Fasting to Raise Vibration, Expand Consciousness AND THRIVE!

Today we're beginning a new forum thread in our Conscious Cafe exploring the power of fasting to raise vibration, expand consciousness and positively thrive in your life. In this lead post, I'm focussing on understanding the nature of fasting and how it relates to spiritual growth. Do feel free to ask questions and share.

Aspasia - Openhand Community Coordinator

Fast and see the strength of the Spirit reveal itself

Fasting is the first principle of medicine;
fast and see the strength of the Spirit reveal itself.


It is that time of the year when a lot of people tend to embark on some type of ‘Spring cleanse’ protocol, either to feel lighter, or to feel more energetic or to deal with mild health issues. A couple of people I know are reporting on facebook about their journey with their chosen cleanse method sharing how much weight they have lost and how good they feel. Also, here on Openhandweb, ‘detox & rejuvenation fast’ was a hot topic back in 2007 when Open documented his 5-day cleanse regime. The topic was revisited again in 2013 and 2015 offering loads of info and graphic details on his 5-day protocol, which eliminated mucqoid plaque very effectively! Its really worth having a look here:

Open's detox and rejuvenation fast

My personal experiences with some ‘cleansing’ diet protocols have included water fasting, intermittent fasting, mono-fruit cleanses, raw food detox, and juicing. Whilst exploring all these, I discovered that there are differences between a ‘detox’ diet, a ‘cleanse’ and a ‘fast’. For example, it is suggested that:

A ‘fast’: is the complete abstinence from food for 12 hours or more where only water is consumed – distilled or pure water strongly suggested and preferably in room temperature. Fasting is a natural dietary process that has existed in many cultures and traditions for millennia to treat health issues and to facilitate spiritual practice.

A ‘detox’: uses certain foods or/and herbal supplements to facilitate the natural process of elimination of toxins in the body (toxic substances from processed foods, pollutants, acidic foods etc) through the liver and kidneys. Often a detox is accompanied with enemas, tongue & nose cleanse, steam & saunas for more effectiveness.

A ‘cleanse’: involves the clearing and rebooting of the digestive system and detoxification organs in the body, while re-fuelling with optimum amount and quality of nutrients. Cleanse diets eliminate certain ‘trigger’ foods and add alkaline rich plant foods that regenerate the body cells.

“Back to the future” for Openhand, and I felt to invite attention and explorative discussion specifically to Fasting for better physical and mental health, for breaking addictions and for facilitating the unfolding and ‘burning’ of karmic processes. Fasting is an inherently natural response to food shortages, which we had to make back in the early days of humanity. We learnt to adapt as a way to survive, though I feel today fasting is a necessary response to ‘survive’ the effects of overconsumption, ingested pollutants and internalised toxicity in the environments we now live. Fasting as an ancient medical intervention in the modern world is becoming very popular and private medical health centres dedicated to fasting spring up all around the world. Scientific study on fasting protocols in humans is increasing and what many ancient cultures practised for centuries is now increasingly being backed up by research for its many health benefits and impressive physiological adaptations.

Autophagy - a natural process of the body to cleanse and repair itself

Autophagy is one of the key adaptations that take place during fasting - a natural process of the body to cleanse and repair itself - that does not happen when eating is involved. Autophagy (derived from Greek, meaning ‘eating oneself’) is basically a self-recycling process that breaks down and disintegrates cells to create new ones.

The Science section on The Telegraph online reported recently:

The researchers say fasting "flips a regenerative switch" which prompts stem cells to create brand new white blood cells, essentially regenerating the entire immune system. "It gives the 'OK' for stem cells to go ahead and begin proliferating and rebuild the entire system," said Prof Valter Longo, Professor of Gerontology and the Biological Sciences at the University of California. "And the good news is that the body got rid of the parts of the system that might be damaged or old, the inefficient parts, during the fasting.”

Dr Eric Berg ‘s video below on the physiological processes involved in Autophagy is simple, accessible and very informative, last about 4 minutes – have a look:

The amazing thing is that Autophagy is a process that takes place on the karmic level too. It is well documented in ‘spiritual’ circles that fasting ‘burns karma’. One often experiences increased sensitivity to energies and also deeper Samadhi states when combining fasting and meditation and as a result the surfacing of deep-seated emotional conditioning is accelerated.

(To understand the deep spiritual state of "Samadhi", watch this Openhand video)

With increased clarity, strength of Mind and expansive awareness, karmic conditioning is felt through and moved more rapidly. When I used to do 10-day retreats with 11-12 hour meditation practice, I would have one small meal at 11 am and the rest of the time I drank only water. The fasting intensified the already intense meditation practice and I experienced the rapid purging of conditionings through the mind (in dreams and mental energy), through the emotional body and also the physical (pain, tightness, flu symptoms). At the end of the 10 days, I would feel immense expansiveness, presence, lightness and peace.

Ways to Fast and the benefits

Fasting involves abstaining from food and drinking only - as clean as possible/ideally distilled - water for at least 12 hours. Fasting protocols include drinking only water for one or more days and Intermittent fasting modalities.

When water is only consumed, full rest is advised and exercise or other stressors better be avoided. Longer fasts may need medical attention, especially if people are on medication.

Intermittent fasting modalities include:

Eating one meal a day and fast the rest of the day.
Eating for 6 or 8 hours and fasting the rest of the time. For example, starting to eat at 11am in the morning and having a last meal at 5pm or starting at 10.00am and having the last meal at 6pm. The eating and fasting windows can be moved according to ones needs and routine.

My personal exploration

Personally, I have tried all of the above protocols and currently, I do intermittent fasting most of the time. If there is a day when my eating window becomes longer for whatever reason, then I will come back to the protocol again the next day. I find this way of long term fasting suitable for my needs and for feeling healthy, vibrant and full of energy. It’s also a way to meet cravings as and when they arise and to process corresponding challenging emotions.

I also have a diet, which is 100% plant based and mostly whole foods (*See note below about the difference I feel there is between being vegan and having a plant diet). As a result, the discomfort that often is experienced with fasting protocols like headaches, excessive tiredness, dizziness etc is very very mild. Experts have reported that the more animal based, processed, sugar/salt and oil based diet one has more withdrawal symptoms of feeling unwell and ill. Similarly with medications. Therefore, to embark on a fast, one may need to first start a cleansing or detox program eliminating ‘trigger’ foods and feeding the body with vibrant plants foods for while.

Wholefood, plant based diet for optimal health, longevity and mental well-being

Dr Klapper, is one of the many medical doctors who advocates a wholefood, plant based diet for optimal health, longevity and mental well-being. He is also the cofounder of a health clinic in the US that offers fasting therapy that can last from a few days to forty. Here is a brilliant informative video where he explains in detail some of the reasons to fast, benefits and how to do it – it's unmissable...

NOTE: Veganism is an awakening.
I wholeheartedly feel and believe that animals are right-deserving subjects/persons just like all humans are. Rather than merely a diet or an individual food ethic, veganism is a stance, which aims at eradicating the myth that animals belong in the consumption narrative. Put differently, eating animals and their bodily excretions is a systemic issue and not one dependent on personal ethics (there are no “bad” people in my books!). Would not allowing a black person to drink from the white man’s fountain be an ethical question or a stance to Rightness/Justice/Harmony? To me, veganism involves an embodied inquiry and a collective/individual karmic clearing process for re-aligning with universal Harmony and Soul and for creating/expressing a New narrative and a New Paradigm of deep Freedom and Love.

Wise love,

Aspasia Heart



Lovely sharings Heart And this is mine...

I felt a pull to fast for two and a half days, one day dry and the rest water. Breaking the fast at around 12 pm today.

I feel more still, present, centered, sensitive, open and connected. At the same time, awareness is finer and more in tune to subtler layers of density. There has been clear discernment between hunger and craving. In my case, the body felt no hunger but the mind craved (thoughts of wonderful meals), which manifested in specific sensations of 'wanting' in my mouth and throat. As a result, I could also detect a very subtle contraction in my body and energy. And of course, a sense of determination coupled with the lightness I have been feeling supported my surrendering to the experiences until they passed away having offered me their gifts.

Earlier today I sat in meditation for about two hours. Progressively, awareness just deepened and opened more. At some point, the mind was completely still and if thoughts arose occasionally they just effortlessly disappeared into the ocean of "kind open and soft" awareness. That awareness that we are all gifted with and it is available every single moment! Ordinary awareness, mundane that deepens and expands and becomes so expansive that is ALL inclusive.

 Part of me doesn't want to go back to eating, which I will need to explore further at some point. But for now, a healthy fruit and salad combo to break the fast will be awesome!

Wise Love

Hi Vimal,

It's great that you describe your symptoms of shifting into intermittent fasting - it's highly likely that the body will need time to transition. Especially if one eats progressively less processed food and more into plant based. Including the necessary transition if earlier in life there's been consumption of animal protein. Yes the gut bacteria is a key one, which we must persevere to rebuild into a more natural alkaline state. One thing it strikes me to ask is have you given up gluten? Because gluten could also be the cause of some of the effects you describe - the bloating and wind. Whenever we go into any kind of fasting, the body is likely to emit toxin until it finds a balanced state and gets used to the new eating paradigm. So yes, be prepared to have to come through discomfort and explore remedial healing approaches.

Wishing you well - 18 hour daily fasting has become awesome for me - a new lease of energy.

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Hey Open,

Yes i have given up gluten much before. Because i have observed it aggravated the symptoms. Couple more research has shown me that i may be having mild gastritis. I connect with most of the symptoms. Specially it striked me when apple cider vinegar increased the irritation. I used to consume alcohol often when i was in college. So it maybe one of the reasons. These days if i eat spicy food or eat more than what my stomach is intended to take i get irritation and pain in my lower stomach below belly button. This is one of the key symptom. Primarily gastritis is said to be caused by a bacteria called H pylori which makes the stomach more alkaline by releasing ammonia  for it to thrive. Or it may be just inflammation in the stomach walls. I'm not sure which is it but fortunately it is not severe. Today i woke up very early and spend most of time doing yoga and journaling , and doing openhand bow and i was feeling very expanded until around 10 when i had some cabbage and pineapple juice and some raw ripe papayas. Cabbage juice is said to be an excellent remedy for gastritis but i think i over did it or took it even when the body was asking to stop and this aggravated the symptom. I think my energy levels came down significantly and i spend the time trying to pacify the symptom by taking some garlic. This i think is very important lesson with all this irritation is to feel what is right for me rather than opting a quick remedy by using the intellect. Still some of the best remedies are said to be aloevera juice ,wheat grass juice (both of which i'm only growing in my terrace) and cabbage juice. Also fermented foods are said to reestablish the balance in the gut and journaling the symptoms. I don't think i have lactose intolerance ,so im taking curd(yogurt) and also exploring kefir. But overall its very interesting because something like needs to be there to give us that extra push to change our old ways and eating habits. So i welcome it. 


Vimal :)

Hi Vimal,

I went through something very simliar to what you're describing - which took be a few years of concentrated attention to resolve. For me too, there were various inner conflicts between substances which should have worked fine, but to a while to settle and integrate.

I'm suprised by the reaction to apple cider vinegar though - it is often offered as a great solution to helping rebalance an alkaline gut environment. Have you tried diluting it in water and lemon juice?

Plus rebuilding the stomach lining with plant biotics (like cabbage and sauer kraut) will be essential. I would imagine the galic also helps illiminate parasites in the mix - which is very helpful.

All of this might seem like a phaff, but it will greatly increase your internal sensitivity and dialogue - which can only be a good thing.

Do you get avocados where you are? And kale? I find them both great in balancing the system toward a more alkaline state.

Best wishes

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Hi Open,

Your reflectionsleft me pondering. Its goood to be reminded of the importance of patience,keeping it light and having a laugh. I tend to focus too much i forget it. When you said,it takes years for realignment,at first it disappointed me. But that's ok, I trust that things will 'spike' in my field when I'm supposed to see it. 

I noticed the extra 'o' in good. I'm not editing it! lol

I want to say another benefit i noticed about intermittent fasting i that i need less sleep. For the last 2 days i wake up at around 3 am and manage to lie awake till morning. Time goes relatively quickly and i find that I'm more rejuvenated in early morning and there is plenty of time to do yoga etc. It has also become easy after the first 2 weeks. Im planning to combine it with a weekly 24hr water fast. 

There's definitely some relation to apple cider vinegar. For 2 days i took about 1 teaspoon diluted in water/cucumber juice i had a slight burning sensation in stomach,gas and irritation around the pelvic area/base chakra. Maybe if there's inflammation/irritation in stomach lining its not smart to put acid on top of it? The suggestion i found from DR Berg's video is to first heal the stomach lining by adding chlorophyll and then gradually put more acid. So im thinking cabbage/aloevera/ wheatgrass juice. Fresh fruits,veggies and fermented foods are also suggested. 

 Kale and avocados are not easily available but only in certain supermarket with heavy prices. Im sure theres plenty of other alternatives. I will look for alkalising foods. 

My father was diagnosed with ulcer a year before ,so maybe that's also a reflection? Bt usually gastritis is symptomised by irritation in the upper abdomen. But i have mostly below belly button and third chakra. So its a bit confusing. Its manageable so i  don't feel its necessary to have a medical checkup though.





Hi Vimal,

I'd definitely say healing the stomach lining first is essential. And that could take a while.

Cabbage/aloevera/ wheatgrass juice sounds like a great idea - wheatgrass always felt awesome to me. I get the sense hemp protein/powder/seeds might help too.

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So, about having been intermittent fasting for some considerable time, about 10 days ago, I took it a step further - 23 hour daily fasting with the "One Meal A Day" (OMAD) approach. No, it's far from Mad! What I've experienced is a dramatic rise in physical energy, an increased expansion of consciousness which sustains in the higher dimensions, and is less prone to contraction when travelling through density - in the denser vibes of the matrix. I was very pleasantly surprised by the effect.

The amazing benefit of this approach, is that the body has 23 hours a day, where digestion doesn't interfere with the internal regeneration processes and the metabolism slows down. It means that consciousness of the soul can expand more readily into higher dimensional experience - the increased flow of synchronicity is quite astounding.

Anyone new to this may wonder if the body gains enough sustenance, and how do you manage hunger pangs?

Firstly, I've found that energy levels are at their highest in the immediate hours before eating. But after eating, the vibration lowers again, and there's quite a heaviness in feeling which can last a couple of hours before rising again. The rest of the time, physical energies are high, and I'm finding I can do strong physical exercise too - power walking in nature, and bodywork including circuits of press-ups and sit-ups - I actually feel physically stronger.

The hunger pangs were a challenge, yes. But, it's an incredible opportunity to explore deeper into how the soul flows through the bodymind consciousness. As the feelings came up, I took it as an opportunity to explore deeply into them. I realised the body was not hungry at all. But mostly these were cravings of some kind of sensory satisfaction - often felt in the mouth. So I worked to unwind any reaction to these and progressively the feelings transformed into a kind of empty lightness - which feels wonderful.

I've found the best time to eat, is between 1-2pm, in which I do eat plenty, but also slowly. The meal feels very special, and because I know I'll not be eating again for 23 hours I take my time, enjoy every morsel, and treat the meal as being very sacred. And although in the hours immediately leading up to meal time I do experience expectation and a desire for the food, I'm finding each 23hr period a journey in itself - a deep inquiry, which I thoroughly enjoy. So I certainly don't wish away the hours in between.

It's an amazing experience all round - I don't see myself returning to 'normal' eating again. This feels the new 'normal'! 

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This is really fascinating! Thank you for sharing. I find it really interesting the way you descibe the craving as a mouth feel. This feels really primal. Though I wonder how much is conditioning like pavlov's dog (not that I am comparing you to a dog lol!) Very cool sharing! <3

I'm finding when I read things from this thread it's helping to get me get back into detoxing and fasting - something which I've pushed away for a little while. Thank you. 

The intermittent fasting - for an hour a day has interested me and hearing the positives. 

I decided to start the other day. I had lunch over an hour and half but then broke it around dinner time; giving into wanting something warm and comforting - I think it was more emotional.  

Yesterday, I didn't eat until the evening and similar today. Just started with warm lemon water but then almost have to force myself to eat - 'though once I start my body is hungry. 

I feel once I start some sort of fasting/detox, my body seems to be happy to stop eating completely....and the strictness increases somewhat naturally. [though at the moment - I'm still having a morning coffee - I think this may fall away at some stage.]

I not sure if this wanting to fast [and having to make myself eat] is body wisdom kicking in or whether is showing something else - like appetite for life. 

'Though decided to let it run it's course somewhat and see what happens. 

Just felt like sharing. 

Jennaya 💛

Hi everyone, I'm still getting great value from Intermittent fasting. How's it all going for you?
I came across what looks like a great new movie on the power of fasting and felt to share it with you all. It looks like it's definitely something to check out....