The Top 10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration in Earth's 5D Shift

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You often hear about the need to 'raise your vibration' in the ongoing consciousness shift that is sweeping across our planet. Further on I share Openhand's top 10 ways for doing so, but before that, it's essential to understand what is 'raising your vibration'? What exactly does it mean, because clearly there's plenty of misconception going on and it's important to get it right if we are to align with the unfolding 5D Shift...

What is Your Vibrational Frequency?

We know everything in the Universe consists of energy vibrating at particular frequencies. This happened as the Universe sprang into being from the singularity; consciousness emerged as ripples of awareness cascaded outwards, progressively extending in wavelength and thereby increasing in density. The dynamic came into the form of the Universal Torus, where Unity consciousness is flowing through standing waves of different dimensional frequencies - the dimensions of separation consciousness in which we exist today.

Now depending on the inquiry and learning your soul is configured to explore, and the karma you need to process through, it will get drawn into particular densities to have those evolving experiences. So here we are in human form, in the physical, emotional and intellectual densities for example. The soul engages through them, identifies with the density for various karmic reasons and so fragments, forming eddy currents of attachment through which to work.

Your vibrational frequency depends directly on the degree that this fragmentation into the lower densities happens. The more attached you've become in the physical for example, lowers your frequency into that density of being - or else emotional or intellectual for example. Your overall vibrational frequency becomes (essentially) the sum total of these attachments and interactions...

Your vibrational frequency could best be defined as the dimensional density in which your centre of consciousness now resides - the 3D for example.

How do you raise Vibrational Frequency?

The raising of your vibrational frequency begins to happen as you start to realise your interconnection with the Universe and the deeper meaning of life. Or else there's a powerful surrendering moment as you realise the fruitlessness of struggle in life. This surrender begins to free up the soul, which comes active in your life, reminding you of the universal connection.

Progressively, the soul's mainstream takes over, on a journey back to the source within. Thus our Ascension begins, and as it does so, the shift starts to pull on the buried fragments of soul that have become lodged in life's density. These reflect outwards, manifesting mirroring experiences for you to work through and let go of attachment. As the fragments reintegrate through this retrieval process, then the soul starts to shift internally into higher vibrations. Thus your vibrational frequency rises.

So raising vibration becomes a progressive journey of reintegration of soul through internal shifts of consciousness.

Raising Vibration towards the "Event"

It's becoming increasingly clear that the earth is going through a phenomenal transformation right now. In fact, when you explore deeper, it's not just the earth, but our entire solar system too, as the galactic core is beginning to trigger a shift into higher states of consciousness. This will likely lead to the sun going into a Nova Event, with a powerful burst of charged particles and solar plasma radiating out into the solar system. There's clear geological evidence that this happens in cycles, of which the consensus appears to be every 12,000 years. The last one happening around that period ago, bringing the ice age of the Younger Dryas to a sudden, abrupt end. It unleashed huge deluges of water across the globe, probably accounting for the myriad of mythologies about the sinking of Atlantis. 

The energy is now building towards the culmination of another, similar, Event. In fact, I maintain we can ALREADY witness and feel the early impact in the field. It's for sure having a radical impact on our climate, as well as those of other planets in the solar system too, and it's also beginning to impact humanity and society.

As the energy progressively surges through our galaxy in this building pulse, then it's going to compell a raising of consciousness. Consequently there's a growing wave of souls waking up. But crucially, this infusion of light is also stirring up the 'sediment' at the bottom of the pond.

Hence the shadow side of humanity is revealing itself now strongly too. This process of revelation of light and shadow will greatly intensify as we move forwards into the climaxing Event.

It's essential to state, that this building shift will NOT raise your vibration of itself. It can inspire it, but the inner work has to be done by the being. Only you can make the changes necessary. How then are the best ways in which to actively raise vibration in this ongoing shift?

Openhand's Top 10 Ways to Raise Vibration

1) Inner Inquiry: probably the first step is to become the observer of yourself - to be committed to witnessing yourself through all events and circumstances of your life. This way, identification with the ego personality is internally challenged. You start to know yourself more as the soul consciousness which is animating the ego personality. This is an essential step to begin the shift in vibration.
Trial this Ascension Meditation for Becoming the Internal Observer within the Shift

2) Formal Meditation & Spiritual Practice: after the initial soul connection it becomes essential to integrate more soul on a day by day basis. And so regular daily meditation and spiritual practice become utterly essential. Especially apply pranic breathing meditations and spiritual practice that challenge identification with the ego identity and help you attune more to the soul.
Sample this Breakthrough Breathing Meditation for Deeper Soul Alignment

3) Chakra Attunement: the soul infuses through the various densities of existence through the chakras. Where these get blocked, greatly determines your overall vibrational frequency. So apply chakra attunement meditations on a regular basis to free up the movement of soul into and through the various densities. This will help expose attachments in the external, that you may release them.
Here is a suggested Chakra Attunement Meditation

4) Connection with Nature: the natural vibrations of life resonate strongly through all the myriad of plant and animal forms around us. Simply sitting in nature and being attentive internally to the effect, can resonate reconnective soul frequnecies that release attachment to lower densities and raise vibration. It is essential however to be the witnesser of yourself whilst engaged with nature.
Apply this Six Senses Walk Approach to a Deeper Connection with Nature

5) Loving Sexual Intimacy: sexual intimacy, either with yourself or with a partner, leads to the orgasmic completion of your soul's journey back to the source within. Thus it's not only a deeply enjoyable practice, but also highly evolutionary. Through the practice of tantra, we master how to unleash soul through the densities, but consciously reuniting it at the source within. It's a powerful way to progressively riase vibration, providing there's no attachment to the external within the experience.
Explore Sacred Sexuality in this Openhand Forum

6) Deep Consciousness Bodywork: we need to bring full awareness into and through the physical in order to expose where the soul might be attaching in that density. This could be happening because of life's conditioning or some kind of embodied trauma. And so through the practice of deep consciousness bodywork, for example yoga, tai chi and dance, we can bring deep awareness into the body and unravel through the locations of unconsciousness.
Here's an Explanation of Openhand's soulmotion practiced at our Events

7) Conscious Diet & Inner Purification: your body becomes your temple to the divine. And so it needs to be purified through a high pranic diet. Which means the transition from dense processed foods with toxic additives, to a more plant based diet that facilitates the free flow of soul. Also detoxifying the influences you take in on a daily basis - minimising screen time for example and getting rid of excess clutter in your life. All of which helps harmonise the internal vibration.
Explore Openhand's Conscious Cafe for Tips and Advice

8) Intermittant Fasting: fasting is a powerful method to still the internal physical and emotional metabolism. As these processes quieten, the consciousness of the soul can more easily permeate through. Integrating extended periods of daily fasting, 18 hours for example, builds this more coherent beingness into your daily life. The body heals and rejuvenates more quickly plus the soul is liberated through the process to progressively hold a higher vibrational frequency.
Fasting to Raise Vibration, Expand Consciousness AND THRIVE!

9) Unleashing Creativity: your soul consists of various frequnecies of beingness, which want to come alive and create abundantly. Each of these frequencies can get supressed and lost in the density of life. Unleashing your creativity through art, music, dance, video, audio and writing (for example) can help to activate all the various frequnecies in your soul ray harmonic. And so it can animate more into higher vibrational expression. Hence it's utterly essential to explore your creative joy. What fires your passion?
9 Ways to Unleash Your Greatness by Recognising Your Soul Ray Harmonic

10) Following Signs and Synchronicity: the Universe is doing its upmost to reveal you as a multidimensional cosmic being, at one with everything. It does this through reflective signs and synchronicity. Spend as much time as possible "freewheeling" and simply picking up this "treasure". As you witness signs and synchronicities on your path, explore how each makes you feel inside. What new frequencies of being want to now come alive? What is the higher dimensional message? The purpose is to progressively raise your vibration.
Deeper Understanding on What Signs and Synchronicity are Working to Reveal

The Impending "Event" Impels us to Raise Vibration

Whether knowingly or not, we are all engaged by the most phenomenal shift of consciousness in the history of our planet and humanity's journey on it. We are moving toward an epic convergence of various solar and galactic cycles that are due to complete within a few decades. The Pole Shift, Grand Solar Minimum and Galactic Superwave are all converging that will instigate the breakdown of the old consciousness and unleash a higher harmony of existence. It is this infusion of light wihich is ALREADY challenging the old consciousness structures in society and bringing progressively more souls awake. But we cannot wait for this climaxing "Event" to do the work for us. You have to ready yourself now, by integrating soul through the lower densities so that your vibration can naturally rise in the Shift. Then ultimately as your physical body falls away, you continue on in the spirit light body in the higher dimensions of consciousness.

To conclude with, it's something I worked to convey in this video, amongst the stunning setting of the Crystal Castle in Byron Bay. It seemed entirely appropriate....

If you resonate with my sharing, come and explore the essential work of Openhand, where raising vibration is an integral part of what we do...
Openhand 5D Ascension Program

See you down the flow Slightly Smiling

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Hi Open,

I think what works best for me is being outdoors in the weather and nature.  Sunshine or rain, it doesn't matter which, they make me feel more alive inside.  Being outdoors is very calming and even healing to me.  Working with plants, playing in the dirt and walking in the woods really do great things for me.  It's all about nature that I think works the best at this time.

The other things I'm working with are the longer fasting times, breathing through the body and chakras, becoming more aware of bringing in the universal torus.  This month marks 24 years since I stopped eating meat and that was a big challenge.  I continually progress towards more vegan and plant based diet.

The BIGGEST challenge for me has been the letting go of wanting to make things go a certain way.  I constantly practice knowing that the letting go is going to allow more flow of whatever wants to happen.  Sometimes I have to let go many, many times a day.  But I'm very conscious now of when I'm wanting to control and hold on so I see myself doing that right away and know to do the work of releasing.  Once I can let go, the tightness in the solar plexus area greatly lessens.  So many things to work on, but I'm still getting there slowly but surely.  It helps to revisit here and watch the videos and refresh things I may have forgotten, so I'm grateful for your continual sharing.  It's really needed.  Praying EmojiHeart  

Many hugs to you Open,



07/01/22: Openhand Journal Update - 5GATEWAYS

Here in the Openhand Team we're just gearing up for the new release of our 5GATEWAYS work - it's a core aspect of our philosophy. I can already feel the energy and excitement building. These are monumental times, and utterly essential we commit to the inner work so as to join the 5D Shift. One message I feel given to share with everyone is the importance of progressively raising your vibration so as to detach from the shadow aspect of society. Remember there's always essential cleansing and karmic release that is an ongoing process...

Let what's happening in the outer mirror of life in society trigger the density in you, yes. For this is where the buried nuggets of soul gold are to be found. But recognise that your ultimate truth is to be found within, and this is the place to centre in - to keep deepening into your Sacred Ground of Being. It's your divine "mast" as you sail through the Shift. And from that place, to breathe the light of the soul through your various bodily vehicles to illuminate and elevate all aspects of your life.

Upcoming 5GATEWAYS work in 2022

Illuminating your spiritual emergence from the defunct old 3D/4D reality. Navigate a path of light from your higher self guidance. Embody 5D consciousness now for divine manifestation. This is Openhand's Seminal spiritual routemap of the Journey of Ascension, remastered for 2022.
Your pathway into 5D!

Illuminating your spiritual emergence from the defunct old 3D/4D reality. Navigate a path of light from your higher self guidance. Embody 5D consciousness now for divine manifestation. Spiritual routemap of Ascension, at the marvellous Eden Rise Retreat Centre on Dartmoor.
Your pathway into 5D!

Illuminating your spiritual emergence from the defunct old 3D/4D reality. Navigate a path of light from your higher self guidance. Embody 5D consciousness now for divine manifestation. This is Openhand's Seminal spiritual routemap of the Journey of Ascension, remastered for 2022.
Your pathway into 5D!

In loving support

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Hi Folks. We're in a pivotal moment of great flux within both society and the shift right now. And so it's essential to be coming from higher mind as much as possible - not trying to logic the best path forwards in your life because quite frankly, logic will not cut it right now - the landscape is too fluid and uncertain.

So it's essential to be coming from the higher flows that are shaping a new future. How might we best do that?

Opening higher mind is crucial. It's allowing in that playful spontaneity of feeling and choice that lands in a flash. It's watching for the landscape of signs and synchronicity build progressively around you until choices simply 'click'. It requires a great deal of trust to sit in the potential of not-knowing - to keep opening out and feeling.

That's what I felt to share in this Openhand video. Check it out and then do share your views on coming from Higher Mind - what do you experience?...

In reply to by Open



For the last few months, I have been able to stay in the flow most of the time, but this period of deep realignment in my 3D life has challenged that ability. I still feel that I am too easily pushed out of balance by the outside world. Meditating daily, plus also in those moments of tightness to explore them, feel them and release them has done wonders for me. 

In the midst of the swirling, transformational energy that surrounds me, when I’m coming from my Higher Mind, all of the problems I had been struggling with, all the density churning and twisting inside of me disappear. Suddenly, my internal space becomes vast and glorious. The tightness, the anxiety are gone, replaced by excitement for the changes I am making to realign my life. There is no more expectation of an outcome, only fluidity in the accelerating, fast-changing landscape of my life. I find my Ego’s usual impatience, that yearning for “all changes to be done and over with” (as if they are ever!) is replaced by a serene, faithful watch for the signs and synchronicity, for the next step to take.

Interesting (really fascinating, actually) how being in the flow creates instant results in my life. If I see things from my Higher Mind one day, it seems all my projects move forward that day in pleasant and unexpected ways. I still feel like I’m inside the eye of a tornado, but now, instead of being overwhelming and scary, the powerful energy swirling around is for me to harness and shape. For me to create with. This is such an empowering feeling!

This is how life is meant to be lived!

I cannot thank you enough for your guidance on my path. 🙏



I felt to write this new article, published today, on what Openhand considers The Top 10 ways to Raise Your Vibration as we infold through the shift. Of course there are oodles of other ways too. Feel free to share below what you consider to be a powerful way for us all to raise vibration. It's always good to reflect to each other...