Manifesting in the 5D Shift

Submitted by TeamOpenhand on Sat, 09/16/2017 - 03:58

The 5D Shift gathers a pace, with the impact beginning to affect the planet widely. How do we each best ride the changes that are coming upon us? That's the subject addressed in this clipping from Openhand's current 5D Shift World Tour. What is the pathway through this world into the higher paradigm? How do you best walk it in all the small things that you do? And exactly just how miraculous can life become?

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Thank you Open for your dedication to the shift! You can just feel the energy popping out of the video almost like being there in 3D.

Fantastic video. Its the only way i can see Open and the team in action. I really appreciate it . Just keep bringing in more ! <3

That was an amazing video, super powerful sharing Open!

Speaking of little i....=)....I am pereiving a sense of self within a glass container of sorts and the container is built of my perception of expectations from parents and children, my siblings and friends. It is a container that I have found comfort and sense of self within. There are things that I am being brought to share with those in my sphere that will quickly shatter that container and brings up loads of well as a great degree of freedom in finding the courage to fracture the old image. It's not so much what others will think of me, it's more my own sense of shattering the image for myself - letting the way I have defined myself in relation to friends, family, society die and be reborn in a way.

I just love what you shared here - it feels very supportive <3. Thank you!! Jen

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