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For every cause there is an effect. On every occassion in world history where there has been an amplification in the electrification of our planet, be it from radar to 5Jeez, there has been a global virus pandemic, because in the physical we are electrified beings. The body is simply reacting to the toxicity. Fortunately, we are much more than physical. What this current (in my view artificially created) fear pandemic reveals, is the need in us to shift and focus life orientation. 2020 is the clear division of two pathways: either the higway to hell, or the journey into the higher 5D paradigm. Let our heavenly Ascension begin right Now.

System Failure

Personally I am relieved. We don't have to put up with the charade any longer. Did anyone really think we could turn this 3D reality around by all buying electric cars? So, 7 billion people plug into the mains and where will the power be coming from? Renwables? Honestly? The evidence shows they're also highly destructive to the environment. In any case, as I believe the evidence will in time reveal, it's increased electrification of our planet, that and the increasing toxicity of what is consumed, which is causing this cell breakdown.

Whilst the mainstream media furiously tries to debunk any relationship of FiveGee to the Virus, the evidence is ramping up. Consider this: the three places where the outbreaks were initially strongest - China, Iran and Italy - all had huge roll-outs of 5Jeez in 2019. Then consider Taiwan, just 200 miles from the Chinese epicentre yet only minimal cases (around 300 at the time of writing), or Sweden with no lockdown and just 400 mortalities (at the time of writing), or consider the vast continent of India, of Africa and even Australia with minimal cases per head of population. What connects them all? As yet, minimal roll out of FiveGee.

As I sat drinking my organic coffee at a favourite bar the other day, amidst the 'don't go out' government broadcasts, an almost silent electric car pulls up, "zero emissions" proudly emblazoned on the side. So where did the materials come from to make it, to service it, to repair it? And what happened to the one it replaced  - did it just miraculously go "poof" into the ether?

Why is this relevant, why interconnected with the pandemic? The problem is with the system itself. You pull on one thread of it, and as we're witnessing spectacularly right now, it all starts to unravel. Because of course, through the karmic construct, it's all interconnected. It's unnatural and toxic lifestyles that are a big factor. And the vehicle that is Homo Sapiens is interwoven into the very fabric of it. He was designed for it, built for it, downgraded by it. From the very beginning, he's been divorced from the natural alignment of life, by an Interdimensional Intervention. It always had a shelf life. It's high time for a new evolution.

DIVINICUS - rise of the divine being

Crucially, we're evolving to another form, another vibration, one that is happening right now. I've been connecting with people all around the world who are ALREADY making this transition. As the soul integrates and liberates itself from this global shennigans, spurred on by the ridiculousness of it all, the soul itself begins to weave a new 5D form, with reconfigured 5D DNA. It's not done by 'raising the vibration of the 3D' though. Let that delusion of the spiritual mainstream drop now too. Amongst the drama and chaos, we will silently slip the shackles of this defunct separation and weave a glorious new form in the higher vibration, centred around the spirit light body. Yes, that's the opportunity now: to become golden beings of light. What I'm given to call DIVINICUS the divine being, reunited with the cosmos.

Thankyou system. Thankyou virus. Thankyou fear pandemic. You just gave everyone who is honestly seeking, the superlative reason to stop, go within, connect with the soul and ascend out of this madness. For every cause there is an effect. From the bottom of my heart, THANKYOU!

So that is my personal response to this comic book theatre that is playing out at a supermarket near you. Yes, stock up on toilet paper because it's all BS (what a synchronicity for you!). If there was any remaining doubt about hanging on for the system to change, if somehow you thought you had to tow the party line a while longer; if you were playing it small to placate those in family or friends who just don't get it, well it's time to let the veil drop. The Ascension must begin right here, right now.

Exploring the Primary Concepts of Ascension into the 5th Dimension

Allegiance to Your Own Soul

Openhand has been working within the 5D Ascension Shift for some 17 years here now. What we're witnessing with people around the world is a tremendous increase in commitment to the Shift and a yearning to ascend. That's exactly what we experienced recently right in the midst of the Virus Pandemic at the aptly named Eden Rise Retreat Centre in Devon, UK. As we deepend the journey inwards, shifted and expanded our consciousness, we found ourselves soaring in the heavens, greeted and held by light beings all around us, come from across the cosmos to celebrate our glorious home coming. In all the years I've been working, my 3D self has never been so deeply moved.

Here's my encouragement to you all. Take a good look at what's unfolding. Open wide your eyelids. Pinch yourself fully awake. Realign your allegiance to your own soul. Then follow it. Tune into it, with not a wasted second. Feel the home coming vibe that is resonating intrinsically through it. Make that your allegiance and orientation. Start meditating, keep meditating, go all the way. Keep integrating, keep unfolding, and keep weaving the threads of the new 5D garment. The divine being DIVINICUS in you is just waiting to burst out!

If you feel inspired, come and get involved with Openhand's 5D Ascension Program

In loving support

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Dear Open,

Thank you for puting this drama into words of truth. Everything you write resonates deeply with me. Keep awakening people through your work and through your pen (or keyboard). I rarely comment, but I read and am so grateful for all that you share.

Love from Sweden


So I was in my favourite health food store today, where I bumped into a shaman friend i've known for some considerable time. I say 'bumped' into, but with the isles marked in taped boundaries to keep ones' 'social boundary', we had to speak across 'borders' to each other. Is this really for real? We had to laugh as we 'broke the rules' and even dared to bump elbows (gee whizz!) as we parted.

Thankfully plenty more had 'braved' the coffee bar. Are we really prepared to avoid connection and watch all these small businesses go out of business? And then what kind of big brother nanny state will fill their shoes? Is that the agenda? (I'm with Ickey on this one). If you still want some freedom in the 3D folks, this is where basic action decides. It boils down to something as simple as supporting your local store owner, the private business guy just trying to make a living.

It's time to summon a degree of warrior ray 1, and it begins at your local. It's time to fight some Foo!


In this moment, we are witnessing a dissolution of the external structures. They have their corresponding counterparts within our internal structures, so it has a potential to pull our whole world into a shift. What happens if you let it? What happens if you let yourself question your current model of reality? Maybe the concepts and rules you’ve been following are outdated?

The flow might put you in touch with the illusion that you are in control and the possibility of transience. It will take you right into your discomfort zones to show you where you need to heal. In those moments, it’s so crucial to continue feeling. Stay receptive. Trust it. What do you resist? What is there to lose anyways?

For me it feels like being dropped into the Alice in Wonderland world. Two rabbits playing cards? No problem. No reaction needed. But this 3D-reality, more than anything, feels synthetic and made up. It's there interacting with me, even stirring curiosity, but it's all so dry and digital-like. 

With love,
Margaret <3 


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Hi Open,

It's me, Margaret (facilitator) from Canada! I do have an account, but couldn't find the login button :-) 

To add to what I previously said, I feel like we are in a video game where the old paradigm doesn't support the new level. We were born into social structures, concepts, belief systems that have caused mass-hypnosis. And the whole "waking up", of which we talk so much, is to snap out of that hypnosis and see this world for what it is - a level in a game. 

I think I finally realized the whole purpose of my work here - it's to embody and then infuse the higher, life-oriented consciousness into the game's program, so people can pass to the next level. It feels like creating new mapping systems for people and for myself to use and make that leap. The 3D world can be beautiful, yes, but all this is based on separation and death - it is reflected in our societal structures and the way we relate to each other. It stands in the opposition with the harmony and life-giving energy of the next levels. 

So, now, the old energy structures are shifting, probably to be replaced with more physical control by the so called state. It is a fantastic moment to shed what's not needed and embody the new paradigm as much as we can. This game module is corrupted, I can't see how it can be fixed. What is now needed is another level of surrender. It is simple, but definitely not easy since we have so much experience confirming the reality of the old energy structure. 

I think I was born for these times. It's incredible what awareness this is bringing up for me. Can't be shared with words ;-)


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Hi M - nice to see you and yes, I resonate very much with your words.

 I do agree very much to embody and 'infuse the higher life-orientated consciousness' as you put it. To shine the light through the 3D veils as much as possible, that plenty others might find the way through it too.

For me aswell, the Higher Paradigm is in a higher vibrational state, and so at the given point, my encouragement will very much be to move on, as this old construct breaks down. It's something I feel to focus on increasingly going forwards.

Much love to you

Open Heart


Dear Open,

First, thank you for all you are doing to help raise the vibrations at this time! Perhaps this maybe a slightly unusual introduction for my first time leaving a comment here. There is a wonderful episode of Star Trek that deals with the whole subject of ascension that I wanted to share with you and any others who might see this comment. I have the episode on DVD. The story deals with tyrannical forces who use energy pulses to control the population of a planet and the metamorphoses of a species into becoming beyond physical. It leaves you wondering if there was indeed a great deal more to Gene Roddenberry than him being the obviously terrific creator and producer he was. I think this episode will resonate with you and many others.

I include a link to a clip below (though this does obviously contain spoilers)


For those who are inspired by my article, the pinnacle of the Openhand processing, unraveling and emerging work is our DIVINICUS course, set up in the secluded mountains of Snowdonia.

You can find out more about the 2020 DIVINICUS course here... DIVINICUS 2020
PS - it's booking quickly!

This Openhand Video was shot at Cae Mabon and we had a great deal of fun shooting it. What a marvellous vibe...

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Hi to all

Thank you for sharing such an amazing video in the right time. what a wonderful feeling and how amazing to experience it.

Honestly is not an easy time but it’s the best time. it is like universe helping us to slowdown and try to see what we were suppose to see long time ago.

"This moment is all there is" _Rumi


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I'm signed up! Can't wait, and I hope it still goes ahead.  I've been really feeling the flow this last month. Meditation is now are really powerful, but I can feel there is more work to be done. What crazy times we live in! See you in June hopefully.