Ascension Now: Exploring Shifts of Consciousness Through the Lockdown

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We can be sure of one thing through this global virus lockdown - even when it clears, in society, and on the planet, things will never be the same again. Many good things will come of it, because the veils will fall from more people's eyes. They'll see the bankruptcy of the system and how we live - that things need desperately to change. The lockdown will likely cause yet another transfer of power and wealth to corporations and the state, but paradoxically, this could also awaken more because of the injustice of it; it's already fired off varied shifts within the energy field, which are sure to cause greater opening and expansion for evolving souls.

Awareness is always the key - coming from the field itself and aligning with the underlying flow.
Let's explore what might be unfolding...

Challenging the Mainstream Narrative

Firstly, I do believe it's essential we challenge the mainstream narrative, which, no matter where you look, has been constantly presenting a barrage of fear propaganda about the effects of the virus phenomenon. Consider these facts that I dug out from reputable sources (do check them for yourself - the data will have changed a degree due to the time of writitng - 4th April)...

In the world around 3 million people die annually from disease related illnesses that are transmitted from person to person. The global mortality rate from the coronavirus currently stands at around 56,000 (at the time of writing and time of lockdown). In the USA, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), since 2010, annually between 9-45 million people have contracted flu related illnesses of which 140k-800k have resulted in hospitalisation from which 12k-61k have died. Currently in the US the death toll from the virus is only 8000. In the UK, 17k people have died from flu annually between 2014-2019 where so far, the virus has only claimed around 4,300 lives. What we also know is that 80% of people who contract it suffer only mild symptoms and recover within a couple of days. Less than 1% die, and mostly these are people who already had health complications or were vulnerable due to compromised immune systems.

It begs the essential question, why such a stringent lockdown at all? The official narrative is to 'prevent the health services from being overwhelmed'. I do empathise with these pressures, from what is a new virus phenomenon. But rather than crashing economies that people's livelihoods depend upon and then investing humungous Trillion Dollar Bailouts, why not invest a fraction of the money on quickly building up the support mechanisms for those who contract it? There are, for example, plenty of established military hospitals and personel, including battlefield hospitals (which can be established in less than a day), that could be used.

Whatever Happened to Herd Immunity?

The situation also begs the question, whatever happened to allowing the natural build up of Herd Immunity? This is where enough people in society contract a virus, develop immunity and then recover from it. Once you reach a certain threshold, the virus can no longer propagate and dies off. Of course its the natural way in which ANY species develops immunity.

Developing herd immunity is what they practice currently in Sweden with great success (check this article here). It means you don't have to tank the economy of small businesses making the 'cure' much worse than the problem. MOST IMPORTANTLY, you build natural immunity, meaning there's no requirement to depend on questionable vaccines.

We Need to Explore the Hidden Agenda

Plenty now speculate that there is a hidden agenda behind all of this to create fear and panic, to lock down society, then to transfer even more wealth and power to those behind the scenes pulling the shadowy strings. I do believe the early evidence is that precious little of the Bailout packages will find their way to those who need it most, and instead, lining the pockets of the big corporations. Evidence is also surfacing that during this lockdown, FiveGee is being rolled out at accelerating speed - especially in schools...
Center For Research on Globalisation Here's another one from OpEdNews

Personally I feel, and have to conclude, that this is indeed the case. The lockdown is all about a power and control grab, plus the widerspread installation of FiveGee. I also feel however that it will backfire, a few months further ahead, and in quite a spectacular way. Why do I believe this? It's all to do with what I feel activating in the field right now.

NB - if I was a parent with kids in school, when my kids went back, I would be checking if FiveGee had been installed and strongly protesting it it if it had!

We Are Global Energy Workers

There are people who are here to help move energies in a global way. It's about dissolving out the sense of personal separation until you become an instrument of the flow itself. Such a global catalyst offers first a feedback loop to the Universe - it's an attenuation system - "this is what's going on here now". It's the role that Angels and Watchers also perform. The Universe then starts to respond to the feedback loop - in a way that it knows and feels best.

The energy then starts to be channeled and amplified through people who can hold it. Having a strong degree of empathy is also a crucial part of this cosmic aspect. You feel the movement inside yourself, but the energy doesn't simply bounce around on the inner, as if it were only your own. It's amplified through the field. I believe there are many around the globe now fulfilling this role.
The Cosmic Role of the Spiritual Catalyst

The Energy Shifts Currently Unfolding

So what are the shifts going on? It helps to have awareness. Here's my personal perspective...

1) Firstly there's a strong sense of energy building through the lower densities and chakras - the base and the sacral. To me, this is coming from the early stages of anxiety, frustration and anger that's building due to the oppression, lockdown and control. This is already bubbling over in Italy and India for example. I've also seen social media video of people in China rising up and breaking down police barriers to be able to get back to work - although the state works quickly to take them down. The official narrative needs to be questioned, because it definitely does not seem to be serving the majority of people - wealth and power is clearly being transferred and democracy unravelled. However, of course, it would be desirable that the responsive catalytic energy be aligned and channeled in a productive, constructive way. I believe this will become very challenging for the state to contain in the months ahead. What energy workers can each do, is to work on the raptor energy, which I believe is beginning to come through this dynamic, actually in a strong positive way, but ideally through the aligned expression of it. Not through violence. Here's the Openhand perspective on realigning that very powerful and willful energy...
Healing the Divine Warrior

2) Secondly I feel an unexpected nervousness through the solar plexus chakra and on the plane of the intellect. Intutively I put this down as nervousness within the corridors of the shadow powers-that-be. Why so? I have the strong knowing that reputable evidence will come to light that this virus was indeed engineered in a lab. That the original strain that did come from bats would not transfer to humans until it was ENGINEERED to do so. I do believe there will be a growing wave of people that begin to challenge the official narrative on this. No doubt the story will be twisted and turned over the course of time, but I do believe one key outcome will be a welcome breakdown of trust in the system itself, thereby causing more people to seek greater sovereignty and alignment with their own soul, source of integrity, and empowerment.

3) In the heart and chest I feel a constriction in the field caused by the virus. I do believe this is activating the past life karma of the Sirius Shift many moons ago, that people are manifesting and acting out here. Which is how karma gets processed. Many people I've come across who have Sirius Karma often struggle with breathing problems. It was due to the breakdown in the composition of the air in the lungs, just as is happening now with the virus. It's not something to be rejected and feared however. Karma is something to turn into and work through by softening through it. Just as we can build up herd immunity in a physical way, so you can process fear and identification by working through karma and empowering at a soul level. Let's remember, we are not physical beings, but spiritual ones having a partial human experience. It's in these kinds of events where you actualise the reality of your spirituality, through the way you respond and rise to the challenge. Here's an overview of the Sirius Karma...
5D Shift: Starsouls Mastering the Karmic Challenge of Sirius

4) What is most refreshing of all, is that I can feel a tremendous opening out through the throat chakra and into the higher ones. This is greatly helped by the welcome breather the slow down in the matrix has offered Gaia and her precious ecosystems. You can palpably feel a stronger sense of peace and openness. My encouragement to all is to feel this expansion into the throat, third eye and crown chakras. It's wonderful to behold and we can capitalise on that during the lockdown of society. I do believe it will allow in much more ray 7 spontaneous magic, both into your life and the wider field.
Work especially on Opening and Attuning the Chakras

Ascension Gateways Opening

So this is my take on what's happening at an energetic level right now. I believe that there is most definitely a shadowy agenda going on behind the scenes to grab greater control and economic power over the masses, exactly BECAUSE there is a tremendous awakening going on, which is growing, and becoming ever harder to control and spin deceptive narratives upon. So as challenging as things seem, and are, nevertheless, the awakening and soul emergence, and actualisation of the Cosmic Divine Being through inner Ascension, is growing ever more strongly. Let's keep that energy moving and emerging!

I expanded on some of these feelings and observations in this recent Facebook Live Stream. It was a fascinating experience for sure. The energy flowing through me was so strong that my body was literally shaking at times and I thought I might explode!...

What do you experience? Do share, it's always good to get the feedback.

In loving support

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I decided to take part in the meditation for the million meditators throughout the world. The time here in the UK would be 03:45 on the 5th. I set my alarm and when I woke I opened my window. I could hear a strange humming sound that was almost like a faint singing bowl. As I listened it just felt strange, but I settled down to do my meditation to bring the white light to our planet. After about 10 minutes of meditation, I felt my nose wet. I got up and put the light on to discover I was having a nose bleed so shot into the bathroom and covered lots of tissue in blood. The nose bleed eventually stopped and when I went back into my bedroom the noise from outside had also stopped. Is this strange? I do belong to a group where we do meditation etc and sending out healing to the world. 

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Greetings Margaret,

I was aware of the meditation but didn't take part. It always concerns me what the intention really is behind it. People can be well intentioned but coming from ego and emotional desire - and this easily channels Opposing Consciousness into the mix.

That said, I have heard from other people who took part in the meditation who spoke of channeling and grounding infusions of galactic energies, which felt very aligned to me. Crucially there was no intention behind this. They were simply responding to the soul.

My intuitive response to your nose bleed was that it was some informative synchronicity, questioning some kind of build up of internal pressure.

So Ifelt to ask you this question....What does it mean to you, to be "sending out healing to the world?" (as you described)

With respect

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The energy of this shift seems to me as Open described it. I feel it is of vital importance, during this time of power reshuffling, to pay attention to the subconscious programming and to be aware of what your body is processing and why. Additionally, the energy flow in the field is incredibly powerful and we can harness that for more distortion clearing. Hooray!

The subconscious programming
Staying away from the mass media is always a good idea, but now more than ever. The magnitude of fear and pestilence programming that is broadcasted internationally is unprecedented. You will pick up lots of its effects from the collective consciousness anyways. Also the subliminal messaging WILL get in even if we think we "know better". If you are in fight-or fight you will not be able to access your discernment or process anything. I find it super helpful to keep the energy moving, any fear constricts the flow. So, to work on fears if they present themselves goes a long way, always.

Processing massive collective energies
Open mentioned the massive Sirius karma that often manifests as the chest constriction. Also, lungs are where we experience the fear of death. I see lots of people unknowingly processing that. That is awesome, because the fear of death is the one mostly used by the manipulators in the field. It is also our greatest distortion that is a foundations of many others. 
What might be noteworthy is that the powers that be are attempting to connect the perception of that current CV situation to WW2. This is not a coincidence. We carry memories of traumatic events in our DNA and we might get unconsciously triggered by suggested associations and begin to process the horrors of the past. There seem to be deliberate attempts to re-traumatize humanity on all fronts now and it is important that we are aware of the mechanisms of this as well as ways of processing. OH website contains tons of information on how to process that and if I were to add to this broad body of knowledge I'd maybe just say this:

If your energetic make up makes it possible for you to process a group trauma, such as Sirius or WW2 or maybe even other ancient events of which we don't learn at school, you may be activated. So, to go through this is just like you would with processing your karma. The major difference is that there will be more energy passing through you, so the softer, more grounded and still you are the better. I find it helpful to give the authority to my soul or monad while processing that. The energies are too powerful for my brain to direct them, so I just back off and never regret it. The usual process for me is to feel the horrific suffering of an event, then it will begin to split into the victim and the victimizer suffering and the invitation is always to hold them with the same attention and care simultaneously. Any judgement seems to undermine this process. They eventually separate and you might co-feel both sides more clearly. Then they peak and rapidly come together and dissipate. What you might be left with is a very peaceful the non-duality state. 

Another thing: perhaps you guys have noticed through your dreams or in your meditative vision, that what is unfolding in the physical realm is just the tip of the iceberg. There is much more going on in the astral realms, lots of transits and power grabs as well as beings coming into alignment. These are great times of opportunity for us. I think if you are reading this and are on this site you may be called to play an important part in what is happening. 

Ride that momentum.


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Dear Margaret, 

Thank you for that wisdom. I definitely seem to be processing SOMETHING albeit in a far less elegant way than you put it. Also it frequently overwhelms me and I go into fight or flight. This lockdown is a tremendous opportunity though to build this muscle and I will try and integrate the tips you have suggested.



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Hi Megha,

I'm glad you found it helpful.

Well, I tried describing the process in a simple way for the clarity purpose. Is it always that elegant? Nah. But it is what it is and it will always be reflecting something about us, so hooray!

Tending to the fight-or-flight makes a tremendous difference. When something in our environment is off, the reflex is to jump in and fix it. When there is so much going on our brain gets on overload. A useful practice for me personally is to back off with the ego and work on the emotions that are arising. With that I'm creating a space space and my brain slows down the creation of dramatic perceptions which calms the body. I shared some more ideas on how to deal with the current changes here:…

You got this, Megha!

Margaret <3 


Hi Open, as always your post had been very timely, bringing clarity to my experiences. 
Recently, I am experiencing surge of energies in my lower chakras between 2-3am .. the tide is so strong that I shake up, it feels as though I’ll fall apart. I also feel a warm sweeping feeling in my solar plexus. The most heartening experience for me has been I am being more vocal about my interests and expressing myself. I feel free and more at peace with myself. A new and precious understanding is dawning upon me that I need not contain myself neither in this physical form ( that is for a certain time) nor in a preconditioned mental state. I feel free. And trying not to take life too seriously. However my insecurities still persist and my effort is to come clean and strong! 
Thank you for your guidance as always.. I feel blessed and strong to have you by my side. Thank you! Your posts are a great eye openers. 


I love your commentaries - it resonates with me very much. I feel quite peaceful inside - as if, on the inside, I sense everything will be alright - eventually. I am nearly 76 and certainly don't feel "elderly " or vulnerable.!!! I was supposed to be going down to Glastonbury just when the lockdown occurred - I was so looking forward to it, I was there briefly sometime in the 70s. I now live in the country, near Findhorn, which you probably know of. I can go out regularly walking around the roads, I don't bother reading the newspapers or listen to the news - at least, very little. There is something more going on I feel. Being an introvert at heart and growing up as an only child - being socially isolated is no problem !!



Wow this is fascinating - i was updating myself on the latest info about what's going on with the Virus situation, when I heard a clapping outside in my street here in Glastonbury. So I went out to investigate. Practically the whole street of people had come out onto their doorsteps and were just clapping. It was beautiful to witness.

I send that energy out to you all!

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I felt to share this video on the impact of FiveGee on the immune system. It's incredibly well researched and brings to light many hidden facts - such as how the frequency damages the cell boundary, thus allowing a virus to enter. It also goes into show how three of the early epicentres for the virus, Wuhan, Italy and Iran, 'coincidently' had massive roll outs of FiveGee in 2019. As I've maintained from the beginning, I always felt that FiveGee was responsible for the rapid spread of the virus. It's quite long, but well worth informing yourself on...


Dear Open, 

This article is, as usual extremely timely for me. Since doing a deep stretch yesterday I have been experiencing waves coming up from the solar plexus to the heart. It's extremely strong and I couldnt sleep at all last night. I got the image of a lightening Rod. As if I am helping to ground all these energies. 

It's a lot of rebellion against control. A lot of anger ( which I expressed in a very distorted way, unfortunately) and today I am feeling the grief below it. This is very very intense!

Today I did the multidimensional meditation. And I intend to do some more deep stretching today. Even a couple of breaths and now I am shaking very violently.

Thank you for this article, I resonate with it deey. I have never really connected with dragon energy before, but seems like something I will have to do now. 

Lots of love, 


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My intuition tells me the "lightening rod" refers to the energy of Lucifer - which I hasten to add, is much misunderstood and misrepresented in the New Age and Spiritual Mainstream. Lucifer is NOT satan.

Lucifer is an angel that is more accurately known as, "the bringer of light through the exploration of darkness". What this means is that "she" (because of strongly emapthic energies), brings the darkness to light so that others may see their own shadow. This was actually metaphored quite brilliantly in the film Lucy (which is also a nick name for the angel). For example, she'll animate the deception at large in the mainstream so that it becomes more obvious to people. Because that means aggitating the shadow, thus making it more active, people have confused this as an evil energy, where it is quite the opposite.

When I was in New York, as I shared in the book DIVINICUS, I saw the statue of liberty and a representation of that energy, but also, how the angel had been constrained and controlled within the state (satanic) system - this is also a phenomenon of that energy - how it gets lost in its own distortion (which becomes 'satan') in any given reality, before breaking free through realignment. I saw this depicted in the Statue of Liberty, which indeed is a copper "lightening rod", although captured on an 11 pointed star of the base (an illuminati numerology). However we also see the depiction of her breaking free as the shackles are broken around her ankles. She also happens to be wearing a 7 pointed crown, referring to the 7 rays of consciousness.

So maybe this is the dynamic you're tuning into.

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Dear Open, 

It's time isn't it? I went into a tail spin yesterday from the energies, reading what you said. Everything. And was binge watching TV ( and eating Ramen noodles) when, as I was changing channels, this popped up 😁


( I don't usually get synchronicities aswell as other people and so I love it when the Universe makes it plain and simple for me 😊) 


Hi Open,

I can feel the change in the energies, people have calmed down and are sharing love and happy things all across the internet.  Not sure how long that will last as the food distribution systems are now breaking down in the U. S.

The last Live feed you did with the meditation and opening the heart and throat chakras worked like a miracle for me.  I'm still breathing deeply and expanding and sending energy out to the world.

My DIVINICUS book arrived in the mail yesterday and I started reading last night.  I resonated with so many things, I could barely put the book down.  I'm certain I travel in my sleep and have been many places and helped others.  I'm still reading and will be re-reading it again.  Such a great book.  I suspect I signed up for this transition time with the planet.  

The one thing that captured my attention was that surrendering allows the greatest power to flow.  I've had people say I should "control" that powerful healing energy that has come out of my hands, but if I tried to control it, I know it wouldn't work.  I think the awesome power of it is because I have allowed it to flow and I'm just the conduit for it.  I feel the book confirmed that for me.

In the Fivegee, can't wait to see what comes out of that!  That monster needs to self destruct.

Much love to you  Heart Praying Emoji





For some days I have felt a ground swell of energy beginning to challenge the official narative on the potency of the coronavirus, what are the true stats, and why the necessity for this incredible global lockdown?

Here's a must see video by Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, a specialist in microbiology, and one of the most cited research scientists in German history (thanks to Collective Evolution for posting), who has written five essential questions to the German Chancellor challenging the states approach...