DIVINICUS ACTIVATION, Openhand stage 3, ONLINE: 12th-19th June

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Humanity has entered the crucible of profound evolutionary change. A wave of transformation is sweeping through our lives urging a fundamental shift into the next plane of reality: into your divine being "DIVINICUS", in 5D Consciousness, then to live it, here and now. How do we make this crucial transition? We must venture deep within and confront the final karmic ballast - the unconscious hooks that tether us to the old reality. It requires a deep internal penetration of the restricting density. In so doing, we unleash kundalini, then activate the spirit-light-body. This will be our vehicle for the Shift into the New Paradigm.

This is Openhand's legendary stage 3 activation. Due to travel restrictions and the desire to be accessible to all people in the Openhand community, this event will take place online. We'll be holding a profound energetic vessel of inquiry through the ether.

Course highlights

- liberating soul through ground breaking meditation and deep astral journeying

- touching your core centre of presence: the Sacred Ground of Being

- confronting, healing and dissolving inner child identities

- undertaking 'radical forgiveness' both for ourselves and others

- activating and integrating kundalini, uniting higher and lower self

- confronting humanity's past life karma and unwinding the intervention

- activating the spirit light body and 5D DNA, ready for our shift into 5D.

Your profound birthright

An Interdimensional Intervention has derailed the natural evolutionary path of humanity and the planet. A synthetic reality has been created with humanity enslaved within it. But now a huge influx of cosmic consciousness is infusing to bring about realignment with the Source and a profound shift into 5D consciousness. We are blessed with the opportunity to finally realign with that wave and become the divine beings that we were always meant to be - to live that way in our lives right now.

In creating a safe, energetic and highly revelatory space, we're able to take you deeply through the limiting layers that might still remain in your field. If you're prepared to go there, we can take you down the 'rabbit hole' as deep as you wish to go. Openhand is known for its deep astral journeying to recover lost aspects of soul and to kindle your Cosmic Divine Being.

If you have the courage and commitment, then we can help you peel away the vestiges of this intervention to unveil the full magic and splendour of your divine being. It's your profound birthright: at-one-ment and interconnectivity with the divine source. It is at this point, you fully actualise your alignment with the shift into the next paradigm... a renewed Earth in Fifth Density Consciousness.

The Work: Openhand stage 3

When we're truly walking the spiritual path, it's going to take us into all the areas of ego and false identity - conditioning that has built up through our childhood, teenage years, the controlling influence of society and also our past lives within the limiting karmic intervention. It is these false self and karmic filters which mask our full majesty of being. During this Openhand stage 3 course, we'll be taking you into this density, deep into the convoluted story of humanity's past, stirring up life's sediment and helping you cleanse it from your field.

After this deep consciousness cleansing process, well then resonate energetic keys to unlock the doorways to your higher self so that you may fully embody it, here and now, thus experiencing a profound shift in consciousness. We’ll use the Openhand Meditation techniques to reactivate the lost fragments of "soul gold" and to fully integrate them.

"We’ll be using beautiful and powerful heart-stirring ceremony to truly move you to the core of your being"

Guided by Higher Dimensional Bridge - "Open"

Open, who developed the Openhand Philosophy, works as a Catalytic Bridge into higher dimensions. He came purposefully here to support the Great 5D Shift. His approach is to use intuitive meditation techniques, and self realisation exercises to align you with your soul. He is skilled at activating one's Higher Self and removing karmic past life blockages. He can help you attune the authentic frequency of your being. Participants find themselves dropping into the profound nature of who they truly are; an experience which then infuses beneficially into every facet of their lives.

We've discovered this process happens just as readily across the web.

Support Facilitators Aspasia, Elizabeth and Jean

Aspasia - based in the UK - is Openhand's Community Coordinator, responsible for weaving the organisation of our events together, in terms of booking and admininstration support. Although Aspasia will not be at the event, please contact her if you have any questions about the nature of the event, what's involved or travel and arrival arrangements... Aspasia@Openhandweb.org

Elizabeth, who is a stage 3 Openhand Facilitator, will be there in support. She is gifted and skilled at helping people through spiritual awakenings, understanding the Five Gateways spiritual routemap, walking the spiritual path and in particular, how it relates to the issues you might be currently facing in your day-to-day life.

She is particularly skilled at working intuitively, using unique techniques of her own to create a soul-to-soul dialogue which is deeply revelatory. It helps people drop quickly through the limiting layers of the mind and deep into the soul.

Jean-Michel will also be there as support facilitator. Jean has had a very rich, colourful and at times, dramatically challenging experiences on the path - from an early age. He has strong starsoul connections, particularly the Plaiedes, and is a close reader of the flow through signs and synchronicity.

With a carefully caring, compassionate and empathic nature, you'll be well looked after.

An Energetic Vessel of Profound Opportunity

We're sailing through times of monumental change where life in the 3D will never be the same again. It's utterly essential therefore we come together in the virtual space to feel and work with our connection into the higher paradigm. We can journey together healing past life karma, connecting up to the new 5D consciousness and channeling it into our lives now for maximum benefit.

We'll be incorporating your personal connection into nature during the retreat, building a 'vision quest base' for you to meditate in, sharing with each other across the web during meals, and there'll be an abundance of personal one-on-one facilitation.

Our recent Easter Virtual Retreat was simply off the scale in terms of energy and its effectiveness. Here are some of the reviews...

"A truly, truly wonderful experience and one that I am so very honoured to have been a part of... Teeari

"It was a great experience to be part of the retreat. Thank you, Open, from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful work and commitment. And thanks to the group that came together so quickly. It was always a feeling of acceptance. And so great to see you on your journey, inspiring and learning from each other."

"What an amazing, powerful experience.. To me it felt the most important thing I have done in my life so far. Powerful! I am so grateful to the facilitators, to every body Who was there and to Open for the valuable teachings and his presence. Something unlocked for me.. Something that i ve been looking for quite a while. I am so grateful! The Meditations mindblowing, the energies so powerful the transformation so Present. Thank you everyone for sharing and contributing to what took Place."... Vaso

"I was wondering how the virtual one would work and now I know the answer...brilliantly!"...Diane

Administration details

Timings: (All timings London UK) Gathering on Friday 12th June at 2pm, ready for connecting meditations - group virtual dinner at 6pm. Closes Friday 19th June by 4pm.

The main timings for each full day of online instructional work will be 2pm-6pm (UK time).
Outside of these hours, participants will be in retreat "vision quest" mode, according to the guidance and instruction provided.

Time zones and Recordings: the timings have been set to be available to people all across the world. Should you miss a guided session and need to catch up, recordings of each session will be available.

Cost: The full price is £390 (one or two reduced price bursary places are available).

Not for profit: Openhand is a not for profit organisation. All surplus revenues are reinvested to facilitate our objective - to help others in their journey of spiritual awakening.

Booking info: To book a place or to get more information, email our organiser Aspasia (in the UK): courses@openhandweb.org
***IMPORTANT*** We will respond to your email as soon as possible, if you have not heard from us within 24 hours, check your spam folder

Rise Up - the universal shift is here

This "Divinicus Activation" will be a life changing experience, of that there is no doubt. The catalytic energy can take you deep into the fullness of who you are, help you integrate it and thus radiate this profound beingness through your daily life.

Since reality is shaped by what we are being,
life can begin to shape a new harmony around you,
one that is more aligned with who you truly are.

Nothing in life can surpass the integration of your profound beingness. As the old world, fear-based reality steadily crumbles and falls away, it will align you with a new, heavenly, 5D Paradigm of being, which is beginning to unfold all around. That's what we'll work to achieve on this 'activation' with you.

Key to the DIVINICUS work is activating the Spirit Light Body - that will be our aim for the week. Here's a sense of that in this video below...

Those booking details again...

To book a place or to get more information, email our organiser Aspasia (in the UK)... courses@openhandweb.org
***IMPORTANT*** We will respond to your email as soon as possible, if you have not heard from us within 24 hours, check your spam folder!!!

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HeartHeartDOORWAYS & PORTALSHeartHeart


Open’s a being who seems to see everything

An alchemical blend of science and wisdom

He's taken the place of the old-style of learning

No preacher or teacher, that is for sure

A modern day Way-Shower who just opens doors…

Doors that are there in your mind and your heart

Once you catch on: “Do-It-Yourself” starts

Stepping through doorways both emotional and galactic

Through inter-dimensional portals that are indeed fantastic!


There’s daily hard work: Noticing… Breathing… It gets pretty intense,

For walking the path spares no emotional expense

We prowl our own shadows and turn darkness to light

Like lions and tigers stepping into the night

Courage is needed and fortitude too

Yet “Surrender” is a Warriors ultimate tool


And there’s that new language that always existed

But in High School time-tables, its never been listed

Synchronicity’s voice speaks in many different ways,

A bird or a bee or the first light of day,

An advert, a truck sign, a T-shirt, a song

A mirror, a message, perfect timing to question,

Are you on course? Is this the direction?


And a word of the history, how the two became one

When Chris was with Open, he was a pain in the bum

Taking command: a bulldozer on a mission,

Not always subtle, but he sure got things done

Adventurous and bold and a bit techy-type too

Just the right bodymind to get a message to you.

The Opposing bunch often threw in some spanners

They caused a few gaffes, but Chris never lost his manners

Always composed and erudite too

Chris since you left I kind of miss you


Looking back on Merry Dances that we were lead

It was a steep learning curve being Oppo-misled

But an education needed, of their very best sort

You can't walk your talk, if you never did the walk

So remember that do, in a moment you feel tricked,

Get to know how they operate, and see how they tick

You can re-home them, with a little help from the Angels

It’s part of the flow; we all get to go.


Back to the present, for I see I’ve digressed,

And the bit that is left, is surely the best?

Deep in my heart it's plain to see,

Benevolence is watching our first ABC

Starting like kids at a Great Mystery School

We rise up and graduate ‘cos we're nobody’s fool.


A future bright and 5D - awaits for all of us

Out there in the ether, but do not miss the bus!

There’s DNA to weave and a SHIFT to take place

So we'd better not slack but continue apace

This is OUR time!  We must SEIZE the day!

Be our own Way-Showers, and show others the way

It takes commitment; deep soul-searching too

Ascension is NOW! It’s upwards, and over to you!



To all the Super-Souls I journeyed with,

May your gifts shine forth and light your way,

Lesley Praying Emoji


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... and the benefits are well worth it!


Open, Jean, Lesley and Elizabeth - a big appreciation for the amazing online Divinicus event. Thank you for holding the space, the deep connection, the listening, the depth of conversation and the life-changing insights and reflections.

I found the retreat to be the perfect way to dive deeper into transformation and integrate the new in a very practical and real way whilst staying at home. Thank you again for all the wisdom and reminders of what our true essence really is. 

PS. Lesley, your poem was one of the highlights of the retreat indeed! Thank you for sharing it. Heart




Humbled and deeply grateful... tuned in to the next and the next and the next and beyond... 




Splendid Warriors of the heart! 

It was indeed a privilege to travel with so many courageous Souls into the depths of beingness without knowing what will be uncovered. But Oh! The relief and release of over-turning all those stones. Reclaiming lost fragments of Soul is after all why we are on our journey and expanding our consciousness demands honest and open enquiry.

I could never have envisaged a day where the Divinicus Retreat went online, even less-so how it might work in such a deep contrast to the usual nature based setting. In the end, the supreme guidance which accompanies all Openhand work could handle any medium and the effects were off the scale: powerful activations held and honoured through deeply intimate sharings in smaller groups and as a whole. 

It required an absolutely "All-in" approach and indeed that is what everyone gave. Huge gratitude to everyone for their commitment and fortitude, which enabled the resounding success to come about. Indeed the immeasurable "Whole" was largely down to the unequivocal 100% given by each Soul forming the sum of its parts.

Big Love to All


Thank you Open for hosting such a fabulous event and being so generous in sharing your wisdom!!

Thank you Elizabeth, Lesley and Jean for providing an environment that felt safe enough for us to release our deepest, darkest shadows... that is no small feat!

Thank you to all fellow participants for this memorable moment. I found such value in listening to everyone's shares (both the wonderful and the difficult) and many of your stories resonated and helped me release some things I didn't even know were in me!

The shift is real and it is very powerful. Once made, there is no going back to our former way of being, despite the many temptations and occasional indulgences...

A few days after the fact, I am only now starting to fully grasp the extent of the work that was done and the impact it has on my perception of this world. This past week has lifted the veil for me in a big way and I am now able to link so many "floating" pieces of my puzzle, it's fabulous. Open, I find myself reading again some of your past articles and understanding them in a whole new light (I love when that happens!!).

Honestly, it's like rocket fuel on the path!! :-)

With infinite gratitude and love,


Thanks so much for your heartfelt sharings Pam and Rachel - yes, a very special time indeed, which I'm sure will remain with us all for long to come Heart

I don't mind telling you that when I knew we wouldn't be able to travel up to Cae Mabon this year I was pretty deeply disappointed - such a magical place. How do you possibly recreate the energy of that, how can it possibly be as good online? But the Openhand Team I know in the ether responded immediately and unequivocally - "We're going to make it better!"

But how to do it?

In the end it was a combination of aspects that made it so special: the idea to get people to create their own vision quest "cave" in their living space. Conducting ceremony across the web, which worked wonderfully. The deep karmic journeying, which was so poignant at this pivotal moment in human history. Having our evening meal together! The breakout rooms worked tremendously, making people feel held and looked after. A key aspect was ensuring people blended the shifts of consciousness in amongst their usual background, as opposed to the energy they uncover being associated and indentified with the center itself. It all converged to make it a very special event that touched us all deeply and I'm sure will stay in our hearts long to come.

What was also so magical was the Team effort - how Lesley, Elizabeth and Jean held the space for people so lovingly and supportively - you could palpably feel that through the ether. We were all travelling together in a combined "space ship", an energy vessel. So a profound thanks to you guys for your amazing support.

There were many moments that touched my soul, and I've made shifts myself because of the event. And as you know, music weaves its way through the Openhand work, The Higher Team always seeming able to pick the right track at the right moment. So I'll leave you with this one, which for me, seemed to sum it all up perfectly.

A big heartfelt hug to all who attended. You are in my heart always HeartHeartHeart

What a very Special week it has been! I have been amazed at the power that I felt from the group & the facilitators during this online gathering. The whole event has been amazing & I have gained so much from the experience. I particularly found going into ‘the Cave’ for the week extremely enlightening. I actually camped outside in my tent all week & just came indoors for food & the internet for the course. I immediately felt the power of the group by being deep in nature & experienced so much stuff to process & work through. Very useful.

The facilitators, Lesley, Elizabeth & Jean were so very capable & genuinely supportive. Open was Open! Ever matching the exercise to the moment & as intuitive to the situation & the person, always to the point, but never diminishing the confidence of the Soul. What a lovely way to spend a week! Well worth the effort & delightful Knowing how close we all were, even though in different parts of the world! Truly magical. Thankyou everyone who was there & who journeyed so far & who held our space together.

Ever thankful for the experience,

Rachel xxxx🌈💖🌟

A big thank you to Open and the facilitators (Lesley, Elizabeth and Jean) for the amazing Divinicus online retreat. I keep trying to find words to describe it and they all fail miserably. It felt, and still feels, truly life changing. I can't believe it would have been more powerful terrestrially than it was online thanks to Open and his team. Everyone who took part was so 'all in' - my soul was touched and lifted by their bravery, openness and authenticity - it takes real guts to bare your soul so freely and completely! So many awesome Openhanders with so much in common around the world - thank you all for giving me real hope for the future in such turbulent times.

NamastePraying Emoji


Due to lingering travel restrictions in Snowdonia UK, where this DIVINICUS retreat was due to take place, we've taken the courageous and adventurous decision to move the retreat online.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and we fully intend to make this a life changing experience for all who attend.

Whilst we will not be able to conduct the kinds of ceremonies you'd expect from a terrestrial course, nevertheless it's always been the Openhand deep energy processes, such as the astral journeying that makes the course so impactful.

A great advantage of going online, is that people who might have struggled with accessibility to the venue, can now enroll on the retreat from wherever you are.

The retreat will be conducted in the ways of the First Nations Shamanic "Vision Quest", and we'll be being highly creative about how we help you configure the experience from your own location.

Life is all about timing. With everything that has happened out there in the World, the timing could not be more perfect to undertake this kind of deeply transformative experience.

DIVINICUS is the new evolution of humanity. What could be more rewarding, empowering and liberating than to shift right now into this new consciousness.

I very much look forwards to hosting you, to hooking you up with our higher dimensional "Teams", and having the ride of our lives!

See you there.

Open Praying Emoji