5D Shift: Universal Torus Energy

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Whether we know it or not, every aspect of our lives is governed by the Universal Toroidal Flow. Avoiding it only creates suffering. Coming into alignment, brings great freedom and creative possibility. Here's Openhand's video diary on the Toroidal flow from Byron Bay Australia. Enjoy.


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Hey Jean - great to connect through the ether - thanks for the feedback - much appreciated Thumbs Up SignThe Sun Emoji

Sounds like you're continuing that deep roller coaster of inquiry - keep unwinding through.

Much love

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In 10 mins , Open , u managed ( naturally of course )  to put together a great clip of the Soul alignment with the Cosmic toroidal flow . The added explanations from Nassim are so easy to understand / so well done with holographic tech and help connect with it in such an Empowering way . Wow !!! lovely 

Since Divinicus back in June , it feels like i have been invited internally to feel more into that toroidal flow and work towards its expansion . That natural felt process brought my awareness towards the blockages within the solar plexus and sacrum areas - very old painful memories started to show up since September ( through a breakdown - once more )  but i knew something deeper was going on : Touching those Soul fragments that got stuck within those 2 main areas to be brought to the light progressively & eventually recovered / re-integrated . Since than , its been a constant open exploration of whats going on down there and a more exciting chapter of the " transfiguration " phase that kicked off a while ago . At times , its like i dont know who i am anymore - nor what exactly happened the day before or if it was " me "  who had been painting for hours at a clients house - simply because the Seer within is bridging a more refined connection to that Higher flow of Beingness & multidimensional awareness . It felt a bit scary or confusing for a while too - but that did not stop my resolve to keep digging deeper and find more alignment through the breakdown/breakthrough phases . 

Thank you again for keeping us inspired and committed to travel inwardly in ever deeper realms . Much love 

Jean B

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Dear Jean and Open ,

For the last two weeks I have been attending a Pranayama class. The increased energy through my system has meant I am seeing blocks much better. My third eye chakra is starting to act up now. I was feeling into the crown before but now it's the third eye . After the breathing practices ,I have a lot of pain in the third eye. As I asked the universe to 'show me ' I saw some interesting number sequences 6789 and 6699 after which I saw a steel rod used in construction that seemed to point to needing to remove implants in that area. 

Jean, I had a very interesting experience . My sacrum and the solar plexus are areas of enquiry for me too. After starting the class a week back I visualized a big mass of distorted energy in my solar plexus area with fragments of soul that we're just floating around not part of the flow . 

The toroidal energies are showing up as a serpentine golden sparkly energy running clockwise through my spine circling around the centre of a void . I see that quite clearly after meditation. Open you said something about connceting the Toroidal energies with all the circumstances and relationships in one's life. When I do that I am immediately shown areas in which I am trying to exert some control and so energy is stuck. It's quite a wonderful tool .


 Thank you ,




I literally had just about 10 minutes to catch this little clip from Byron Bay before leaving for the airport on my way home. It was beautifully synchronistic. I'd explored places in the countryside the day before but nothing wanted to work. I did get the higher knowing that a window of opportunity might just open early in the morning before my flight. And as I left the retreat centre that day, way off in the distance, above the Byron Bay lighthouse was a shaft of light coming through the clouds shaped like an angel. I simply knew that's where it had to be shot.

So what's your experience of being in this Toroidal Flow? Have you explored it's relevance?

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