Cosmic Divine Beings...In Gaia's Great 5D Ascension Shift

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These are challenging, but adventurous and necessary times to wake up. People everywhere are peeling off the veils of a hefty amnesic slumber. We've been caught up in a grand illusion, that we know, but in the immortal words of Morpheus, just how deep does this rabbit hole go? Waking up to the matrix is one thing. Waking up to the soul is another. But now people everywhere are discovering the most divine gifts imagineable: speaking in light language; opening portals; processing people's karma. The next evolution of humanity is beckoning. Beyond the veils Cosmic Divine Beings are emergent in Gaia's spectacular 5D Ascension Shift...

From 3D to 4D to 5D and Beyond

When you expand out of the 3D and feel the blessed interconnectivity of life in 4D consciousness, you may be forgiven for thinking you've arrived. Yes, it's the beginning, yes it feels like that mystical state of Enlightenment that the masters have spoken of. But it becomes a trap if you linger there, a bubble, an eddy current disconnected from the enlightened flow. We must not rest on plateaus, there is so much more to experience and be aware of.

The source of the absolute will compel you and that's essential - that inner hallowed place of pure presence, the singularity from whence this all arose. But even that's not attainable if you're aiming for it. Being the seeker defines you as not there. And in the layers of pure consciousness, truth is the key... and the lock. Whatever statement you've made, "I'm seeking", renders that as your reality. You are not there!

But there is another way.

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From Seeking to Realising

Rather than seeking, there is realising. Realising, expressing and embodying a new aspect of your divine beingness. The entire Universe is based on the predication of divine expression. For what else is the Universe doing if not effortlessly expressing itself? The soul is a wave, and when you untether it, then it flows, right back to the welcome shores of The One. You're fervently and passionately engaged in your joy, that which crumbles your cookie, like the finest chocolate simply melting on your tongue. Suddenly time has elapsed. Hours slipped by. And there in the background, the blank canvas of presence, simply emerged. Everything you ever inquired about, efforted for, struggled to achieve, everything you ever wanted is suddenly answered. All the lights in the Universe come on. You've arrived.

So stop seeking. Start realising.

And so the story truly begins. The enlightened state is merely the beginning. There is much to untether with the soul. But with each unwinding, with each revelation, the flow is resumed and The One flickers into view yet again, like an old filament lamp, struggling to stay on in the darkness.

So, in your deepest depths who are you? What can you truly be?

11:11 Alarm Clock

I am blessed. I spend a big part of my life travelling the world connecting and working with emergent souls, the divergents, who've tired of the system. The insurgents who came here to blaze a trail that others might also shake off the delusion. Often these are quiet, unassuming people, who, thus far, led 'normal' lives - house wives, office staffers, health care workers, gas pump attendants and yes, bankers too. The onset of a Galactic Superwave, triggering our solar system, firing off the 11:11 alarm clock, is bringing the soul of humanity awake.

He's a lot to wake up from. An unholy alliance of Alien Intervention Groups, from Nibiru, Orion and Draco honed in on this bounteous earth, with its resplendent form and abundance of resource.  It needed a 'space suit' for this atmosphere, a vehicle through which to incarnate. Enter stage left Homo Erectus. A sparkling new diamond, with all the potential to become the Cosmic Multidimensional Being. But in a consciousness sense, in an expansive universal sense, just a kinder garden pup too.

And so the Intervention, with all its cosmic travelling experience, these old sea dogs, with knowledge and almost unimaginable energy manipulation skills set about adapting this space suit, bending this being to their own ends. Decoding DNA, inserting disconnecting energy implants, exploiting the inner density of past life karma. These are engineers, builders, manipulators, controllers. They know that if you squeeze the soul out to at least a reasonable degree, then they can infuse their own consciousness through - that of control, consumption, manipulation, supression. They know that to skew the original vibration, is to be able to infuse it with their own. And thus they succeeded in owning the Earth and everything on it.

Enter stage right the starseeds from the Pleiadies, from Andromeda and Arcturus, the Angels and Higher Dimensionals and from who knows where else.

Explore The Extraordinary Diversity of ET Star Souls on and Around the Earth

Freedom that Goes Viral

How do you right this humungous wrong? Truth is the key. The most powerful weapon in the Universe is a simple meme of truth. Take it right back to first principles and you're immediately armed with a nuke. Freedom that goes viral: "Control does not work". How can it? Is the entirety of the Universe controlled? Then you'd need to insist that some Creator God intended and designed it. So who preceeded the creator? How was the matter formed that created 'him'? Yet you can successfully postulate it came from the infinite potential of pure presence - the nothing/everything. The postulation becomes reality for you when you touch the enlightened state. 

And so the immaculate Toroidal Flow is simply happening, flowing, creating, expressing, and right at the core, right in the vortex, is the singularity, the hallowed place of the One. Express yourself as the Torus, in your own way, your immaculate own form, then you become the most incredible unravelling possibility.

I have sat with people who're being influenced by the intervention, 'possessed' without hardly knowing it - in a way, that is the Homo Sapiens condition. The soul is like the wind blowing through the trees, you only know it by the trace it leaves. And if there's a sideways gust, then it becomes possible to divert, to redirect. This is what they do. But if you direct attention inwards and follow the trail of rightness, then you can strip out this intervention frequency. You become able to speak into it, to commune with it and play back that meme of truth...

"Control does not work!"

Hence even the most powerful reptilian recognises, realises and shrinks back. Before long, they're wanting the long forgotten freedom they see in your ridiculously free eyes too - they can feel it, in the ecstatically uncontrollable vortex that you are.

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The Ocean Merges into the Drop

Coherency is the key. Know yourself. Know your vibration. Embody it. Express it. Without limitation. Your note becomes a bell, penetrating into the far recesses of your inner universe. Nothing can then influence you. You've decided who you are, an authentic expression of self, the Universe realising the fullness of itself through you.

The drop has merged into the ocean. And now the ocean is merging into the drop.

You're walking along the street, houses to the left of you cars to the right, people coming onwards, walking to offices and shops and telecall centres in skirts and suits. All the familiar lines, boxes and shapes you've come to expect. In the mind there's an interrelation going on. Are you still being that identity that's interrelating? Are you still forming that comfortable Homo Sapiens map? The safe one. The comfortable coffee shop one. The one that will get you to where you're 'supposed' to go. The gold fish bowl. Or, are you constantly surrendering that, coming into the stream of pure flow. Are you courageously ripping up the anchor of security, for the world of subtle multidimensional sense interplay; one of nuances and nudges - go here now, express in this way now. You have to keep pinching yourself awake that somehow, this crazy maverick freedom will succeed. Somehow the light you're shining will find a way. You've reached the point where you simply know...there is no other way!

And so now these Cosmic Star Beings, this new divine human, this DIVINICUS as I call it, have resounded to the bell. Through the galactic 11:11 trigger the Torus is saying, "Wake up!" "Come alive!" "Be Yourself!"

Suddenly you find yourself drawn to a place where you're dry heaving, crying, laughing, coughing up density - before remembering, yes, this is how we process karma. This is how we unblock the density. This is how we dispatch the intervention. And now you're speaking a curious language that you've never learned before, where did that come from? Well it's light language, that speaks all of its own accord. And so you're rewiring DNA in someone, bringing their original cosmic possibility alive. Or else you're going inwards, realising the entirety of the Universe is to be found there. So you can open a window, a portal, into another constellation. And now you're channelling the wayward souls of the intervention back home, that they may begin their own healing process.

Changing Reality with a Splutter!

So often I hear from the incredulous awakened cosmic being, "did I really do that? Just by coughing, spluttering, crying and yawning?" Well, yes you did!

Now is not the time for us to play it small. The stage has been set for the final act. Gaia is gathering, gearing up for the big Shift, crunching through the climate gears. But she's doing so as gently as she can. She wants as many of her children as possible reborn there with her in the Ascension Shift to 5th Density (and the 6th and the 7th).

Here it is. Almost unimaginable. We're going back to the future. Unravelling all this karmic history, returning to the brink of where Original Humans became Cosmic Divine Beings - almost. They were tantalisingly close, before the intervention that was. But history has a tendency to repeat itself - in this case thankfully! Thus here you and I stand. On the brink. Once more. Quivering like bright new pins.

Ready to dive into the centre stream of your immaculate home coming.
Back to the start.
Back to the future.

Let's do it!

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Today, the vast majority of mainstream 'news'papers in the UK (notice I put 'news' in inverted commas!) had pictures on the front page of people wearing face masks. Hmmm.

So what's the science behind it? Here's a great video I came across which discusses the evidence of the various trials and tests that have gone on during the last decade, non of which deomstrated any benefit to wearing a mask. In fact quite the opposite. To me we're being asked to accept bogus science that is actually already harming people by putting stress on their respiratory system.

It's one of those 'regulations' of the corporate world. It does not stand under the law of the land. I share this to offer a different perspective of the science...

Hi Everyone - how are you all in the Shift out there right now?

There's lots of change happening in the field and lots of complexity, you might well agree.

That's why it's essential we keep reminding each other to connect with the grace at the core of us.

The soul is working to find rightness of action in the world - this sovereignty is why the external is changing.

BUT, be clear not to detach from the essence at the core of you - the Sacred Ground of Being.

Ultimately this is what the soul is working to reveal - to actualise, to make real.

It's that hallowed place of grace. Of wholeness and completeness. No matter what is going on.

How do you find that sacred place personally?

For me nature is a huge one - just watching the bees out in the garden, or the birds gliding on the wind. And music - the right track can simply carry me away.

Here's a favourite track I frequently play at the Openhand gatherings that readily gets me into that grace.

Take a few moments, sit back and feel it...


What is 'this' really all about? I mean the 'this' that has finally revealed itself out there? The mirror has just come much more clearly into focus. With every twist and turn, it's challenging you to come out of the shell. The epidemic of madness will twist you up in mind games if you let it. Yet I'm not denying that we still need things from the 3D. What I'm saying, what I'm reflecting, is that you can create in a different way now, a 5D way, one that relies on the miracles and magic.

If you keep playing the old 3D donkey and carrot game, you'll never locate what your soul is really urging you towards. The outer is abundant and plentiful when we create in the right way, the aligned way. Don't jump on every 3D wave that presents itself. Feel into the one that is really yours, one that audibly clicks inside your heart. It requires a good deal of courage and patience to be watching both the external and the internal, at the same time, to find those superlative alignments, the one's that deliver that knowing "aha" moment. It's a bit like a heron, standing in the shallows, absolutely still and patient, knowing that at some point, the right opportunity will swim by.

What I'm speaking of is the actualisation of the Cosmic Divine Being in you. That's what these times are really all about. They're a great test, yes. A great challenge. But you're seeded for this moment. Nothing can be more worthwhile. So if it's not working out there in the 3D, switch your gaze more to the inner heavens. Feel the nuance of every circumstance and situation. Forget about trying to strive for resources or an outcome. Seek only a deeper expression of yourself within the obvious landscape that is shaping around the greater you - compelling you to actualise it. Then you'll find you have all you need. Everything will be delivered.

I think this video coveys the sense of that pretty well...

The veils over what we thought was the meaning of our society have now fallen quite spectacularly.

You can't trust it or rely upon it. It has now banrupted any integrity that remained. It has a very limited future.

Now is the time to progressively step out of it. To unveil your Cosmic Divine Being.

You'll get ample opportunity - constant mirrors will present to you in the years ahead.

If you look in the mirrors and find yourself, it will be an immaculate home coming for sure.

I was out of the body my entire life, since age 3-4, my first childhood trauma. I am not sure whether I just went through some kind of necessary disconnection in order to reconnect or 'messed it up'. Looking back it doesn't seem I had much choice.

About 3 years ago I went into a 'dead' period. I just felt like gradually dying, a walking dead, and all kinds of things happened, including two periods of excessive triggering pushing all my buttons and reactivating all my traumas. It was like I contained it all, any weak spot I had was pushed and pushed until there was a breakdown and 'the truth' was revealed out of all this chaos and split, very painful truth.

At that time I lost any 'desire' to progress spiritually, but I had this need to either heal all this crap or die out of fatigue, desperation and guilt about all this mess that was my life. So this 'healing', attempt to heal trauma brought me into two situations leading to breakdown. The third one - I already didn't try to heal anything, but was unintentionally working on my 'daddy issues' having to do with abandonment and absence. And again, this time it was just too intense to bare even though I tried to make some room for processing and settling, asking for it, but it just didn't happen, so I broke down again.

I must say though that each of these times, I've seen things, it was like connecting to the unconscious, which is a mess, but important things are pulled out of it and are worked with, very deep stuff, far beyond the "traumatic" material. I pull the thread and leads me into depths I didn't know even were there. The price was 'losing it' for a while. But the realisations, states and shifts were priceless.

Also after integration I had new tools, and as if new channels were open new ways to process energy without going nuts, like yawning and sipping breaths are enough to move stuff, but during the breakdown the pain was so unbearable I was screaming. Now I just stop breathing. Then the breath comes, maybe yawn and that's it. Also I felt much more grounded and experiencing 'presence' states more and more often, each time I 'cracked', without even trying or aiming for it. A lot of stuff just fell off.

There were people in the hospital who seemed broken or breached. Some looked more connected than the 'normal' ones. I've also met people who took medicine who look very grounded and settled, some of them are cut off and totally disconnected.

In my life I kind of reached a conclusion that whatever you seek will find you. As long as I tried to escape and disconnect (subconsciously) - this was what I got no matter what I did. When I got fed up with it and finally landed deep enough, even if it meant losing all joy and hope and being a walking dead, a ghost, feeling nothing but pain and suffering and being ok with it as long as I am ready to face it, for years - then the truth found me. All that stored crap just exploded in my face.

There is a lot of judgment about psychosis and disintegration. There is this idea that things can go smooth and nice. But what I found is that the path is different for everybody. Maybe it is beneficial for some to disintegrate and lose it. Maybe there is no other way for somebody who is already shattered and broken. Maybe there was no other way for me.





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A reply to username someone: Wow, that was a powerful story! I'm grateful for your input and I value the perspective I got from it.

Open, you wrote about keeping simultaneous focus on the external and internal in regards of, finding the "right train" in passing moments and events, if I did understand your message.

Does the external include thoughts? I'm basically inquiring whether or not thoughts have any value. I find myself doing a lot of discerning, in hope of finding conclusions, truth.

Most kindly,


In reply to by Kristian J

Hi Kristian - nice to see you Praying Emoji

You raise a couple of great questions: (1) do thoughts have any value? (2) what is external?

For me, anything that is external to my soul is external, including thoughts and emotions and physical feelings. When you think about it, these are all effected by the external and interact with the external. Do any of these have real value then?

That depends.

If the thoughts and feelings are emanating from interaction with the soul, if the soul is animating them, then yes, to me they have great value - you're mediating the external with truth - the truth from the core of you. If however you're disconnecting from the soul and having idle random throught processing, or if you're performing merely externally programmed actions, then to me they don't have that much value, if at all.

That's why at Openhand we use the tool openway in order to work to always be coming from the soul.

If you keep working to come from the soul, then over time, the external, including how the mind, emotional body and even the physical body will start to come into alignment with the soul. In which case the actions have real value. You're becoming coherent and aligned.

Of course this is a life's work!

Open Praying Emoji

Is it possible to cause kundalini fragmentation from too much triggering with not enough time to settle? Yes!

Imagine it this way: the soul has fragmented into the inner densities like layers of an onion. But the ego has bound the layers together into a stable and recognisable form - the ego can function in this 3D reality. What I've witnessed on several occasions, is where too much gets triggered, such that the layers collapse in on themselves. The ego breaks down in one fell swoop. It presents in a psychotic state. What then needs to happen is a committed and progressive integration by locating the fragments through inquiry. Essentially you regress people into each of the activating layers and normalise in them by resonating soul frequencies - the being aligns with the new frequency, the fragment integrates, and the layer of the old onion peels off.

That's why I'm not a great fan of forced kundalini methods or strong plant medicines. Unless that is, it's supported by an intensive integration process.

As you know here at Openhand, we apply steady breathwork, combined with behavioural external integration. Kundalini Activation is managed in a progressive way.

I guess you experienced such fragmentation through excessive triggering?

Open HeartPraying Emoji

Hi Open,

Is it possible to cause the same problem - fragmentation of the soul - by too much external activation, too much triggering and engagement, without time alone to stabilise and settle? And is such fragmentation reversible?

Praying Emoji

Hi Pam - sounds like you're having a great ride indeed - wonderfully revelatory OK Hand Sign

Something you said here offers an essential key to all undertaking kundalini activation/attunement meditations...

I have been experiencing a wonderful kundalini attunement over the last year which had gone on pause for the last couple of months (may dad had a fall and subsequently died and I got the virus). After clearing the blockage the kundalini started to flow powerfully again and after an hour of this I felt the need to walk in the woods to let the energy settle and integrate.

The point about the activation of kundalini, and therefore the liberation of it, is to recognise it's the natural cycle of soul energy down from the source, through the various densities of the bodymind (through their daily activity) and then back to the source again. It's like an electricity circuit.

The point being is that the circuit is not complete without the 'bulb' shining, or the gadget working. The metaphor meaning that the flow of the soul has to happen through the layers of the bodymind and into some kind of external engagement.

So no amount of kundalini activation/attunement is going to work without this integration.

In fact it's dangerous to persist in these activaties/practices unless external integration by the transmission through the chakras is happening at the same time. The risk is to drive the soul out of the body and fragment it. I've seen several people severely disabled as a result.

So it very much looks like you've found a healthy and balanced way - you practice, hit an internal blockage and work it through by the engagement in day-to-day interactions. This I would advocate is the most productive and safe way.

Thanks for sharing

Open HeartPraying Emoji

Last week I read a post here, I think from Megha. It was about a virus she'd had which had caused throat problems, which were related to an energy block. That really resonated with me as I'd had a lingering virus which had morphed into laryngitis for two weeks so I decided to explore internally. My throat chakra has given me issues in the past and I have been told that I was hanged for a witch in the past, so perhaps not surprisingly it has had a tendency to cause problems.

When I explored it seemed to be connected to a fear of becoming too powerfully intuitive, which made perfect sense. I managed to clear a lot of the energy, which made instant, considerable improvements, but I still seemed to have some lingering remnants of the problem. I did some work with the Openhand Bow which seems to have cleared the last of it and my voice has returned to normal, but that's not the end of the story.

I have been experiencing a wonderful kundalini attunement over the last year which had gone on pause for the last couple of months (may dad had a fall and subsequently died and I got the virus). After clearing the blockage the kundalini started to flow powerfully again and after an hour of this I felt the need to walk in the woods to let the energy settle and integrate. As usual I asked 'what would you have me know today' as I walked. Nothing much drew my attention until I was leaving the woods. There is a sign telling you about the woods and on the back of this written in the dust were the words 'karma witch' followed by a peace sign. You couldn't make it up!Praying Emoji


So I know there are plenty of Cosmic Divine Beings out there who might be a degree shy of your amazing multidimensional attributes (such as dry heaving up energy!), do come and share. It helps no end to spread the light of awareness.

I'm most intrigued by your experiences...

The connections and discussions I'm having with 'ordinary' folk around the world are becoming increasingly intriguing and uplifting. Everywhere people are shaking off the shackles of limitation and uncovering amazing multidimensional gifts and connections. It's heartwarming and fulfilling to witness.

What's happening for you?
Time to come out of the closet and be yourself - your immaculate self!

I worked to capture the sense of what's going on in a recent facebook live stream...