5D Shift: How will the New Evolution of 5D Human DNA take Form?

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These are exciting times to be alive. If you're here on the planet during the Great Shift, then you'll have a front-row seat in a spectacular rebirth leading to a New Paradigm of Existence. Let's be clear though, this is NOT about healing the old 3D reality, for it is already well past its sell-by-date. We're taking the very best consciousness from the old, raising it higher, and blending it with something entirely new in the 5D. How will that work at a human DNA level?

Connecting the Dots of a New Reality

There are plenty among us who are now positively yearning and evolving toward a new consciousness. We clearly see the dysfunction and dis-ease of the old world as it reveals its shadow side and steadily unravels. All across the world, people are going within and finding something new - a new sense of belonging, a sense of coming home, a new interconnectivity and joyous reunion with the whole of life.

Yet it can still be challenging when you feel this and wonder why the outer isn't yet reflecting the new emergence of inner light. Don't worry. We're ALREADY living in two world's not one. The world you feel on the inner is ALREADY unfolding itself. It's experienced in the deeper meaning and synchronistic message; it's felt within the flow that connects the dots of the new reality. Pay keen attention inside, and to the divine flow of circumstances clicking in all around you. This becomes the landscape of the new vibration.

But the question is: how will we finally make the leap into living the new existence all the time?
What will it ultimately look and feel like?

The Deepest Healing Alchemy

I work with small intimate groups of evolving people around the world. We're going way beyond intellectual pontification and speculation of where humanity came from and is going to. We're applying ancient meditation techniques and guided journeying to delve deep through humanity's past life karma. We can speculate on what took place during the intervention, for example, where Homo Sapiens was hybridised from Original Humans, but the real key is when you can feel what happened at a karmic and DNA level.

It's then that you absolutely know what is real for you. Furthermore, when you touch the energetic truth within, that's when you can perform the deepest healing alchemy. Diving deep into the truth, immediately provides the keys to unwinding the old, thus paving the way for the light of the new to flood in.

Once you've done a good deal of this karmic clearing, then the consciousness of your soul can integrate the fragments that had been buried in the sediment there, whereupon, your consciousness can expand and raise vibration into new dimensions. You're literally unfolding into new densities of existence within. That's when things get really exciting. It's where you start to feel a new interconnected way of living clicking in around you. You begin to access the Spirit Light Body, which is often first touched above the crown chakra. When you can attune to this vibrational frequency, then it's as if you can 'breathe it down' all around you. It's a higher dimensional, interconnected 'bubble' of light. I say 'bubble' carefully, because this is not a 4D disconnected-from-reality bubble, where we've simply dropped everything. It's where you've transcended the lower densities, unravelled 4D karma by penetrating through it as the eye of a needle, and then connected up to the higher dimensional flow that speaks through streaming signs of synchronicity. So this higher 5D consciousness may feel like a bubble that you can bring down around you, but it must be the authentic one that's interconnected with the natural flow. There's a key difference from the merely disconnected 4D state.

It still leaves the question: how to make the final leap into the New Dimensions of Existence?
How will it work as the Earth finally pushes into the 5D during the upcoming Solar Event?

Raising Vibration Naturally

It's all to do with raising your vibration. I've explained what I feel that means exactly in the linked video. Contrary to what I've been hearing from many spiritual teachers around the world, I DON'T agree that the 'physical being and reality will be raising its vibration up into 5D'. These are exactly physical frequencies that exist as standing waves of consciousness within the universal torus, and that very much includes the physical body.

In comtemplating this, consider some of the spiritual masters alive today and those of the past. Consider Adyashanti and Gangaji for example, who've clearly done decades of inner purification work. Yet the physical body is still here - it hasn't vanished into 5D. Or the monk Prahlad Jani whose lived for some 70 years in a cave, purely on light, yet still exists in the physical. And what about the enlightened Swami Paramahansa Yogananda - although tremendously multidimensional, when he passed on, he still left his physical body behind.

What is raising vibration, is your beingness itself: meaning that the soul is shifting to higher frequencies of existence and occupying a new bodily form there, which is what you occupy when the physical falls away.

What will that form look like and how will it take shape?

Alchemical Transformation through the Upcoming Event

Firstly there will be a transition phase, where we're creating something known as the "Merkabah". Some spiritual teachers (such as Drunvalo Melchizedek) have shown this in geometric form with an inverted diamond pointing upwards, interrelated with a diamond coming downwards, the two overlapping around the heart space. When you've activated the Spirit Light Body, this can actually be felt and lived within. This is how you practically live in the two worlds simultaneously - the higher one guides you according to the flow of infusing light, the lower one continues to help you interrelate with the old physical paradigm as it transforms. It's a totally magical way to live and be, with signs and synchronicity your new language.

As majestic as this is however, it is only the transitionary phase. Ultimately the lower aspect will fall away as the Shift unfolds through the concluding Solar Event and the old 3D reality breaks down and peels off. Let's be clear, the 3D will still exist as a foundationary stone for the new 5D reality, but it will not be a place that sophisticated life can continue to live in; the Event will leave no stone unturned as the Earth cleanses the cancer of the old and shifts into the new vibration. And for those who've prepared themselves, as your old physical body falls away, then you'll continue on in the new 5D vehicle.

How will the DNA of the new 5D human vehicle shape?

A New DNA Configuration for a New Humanity

In the Openhand Approach, we call the new human form DIVINICUS. It's a vehicle that is much more light-based. It still has physical nature to it, just of a higher frequency, that if you could see with 3D eyes, would look like shimmering light. It's more interconnected, more fluid and adaptable, it can shapeshift with the life forms around it. You can move it practically at the speed of thought - or rather in the direction of your heart-felt intention. Recently on an Openhand gathering we had clear insight into how this new DIVINICUS form will come into being - how it can be born.

One of the facilitators began to experience such an infusion of light, it was becoming impossible to embody within the 3D. Her body was literally bouncing off the floor as the light poured out of her hands and third eye. The light was literally barrelling through any remaining inner density and karma. It was communicated to me from the higher dimensions that what needed to happen, was to 'embody the new frequencies beyond the 3D'. I was shown it in clear pictoral form: the DNA strands of the Original Human form, before the downgrading intervention, were extended 'upwards' in vibration (leaving the hybrid DNA behind), before then blending with new DIVINICUS DNA descending downwards. The new DNA strands would weave together, thus creating a new sheath for the soul, and around that, the new human form would take shape. Crucially we don't wait for that to happen by some external inducement, such as the Event, but rather we conduct the inner alchemy right now, through the progressive journey of inner purification and elevating vibration through concentrated spiritual work.

I didn't get to see directly at that point how many strands of DNA will constitute the new human form. It makes sense to me that there would be at least one strand communicating information for each density. Others have postulated more, such as 12 or 24, which may be possible, but personally I wouldn't assume that unless I'd seen it with my own inner eye.

What I saw unfolding was literally stunning to behold. Here was a very practical demonstration of how the new human form will take shape. It's definitely NOT something to wait for, in the hope that the upcoming Event will somehow do the groundwork for you. It most definitely will not. The Shift will separate the wheat from the chaff, those still in the old consciousness will get deeply churned up by it, before progressing onto further incarnations in the 3D, on an appropriate planet. But if you've done the inner work, then the infusion of light will likely feel blissful, and euphoric, as you infuse the higher dimensions and leave the shell of the old incarnation.

Anatomy of the 5D Being

So now is the time to dig deep. We need to be careful not to be lured by the ever-increasing dramas and stories in the outer, which seem to progressively escalate with purposeful distraction. What's needed is the committed and quiet inner alchemy of transcendence, through dedicated purification work leading to the new attunements of the higher vibrations.

If you're reading this and resonating, then it's within you and you can do it. Take my reflection as a possibility, a means by which to inquire - a framework through which to step and find your own version of this ancient truth. These are enthralling times to be alive. And if we make sure we're attuned to the unfolding inner, then you're going to experience a spectacular transformation into a new evolution of beingness. I commend all to the deepening inner inquiry.

Here's an illuminating video from an Openhand retreat on becoming the 5D Human. And do share your own reflections/questions in commentary below...

If you resonate with my sharing, Openhand's course and retreat work is all about activating the 5D DNA of the new human. Come and explore:

Openhand Ascension Academy

In loving support


Open đź’Ž

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19/03/2024 Shift Update: 5D DNA

During the month of May, we're diving deep into the nature of the new 5D Human we're evolving into: we're exploring the shift from the old human DNA, breaking down the energy of it so the new 5D Human can take form. Opening up into the higher dimensions leading to kundalini activation is an essential step in activating the spirit light body, which becomes our vehicle of Ascension - the ultimate resolution to the challenges faced here on 3D Earth right now. Hence the vital importance of inner purification and development work in daily spiritual practice.

Meditations for Inner Alchemy

The Openhand core meditations have incorporated the ancient kriya yoga techniques of the Paramahansa Yogananda lineage, which are purposefully crafted to perform this inner alchemy.

This is Openhand's Multi-dimensional and Kundalini Activation meditation, which is frequently applied on the Openhand courses. It is purposefully designed to help you feel the different dimensions of reality, up to the 7th. Then to infuse soul consciousness through the dimensions, into your 7 bodily vehicles of expression, and to embody this expanded awareness in your daily life. It connects you to the creative Toroidal Flow of Life.

You can sample and download here

Rise of the Divine Human

In Openhand's DIVINICUS book I talk about direct experiences of how the Original Humans were seeded at the time of Lemuria, the sense of what it was like to be in that original form, and then I go on to describe how humanity was genetically downgraded during the time of Atlantis - although many people will retain positive past life memories of Atlantis, it nevertheless definitely had two sides to it, hence the correctional flood that the Universe instigated to meet the misalignment. In the book, I also go on to explain how the new Human form can be activated and birthed. So if you've not read it, I would commend it to your consideration...

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The revelations contained in this book, can inspire a deep unwinding of your past life karma and unleash buried fragments of soul. It's designed to help you work through the karmic convolution, and through direct experience, show you how to activate your Spirit Light Body, which will be your vehicle of Ascension into "Divinicus" - the next evolution of Humanity.

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For those interested in the article above, about activating your 5D DNA, we have two DIVINICUS retreats coming up in May...

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Hi Open,

Could you please share a link to the music played during the last 'Merkabah and the 5D Human' seminar at Glastonbury'? It's a tense song that you used to demonstrate the breakthrough approach!

Also, do you have any thoughts on connecting with Star Beings via lucid dreaming? There's a trusted person I know who talks a lot about how we can commune with Beings, travel to other galaxies, our central sun, etc while dreaming. He has 20-50 dreams per night and also builds large geometries which he hangs above himself during sleep to enhance awareness and trigger vivid dreams (a technology taught to him by Star Beings).

Perhaps advanced lucid dreaming requires a lot of purification, but still, it seems like an awesome tool!

Thank you

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Hi Edu,

I think the track you're talking of is Flight to LAPD from Bladerunner 2045 (attached below). Yes, I often use the track to get people processing density. đź‘Ť

Indeed we can communicate with the various Star Being groups in the "dreamtime" where we're lucid dreaming. In fact it's a great way to do it.

Very best wishes

Open đź’Ž


Definitely resonates with me. 
I’d love to know more.