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As challenging as they are, these are monumental times to be alive. Humanity is waking up from aeons of amnesia. Gaia has centred her consciousness in the Fifth Density, and powerful evolutionary transitions will unleash the earth from the restrictive and exploitative karmic energies of our past. To many, the full magnitude of what's unfolding will be challenging to grasp. It's entirely understandable. The key is to keep walking the path of the soul, leading to our Ascension by peeling away the obscurring veils. The birth of a new multidimensional humanity is beginning to unfold from the ashes of the old reality, one which I am given to call "DIVINICUS".

Breaking the Intervention

Humanity was always meant to be fully multidimensional, interconnected with the higher realms of consciousness and centred in the natural flow of the Universe: a benevolent guidance that co-creates situations for maximum soulful expression, the bountiful experience of interconnectivity and expansive evolutionary growth.

Although it's difficult to perceive and accept, until we reclaim that which was taken from us, we can't fully appreciate how humanity has been controlled and downgraded by an Opposing Consciousness, which exists in the field all around us. Some are becoming fully aware of this now, but in actual fact, it doesn't matter too much whether you perceive it or not. Many would consider this veil as merely a projection of ones own ego or simply society's matrix of mass subconsciousness. And this too is fine. What matters most, is walking the path of the soul and fully unveiling our beingness.

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Gaia is steadily reclaiming herself from this global intervention by progressively shifting into a higher paradigm of existence, and although it will still take time to fully unwind, the time has come for those ready and willing, to truly begin to shake off the karmic layers that limit, so as to become what we were always meant to be. So what is becoming this divine being "Divinicus" all about?

The Seven Bodily Vehicles of Expression

We don't just have one bodily vehicle of expression, but seven. There is one connected through each of the main chakras, and each at a variant vibrational frequency. Because of the Opposing Consciousness intervention, for most people, the soul has been fragmented and thereby constrained within the lower physical, emotional and mental vehicles. You could consider the distortions of the ego have drawn the soul into eddy currents of lower density. Alternatively, full embodiment has been prevented by the distraction of higher blissful like frequency (false love and light). These are the variant frequencies we must discern through, in order to reclaim the divine gift of multidimensionality.

So how is the full expression of Divinicus truly meant to function? To me, the soul is meant to flow naturally down through the chakras from the higher dimensions creating and animating expression as it builds through our being. When this happens, we become truly as one with the higher creative flow. In my knowing and based on experience in working with evolving people around the world, here is a personal indication of how I feel that is supposed to happen. In sharing it, I encourage you to explore your own experience within this framework, which in itself, can help activate that destined beingness...

7. Spirit-Light-Body (merkaba): the spirit-light-body is designed to receive soul consciousness through the crown chakra to align our being with the right dimensional activity inline with our higher purpose. Through the spirit-light-body, the soul has the capacity to act through multiple planes of consciousness simultaneously. It interconnects us with all other sentient life and is able to harmonise with the co-creative intent of other souls within our sphere of influence. Our divine purpose could be channeling in the harmonistic light of the Fifth Density to which we are ascending; it could be counteracting Opposing Consciousness in the Fourth Density to prevent distortional interference; alternatively it could be bringing absolute presence into the Third Dimension to fulfill creative activity. Thus the spirit-light-body shines the light of our soul interdimensionally.

6. Celestial Body: the celestial body harnesses and stores reflections of our soul through the countless lifetimes we've experienced. It's purpose is to help us align with our true aspects of beingness. The downward shining light of the soul is next received into the third eye chakra, which ‘looks’ into the outer world comparing what it sees to the reflections of the soul in the celestial body. When the soul notices its own brilliance, it helps us align with and unfold those aspects of beingness that are most becoming of us; we settle into our groove so to speak. It is that feeling of complete self-belief, self-confidence, self-acceptance and contentment. When we can notice ourselves manifested in the outer world through our own authentic inner reflection, that is when we are truly living. We are frequently reduced to tears at the seemingly simplest of things because we are fulfilling our divine purpose.

5. Higher Mind: from authentic being arises authentic creation. The purpose of higher mind is to co-create experiences with other sentient beings as 'sacred contracts' for higher education and self realisation. Through the power of the celestial body, we have noticed how to be within the external world and now is the time to experience this through creative action. At this stage, the creative impulse is quite abstract and undefined; the purpose is more about contemplations of educational higher truth, co-creating with other sentient life, rather than an actual creation itself. The soul now acts through higher mind, gathering together ‘elementals of consciousness’ into a directional flow of creation, like swirling clouds in the heavens.

4. Causal Body: the causal body is where our "karma" is held. It is the cause of our incarnation, it sets the agenda for our learning experience based on the attachments and creative experiences we need to evolve through. As the soul shines its beams of creative light down through the higher vehicles, our karma casts shadows of attachment through the lower bodies and into our outer experience. The causal body (also known as the energy body) now attracts and manifests exactly the right conditions to unveil the learning experiences required for our evolution. We are invited to confront and dissolve the obscuring clouds of karma by fulfillment of non-judgmental Right Action. We perceive this directing influence as the "Christ Consciousness", a pull through the Heart Centre - "this is the way to go now".

3. Lower Mind: lower mind is designed to receive, interpret and process higher channeled knowing through our clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient (psychic) skills. So now we know what to do, the question is how to do it? If our authentic, creative action does not get side-tracked, the gathering energies are next passed into our subconscious or "lower mind". Lower mind then helps us to ‘connect the dots’ within the co-creative weave. Through the clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient skills of lower mind, we notice rhythms and patterns of synchronicity in our “consciousness landscape” and have clear visions of the ‘garment’ to be created. As Right Action clicks into place moment by moment, it becomes abundantly clear what we are being invited to do and how to do it.

2. Emotional Body: the emotional body builds energy, passion and conviction around our behaviours to bring our creative Right Action into fruition. The creative process has now gathered together the right fabric for our creation, but it now has to be woven into form. The soul now utilises the emotional body to garner more consciousness 'elementals' and weaves emotion around the creative act. It provides a multi-coloured palette of experience that brings the garment to life. It makes the illusionary reality feel very real, yielding meaning and sense of purpose to life. However, once the creative action has come to fruition, the weave of the garment is meant to quickly unwind again, so that something else may be created. It is not a part of the divine design that we hang onto emotions and build identities around them as is so often the case.

1. Physical Body: the physical body provides the ultimate vehicle to bring the creative, downward flowing process into full expression; it provides the experience of separation - of one thing relative to another. Finally, the soul’s gathering weave of elementals takes form around our ultimate vehicle of creative expression - the physical body. As the master weaver, our brain reads the pattern that has been crafted through our higher bodily vehicles and then orchestrates a magical symphony of activity throughout our billions of material cells. The physical body finally brings life to the creative action experienced in the myriad of human, physical possibility. The physical body is a multifaceted mirror of higher creative intent. It is the jewel in the crown; when functioning as designed, it makes the illusion of reality real.

A Divine New Form

The onward journey of humanity, and first step, is all about reclaiming this multidimensional nature. It's something that a growing number are beginning to fully reclaim here and now. Despite humanity's convoluted DNA heritage, the activation of light around the planet is helping to ease that journey. In following the ascending path of the soul, core beingness will begin to resonate the tone of one's soul ray harmonic. It is this that shapes aligned bodily vehicles through which to express. In my vision of the way things are currently shaping, I see humanity beginning to separate in three diverging directions for the onward journey:

Transhumanism: Firstly, there are souls that have been greatly consumed within the synthetic nature of the system and are clearly not progressing. At this current stage, it's likely they'll be drawn into an augmented continuation of the old Homo Sapiens configuration through alternative incarnations elsewhere in the cosmos. I sense a long period of recalibration necessary to come back to the light over time, with necessary illumination and support from incarnating lightworkers. There will also be many souls dissolved back into the source, as the bottleneck of denser energy retarding the universal flow is unraveled.

Homo Divinicus: There's a broad spiritual awakening for another group of souls who have started to follow the spiritual path, but will not yet be ready for Ascension into the 5D Paradigm. I see these souls initially shaking off physical form but then moving into the bridging 4th Density. A period of healing and recalibration will be necessary after aeons of convoluted DNA. The causal body will then form the blueprint for further physical incarnations elsewhere in the cosmos, in the form of Homo Divinicus. I feel this form already shaping in the DNA of those currently evolving, which is tremendous to behold.

Divinicus: There's a relatively small group, which will likely grow over time, who are fully confronting, processing and peeling away past life karma of this lower realm. These souls are getting ready to ascend and will do so in the immediate window of opportunity. When Ascension happens, the old physical form of incarnation will no longer be necessary - the required lessons will have been integrated. In my vision, these beings will move into the Middle Realm and settle temporarily in the 8th Density, the next karmic bridge, where form can be manifested, based on the new agenda of realisations to be made. New bodily vehicles formed of more light based frequency will then take shape in the 5D/6D/7D densities (the Middle Realm), so that a new embodiment can happen. The 8th density will continue to provide the karmic barrier and the bridge into the Higher Realm where the new higher self will also be taking form. The higher evolutionary process will then begin for what I see as DIVINICUS.

Explore how the New Evolution of 5D Human DNA will take Form

Reactivating our Multidimensionality

So what can we do in our day-to-day lives to currently facilitate the maximum inflow of this new evolutionary consciousness? What's the most fertile inner ground for the seeds of Divinicus to germinate and grow? The "5GATEWAYS" project has been designed with plenty of insight, guidance and tools that evolving souls can benefit from. Here below are seven recommendations from the book...

1) Surrender: be absolutely clear that the ONLY game going on in the universe is self-realisation and that we might as well finally surrender and take an active part in that game rather than trying to conveniently ignore it while it plays with us! So accept that ALL events, happenings and circumstances have but one purpose...to discover our absolute completeness - our "absoluteness" - beyond all circumstances. Realise the aim of the game is to be completely free inside WHATEVER happens.

2) Become the "Observer": the next step is to become the Observer of ourselves in all activities, events and circumstances. We notice where we lose our temper; where we become tight inside because of other people's behaviour; where we might blame another for the reality we are creating ourselves; where our addictions to something in particular cause us to act in predictable ways. When we notice this, firstly it is important just to watch it, accept responsibility for it, but not judge ourselves. In this way, we are already beginning to break free. It's also important to contemplate and utilise techniques for regaining the place of the Observer when we lose it, which inevitably happens in the beginning. It could be a deep breathing exercise for example, a visualisation meditation, or a mantra of some kind. Some people find it of particular benefit to put up strategically placed 'post-it' notes around the house; "let go" for instance.

3) Open the heart: next we need to open the heart further by attuning to those experiences that generate the sublime taste of interconnectedness; feelings such as lightness, expansiveness, timelessness and crystal clear clarity - the sense of the Fifth Density. So the key is to follow those experiences of a sense of higher 'rightness' as much as possible - "what makes your Heart sing" - until you are tuning in and centering consistently in that vibration. So to keep attuning to the feeling, could mean moments of deep breathing or meditation during day to day life, frequent bodily movement expression, walking in nature as much as possible (or at least noticing nature where you are); following the sense of rightness and what feels good to your higher beingness.

4) Follow the inner pull: as the heart opens, we begin to notice the natural synchronistic order of things and an inner pull to "Right Action". Sometimes this pull can be felt as an energy through the heart chakra, sometimes it is a simple inner knowing "this is what to do now". In which case it will benefit to always respond to that pull. Where does the pull lead? It will guide you to events, circumstances and experiences that provide an opportunity to express a "divine gift of beingness", and to expose the density of trapped eddy currents formed from an attachment to a desired or resisted outcome. These are "distortions" of authentic beingness, often created by the matrix in which we live, causing people to get tight, worried, angry or frustrated.

5) Deal with distortions and addictive behaviour: the key to dealing with distortions is to realise each conceals a divine gift of beingness and to ultimately unveil that instead. So for example someone might smoke because it gives them the feeling of relaxed completeness; you might drink because it makes you feel more sociable and confident; you might comfort eat because it gives you the feeling of contentment. Alternatively you might get worried, stressed or tight around particular issues because you think you need a particular outcome. The key to overcoming such conditioning is to go within, breathe deeply, settle into the pregnant pause before the moment is born, find your sense of inner completeness, unwind the tightness you can feel, thus making space for an authentic act of beingness to arise naturally. This is by no means an easy thing to do, but the more we practice it, the more we'll realise every moment offers a black and white choice: give in to conditioning or surrender into the soul. In this way, we become the masters of our own destiny.

6) Raise your energetic vibration: this can be achieved by regulating the denseness of vibrations we bring into the body thereby limiting the stimuli that raise our internal metabolic rate. So for example, if we eat dense, processed foods polluted with toxins then the body has to work harder to process them and the extra effort swallows up consciousness. Or if we pollute our minds with too much clutter, or the negativity caused by the judgmentalism frequently expressed through the media, then we tend to tighten inside. Internal tightness is also heightened by too much computer time, over use of electrical gadgets and chemical toxins used in household cleaning materials. The key is to organise your immediate living environment to raise energetic vibration.

7) Conduct regular spiritual practice: we live in a world that de-sensitises us and it is therefore of paramount importance that we redress the balance by conducting regular spiritual practice such as daily meditation. Traditionally meditation is considered as sitting quietly in stillness, but it could also happen during movement or breathing. Practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi, the martial arts, dancing, singing and painting can all be considered meditation. The key to true meditational benefit, is to be watching yourself in the practice whilst doing it. Such practices liberate powerful "endorphins" into the body which counteract the effects of stress and negative energy. They redress the internal balance helping you find greater harmony and peace that you may reactivate the designed, downward creative flow.

Discover more about the book...5GATEWAYS: a profound spiritual route-map

Resurrection - the 5D Ascension Program

So an amazing opportunity awaits all those who choose the higher paradigm. It's one we can reclaim here and now in physical form: to become fully multidimensional as a way of life, living in two realms simultaneously. Then when the physicality of the old world finally peels away, we'll open a new chapter in more divinely aligned form, with the convolutions of the past resolved out, thereby becoming Cosmic Divine Beings

This is the sense of the new humanity...of Divinicus. And that's exactly what Openhand's 5D Ascension Program is all about - explore how it might support your evolutionary journey...5D Ascension Program


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The first ever online DIVINICUS retreat begins today with 22 pioneering souls from around the globe. So for those not involved this time, I felt to share this indepth article above, which is designed to inspire a good deal of inquiry. So do take your time, follow the links for the supporting material, and work to digest the sense of what's presented.

I'm sure you can appreciate, with all that's happening in the world, how there's no better time to begin to unveil the divine being in you.

Love to all

Open Praying Emoji


Wow, absolutely amazing read! Your writing is so powerful and fun to read. Thank you for this knowledge 


We've been looking at "Innovation" on Openhandweb recently. I can feel the question: "where does it lead?" So I felt to review this article above today: "DIVINICUS: the next evolution for humanity". 

And synchronistically I came across this classic video to share..."Your skin and bones turn into something beautiful". Indeed they do! Enjoy...


Thanks Melanie - it's great to receive positive feedback like that.
Wishing you well,

Open Thumbs Up Sign
PS - anyone interested in the Divinicus Book can find the write up here...Divinicus


I am reading your divinicus book and i love it sooo much,
great thanks to you, yes, it helps me dissolving the veil,
coming to the essence and holding compassion, the time
is right and ready! The best thing is: "Be patient my rebellious
friends, for all will come"" Wonderful! Sitting with all my calm
on the hot carbonstones hihi, really great, with all my love and
blessing to you and all the other openhanders, i am so thankful
for you all, holding the field and the truth, best wishes,


Thanks so much for your gifts of clarity and illumination. I am in awe of the understanding and sensitivity of our moving forward because it is what we are choosing for ourselves. This latest video is a master class in ascension understanding and tools.
I have been on this path in a more intense way for 5 years, but I have experienced the synchronicity and co-creative flow of my own being since joining your community, more intensely and as never before. Your authenticity and divinely led messages and examples are a continual inspiration to continue on the path to encountering my own divine being.
I have learned so much and forge ahead with the knowledge you so generously provide. I hope to be able to attend one of the seminars here on my continent, knowing what is meant to be, will be.

In gratitude, Joan Belle


Last week it dawned on me what a huge sign I somehow have put up to help me remember my final mission on earth for this lifetime. Se picture on link below: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Hyllie_vattentorn,_p%C3%A5_natten.JPG
The picture is of a water tower, a well known symbol for my hometown Malmö in Sweden. About 10 years ago I had the honor to do the lightdesign that made the tower - from daytime looking like a spaceship - to night time "being" a spaceship. Doing the design was one of my absolute highlights in my light designer career. Back then I had no idea how much ET:s would draw my attention later on (last two years). Somewhere along the line of those latest years on my "meaning of life investigation" I have looked back at my whole life trying to figure out what was the purpose of different periods. And also what clues the periods left for me to unravel now looking back. The puzzle in total made a great deal of sense for me although I wont here go into details. But for me it became obvious that I am supposed to help humanity in this ongoing shift. I`m supposed to be a way shower and I have always been a light worker (even when I didnt know it). Right now I am so happy to be where I am, awake and ready for next step. I am ready to walk the path, wherever it takes me, and whatever it will demand of me. Big hugs to all of You openhanders. You make big difference to me. I´m not alone anymore!


Sweet Softness of the Strength of m'Self, free me, I am yours! ... One always recognises the moment when the curve's been taken... for me there is no way "back" anymore... collectively and personally... it always come with a sense of death - and liberation... I am t/here. but to prove that i'm still (a bit) here (too): here's a song you must all know from a group called "The 5th Dimension". Sooo, who else is gonna wanna dance off the old world - me for sure! ;-) Love you all guys! Here There and Everywhere...


To all of you wonderful Openhanders. I feel a great connection to what i read, and have been reading for the last months. It makes me feel less alone and more on track, even with in difficulties. Big hugs and a very happy new year to you all!


Mike, while you were writing these lines, i was writing other lines on the Retreat Journal Day 3. If you go there and read my last paragraph you'll know why i'm smiling now :-)
A very Happy New Year to you and all around you!