The 4 Main Causes of Climate Crisis and the "Event" We're Climaxing To

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Climate Crisis is escalating day-by-day, clearly evident from increasing planetary storms, excessive heat and drought in places you wouldn't expect and vice-versa with excessive snow and ice in others. It's clearly become the next political "football" the shadowstate is using to further control society. What's essential is to consider the convergences of much larger galactic, solar and earth pole shift cycles, which are the real cause. We must embrace and equalise with these enormous processes in order to facilitate our Ascension into 5D consciousness. This is now paramount.

1. The Human Factor

We've become well versed to the mainstream media perspective (propoganda!) that mankind is the singular cause of Climate Crisis. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and COP26 single out the burning of fossil fuels and the release of CO2 into the atmosphere for a rise in global temperatures, melting the summer polar ice and the concurrent impact on global weather patterns - the dwindling Jetstream, causing hot air (in the northern hempishere) to meander further north and cold air further south. Together with the melting glaciars of Greenland, this would have a catastrophic impact on climate. But it's also highly likely that it is the ongoing Pole Shift that's the dominating factor in the arctic dynamic. We also need to be aware that in the antarctic, the ice sheet has been increasing, not decreasing (UAE News). Suffice it to say, it's abundantly clear that the IPCC have not considered all the interplanetary factors nor indeed cosmic ones in their models of climate change - at least in what's being made public.

Before I go any further, it's important for me to say that I most definitely DO feel man made climate change is a major factor. How can the rearing, butchering and global distribution of 65 billion grazing animals year on year in the industrial food chain not play a significant part? Nor the consumption of 90 million barrels of oil a day? Including the fact that society has cut down 50% of trees and obliterated 50% of the wild life since the start of the industrial revolution, how, in a rational mind, can these NOT be playing an instrumental part?

What's also fundamentally essential for evolving people, is to take ownership of what we consume and how we interract with Gaia. Simply to pass global warming off onto other cyclical climate factors (such as the Grand Solar Minimum or Pole Shift) means to actually disempower yourself. To truly shift consciousness is to become AS-ONE with Gaia and all sentient life here. Society has rendered the convenience and sanitisation (collective ignorance) to brutalise the earth with practically every step we take. It's essential we come to terms with this, recognise it, and therefore ensure our choices are made with conscious respect and gratitude, and where humanly possible, for the greater good of the whole in terms up our unfolding planetary shift. This can only happen by being completely honest with ourselves, and the earth that is our home.

It's clear to me that the Interdimensional Intervention that has so controlled society is the main cause of this excessive consumption - it's purpose being to strip the planet of its resources before moving on. It's then using this causality to singularly blame humanity so that it may control society even more.

Despite this, it's still essential that evolving people live with care and compassion towards Gaia, even though there are much larger influential factors operative. With this important proviso in mind, let's go on to contemplate other factors, that are becoming so monumental, they're starting to dwarf the manmade footprint.

2. Grand Solar Minimum

We're heading towards what's termed a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM), where although the sunspot cycle is on the increase, the GSM is moving towards the completion of a 400 year cycle, where the Solar Irradiance goes into apparent hibernation, and thus ushers in a significant cooling effect, which some have attributed to be the cause of the Mini Ice Age, back in the 1600's. The "Maunder Minimum" (as it was termed) is why plenty of alternative and mainstream sources have suggested the planet is not heating up at all, but that overall it is cooling. Evidence is sited of unusual seasonal snow in North America and Australia. But this reduction in Thermal Irradiance is only a small part of the overall GSM puzzle, as the bearers of recent heatwaves in Europe and Japan can tesify (Japan saw many thousands of people, during one recent summer, hospitalised due to the excessive heat... TheJapanTimes).

The problem is that a major unseen factor in the GSM is NOT being considered. Probably the biggest impact the Sun has on the Earth (and the rest of the solar system) is through electromagnetic coupling - the impact of ionsed particles and plasma, which is in constant descending and ascending spirals to and from the Earth. During a GSM, although the magnetic shield of the sun lowers, this Solar Wind activity actually increases, because it can more easily escape the sun's atmosphere. It means there's an increase in hot, fast, and highly charged particles hitting the Earth's magnetosphere. These charged particles bounce between the poles, which causes a cascading effect down through the ionosphere, which in turn greatly impacts the jetstreams. The climate impact clearly bears witness to this dynamic, where the meandering jetstreams have not only caused heating in usually cool places, cooling in usually hot ones, but also a strong increase in hurricanes and typhoons.

So although you'd expect the Grand Solar Minimum to have an overall cooling effect on the earth, the reverse can be true, and most essentially, the global weather patterns go topsy turvy as the jetstreams are greatly impacted by the solar wind, and what's termed electromagnetic "Solar Forcing".
Here's a scientific overview of: the Sun's Solar Forcing on The Earth

Another factor in the equation greatly amplifies this already tumultuous effect on our climate. That is the Pole Shift, where the earth's magnetic field greatly lowers before flipping around (which would cause the already increased Solar wind to have an even greater affect on the Earth). Curious that this is converging in the SAME period as the Grand Solar Minimum (approx 2020 - 2050). Perhaps there's a galactic trigger behind it all? Let's first consider the effect of the climaxing Pole Shift.

3. The Pole Shift

Although the axial poles of the earth's spin remain (generally) constant, the magnetic poles are constantly moving due to flows of molten iron in the earth's core. During earth's history, there have been plenty of times where the magnetic poles have moved strongly away from the axial poles and eventually flipped right over in what's termed a "Pole Shift". Right now, we are climaxing to the completion of another one. This has a tumultuous impact on the climate. As we move towards the flip, the Earth's magnetic shield greatly lowers and weakens, as is happening right now.
(Here's an Overview on: Possible Effects of Pole Shift)

This makes the atmosphere even more susceptable to cosmic rays plus plasma and charged particles from the sun. In the beginning, the Pole Shift will lead to a heating effect on the earth because of the extra charged particles that get trapped in the magnetosphere and increasingly extreme weather as the impact cascades down through the ionosphere and into the jetstreams (with the proviso that increased Volcanic action caused by the onset of the Pole Shift can also lower temperatures due to the atmospheric masking effect).

My intuition tells me that it is the Pole Shift which has now strongly taken over from manmade climate change due to the destabilising impact on the jetstreams. It drives cold air into places that are usually warm and vice versa. And as the poles move, it will greatly reduce the natural cooling effect where the poles once were.

It cannot be overstated how destructive a Pole Shift will be, both to the climate and the Earth's environment as a whole. UV and cosmic rays hitting the earth's surface will surge, biblical winds and tides will sweep across the surface, volcanoes and earthquakes will greatly increase, until at the culmination, the earth's crust can detach from the mantel, flipping the continents around like peel detaching from an orange. All of the last mass extinction events have been timed with a previous Pole Shift. I know this will come as shocking and frightening to plenty, but the way things are moving right now, we could well be around just three decades from the completion of the current one. Which is interesting timing, since it would coincide exactly with the current Grand Solar Minimum.

At this point, I think it is essential to say, in sharing this information, it is certainly NOT my intention to sensationalise or spread fear. My purpose is to invite your own inner inquiry. The system's clear agenda clearly seems to blame the changes on manmade emissions so as to direct people into a more "sustainable" high tech (and controllable) society. Crucially it's only by being in truth that we can navigate an aligned pathway forwards. We must embrace the much bigger picture because this then can illuminate our consciousness as to the best orientation and alignment of soul in our own lives - to 5D Ascension, rather than the controlling machinations of the shadowstate.

So, we have transformations in the sun converging with the Pole Shift that are greatly impacting the climate right now. Yet there is another, even greater factor, that is converging, which to me, is the 'trigger' precipitating the rising tides of transformation. Where Gaia might be considered our cosmic mother, and the sun our heavenly father, then the galactic core would be our grandfather.

4. Galactic Superwave

Everything is interconnected. You cannot separate out what's happening right now on earth from what happens to our sun and solar system. Just as you cannot then disregard cycles and movements within our galactic core. They are all interrelated. Research of cosmic dust sediment in the antarctic and greenland ice sheets, conducted by the astro physicist Dr Paul LaViolette, revealed cycles or 'pulses' that emit from the galactic core, which are essentially bursts of high intensity energy including gamma and x-rays.
(Check out Dr Paul LaViolette's website: The Starburst Foundation)

As Dr LaViolette explains, "you cannot easily put galactic superwaves into a box." They vary in length, intensity and frequency, but the consensus is that the main pulses appear to happen approximately every 12,000 years.

Galactic superwaves have an enormous impact on the solar system, in that the cosmic dust they drag in would blanket and agitate the sun, causing it to heat up and explode outwards in a Nova event. There is clear evidence that it is this phenomenon that brought the last ice age to an abrupt end (in a matter of days) around 12,000 years ago, thus unlocking enormous volumes of water, and as countless mythologies around the world testify, led to the sinking of 'Atlantis', meaning (to me) the obliteration of the global civilisation at that time.

According to Dr LaViolette, we are ALREADY overdue the next one, which could come at any time. But most importantly, in my own sense, I would say the solar system is ALREADY being impacted by movements in quantum - consciousness - space from the next one, and this is why the atmospheres of all of the planets, and the sun, are changing.

Fascinatingly, scientists in Hawaii who've been observing the galactic core have recently announced it released a huge burst of infrared radiation, larger than anything witnessed before. Since the physical elements of the superwave travel near the speed of light, then it's highly possible they've witnessed the early physical effects which are either already with us, or soon will be...
Our galaxy's black hole spewed a super bright light

As with the Pole Shift, it would be easy to slip into negativity about the phenomenon. Especially when you investigate and realise how susceptible we are. But I prefer to consider them in another way. All realities are formed around karmic constructs of inquiry, and thus contain various levels of distortion. It's clear to me, our society is moving increasingly into a synthetic reality founded on AI and 'Smart' technology, that is grossly limiting and destructive to the natural alignment of life. It is sucking souls in, dehumanising them, and addicting them to transhumanistic ways of living that greatly detract from the natural rhythms and harmony. Life learns from its mistakes. Throughout the Universe, lower harmonies are constantly being broken apart and their energy - their consciousness -  reconstituted in higher forms. So personally, I see these galactic pulses as a means by which the galaxy cleanses itself of distortion, such that higher harmonic alignments can then take form. To me, this is the natural cycle of life, of death and rebirth.

When you take a step back from the mainstream and consider the dramatic climate changes that have been accelerating across the earth in recent times, it's clear, a much bigger perspective is now necessary to account for them. Personally I believe the evidence points to the interconnection of these various related cosmic factors with a pulse at the galactic core being the trigger that is firing them all off. You could even consider that the recent rampant revelation of humanity's shadow side in society is caused by these underlying shifts of consciousness that are dredging up the bottom of the barrel. And, I might quickly add, infusing plenty of sunshine too!
Check out this Openhand Short Video on Galactic Superwaves

So where might all these interrelated processes be climaxing to?

The Event

The Hopi Elders prophecised that a 'great cleansing' would sweep across the earth upon the completion of 9 key signs, the last one of which, would see the return of the "Blue Star Kachina". Many have speculated this final sign refers the return of some deity, such as the Christ Consciousness, for example. Meanwhile, many ancient scriptures and mythologies speak of Three Days of Darkness at the end of Time. Are these simply myths?

(Image from "Earth Under Fire", courtesy of Gaiam)

As explained by Dr LaViolette, when the next galactic superwave arrives, the plasma pulse that appears in the sky will look Blue, and the cosmic dust it drags in, will blanket out the sun for around 3 days before it goes into the Nova event. These mythologies are often carefully passed down in time for a reason.

To me, it all makes perfect sense. I incarnated somewhat unusually as a soul exchange walkin, around a life threatening car crash back in 2002. And as I did so, I saw spectacular visions of the earth being cleansed in a ball of fire, with souls ascending out into a higher vibrational existence. There was an unequivocal knowing in my heart this is what the earth is climaxing to, and that plenty of us had come to support the Shift into the Higher Paradigm.

Of course such biblical apocalypses have been spoken of countless times through history, and it's highly understandable that people would have grown a tad tired hearing about the next 'End of the World'! However, stay with me a while longer here: we're at a unique point in Human history, where for the first time, humanity has the insight and the technology to understand the cosmic science. And the internet affords the capacity to research and correlate the myths and facts. The evidence is abundant. And especially if you contemplate and feel the exponential increase in dramatic events and weather around the world in recent times, then it's just a small internal 'click' for this all to fall into place. It's abundantly clear to me, the evidence and the energy are building to what others are also calling an epic "Event", that will tranform Gaia into a new chapter of Earth's History.

What we have is clear evidence of a galactic trigger, causing a great transformation in our solar system, and especially the energetics of the sun, which is ALREADY reflecting into our climate and weather patterns. How long do we have before this final Event? No one can say for sure. But it would appear these various elements are all converging - Climate Crisis, the Grand Solar Minimum, the Pole Shift and the Immanent arrival of the next galactic superwave. They all seem to all be pointing to a time scale of around 3 decades or so. Let's be clear, this is NOT the end of earth, but a transformation. And it is NOT the end of humanity, but the phenomenal opportunity for a new beginning in a new vibrational consciousness. It is NOT something to be feared, but embraced and positively uplifted by. Spiritual mastery beckons!

The question now remains, how best do we prepare for this Event?

Inner Transformation - 5 Top Approaches

Although the outer reality will transform beyond measure in the coming years, the most viable way through it all will be the inner journey. And although we can support each other, the 'leg work' can only be done by you. In the spiritual mainstream there are plenty of distortions abound that somehow this Event will 'raise our collective vibration into the 5D'. The growing infusion of energy will not only resonate the light of the soul, but it will ALSO stir up the shadow side, just as we clearly now witness in the increasing craziness of society. Only you can work through your karmic density, which will take an abundance of dedicated spiritual practice and committed inner observation in daily life.

Exposing the Myth of the 'Critical Mass' Ascension

It is only you that can locate the lost fragments of soul and integrate them, such that your vibration may raise into the new 5D consciousness. Yes, we can inspire each other, a good guide can reflect and resonate, but we must each realise the New Paradigm for ourselves.

Essentially, it's all about walking the path of the soul, working through the shadow identity, releasing karma, unleashing kundalini and then activating the Spirit Light Body. This will be your vehicle of Ascension. And as the 3D/4D karmic construct ultimately falls away, and your physical body with it, then if you've processed out your karma, you'll continue on, in Earth's new 5D Paradigm.

Here then, are my 5 Top Approaches that I would recommend for your own Shift...

1) Learn to tune into your soul and follow it: there is being awake to the matrix and its system of control, but this is NOT the same as being awake to the soul, which in turn is NOT the same as following the soul. These are various stages of awakening. It's about becoming the observer of oneself in daily life, taking ownership of the reality you're manifesting, and surrendering into the interconnectivity with all of life, experienced through the soul. It's about then following the impulses of the soul felt through the heart and as the instantaneous landing of higher knowing.
This is all explored in Openhand's spiritual text book 5GATEWAYS
2) Turn into fear and karma:
fears and concerns will come up for sure, which is absolutely necessary in order to evolve, because they reveal where you identify and close down. There is ultimately no fear in a self-realised being. So get to know how this feels as tightness in the various bodily vehicles (physical, emotional, mental and karmic). Develop a daily process for working through them by equalising and breaking through as The One.
Explore this Openhand Approach to Daily Karmic Processing
3) Get to Know the Movement of Kundalini and how to Integrate it: Kundalini is the natural free flowing energy, from the Source, through your various bodily vehicles and back again. Due to the distortion of society and past life karma, it's been fragmented and disrupted, which enslaves people in lower behaviourisms. Kundalini will likely activate as progressive shifts leading to one full blown completion. This process will be highly challenging, but by recognising the effects and that it is beginning to happen, can greatly ease the process.
Openhand's Top 10 Signs of Kundalini Activation and How Best to Respond
4) Activate Your Spirit Light Body:
the higher dimensional vehicles are progressively activated through integrating soul by processing out lower density. This naturally liberates free flowing Kundalini, which then animates the higher vehicles such as the Spirit Light Body. You'll start to get senses of living the higher  5D paradigm here and now. We're currently living in two worlds, and you unfold into the higher by progressively attuning to it, learning to live it here and now.
Here's more on Living in 5D Consciousness Now
5) Fully express your soul:
you may get the feeling at times of 'what's the point to it all?' Especially when you come to realise the upcoming Event is going to obliterate the 3D reality. But the underlying point of the very Universe itself is expression of Self. There is nothing else going on! So if it serves you to be conscious and protect the environment anyway, then do respond to that calling. Or if you feel compelled to help relieve the suffering of other sentient life, then go right ahead. If you knew the world would come to an end tomorrow, would you still plant that proverbial apple tree today? I put it to you that a truly awake being would. Let's find those behaviours in life that bring us alive, connect us to the underlying flow and shines the light for others. What animates your soul?

11:11 - Everything Clicking into Place

People the world over have been seeing the synchronicity 11:11. For me, it has always pointed to the interrelation of 4 key centres of consciousness that are currently greatly influencing our lives and working to align: your soul, our mother Gaia, our heavenly father the Solar Logos, and the Galactic Core itself. Right now, I maintain we're witnessing vital signs that these are all activating. That's why the climate has moved into such accelerated and abrupt change in recent times - a wake up call that it is high time to lift our heads up from the Smart Phone microcosym, and embrace our place in the miraculous macrocosym. We are divine beings, and the unfolding Shift is beckoning us to peel off the layers of restriction and unveil our divine destiny, one that is in a higher vibrational reality.

Sounds like you have to be some kind of superman or superwomen right?
Not at all! It's in the day to day where we make all the difference. It's honing behaviourisms, forging the light of the soul, courageously working through karma. This must become the daily focus now. It is unleashing your aligned soul that will put you in the right place at the right time to experience exactly what you are meant to. And it will be immaculate.

I wish you all well in the Shift going forwards. It will not only be highly challenging, but epic and momentous. It's time for us to live with this much greater vision and thrive from higher consciousness. That is the vision of Openhand's work. If you resonate, explore...
Openhand Ascension Academy

In loving support.

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10/11/2021 Openhand Journal Update

Following the various machinations of the virus "pandemic", it's clear the next "hot potato" with which to control and cajole humanity is Climate Crisis. Personally, I do believe manmade fossil fuel emissions are having a detrimental effect, but that this is dwarfed by much greater cyclical factors that I've explained above: the Grand Solar Minimum, Galactic Superwave and the Earth's ongoing Pole Shift - they all increase the solar magnetic forcing on the planet. The shadowstate will try to shape the narrative to drive people more into its own high tech transhumanistic agenda. It's essential therefore we equalise with the much bigger picture in order to stay with the alignment into the 5D Paradigm.

No doubt at some point down the road, alien technology will be rolled out to "save humanity and the planet". When in fact Gaia is ALREADY doing it for herself in alignment with the solar system and galaxy - a great cleansing and healing process is underway.

This is something I'll be exploring with people in the upcoming 11:11 seminar I'll be sharing in Glastonbury Town Hall tomorrow (11:11 event details), which we'll be also filming to share here on Openhandweb. It's absolutely essential that evolving people align with the real shift that's underway, so as to prepare our consciousness for the transformation. So do review my article in the coming days. It's a lengthy read, but there's plentiful information and resources to contemplate and work with. I do believe there's nothing more essential than this at this current time.

When we're illuminated by the bigger truth, then this cascades through our consciousness and into our daily choices. It means our lives become aligned in all aspects, leading to successful and harmonious living as our lives progressively transform. And we can do so at a managaeable rate. Here's the lead article...

The 4 Main Causes of Climate Crisis and the "Event" We're Climaxing To

In loving support

Open ♥️🙏


You might want to know a little more about forming a remote angellic bridge, if you feel inclined at a soul level...

When I put my attention on the Bahamas right now, I feel an immediate tightening in the sacral chakra and solar plexus. This would be in line with the emotional and mental trauma that is likely prevalent there. So how my soul feel naturally to respond, is to hold that dissonance, but then come up into the heart and feel an opening there. I sense a connection into the angellic realm and when I feel the bridge is formed, then I start to spiral the energy anti clockwise upwards, using breath and sense of gentle will.

Also there will be dense karmic energy to take away. So with the outbreath, I'll breathe a spiral downards into the earth, or further still into the galactic core. This takes the denser energy away to be broken down.

So that's just a very basic sense and outline of how to work with it.

Open Praying Emoji


The Bahamas have been devastated by Hurricane Dorian, which has been fuelled by increased solar winds. It's something we can expect to see much more of as we move into the Grand Solar Minimum, where more of this Solar Forcing can escape the Sun's magnetic field. As I explained in my lead article, it's also amplified because the Earth's magentic shield is being lowered in the Pole Shift.

The people of the Bahamas could use our help right now, if you're willing and able to give it. Just sending some loving vibes their way can be greatly helpful. Especially for those souls who've passed on. In traumatic times like these, the soul might need a bridge into the angellic realm. Some energy workers will know how to remotely project their consciousness into the trouble spot and form a bridge. So I'd encourage those who feel they can do it, to do so. There are probably few in the area able to do it right now. And no worries if you lack the confidence as yet, you'll not do any harm. Just to feel the connection and support from the heart Heart

Here's a sense of what's going on from Democracy Now...


The Universe is no respecter of property. It does not respect crystallised realities and karmic constructs. In a Universe of constant change, change is the only constant. That's the story of the Bahamas as the historical hurricane Dorian obliterated all in its path. Of course this is not some 'vengeful God'. It is simply the Universe doing what it does. And especially when we place a fixed anchor in the flow, just as society has become, then in one way or another, space-time-continuum bends around that anchor and wrips it up.

We are cosmic beings of the Universe. This is why we're constantly expressing here on Openhand the imperative to find your cosmic God-self - that which is the movement of the Universe itself. That which transcends the crystallisation of form. That which is spiritual and not physical.

Nevertheless, let our hearts, thoughts and meditations go out to all those who have suffered the loss of their homes and habitat. And remember, what is well covered and publised in the Bahamas, is happening constantly elsehwere in the world too. And we are only looking at the very beginnings of what is to come. It's time to steel the soul, because ultimately, only this can endure.


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Hurricane Dorian is a monster storm that has demolished much of the Bahamas - let's spare a thought and a meditation for the inhabitants there. HeartPraying Emoji

Why was the storm so big?

Over the weekend, it was fed by Solar Wind travelling with plasma and charged particles at over 1.2 million miles per hour! The only reason it didn't create geomagentic storms was because the air was so thin.

Yet so few are talking about this electromagnetic forcing within our weather systems. It's time we started to realise the incredible impact of the upcoming Grand Solar Minimum - because effects like this will intensify.

Wishing everyone well out there

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Let our hearts and meditations go out to those people down the eastern seaboard of America and the Bahamas who are awaiting the impact of the latest monster hurricane Dorian. This is a classic example of what I was speaking about in my lead article above about the growing impact of the 4 main causes of climate crisis. This storm is being loaded by solar forcing geomagnetic coupling because of the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) we're moving into.

The 4 Main Causes of Climate Crisis and the "Event" We're Climaxing To (scroll to the top)

Just to refresh, the GSM causes the magentic field of the sun to dwindle, which although reduces the Thermal Irradiance effect on our planet, neverthless allows more solar wind and charged particles to hit the earth's outer atmosphere. This in turn is amplified as we move into the culimanation of the current Pole Shift where the earth's magnetic field lowers. And so the charged particles cascade down through Earth's atmosphere, into the ionsphere, which then has a massive impact on the weather. Hurricane Dorian is being loaded by this solar forcing effect.

You can get a very informative view from this video...

It's essential that we have a perspective on how all of these factors interrelate, because they're impacting our lives and the shift in a very real way.

Sending loving compassion and illumination to all who might be affected.

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Jen and Marije,

Thanks so much for sharing, for Relating! I'm really glad I reached out now. It really helps to feel that connection with both of you, going through similar individual themes within different life circumstances. 

I didn't realize it til just now, but I watched an Ellen DeGeneres stand up comedy special today (not my typical fare I admit!) ... and the name of the special... was "Relatable." :) She talked about a time in her life in her early 20's, when she lost her best friend and roommate in a car accident, and had to live in a crappy basement level tiny one bed apartment infested with fleas because it was all she could afford - and not knowing what the hell to do or what she was good at. She wrote a heartful letter to God involving those fleas at that low point, which turned into her first comedic bit, which turned into going into stand up comedy, which turned into achieving and having everything she could possibly desire.

The one thing necessary to keeping it all together was that she had to keep her sexual preference under wraps. Which she didn't think was that big of a deal. Plus at that time, 15+ years ago, it was considered family and career suicide to "come out of the closet." But she started gradually feeling like something was amiss - although she still didn't know what - and began noticing strange signs like seeing 11:11(!) every time she looked at a clock.

One morning she woke up after a vivid dream in which there was a bird in an ornate wooden cage, and noticed that the cage was pressed directly against a window. And the window was open. In the dream she told the bird to stay in the beautiful cage, where it was safe, but then she suddenly turned into that bird herself. She responded that she needed to go. Suddenly she realized that the space between the bars were large enough for her to fit through - that they always had been - and she flew through them and out the window into the open sky.

She said that dream made her aware of the fact that she could no longer hide any part of her true self, and was no longer willing to. She said wasn't even aware she was living in a cage at all until having that dream. So she made the immediate decision to come out, ignoring the advice of pretty much everyone close to her, and did so live on the Oprah show, the biggest television stage around. After that, she suffered for three years, lost all of her money, and no one in town would cast her in anything. 

And man...  Ellen now - at least in how she came across to me in that hour long special - is living this over the top, epic yet simple life being true to herself, doing so in a way that IS actually Relatable, and that relatability inspires countless people to have a look at and even break out of their own cages.


Thanks for inspiring us to do the same. This particular one hurts like the dickens. LOL at the cowgrazing though.



Hi Eric, Jen, Marije - great to have you tune in. Slightly Smiling

What I feel to reflect is 'spinning in circles' - going through similar processes, round and round again. Especially and even though we know the truth, but are subtly trying to avoid it.

It may sound a bit blunt, and a bit hard, and a degree unpleasant. But I know what it's like, having been there myself.

There was one time when I was pretty stuck and found it hard to make a choice in either of two particular directions - like you Eric, things would build, and then fizzle out. Things were kind of okay, but not where I knew they could be.

It's then that I realised I didn't necessarily have to make a choice. The key was to really deepen in the process and place that I was then at - to deepen into all the emotional and mental crap, that so want to tie people into the matrix. And so that's what I did. And I found rather than going in circles, it started to spiral deeper. The situations seemed apparently the same, yet they were becoming more intense and confrontational - they needed to be. It was progressively catalytic. Then the situation reached a crescendo and exploded. It had to. From that moment, the choice simply unfolded itself, and became clear.

I'd say the key to this is (if it applies to you) to first (1) be honest about going around in circles. And then second (2), assuming you want to break that, then go ever deeper into the cycles. Dig through all the sh** that comes up. Without forcing choices, become core splittingly honest with those around you and of course, with yourself.

Life will change this way, and greatly for the better.

And I know that people so often feel alone. If awakened people all just hung out together, it would be oh so much simpler (I guess!). But then we wouldn't understand the challenges and inertias - the grey areas - of living in families and careers and with that level of resistance to the flow.

But I can feel us all gathering, in the ether at least, and then in the physical too, somewhere down the line.

Wishing you all well - big bundles of love coming your way.
PS - as I write this, I'm on cliffs overlooking the ocean and with a heard of cows grazing around. They keep going around and around in circles, but chewing the grass ever deeper!

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Open and all reading,

Reading this article (which is much appreciated) I didn't feel much of a reaction, which was somewhat superprising. Right now I am in the density, feeling blocked in my creative ability - an inability to manifest authentic expression. The word that actually just landed is "impotence;" Ugh. I'm noticing it's underlain by a very deep sense of intense frustration with my own perceived lack of progress. I don't even know what it is that I'm ignoring at the moment, except this sentence itself looks ridiculous, and I'll dutifully be going into that frustration at some point in the near future.

It feels like I'm isolated, in the middle of a desert, somehow both deserter and desertee. 

There's an acknowledgment of my own responsibility in my current state, as small "i" doesn't like being pushed, manipulated, or especially monitored, and it reacts via rebellion and isolation. Growing up I had the challenge of highly overprotective parents - specifically my mother - both of whom's hearts were in the right place but were just repeating the patterns of their own parents. My mom was the overprotective, hugely passive aggressive one that steered the ship, and my dad got to be the participant voyeur as long as he didn't rock the boat too much and kept peace with my mom. I used to intentionally push his buttons so he'd lose his temper with me, rock that boat, and divert the attention from my own actions to his, so I could have some peace and time to my fricking self.

Ha - as I wrote that, my wife just now goes, Would you stop being so NOSY all the time? Nosiness! Nosy McNoserson!...feeling comically annoyed by my super inquisitive daughter, whose first day back at school was today and was just intrusively reading adult paperwork over her shoulder... 


More specific to the article: the first thought that landed was It's always something. A feeling of exasperated futility. It came out in a sigh. It's like I've been told 1111x times and I still just don't get it. There's always been a sense of urgency, but again small "i" does NOT like being pushed, and I often find myself rebelling by isolating myself with the attitude that I am supposed to do it all myself without any help.

Although on a side note, it does help to know that where I am in the "Breakthrough Cycle" heavily influences my emotional reaction. If I had read this article while in process of breaking through? The feeling would be Acceptance. Courage. Bring-It-On-iveness. If I read it already having broken through, in the midst of surfing Higher Flow? Joy, spontaneous connective creation. Catalyzed potential manifested. Nothing better!

From a creativity/career/providership standpoint - I'm still in the midst of transitioning to something new over the past 6 months after 18 years in the corporate world. Lately though every proactive action I've taken seems promising at first but then fizzles out. Interesting potential opportunities pop up, but then they all pop like bubbles. And I used to be really adept and efficient with simple technology, but lately, things like sending a simple email attachment takes over an hour because of all manner of insane glitches and "I can't believe THAT just fricking happened" moments. 

I haven't been able to determine if the higher course of action is to continue to persevere within a specific creation, like going all in to finish the book I've been writing, which feels just as BLOCKED as I do right now. Or just let go of that for a while, and do something different. And/or up my spiritual practice duration and intensity, and come back later to finish it when I'm not enmeshed in density like I am now. The song that just popped up on autoselect is "Afraid of Time" from the Interstellar soundtrack.

The one thing I do know for sure right now is that isolation isn't the answer, so maybe part of a pending breakthrough is reaching out here. 


Thanks for listening - reflections/comments welcome!


PS - After trying to post this several times, every single time there is immediately the very strong, violent urge to just delete/abort the whole thing. Suicidal thoughts from childhood forgotten and buried are now popping up. Welp; I know where start looking now. Ugh x2


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Hi Eric! Thank you for the honesty in your post. I too have recently recognized so much of what you share... the effects of being overprotected, the frustration of not making progress and the awareness of isolating... needing to do it alone. This has all been very much the landscape I am exploring. There is a lot I want to write but I am also really tired... so I will just say that emptiness has been calling me... don’t know if it resonates or if it means anything to you, but the sense that I am spinning in circles in a cloud of my conditioning around the central feeling of emptiness.. which no external connection, support, meaningful occupation, sense of external freedom can or needs to fill... it all feels like a million ways to dance around the edge sometimes (referring to my own way of being in it- not yours)  .... and what if I just allow all that’s experienced to carry me into this place? Also sharing my authentic reality is very healing at the moment ....old learned ways of coping with intense feelings “I’ve got this, no problem!” ... seeing it in my child ... the way unacknowledged pain comes to the surface however it can... thank you for sharing the struggles and I look forward to the reflections as I relate so much to what you shared. ❤️


I hear your view Alex, and respect it.

I don't think life is that great however (generally) if you're a cow, or a sheep, or a pig, or a, or a..... (add in here the 200 species that are going extinct day!). And not so good either if you're one of the 65 million refugees. So I guess it just depends on where you're living. In the developed nations, people are still quite protected by the system. Although I think we're going to be seeing food shortages pretty soon, due to the challenging growing season.

That said, I'm an optimist - I see that consciousness will unravel itself and liberate itself - and that can only good thing.

And yes, let's have a great celebration while it all happens!

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I’m interested in how many world religions, native spiritualities & spiritual teachers have been preoccupied with end of the world predictions for many centuries & millennia.

I’m sure there must be something in it & that humanity’s time on Planet Earth is limited, but my sense is that we’ve got many centuries or millennia left to live as a species & that our decline will be gradual rather than catastrophic.

Life on earth (for humans at least) is still pretty good, all things considered. If you look at literacy rates, world poverty statistics, life expectancy, prevalence of wars & violence (in relation to world population), infant mortality rates & general world health, we’ve never had it so good!  

I’m currently more interested in enjoying what we have rather than worrying about what may or may not happen in a few years or decades.

If we do become extinct as a species, let’s enjoy the remaining end times & go out with a bang!

I know that I’m being a bit provocative in saying that ;-)




Hi Open! I just read your article & posts on this thread. Initially my feelings were, oh no! more catastrophic end-of-world predictions, here we go again. Then a peace & a numbness descended over me. A welcome break from the near constant anxiety I’ve been feeling recently.

I may elaborate in another post soon.

Best wishes, 



When I was exploring into the effects of electromagnetic coupling between the sun and earth, and how the Solar Wind intensifies during a solar minimum, I came across this Ted presentation. There are some great aspects I find that bring it into perspective...


In recent weeks I've been quite shocked at how the climate has started to change so rapidly. Why the sudden escalation? It was during the Facilitator Summer School when we were blessed on the final day with a magnificent crop circle illumination that the inquiry grew in earnest for me - it seems the whole crop circle season has been dedicated to changes in the sun. So I felt I needed to explore the science of it, which I've been doing pretty full on since then.

You'd naturally think that the sun transfers energy mostly to the earth through Irradiance - a heating effect through sunshine. Actually this is not the case. This actually warms the planet to a fairly small degree. However the Solar Wind and Sunspot activity greatly impact the upper Thermosphere, and it is this that cascades down, thus creating the main warming effect.

Now even though we're entering a Grand Solar Minimum, although the Thermal Irradiance is reduced, the Solar Wind will likely increase. And this is amplified on the Earth as her magentic field diminishes during the Pole Shift. And clearly, to me, since everything is interrelated, you have to consider the Galaxy as triggering it all off.

Fascinating science! Fascinating convergence!

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