Manifesting in the 5D Shift

Submitted by TeamOpenhand on Sat, 09/16/2017 - 03:58

The 5D Shift gathers a pace, with the impact beginning to affect the planet widely. How do we each best ride the changes that are coming upon us? That's the subject addressed in this clipping from Openhand's current 5D Shift World Tour. What is the pathway through this world into the higher paradigm? How do you best walk it in all the small things that you do? And exactly just how miraculous can life become?

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That was an amazing video Trinity and super powerful sharing Open!

Speaking of little i....=)....I am pereiving a sense of self within a glass container of sorts and the container is built of my perception of expectations from parents and children, my siblings and friends. It is a container that I have found comfort and sense of self within. There are things that I am being brought to share with those in my sphere that will quickly shatter that container and brings up loads of well as a great degree of freedom in finding the courage to fracture the old image. It's not so much what others will think of me, it's more my own sense of shattering the image for myself - letting the way I have defined myself in relation to friends, family, society die and be reborn in a way.

I just love what you shared here - it feels very supportive <3. Thank you!! Jen

Fantastic video Trinity . Its the only way i can see Open and the team in action. I really appreciate it . Just keep bringing in more ! <3

Thank you Open and Trinity for your dedication to the shift! You can just feel the energy popping out of the video almost like being there in 3D.

I am delighted to hear that you guys are resonating and appreciating the energy from Open's seminar. It's great that you guys get to tune in, no matter how many miles away this was.
It's my pleasure guys - I really appreciate the kind words too.

The inspiration! Yeah!!!!!! <3

So many things you talk about...

I remember the feeling of how it was... Suddenly no water, no electricity, no gas, no food in the stores, no jobs, not even money hhhh We got tickets for food that was brought occasionally, stood in a line for hours to get something, in minus 15C cold, in 90's. We were wearing coats and boots all day, at home, also when sleeping. It was cold. Really cold. We had several weeks of hunger, and we were afraid to come out because people got killed out there for things like hats and some money, women raped... How it was to lose one of the best and comforting friends of my childhood - the sea, when all fish floated dead and the water became black, so polluted that I couldn't see broken bottles at the bottom, stepped on them, with both feet and crawled out leaving a tail of blood behind... The last shocking memory of an attempt to visit this friend, say goodbye. So many things... So many losses. And every loss left an imprint and changed something inside.

I also remember how it feels to have no home and being okay somehow with only a backpack of stuff, bearing with all the judgment of society about this kind of lifestyle. How it feels to lose the "love of your life", watching it die together with all the dreams, the brutal disillusionment about "love" of that kind, love of the "small I", confined and dependent. The tough feeling of physical disability, paralysing pain and a "cold spine", this very specific fear of death related to it. Losing life that was inside your body... And most of all I remember how it is to lose all hope and life out of my veins, lose the very consciousness itself, probably the toughest so far, and how far and blind I went to try to escape things that were too much to bear, but which only made it worse and prolonged the suffering.

But all this IS somehow a magnificent way to help evolve. All these difficulties are actually THE WAY, like some magnificent puzzle, a genius maze, that helps collect tiny pieces of yourself, bit by bit, util one day they begin to come together into one picture.

Retraction that leads back into confinement versus penetration that helps to break through and out into expansion...

This is so simple, but so hard to apply, until some point... How do you really, REALLY, go in there if you don't even know how it feels, until you do? Maybe there is no way to shortcut it, and all these wanderings are a part of the deal. But it comes! Eventually, it comes. Miracles do happen, and things do change. Yey! :D

Thank you, guys (Open, Trin and the team behind), for all these years of inspiration, support, tips, tricks, gifts, help, articles, videos and all the patience <3

Without you I would probably perish somewhere on the way :D During the toughest moments I had these things coming up to me, that I am not alone. There are more "crazy people" out there doing this thing. And all these messages would pop up in time, give some direction, give strength to move through stuff and keep going. It was especially important during times when I almost got convinced that I am just probably going insane hhh I am sure I am not the only one...

Much love,

I was lucky to listen to this 'live', so it is great to see this can now be enjoyed by a larger audience through the beautiful video Trinity has created. Great joint effort Open and Trinity!