7 Types of "Poverty Consciousness" and How to Unravel It

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We're moving through times of uncertainty as the old reality construct we're living in is progressively unwinding. This is already making plenty of people anxious and to varying degrees, worried about their future. This in itself begins to close down the field around you, creating 'poverty consciousness', where abundance stops flowing. It's essential you notice if this is happening to you, so that you may open the flow up once more with empowered possibility.

Here's an exploration of how to do that...

Uncertainty and Not-Knowing

The great Earth Shift into 5D consciousness accelerates day by day, bringing about all manner of change and transformation within society and the environment. Even if people are not consciously aware of where it's all leading to, nevertheless, in the deepest layers of your being, you'll be feeling the uncertainty of it all.

Uncertainty and not-knowing are essential for change. Life is constantly breaking the old constructs down to make way for the new. You have to be prepared to surrender into the infinite potential of possibility for a new authentic creation to arise. But do be aware, as you unwind into this letting go, it will take you into your deepest uncomfort zones!

The sense of anxiety about losing the old will manifest in all manner of ways. Any fear of change, or of taking a chance by leaping into the unknown, will create manifesting reflections around you - you may manifest a stuck situation. Or else not enough resources to fulfill what you yearn for in your heart. So it's essential to examine your motivations for action right now and deal with any fear or anxiety about change and committing to the path forwards.

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Coming into the Singularity

There is a space in the core of you that I call The Sacred Ground of Being. It is where your soul connects into the infinite presence of the source. When you're in it, it feels complete and whole, there's a sense of belonging and at-one-ment - like you've reached home. It's essential that you get to know what this place feels like for you.

When you come into times of uncertainity and change, you have to be prepared for loss to happen. In other words you have to be prepared to let go of something. Maybe it's how you've lived and worked. Maybe its a particular form of a relationship. Maybe it's the place you live. Each day is about letting go of the rigidity of how you did things yesterday. And so you create a more open internal space - open to the possibility that today things will be different.

You're coming into the singularity within. It's a hallowed place where literally anything can happen. Therefore in times of maximum change and uncertainty, it's essential to know your process for accessing this deep inner space of belonging.

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Anxiety and Excitement

Now as you feel this unravelling into infinite potential, it's highly possible that you'll create anxiety at the same time. You're stepping into the unknown. But rather than reacting to this fear, which ultimately crystallises as poverty consciousness, the key is to confront it and 'reframe' it. It's all about becoming comfortable in the not-knowing - becoming excited by new possibilities.

Anxiety and excitement are closely related, one can easily become the other. So next time you feel anxiety about change or sense of lack, I encourage you to breathe yourself into your inner Sacred Ground of Being and feel both the connection to the infinite and the excitement of infinite possibility.

So now progressively, you're beginning to positively revel in the knowing that something new and exciting is coming your way. This excitement alone will then manifest and create around you. You simply won't be able to stop it!

Beware these 7 Distortions that create Poverty Consciousness:

In working with people around the world, I witness 4 key distortions that create poverty consciousness. I'd say they're common for most people emerging from the old density, and are essential to work with...

1) A subconscious feeling of worthlessness: from an early age, often the system of education tells people they're not good enough. In striving to improve, even from tieing your shoe laces, often people tell you, 'you could do better'. Subconsciously this is telling you, 'you're not good enough'. When what you really are, at the core of your beingness, is perfection! So work into complete self-acceptance, by surrendering the need to improve. Yet watch that improvement can naturally come from not struggling to succeed.

2) Not trusting in the flow: we're taught that things in society happen because 'you make them happen'. There is a well embedded system of rules and logic - 'things don't simply magic out of thin air', when in fact, if you truly believe, situations really will create from the magic. This lack of trust will also create poverty consciousness. So it's essential to break this down by following signs and synchronicity - taking daily chances that somehow, things will work out.

3) Creation follows resources: you're often told that you need the correct amount of resources to fulfill what you really yearn to. If you don't yet have them, you should find a way to secure them first - the 'right amount of money', for example. When in fact resources (including money if necessary) follow your creative impulse. If you begin to create with what you have right now, then the resources start to flow to take you to the next level. But from the outset, you have to step in the direction of your passion, trusting that the right resources will follow this creative intent.

4) Lack of focus and commitment: society is awash with distraction, trying to pull you into situations and circumstances that don't serve. It's not helped by the reflections we constantly get from the masses who daily acquiesce to this. Thankfully more are waking up, but it's essential that you're clear about where you yearn to go at a soul level and to focus on this, not listening to the naysayers and doubters. Otherwise the distraction limits the build up of energy in your soul's direction, which itself can lead to poverty consciousness. Keep focussing, being attentive to the growth and direction of your soul.

5) Taking 'unpopular' steps leads to aloneness: there's often a fear that if you take a step into the unknown and leave old circumstances and relationships behind, that you'll end up alone and unloved, whicn is again, a form of poverty consciousness. When in fact by creating the space for a new sense of beingness, you'll draw to you 'birds of a feather' who more closely resonate on your new vibration. But you have to become comfortable in the aloneness first - the 'all-one-ness'. Know that in the core of you, everything is complete and whole. Soften into this place.

6) That you need supportive feedback from those around you: when you make key changes in your life and express to step out in a certain direction, there's no doubt about it, you will push buttons in those around you. They'll often project their own limitations onto you because you're action becomes threatening to the security of their ego. So its essential to be discerning as to what advice to take. Is it one that empowers you to make your own highest choices? Is it one that helps you move beyond fear and limitation? Look for feedback loops that increase sovereignty and expand your consciousness with possibility.

7) Failure means you're not good enough: from an early age we're programmed by society to want to succeed at things, and if you don't, then you're 'failing'. This is itself can build poverty consciousness and a fear of making changes or stepping towards something you really yearn to do. In fact we learn most when things DON'T work out. Life learns from its mistakes. The key is to be prepared to 'fail' in a given situation, but then be clear to learn and grow from it. In which case you never fail at all. This in itself builds confidence and belief in yourself as a being, and that you can positively thrive in all situations.

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Leaping into the Unknown

There are plenty of people closing down and clinging on out there right now. Change is in the air and that's generating a fair dose of subconscious fear. Now is NOT the time to let that define you by giving into it. It's time to open your beingness up so that the Universe can flow through you.

I suggest this happens by taking chances in life, taking a risk. It can begin with the smallest of things - driving a different way to work, daring to speak to someone you don't know, taking that trip you always wanted to make - doing a retreat that takes you to the edge of your comfort zone.

Dare to take the step you know you have some anxiety or fear about. When you do this, feel the tightness inside and work to unravel it. Breathe into it. Express it. Get to see your attachment and fear. Then settle right through it into your Sacred Ground of Being. Now let a new sense of freedom and excitement flow through you. Animate this new beingness out into the world - sing, dance. move, express!

Going Out on a Limb

What you're now doing, by breaking down the old limitations and ways of doing things, is giving energy to a new expression of possibility and abundance, which the Universe is sure to manifest a reflective landscape around - you'll create new opportunities backed by sufficient resources. Crucially though, you have to be prepared to take the chance, to step into the unknown.

To pick the best fruit in life, you have to be prepared to go out on a limb!

You can do it. And to overcome any poverty consciousness, it's essential to do it. It's time to open a wide internal space, right back to the singularity. And when you do this, you'll be utterly stunned at the miracles you create. I wish you well in that endeavour.

If you resonate with my sharing on overcoming the various types of poverty consciousness, do come and get involved in the Openhand events and retreats. The work was specifically crafted to meet these challenging circumstances in the world and to help people ascend out.

Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright Blessings to all
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Open,   During my life I can't say I've trusted the flow because I was not awake enough to know of it, or didn't remember.  But for my living places, that has come about by synchronicity almost every time.

I've been GIVEN homes to live in with either very cheap rent or even free!  I met a lady by synchronicity and she said she wanted me to live in the house across the road from where she lived, and there was no rent and she would pay the utilities.  I told her I'd always paid my utility bills and she actually told me "If I find out you've paid a utility bill, I'll evict you!!"  Who does that? lol   I lived in that house quite a long time, and she got the bills and paid them every month.  I was happy to mow her yard and she even paid me good money to do it.  It felt odd at first that someone would pay all these things without expecting anything, so I learned to allow and loosen up inside myself.

I painted on canvas while living in that house, and one day she saw one and knew of an art class coming to town.  She said I'll pay for you to go to that class and you can give me that painting you do in class.  Ok, I did that and it was so much fun!  I painted in the flow, and even after she paid for the class she then paid me really good money to BUY my painting done in that class.  I believe that's where the flow started manifesting for my art. (Or it was there anyway inside me and I was awakening to that or allowing it)

I'm still being given homes far above my income level and recently just moved into the most expensive one yet for very small rent and I only pay the electric bill which is very minimal due to solar panels on the roof.  The other bills are paid for me. 

So I'm proof the flow definitely makes a way without having to effort and work a job to "Make it happen"  It's been this way for the longest time, I just never knew it was the flow creating around me.  I trusted good things would happen and they did.  I tell some people that you can have good things happen without hard work and they say nobody loves them or would never do that for them and they wish they had a money tree like me.  They aren't awake to a new way yet.

Well I don't have a money tree but I'm waking up more all the time and now I know it was synchronicity bringing these good things about.  I made a vision board one time which is the efforting way, and nothing came of it.  Just trusting and being open to things has obviously created places to live.  So maybe my story will bring encouragement to others who are still trying to work and make enough money to Make Something Happen.  I'm proof it can happen magically over and over.  Free or very cheap, but great homes, continually happen for me.  I'm just blown away that this happens but I'm so grateful and still growing and learning how to work through anxiety and fear, which still comes up.  There was NO WAY I'd have ever met any of these people except by syncronicity and it happened in the oddest ways.  I didn't see it at the time but can look back and see how magically these events took place.  I never had to say Show Me, it just magically happened but I was responsive to it when they happened.  I still can't put it all into the right words but it's definitely a divine thing I don't have to work or effort for.  Now I'm actually saying show me when I want to go explore and just see what will happen.

Your sharing is always inspiring me to "remember" and to keep moving forward with awakening.  Thank you so much for the perfect timing of these articles.  (of course!  I bet that's syncronicity too. )   They really "float my boat" so to speak.  Heart 

Much love  Praying EmojiHeart





24/06/2022: Openhand Journal Update

We've been exploring the concept of manifesting abundance in our lives recently - and by that, I mean an abundant sense of connection and flow with the divine - not necessarily resources, although those can readily come too.

What often gets in the way of creating abundantly are subtle levels of poverty consciousness: I'm not good enough or not worthy for example. Perhaps because a parent was constantly criticising you in your early years? You can't simply plaster over these distortions. It doesn't matter what gloss we put on the surface, they'll still have a derailing effect unless dealt with.

Hence I felt it important to share the Openhand lead article again today, about the different types of poverty consciousness and how to overcome them: I think you'll be surprised how wide-ranging this condition can be - because we've all been fed limitation, constriction and confinement in upbringing. It masquerades as "teaching"! This energy is highly derailing in its various forms in different ways. It can make people overly cautious for example or seeking external support where it might not be necessary. It's essential therefore to explore your own creative process and why you create how you do - especially if there's disharmony in how you create at times, or limitation.

So do check my article through and see how it might inspire you to change in your own creative process...

7 Types of "Poverty Consciousness" and How to Unravel It

In loving support

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Thank you very much for this article, poverty consciousness can be so subtle as to elude many enlightened minds. This article helps me, in my own personal exploration. 

Moving in another direction, I sometimes ponder “why” the opposing consciousness refuses to align itself with unity consciousness, if ultimately that is the “destined” trajectory of all beings? 


It's a courageous inquiry indeed!

When you have a target that presents like this (whether to defy the convention and go to Africa for example), then the mind will run through constant loops of questioning. In these cases, use the target merely as a direction of travel, but work into every feeling and unwind through - keep working to pick up the soul as confirmned through signs and synchronicity and make each step accordingly.

And always remember - you cannot make a mistake doing this. Even if in the outer it all goes pear shaped, nevertheless you grow as a soul, and that's exactly why you manifested the conundrum in the first place!

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Hi Open & Sam,

Thank you for your reflections! I'd realised Friday evening, after posting, that I'd jumped to the doing again, aka speaking with my boss about the situation. I spent all weekend, on and off, working to come back from the doing and into the feeling. Basically, feeling into the question of "How does it feel to take that step?" So your words came as confirmation and encouragement to stay with it and keep working through.

It's not easy, this time, to stay with the feeling. Sam, you hit the nail on the head brilliantly calling it "being distracted trying to figure things out". Distraction. Uuuh, yes. Every time I soften into the feeling, I almost instantly become aware of a sensation of noise inside of my head, of buzzing. Sometimes I can watch it from a distance, be aware of it without being pulled into it. Sometimes just "looking" that way pulls me in. There is a persistent sense of confusion attached to it - which to me speaks very strongly of interference.

Out of my head, you. Go and realign with the source. Heart

Back to the feeling.

What does "dare" feel like, indeed?

Curiously, the first thing I felt was solid, centred. Present. Unapologetic. Here I am, this is me, the end.

It feels powerful, too. (To the point I got scared and backed away.) Real.

It's interesting; as I felt into it, the question "Do I dare?" invoked a feeling of having a hole in the middle of my body. Then feeling into the word "dare" - the hole had disappeared with no sense of there ever being one. So, wholeness, in a way.

Can I embody that feeling? Pheeeeeeeeew. Yes, I can, but not for very long. That buzzing pulls me out of it. So I get distracted, remember what I was doing - can't seem to get away from it, argh! - and return to the feeling. Watch my mind flail at this state of "no clear goal". Watch myself see-sawing between "So I'll not go after all" and "But I want to!"

So now I'm getting attached to the idea of going to Africa.

So many pitfalls to stumble into on the "doing path". I'll go and sit on my figurative bucket and stay with the feeling for a while. And watch, as you said, Sam, how this great universe unfolds in front of me. HuggingThe Sun EmojiEmoji Earth Globe Asia

(And dare to do nothing. And that's about the scariest thing of all.)


Heike - this is all lovely. It's truly what it means to be making conscious choices - coming from the movement of soul within, rather than just the outer programming of ego and 'what you should do', 'what you always do', and 'what's expected'.

This word jumped right off the screen - to "dare".

So what does the word "dare" feel like as a beingness? And can you embody the feeling of it right now. I would reflect this as being an important key to the way forwards.

Much love

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Hi Open,

Thank you so much for your reply - and the reminder at the end. That was just so spot on, I'm still blinking a little. Especially this bit: Each guidance doesn't necessarily tell you what to ultimately do. That's something I've been exploring in the last two weeks - to be instead of to do. How to be more of me. How to, instead of railing internally at this office job for example, open a space inside and figure out how to be more ME inside of this job. It's fascinating (if frustrating) to realise how often my mind immediately jumps from "how to be" to "what to do". And once it's seemingly figured out what to do: full steam ahead.

So, yes. Those words were just so what was necessary for me to remember at that moment. Thank you.

And it's utterly amazing to watch these things click and weave together. Either I'm listening better or the universe is really screaming at me. Here's the thing: After I'd posted yesterday, I came across one headline twice in a very short time and the headline said: "Many wrong choices". I didn't pay much mind to it, just registered it and wondered whether it was talking to me. So not Africa after all?

But then I forgot, because that one internal step into the fear released so much energy that I finally, after two months, managed to finish my homepage, write up a version of the GDPR that I hope covers everything, and poste the whole thing online. Yay! It's done! (Well, half done. It's the German language version only, at the moment. English language version is the next step.)

So I suppose that was firing the cauldron and then going with the pull. Wink Emoji  And that headline tried to tell me to not simply run ahead, but to stop and feel what was being invited.

That's not the end of it, though. The saga continues: Last night I realised that the Africa retreat is the same weekend of the company's staff outing and Christmas dinner! I'm really being pushed outside of my comfort zone and challenged here. How serious am I about being me, about being authentic? Will I talk to my boss about not attending the outing and dinner and risk disappointing him?

Uuh, and I'd been wondering where that feeling of a big lump in my throat was suddenly coming from. Smiling With Sweat Emoji

Do I dare? Do I dare be me and do it? (No idea why the thought of talking to my boss makes me go so tight. He's not an ogre, very approachable usually, and I get along very well with him. But of course, I haven't yet disappointed him. So ....) On the other hand: do I just go with it, say nothing, go to the staff outing and Christmas dinner, keep sleepwalking and taking the easy path? Or do I speak up about what I feel is the right thing for me to do?

That lump feels a little like throwing up is wanting to happen.

We're having a team meeting with the boss on Monday. I could talk to him afterwards ...

(I need an "hiding under a blanket" emoji)


Hi Heike,

Thanks so much for having the courage to share. I imagine zillions of people would completely identify with the condundrums you're having - it's how most people's lives are configured in the matrix - it's exactly how people are enslaved into doing things that don't really serve on a daily basis. It kind of feels okay, but the paradox is that often it's only fear that's keeping them where they are - fear keeping them put, fear stopping them changing. And at the same time, a lot of these people will speak of living from "love and light", which mostly is really only an emotional connection.

The question is, do wish to be bound by fear or not?

Funny, as this comment registered I'm sitting at Heathrow heading to California and the following song came on my ipod...

By the way, remember, each step is only about the revelation of energy, of your true self. Each guidance doesn't necessarily tell you what to ultimately do. You fire the cauldron of feeling by going towards the direction you know you're being invited to fully consider, and then work through what comes up. You're opening a space so the authentic pull can then be felt to take which ever the next step is.

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Ack. So. Speaking of signs and synchronicities. Reading this article was one.

Oh, wow, was it ever.

But from the start. Some time last weekend, the thought crossed my mind of going to the Openhand retreat in Africa. After my experience at Bruges, going to the cradle of humanity seemed like the thing to do. There was the feeling of something needing to link, to close, and just the general, internal feeling that said: Yes.

And I still have five days of vacation time left for this year. Sure, I'd planned to take them into the new year with me for the La Palma retreat. But the potential was there. I even started looking at flights, but then the mind interfered and started telling me all about how expensive those flights are and how I shouldn't be spending so much money in such a short time, and how I needed those vacation days for next year, because I have so many things that I want to do next year that I need vacation time for and ... so on and so forth.

Monday brought some new developments on a different front: my boss received an e-mail from one department of the company's Big Player Client that starting 2020, all production from their department was cancelled. That's several million euro in turnover, plus the over half-a-million standing monthly service fee the company suddenly won't have. Now, I'd been thinking about talking to him about maybe reducing hours, work only four days instead of five, and when the news hit, my first thought was: Great opening for my request! That would save money, too!

Then a co-worker, who is already working four days per week, jumped straight to what appens if we lose our jobs completely? Because unemployment benefits are, like, 60% of your last net income. 60% of a full wage are tight, but fine. 60% of an 80% wage ... well.

So for a while there I got pulled into that fear and not just my four-day-week but also Africa seemed to go out the window.

Yesterday my boss sent an e-mail asking us to please take all remaining vacation time this year, if possible.

... Ooookay.

I started looking at flights again. Got pulled into that spiral of "not enough vacation time, not enough money" again for a while and decided I wasn't going to Africa after all.

And then, when I opened the Openhand website this morning, looking for another article, I saw this one, had the vague thought of "oh, I haven't read that one yet" - and now here I am. Because what is all that panic about not enough vacation time, not enough money but poverty consciousness?

It was an answer from the Universe, and a challenge. Am I going to be brave and step into the unknown? Into my fear and trust that everything will work out?

(Do it, do it, do it.) And I want to. I really, really want to. Even if the flight is long and exhausting, and I only have four and a half days to spare, so this would pretty much be in and out, and I'm also not entirely sure if I'm really ready for this after Bruges. But the thought of going, the feeling of *adventure* is so strong, so uplifting ...!

I really want to do it. Just for having the experience of stepping forward and into the fear. I want the experience of being able to trust.

And really, if I put it like that? The answer is clear. Because that experience is priceless.

So, yeah. Am going to be looking at flights again ...

*deep breath, feel the tightness, jump*


Thanks for sharing Megha - yes there's plenty of anxiety out there for sure.

And let's also remember that anxiety is very close in relation to excitement. People often feel anxiety when they know change is happening or needs to happen - it's the uncertainty of what is to come that creates the anxiety. But paradoxically, you need the uncertainity in order to change - because to truly change, you need the infinite potential, which feels like not-knowing. But when you really know the sense of not-knowing, you realise it precedes all truly creative endeavour, the alchemy of which is built through imagination and excitement. So let's work to let go of any fear and reframe the anxiety as excitement within. Then it will become a phenomenal engine for change!

See you in Africa. Now that will be exciting for sure!

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Dear Open ,

In Delhi right now we are experiencing gas chamber like conditions. That and several aspects of my intimate relationships have sent me into a deep downward spiral. I am bowing and feeling into a myriad emotions from deep fear,panic depression as well as rejection and abandonment . (As I write this it occurs to me that this is also karmic ) . 


I found this beautiful article about dealing with climate anxiety . Very much the Openhand approach of feeling in to it all . 


I am posting on this thread because while I intellectually relate with how the deteriorating climate is going to be an adventuresome situation ,I don't really feel it in my heart just yet . 

Looking forward to seeing you in South Africa. I have a feeling that some bits are going to fall in place there as well . Deep bow to all those present for this journey . 




I put the video up more as a metaphor - yes, Will Smith does clearly have a view towards physical material 'success' - achieving things. AND, at the same time, when you listen to him, he is also clearly about self development and self growth - whether we call it 'spiritual' or not, it is still the forging of the soul.

Yes, there can be a striving when you seek to unfold the full expression of soul. And on the other side of the coin, where there's lack of commitment to the path, there will also arise stuckness and density. The soul has many qualities - we speak of the '7 rays' of beingness here on Openhand. Each ray will have a distortion and approaching enlightenment, a person will have to work with distortions on ALL rays. In this case, someone like Will might be expressing a distortion of the ray 1 will energy (interesting synchronicity in the name!), but someone else with a strong ray 2, the surrender aspect, might run a distortion on that one. And the rays never resonate in isolation - so a person could be expressing a distorted ray 1 in one situation and yet a distorted ray 2 in another. They could also be expressing BOTH distortions at the same time. One could overlay the other.

So one expression of soul, one approach, will not work in every situation. If you just practice surrender, you'll  likely surpress the other rays. It requires us to dance with all of them, and be attentive that different distortions will come through in different phases and actions at different times. You spoke of your shoulder injury because you 'over exerted yourself'. But that doesn't necessary mean not to commit to playing and not to commit to doing you absolute best. But maybe you become too focussed in the action, and require to blend some ray 2 softness ASWELL - not instead of. I'd say it's asking for a blend of BOTH rays at the same time. The ray 2 is not just about surrender, but empathic sensivity. So it's likely that you're being invited to be attentive to that at times of maximum physical will. Not to go unconscious by being too focussed - being aware of the requirements of your body as you push it to the limit. I would suggest you'd actually gain more from this than simply withdrawing.

You also said something like "I can get distracted from the path because of the distortion". The path IS exposing the distortions to unleash aligned soul. The path is defined by aligning beingness. The path is the effect of this unravelling/realigning process. It happens because of it.

Open HeartPraying Emoji


It's a great video Open. Thanks for sharing. It's all good but I get the sense that me may have different sense of the word success. Atleast how I was saying it above. I do believe it's possible to do what you like and succeed in it, without reaching greatness like you speak off like a musician or athlete for example. Whether one has found his maximum potential or touched other people's life is another thing.

When I first read your reply before seeing the video my first thought was ' this is exactly what makes me to control and strive'. There is a difference between having the courage to follow one's soul and placing unrealistic expectation on one's shoulder. I have a heavy shoulder ache which has been there for days! It happened while pushing myself too far while playing. Ofcourse there is no problem if eventually one's learn from it. But I get the intuition that, I can get too distracted from the actual path because if it. 

In reply to by Vimal


Dear Vimal ,

I'm not sure why I but I felt to offer this reflection that seems like it was meant for you. 

 Just lean into what feels right and the whole matrix will rearrange itself around your intent . It takes an act of deep belief to lean in and one has to without even a sliver of obvious evidence ,with almost blind hope in what one believes . And how much you need to do that depends on the density of karma . But once you do ,things will shift for sure . 

Hope that helps  . Please disregard if not useful 


In reply to by iamdurga


Thanks for sharing Megha. I have been wanting to write something here especially in this thread but didn't know where to start or even what to write. So this seems like an invitation.

You speak about belief in what feels right. I have been contemplating on this - from where does true commitment comes in the path. Is it something that happens progressively or are some souls more committed than others. I think I was more committed before in stepping up to the challenges than now but I also doubt it was also from a fear based thinking of needing an outcome, achievement and competition even. But that all doesn't seem true anymore. Even enlightenment, gateways and 5D shift seems some fancy words to my mind. So thats where your statement comes in - "one has to lean in with almost a blind belief". Does one really?

But I also sense great truth in what you are saying and I honour that. 

To me where part of the stagnancy comes in is holding on to some manifested gifts in the path like love or something material. I guess part of the psyche sees that if I truly step up then that might mean losing some of those. This is another form of poverty conciousness. 

Open often asks this question which I think is especially poignant here - " where does your allegiance lies in the shift? " what shift? I think what's more true will be -" does your allegience lies in being who you truly are". Which will be more true, since being who we truly are is a feeling of rightness - what feels right for us. 

And does our old habits make us more restricted, fearful and does breaking them with commitment will lead to more feeling of rightness, courage and expansiveness even if it feels uncomfortable in the moment. Some of my distortions are popping up to the surface even while writing this which is a good thing. An important one is holding back my truth in fear it being hurtful, distorting harmony. It always precedes with a question - is it right or can I find more patience and wait for the right moment. But the right moment may never come. Thanks again for the invitation which was very timely


Open, in the above article you wrote - " so work into complete self acceptance by surrendering the need to improve". But one only becomes goof in anything like an instrument for example by the need to improve. Maybe practicing a piece for many hours and finally getting it right. Doesn't the statement runs contrary to this. And by surrendering this need, there can be inertia in the path? 

I can also reframe this question as - does commitment comes from an intention to commit or does it naturally unfold in the moment from one quality to next revealing each distortions. In some moment it might be passivity and surrender and in another moment it might be commitment and control. Does I tention overrides natural unfolding? 


In psychology, there is role playing to change people's attitude of prejudusm, discriminations etc. Basically it's playing the role of the person of the one might be devaluing which creates a dissonance in the psyche forcing the person to change. In the same way does playing the counter identity of holding back ones truth temperorily deprogrammes the fixed identity? 





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Hi Vimal - I feel to be really frank and clear with you here, and it comes from a place of unconditonal love and respect. I have for a while got the sense that you're running in circles - running through loops in the psyche, and that there isn't true commitment to the path - I'll come back to what I mean by 'the path' in a moment.

When concepts about the path are understood, as you clearly do understand many of these deep philosophical truths, then it's very easy for the mind to persuade us that no course of action is necessary at all. Growth for example can be surrender - which can really become a cover for inaction. And willpower becomes efforting, so there's a letting go of commitment. And there really is no path, so therefore no need to commit to a movement in any direction. True compassion, empathy and love get disguised as emotional sympathy and so we are not honest to the people around us about how we truly feel, because we're afraid of hurting them - which paradoxically isn't being loving to them - we're actually hurting them in the process of avoidance of the truth. Because in denying them the truth about you, you're actually denying the true landscape that they might find the truth within - you risk derailing them too.

It becomes possible for the pysche to talk you out of doing anything at all. And to do this from a 'spiritual' standpoint.

So now to 'the path'. There is no path! It is one of those misnomers, that can be useful providing we fully understand what it means in a truly spiritual sense.

Particularly there is no destined path or pre determined one - no 'right' one.

'The path' is an effect, not a cause.

'The path happens' as the direct consequence of uncovering and expressing your true sense of beingness within the moment.

If you consistently reveal yourself moment by moment, then a recognisable path links those moments together - you appear to be heading in a particular direction. Although you only ever really see this 'true path' by looking backwards. There will be "aha" moments where suddenly you realise the twist and turn of events brought you to this moment of realisation. But... that was NEVER A DESTINATION, it became a new way of being.

Now to "the shift", "5GATEWAYS", "Enlightenment", "Ascension" etc etc etc. This are merely signposts on a landscape that help you understand where you are on this true 'path'. They are not sign posts to aim for - because the path is the consequence of right action, or right beingness. So what happens is that you keep uncovering and expressing beingness, to then witness... "ah yes, now I get what enlightenment is", because it becomes embodied. Or as I follow my true beingness, I notice the landscape of multidmensional change, and so "the shift" becomes real in my landscape. Suddenly I find myself in "5D consciousness". Such terms then become useful in understanding the landscape you're unfolding into much deeper.

If however you're chasing the path, not from true beingness, but from some philosophical idea that they're somewhere you're supposed to get to, then the terms merely 'beat you up' and you're left running in circles getting disillusioned and pissed off. Or else they become an excuse for not to do anything at all, and we can find some kind of quasi contentment in that because "it's not spiritual to effort", or "it's not spiritual to have a destination" or "it's not spiritual to attach to concepts and places". These are all self-defeating and self-derailing tricks of a spiritual ego, "the trickster", which claims to not even be 'spiritual' at all!

So just to reiterate, "the path" becomes the natural consequence of unfolding true beingness moment by moment. And we're not going to truly see it, until there is that commitment. The path reveals itself as we look backwards and see that everything clicked in to bring you to this moment of realisation. And that's when the other terms that are sign posts on it start to make true sense.

PS - and by the way, running around in circles is completely okay too. Providing we're honest with ourselves about it. Because the only way to start to see the path at all, is from profound self honesty. The Sun Emoji

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I hear what you are saying Open. I recognize them as truths. I was observing for a couple of days the willpower, focus gets directed more as an effort to other things. And some of them really pissing me off. So I understand what you mean by willpower becomes efforting. I don't understand how I can have so much spiritual identities though, a very paradoxical one in this case. Probably the psyche gets attached to some concepts that suits the distortions well. To be honest, I don't  know what the next step is, but just to switch the allegiance and watch how puter is shaped more from what I'm being within. I watched the 5 gateways, first 2 gateways again, just to remember the sense and feeling. Gateway 2 spoke to me more strongly. Let's see what unfolds in the coming days. Thanks for your very uncomfortable but well needed catalytic message!


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Hi Vimal - self honesty is always the first step - great that you first witness what's going on Thumbs Up Sign

As I wrote about in 5GATEWAYS, there are (at least) seven rays of consciousness that form the soul-ray-harmonic (like ray 1 willpower for example). Each of these can get distorted in the positive (ownership) and negative (dissolving), and each of those can form an identity - so yes, there can be plenty of combinations to work through.

The key is to begin with the first thread of tightness you encounter. Focus on that one, put attention on it and work with it. Work as much as you can, until you hit a knot that you can't unravel. Then put that thread down and watch for the next to reveal itself - then work on that one.

Wishing you well in the effortless endeavour Slightly Smiling

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Hi Vimal,

It's great that you feel some things opening up for you Vimal Thumbs Up Sign I felt to pick up on this that you said...

And from my reality perspective, what I can see is success has come to those who have taken the right steps and had the good fortune of flowing what's right for them. By success here I mean being able to do what they love and be supported from that.

I sense something else limiting in this perspective - an intuition. It's not about having 'good fortune' and somehow you're 'lucky' to be doing something you love that you can live from. It's having the courage to step in the direction of your passion, whatever the cost. Somehow this will be supported. But it has to come from beingness.

When I stepped out in this world as 'me', it felt like almost overwhleming odds that it could somehow succeed - I was embedded in a conventional lifestyle with many ties such as business and family, will high overhead costs, with everyone around doubting me and telling me I was crazy. To somehow take the chance to fly in the face of that, and that the universe could support what I really wanted to do was a great risk and seemingly no chance of success. But really there was no choice. It was all about following the soul whatever happened. Even being prepared to die for what you believe. That's when the energy comes in to support your steps.

I like some of what Will Smith has to say about these ideas...


Hi Vimal - thanks for your reflections and sharings. The more we illuminate these, things like subtle aspects of poverty consciousness, the more we can let them go.

Yes indeed, anxiety and the excitement of adventure are closely related. With adventure you're stepping into the unknown, which can cause anxiety. But if you work to accept the new possibility by surrendering into the openness of infinite potential, then the anxiety can give way to excitement. So instead of putting fear into the alchemical moment, you're putting enthusiasm instead - of course this has a massive impact on the way things shape.

Wishing you well


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Thankyou open for your feedback. This article helped me a great deal in a breaking through a limitation. I have been feeling this for many days and it feels like breath of fresh air.

I like to say a couple more points

First, the great shift into 5D conciousness is still a mental concept for me and I guess for many too. And from my reality perspective, what I can see is success has come to those who have taken the right steps and had the good fortune of flowing what's right for them. By success here I mean being able to do what they love and be supported from that. I often get the feeling that I had stumbled on a couple of mistakes to be where I'm right now. So I can't seem to fully grasp the 7th point you have written. Yet I know I have learned so much from the 'misfortunes'. I find today judging the ordinaryness of mine and and those around. This seems to be a very deeply ingrained distortions that - "you only deserve to be happy, succeed, be supported, loved etc if you become extraordinary or atleast more talented, expectional than rest etc. I don't necessarily intend to convey any self pity. 


I understand that if I move away from the core feeling of acceptance, the lessons I have learned, the connection with spirituality and lean favourably in the popular way , then I can suffer unnecessarily. This is the reason for the lack of focus and commitment - doubting, and acquiescence to the way of reason and logic, the need to improve and make it on my own. This doesn't seem a choice anymore. Either I go back and suffer or I keep following the path that's really destined for me. I guess this is call to meditate more, and come more from the core feeling. 

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Just the last week my husband and I almost had an altercation about me wanting to go to South Africa. He wasn't happy about me doing a retreat twice a this year and ( for lack of a better excuse ) chose to make it about money. Coming from the culture of Poverty that we are steeped in ,in the past this would work with me . I took a small break ,felt in to my deep desire to go and also the poverty consciousness within me and decided to tell him firmly . When I went up to him ,something had resolved and he actually apologized for being stingy and being in the rut of family patterns around money. 

In my family ,lack of worth and pretty much all the points you have delineated were how I was raised . For me that shows up as doubt and a feeling I will be alone ( in my abundance consciousness ,I am alone and apart from family already). For me jumping in impulsively towards something I really wanted has not been easy .

Vimal ,I don't know if this will help ,but a big part of escaping a very culturally embedded poverty consciousness for me has been for me to try to be more me every day. Honesty is needed as is awareness to show up those patterns that keep me from expressing something. Recently for example I have been facing deep almost debilitating Fear in writing a paper on how Climate change will affect practice of Pediatrics in the next decade. I have all the information ,and every time I sit to write it ,I just want to close my lap top and eat a brownie :) . All the real data I already have ,makes me withdraw and feel so afraid. So has writing the book I have literally been commissioned to write . I haven't even gotten down to writing a proposal because I can sense this is going to be big and will shake up many people and it makes just want to crawl into a small hole and let the storm pass .  

​​​And yet ,the events to come also make me far more courageous . It's a dance my friend ! 

And let's just dance while we can .



All of this resonates. I know that clinging to resources or relationships actually drives them away. And letting go of that opens up a space for confidence, excitement to flow which can draw situations to you. But to truly experience it, we have to test it, not once or twice, but continously over many years until, we have really got it. 


As long as these distortions are there, we are sure to cling on to the old. I have this repetitive thought inside me, that if I have enough resources and time, then I could just sit back and enjoy life. Ofcourse I know true joy and passion comes from breaking though subconscious limitations but I do succumb to this old belief especially when things get tough.

I like this one - anxiety and excitement are closely related. Indeed I observe this happening. I have an excitement for something new that's about to happen but immediately the ego owns the prospect and anxiety can build up. I also have to be prepared to let this go - the excitement or whatever future landing now to really get to the core feeling. Thankyou. 


I was yesterday dealing with a child, who couldn't focus even for 2 sec in his notebook. Can't blame him ofcourse, there are plenty of interesting things happening outside the notebook. Thinking about this this is also a pretty good reflection for me as I find a lack of commitment and focus. I wonder if this can lessen over time. 


Hi all, I felt to produce this article about poverty consciousness, because I notice pretty much all people carry it to varying degrees. And it happens in ways you wouldn't necessarily be aware of. That's why I felt to include in my article 7 key subconscious distortions that create poverty consciousness that can build from an early age.

So do carefully reflect on what I've shared - all people can benefit by opening through such subconscious limitations. Do share your views, I'll happily offer a supportive reflection.

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