facebook LiveStream


Astronomers had thought the comet Atla had completely exploded, but now a new comet has emerged from the ashes of the old - another lovelty synchronicity about the repair and renewal of the 5D Crystalline Grid...



As ever, an incredible synchronicity in your expression of this transformation, this message is most welcome and timeous. Thank you, I have certainly been wallowing periodically in this sticky 3D transitional mud.

I have resonated with the impression that the 3D simulated reality has been ramping up its response to this 5DGrid by fast-tracking its own intervention strategy. I strongly intuit that this virus is a premature & very thinly veiled attempt to prop up its own initiative. I do not think it will withstand much more before its spell is shattered.

It seems as this new cycle ramps up, intervention consciousness will continue to lag with an exponentially greater margin, falling as it ultimately shall to a higher 5D paradigm.



As I drive past the new towers that hold the gear that transmits the fivegee, I smile, and give thanks for the reminder to keep my vibrational frequency high.

I know deep in me that I can't be harmed by this silliness, and I smile, and give thanks for what is happening. 


Here's a run down of the comet activity at this moment - a tremendous convergence of activity in the night sky for those interested. It certainly got my attention symbolically as I explained in my article...


Hi Open, Thank you so much for that amazing post today.  Spent all day reading it  sorting out all the meditations and doing them and now feeling very floaty and as though it all makes so much more sense. Namaste  Heather




Amazing! Grateful to be alive and to be apart of this magical moment 


Well here it is. What I felt given to share. It's sure been a challenge to put it into 3D vocabulary.

This last week since Easter I've been travelling multidimensionally with the awareness of it pretty much non-stop.

I can tell you there was one tremendous peak experience of it all last Sunday as I sat on the very mystical Wearyall Hill in Glastonbury at sun down - that's when I could feel the weave and the flow of the superconscious grid speaking into my soul, downloading energy, animating feeling and expressing, weaving streaming synchronicity. It was playing music for me, (for us!), that was simply lighting up my higher dimensional self. It was simply the most amazing experience of my journey here to date. Indescribable.

I should also add the important note - NOT to effort for this, because that only closes things down. Progressively soften identification with the lower dimensions as I explained in the article, provided guidance on in the meditation, and is customary in the Openhand work. Know that there is something there which is truly magical to greet and hold you as you progressively transcend.

Don't rush, don't hurry, but be consistent in your inner journey. Because there is so much to behold.

Much love to all

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