Taking the Inner Journey to Higher Dimensions, 5D/6D/7D

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In 1973 the acclaimed mystic Ingo Swann astrally 'travelled' to Jupiter and reported it had rings around in a similar way to Saturn. The science community ridiculed him. That was until 6 years later in 1979 when the space probe Voyager physically travelled there and photographed what he saw! The entirety of the Universe is within. What we see on the outside is a reflection of our inner state. So as we contemplate the possibility of the New Paradigm in higher planes, we don't have to wait. It is right there, right now.

The time has come for humanity to unleash profound 5D/6D/7D possibility.

How and Why to travel to Higher Dimensions?

According to quantum science we live in 11 dimensions of reality. Generally, I agree from the experience of travelling within. Although I prefer to call them 'densities of existence'. They're energetic frequencies of being.

"The entirety of the Universe is within you." How is this possible?

Contemplate the Big bang. How could it actually explode outwards if there was nothing to explode into?

It's a paradox. It exploded BOTH outwards AND inwards at the same time thus creating the illusion of space-time. And what you would have perceived of it, as the Observer, would depend on where you were looking from - either outside in, or inside out. It's an essential philosophy for anyone wishing to deepen their journey through higher dimensions of consciousness right now - expanding 'outwards/upwards' by going deeper inwards. Especially as the Earth and our Solar System home are shifting to higher frequencies of existence.

You might ask, "why bother travelling into higher dimensions anyway?" Especially if you enjoy 3D living or have 3D objectives - career, relationships, general living circumstances. The point is that ALL the dimensions interrelate and reality cascades downwards from the source. So we're ALREADY being influenced in this way. Even though society has created a temporary fixed eddy current in the flow - "this is how it's going to be today" - nevertheless, as persistent as the old construct may at times seem, it is currently being unravelled by the higher dimensional influx. It accelerates now especially because humanity is out of this greater alignment. So there's every encouragement to step back into the universal fold.

Plenty are now speculating about the shift, especially as things look increasingly crazy and untenable in society. Great possibility awaits us as we expand out of the drama of the teacup and out into the wider Universe. It's essential though not to wait for this to happen to you, in the vain hope that you'll somehow be swept up in the current by some tremendous Solar Nova Event. You still have to do the diligent inner work to actualise it. Yes, there will be great events in The Shift yet to unfold, especially as our Solar Logos transforms all in the solar system. But to ride the higher dimensional shift is to get on board right now, and make the transition through all the subtle inner layers - because that's where the real work happens. It requires us to go deep within.

What will you see?

Perceptions of Higher Realities

Humanity is coming from a place of the 3D, where everything is perceived as being outside. If we want to travel through space to another planet or star system, you laboriously build a rocket and take years of time to get there. The irony is that you could spend a whole lot less and go inwards!

As you go inwards, the paradox is that you're actually going outwards too. Or more accurately, you start to embrace further and further afield, within yourself.

You'll start to pick up subtle inner interplays, perceptions and senses, which in the beginning, don't necessarily seem to make any sense. But as you put more attention on them, it's what happens when these cascade into your physical reality where it gets really interesting - the signs and synchronicities build pictures in the outer of where your inner movement is shifting and travelling. And it also becomes possible to start to see the inner landscapes too, without having to look out into the 3D world -

Here's a sense for example of what the New 5D Paradigm will look like.

A View on How to Conduct The Inner Journey

As you go inwards, first you'll confront the denser layers of the physical, emotional and mental bodies (1D, 2D, 3D). These tend to be extremely noisy in the beginning - think of the physical body, it has 3 trillion cells, which can be screaming out, especially if we're pumping it with dense processed foods and electrosmog. The point being, that the noisier these outer layers are, the harder it is to pick up the subtle vibrations of the inner/higher layers.

Meditation is the key. Which includes bodywork, because this helps soften, make more pliable, and align the physical aspect. Thus when you sit in stillness, you can soften through the physical layers more easily. Then there's the emotional body. Where there is worry, fear, desire, neediness or the requirement for security and safety, in this lower physical density, then this vehicle too will be pretty noisy, and so the need or fear of a particular outcome must be surrendered. We must confront what progressively comes up.

Explore this Openhand Breakthrough Approach for Processing Inner Tightness

We'll then come deeper into the plane of subconscious mind in the 3rd Density. This is where it becomes essential to give up intention - other than an aligned one to expand into the fullness of who you are. Intention is another dense vibration that overwrites the natural flow. If your intention is aligned with the flow - to travel to Jupiter for example - then that's cool, you'll amplify the effect. But if you're intending to get something, the risk is to override the soul, which might be yearning to inquire into something else. Put simply, the soul might instead be inviting you into the New Paradigm in the 5th Density, which you override if you're intentioning something else in the lower planes.

You'll then come into the 4D "pain body", which can literally be felt as tightness and pain - as contractions. This will relate to karma, and it tends to limit the expansion into other densities so must be processed as much as possible first. You can still expand into higher dimensions, but 4D karma will limit the effect. So work to expand through and around this layer, yes, but also pay plenty of attention to unwinding it through expression and release. The more you're able to work through the pain body and unwind it, this will then be like taking the lid off into the higher planes of existence.

Travelling in Higher Densities of the 5D/6D/7D

Intially at least, what you pick up of the higher densities will mostly be subtle perceptions, flickers of consciousness. It would be easy to disregard these and it's essential we don't. The whole of the Universe cascades down through you like a multidimensional waterfall. Humanity has created a temporary eddy current in the 3D, which seems kind of solid and fixed, impermeable to higher subtle frequencies, but that would be an illusion of space-time. Everything is interconnected. And therefore if you're interested in resolving disharmony in your 3D life, in your relationships, careers and general living circumstances, then catching the subtle inner flow will greatly help you. You'll have to give up intention though - for things to be "this way or that". As you surrender, then the subtle perceptions become more available and you amplify them by paying attention to them in meditation. You become more able to embody them as a way of being. Then you find yourself being guided more to mirroring crystallisations in the outer.

To give an example, I was looking for a new retreat centre to work from in Australia, my sense being the Byron Bay area, as I've always felt a strong soul resonance with that location. So I meditated on it first. Felt the movement of subtle energies, and then asked, "show me!" A short while later, by a 'chance coincidence', I heard of a new place called "Rising Phoenix" in Mullumbimby, just outside Byron. But I still wasn't sure if it was the right place - the knowing of it didn't land immediately. So I simply held the inquiry.

A couple of weeks later, I was out in a shopping centre near my home. At one point, a subtle 5D/4D flow took a hold of me, which would have been easy to miss, had intentions and objectives been flowing through 3D mind. So I picked up the flow as it guided me very carefully: a couple of steps this way, a couple that. If I crossed the boundary of the aligned movement, then the synchronistic interplay would switch off. So I'd keep feeling into the boundaries and following the subtle shifts. Yes it would have looked a touch odd to the shoppers around me! But this is where you have to let go of small self consciousness. And so I persisted.

The very final movement had me gently turn through 90 degrees and then raise my head. I stood motionless and overcome. There in front of me on the wall of the shopping centre was a marvellous carving of a Rising Phoenix!

When the Higher Consciousness Rattles You To Your Bones

I felt the resonance rattle me through my bones. It's a wonderful example of how the inner world cascades through into this one. And in the higher dimensions, are a whole array of guides, supporters and cosmic soul family. You won't necessarily "see" them with 3D eyes when you venture inwards. But if you patiently persist, you will pick up the perceptions. Which, if you follow in the outer 3D world, builds as a multidimensional landscape of signs and synchronicity. It's a joyful and greatly successful, interplay that I would commend to everyone.

This is the great value, pleasure and sheer joy of the inner journey right now. You find there are solutions in your 3D life you couldn't possibly have imagined, and a future shift into higher dimensions of which dreams are made. It's the great value of the Inner Journey which I'd recommend to all in these profound times of great change.

If You'd Like to Journey in the Higher Dimensions of 5D/6D/7D, then get involved with our work: Openhand Ascension Academy

In loving support


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14/11/2023 Shift Update

I felt to draw attention to this Openhand lead article today, how to take the inner road to higher dimensional awareness and integration...

Taking the Inner Journey to Higher Dimensions, 5D/6D/7D

A tremendous opportunity awaits us to unfold into higher dimensions and to live in that experience here and now. Providing we have the patience and persistence - it's a progressive journey of peeling back the inner layers through plenty of meditation. The crucial thing is that this new expanded awareness then BECOMES a part of your regular life here and now.

Even if you've found yourself in a job that is boring and you don't like too much, well actually that's an opportunity: how can you disociate from meerely the 3D experience, drop back inwardly into your Sacred Ground of Being, and see what it feels like to present into the world from there.

I find it's much easier to smile and laugh at the world when we're coming more from this detached perspective. When you know yourself as the flow itself, even in the minutiae of daily life, then you'll have realised the profound miracle of life itself. Nothing can be boring then!

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏


17/03/2022 Openhand Journal Update

Increasingly you're going to start hearing more and more about "Disclosure" - about ET involvement in the multidimensional landscape around us. Just as shadow forces have shaped the pandemic narrative and what's unfolding since, so they'll try to manipulate the shift, especially as the cosmic cycles draw to completion. We'll be distracted with endless new dramas and stories. But the essential one we will really need is the feeling sense of the inner landscape...

If you're constantly attentive to your inner world and the essential map that is your Sacred Ground of Being, then the outer will correlate with the inner - you'll know what is true and where to place your attention. That's why true "Disclosure" can only happen as the product of the inner work.

Humanity has also been somewhat derailed in "non-duality" movements by dissolving the outer story completely. That too is just as self-defeating. Ahead of us we have a marvellous opportunity to reclaim full multidimensionality and take our places in the wider cosmos - as a part of the galactic Brother/Sisterhood of Light. Humanity is stepping out of the teacup and into the wider universe. When you consider all the deception and distortion that's tried to keep people confused and boxed up, this prospect must be like manna from heaven!

But as I've explained in my lead article above, we must do the inner work to get there. It must be our daily inquiry and practice. So do explore the article and take inspiration from it. These are magical times. The cosmos awaits you!...

Taking the Inner Journey to Higher Dimensions, 5D/6D/7D

Much love

Open 🙏


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I heard about the Allies of Humanity several years ago and felt their message was very aligned with the Openhand one: essentially how the field around us is awash with misleading intervention entities, but how the emergence of consciousness will overcome that - with the support of benevolent groups from across the cosmos. I found their message very compelling and so was suprised how they haven't seemed to gain much traction since then.

However it's become increasingly clear in this crazy society; the closer you are to the truth, the less your message is supported. No matter, there's something I believe to the very core: that truth will always find a way!

It's time for humanity to start to come to terms with his/her wider place in a great cosmic family...

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Hi Open,

I have read through the briefings from Allies of Humanity.  They certainly resonate with Openhand philosophy.  I am just a bit confused as the briefings reveal the Humanity's destiny is emergence to The Greater Community which is a physical 3D reality of Separation Universe where there are countless races, Worlds and Collectives but only few of them are considered true free races and Worlds.  They don't mention 5D Ascension as the Humanity's next destiny.  Maybe, I am overthinking this.  Just wanted to bring some clarity into this and your perspective.

With Love,


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Hi Anatoly,

I've known about the Allies of Humanity for several years, and I've seen the resonance with Openhand but also felt very cautious too. The people leading it are very 3D orientated, yes. That's no criticism, but a reflection of where their evolution is at. In DIVINICUS, I explained there would be two forms of the next human Divine Being: DIVINICUS as a 5D Being (5D/6D/7D) and Homo Divinicus for those still in 3D. What the Allies are describing is more this 3D situation.

To be clear, to stay with Gaia through and after the shift, what I'm saying is you'll need to be in the DIVINICUS form - in 5D. But there will be other incarnations elsewhere for Homo Divinicus in 3D. What I haven't yet shared in this work, but will do, is that I believe at the End Times, Benevolent ETs will indeed come into the 3D and take some people off the planet before The Event, should they wish to go that way - to avoid the tumult of the transition. I haven't mentioned it thus far because I know there will be plentiful deceptions about this leading up to it. To those truly inquiring and self realising, the complexity of the landscape will simplify as we go forwards - each step will expand people's horizons.

Open 🙏

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That makes sense now! The confusion came that in the Allies of Humanity briefings they talk about as if the Humanity has a chance to stay with Gaia in 3D which is not going the be the case after the Event.  Thanks for your insight on this, Open!


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Indeed big opportunity for humanity is here, but only if we choose so. Timeliness are not fixed anymore, the sistem is self destructing in its total war for control, in the process losing exactly that - (self)control. 

2022 is really what 2012 was expected to be, so these are really magical times, but we have to stop our identification with old/3d/sistem, anything of it, it's obviously total madness anyway. 


Tonight's powerful full moon at the end of astrological year is supporting cleansing of the old, followed by the equinox - real start of 2022. 


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Yes I agree Daniel - the system is self-destructing as they try to transform it in the "Great Reset"
My concern is though when we speak about "choosing timelines". Who is choosing? We need to beware of spiritual identities creating.

The Opposing Consciousness is creating fixed and rigid timelines that lock humanity in - such as the Metaverse they're trying to create.
On the Openhand Facilitator Conference last summer, we encountered the "Anshar" for example, who are an off-shoot of the Annunaki. They were trying to pull humanity into a future timeline that they were creating. We were able to explode that deception.

Gaia has her own natural direction and orientation, and so does our soul. We don't have to choose a particular timeline. One is naturally unfolding for humanity and the planet. All we really have to do is surrender into that. From which, it creates itself.

Open 👍


05/02/2021 Openhand Journal Update: it's very stop start out there in the field right now. Interdimensional movement and plays is creating plenty of openings, you can readily forge pathways of light. But then suddenly you'll hit a mass of density once more. That's okay, look at any given situation with interdimensional eyes. Where does the moment attach you and suck you in? Perhaps in relationships. Perhaps existential matters, worries about how you'll provide for yourself. The worry IS the worry! Because it shapes the reality you fear. If that's happening, get deep into the fears, work them through, what are you attached to?

We must be ready and willing to dive right into the epicentre of any fear. Explode the myth that it is. A war on consciousness is happening all around us and we must become the multidimensional warriors!

Great movements ARE happening though. I'm picking up plenty of flows of divine shifts and movements. The 5D Crystalline Grid is vibrating faster and is ever more present. Trust in the 5D vibe. Pick it up wherever you can and ride it for all its worth - you're extending those positive shafts of energy through the field and through your life. In any given moment, pick up a feeling, pick up a vibe and a flow. Dance it into existence. Embody and actualise it here and now. We're breaking up the density!

With this in mind, do check out today's featured article above...
Taking the Inner Journey to Higher Dimensions, 5D/6D/7D

And do tune into my LiveStream on Saturday where I'll be channeling the higher dimensional Openhand energies to offer some clarity and insight...

Openhand Facebook

See You There Heart


So NASA is geared up for outer space in 2020.
Are you geared up for inner space?
All you need to know for the journey to 5D/6D/7D above!


I felt to repost this article again today - Taking the Journey into the Higher Dimensions of 5D/6D/7D. Despite all the challenges and density people feel around them at this time, there's so much to be gained too. It's such a joy - miraculous - when you rediscover lost aspects of your true self and feel yourself coming back to the abode of the divine. Here where I am in Glastonbury, together with the processing, there's a palpable feeling of adventure and excitement - like being on a magical mystery ride!

So although it's tough at times, yes, keep processing, keep working through, keep picking up the threads of light you find along the way and the flow will strengthen for you. Let the sense of adventure carry you. Here's a song that stirred up some juices on retreat in La Palma recently, to capture that sense of excitement and adventure...


Dear Open ,

I have just woken up ,it's 321 am by a remarkable dream. I am  in a school attending an Openhand retreat . We are exploring past life Karma and someone says to me ' Violins never do it for me ,England is where we are connected ". I go into a deep trance and see how I was killed by a soldier and wake up unable to breathe " As soon as I awaken in the dream I feel much lighter . There are some other people I meet that tell me about some other past life bonds that I have had. I see my beloved daughter in the dream playing with her friends and I am also feeling so playful that I join in . I really felt as though I had processed something very large.

This dream occurred  day after I literally escaped the gas chamber that is Delhi for a day by making an impromptu trip to a Nature reserve. The reserve has beautiful birds and as I went to sleep I was feeling so humbled and grateful after a long day of birding . 

I am clearly connected to the energies for the next Openhand gathering .I can also feel the now familiar mix of dread with excitement with resistence thrown in.  See you soon everyone ! 



Thanks Zee - as I sit at Heathrow Airport waiting for my flight, it feels warm already!

This song just came to me by Rising Appalacia, called Harmonise, and seemed to catch the vibe of the Living the Shift essence well (although we'll let the fish stay in the river!)...


Hey Open, 

Get ready for the heat! Its a v warm March indeed!

I cant make it physically but will join you guys in the ether! 


love to all

Big hugs

Zee 😊✨🌏