Facilitating the Shift - Openhand Summer School 2019

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I'm feeling a tremendous amount of excitement as I write this. It's facilitator week in Avebury beginning today. And we've got a very international group of aspirants joining the gathering, people who've travelled plenty with Openhand. For me personally, there's nothing as rewarding and fulfilling as facilitating the emergence of soul in another. It's the pinnacle of what this work is all about. So what's involved in being an effective spiritual facilitator? How do you hone your craft and get it out there so people might connect with it? And how does this all interrelate with the Shift?

We'll be exploring these essential questions during the gathering this week. If the subject interests you, do join us through the ether. I'll be sharing daily posts, updates and suggestions about how to develop your facilitator skills.

To get us in the mood and the ball rolling, I shot this brief video diary from a previous gathering down under in Oz. Do share afterwards what fires your passion about facilitating and supporting the shift?...

I very much look forwards to having you join us.

It's sure to be an inspirational and instructive time.

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And meanwhile another crop circle has appeared in Hampshire.... I don't normally feel a lot regarding crop circles, but somehow there is something about this one that strikes me. Other than that I get a sense of something related to the sun, and astrological charts, there is a sense of an inward and outward movement happening at the same time in there, perhaps a ascending and descending spiral?





A new crop circle has just appeared in the area of the Summer School - take a look. To me it seems to depict ascending earth from 3D to 4D to 5D - the new layer around the central circle. And it could also include a galactic element with the outer circle? What do you make of it...


For me, all of these small shapes inside the earth tetrahedron are pushing in direction of the center. It feels like my solar plexus is compressing and being narrowed down, a rather unpleasant feeling. The six triangles around the corners of the earth tetrahedron do appear to strengthen the compressing down - but rather coming from an external space (opposing consciousness?) than from the inside and holding the compression into place.

However, when focussing on the sun tetrahedron with its clarity and the six wedges of the circle on the outside it feels quite liberating. 

The message seems to be to let go of the lower self and the compressing density it emits and to liberate into the higher, clearer energies of our divine consciousness.

with love,



When I gaze it for even a few seconds it seems to have a hypnotic effect (a bit like a rotating spiral) and gives me an unpleasant feeling of being drawn into the centre of it - I found it quite hard to look away. A crop circle has never had that effect on me before - very discomforting!



Here's an interesting crop circle that just appeared not far from where our Summer School took place, but again in Hampshire rather than the Avebury area in wiltshire. My sense is its genuine and appears to relate some very interesting messages. Take a look at it, and as you do, get a sense how you feel. Then get a review of my sense of it below...

Firstly it clearly depicts the Merkabah, the human vehicle of Ascension with the two interrelating triangles, one loosely representing the higher self and the other the lower self. Which is all great. But to me the smaller designs inside the top triangle give the feeling sense of blocking. There are 3 sets of 6 smaller shapes and 6 rows of 5. When I gaze at it for too long, it seems to mess up my frequencies and gives and uneasy sense.

When we were in the Avebury area, I had the sense that there was an etheric energy blocking the general area, which we worked to unwind. Maybe then, this crop circle is demonstrating that this is indeed the case - something in the ether that's trying to block the higher shift. It could relate to 5G or AI, or something else. I shall be going back to that area in the coming days for a deeper inquiry.

Do share your thoughts/feelings

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Hi everyone whose been following this thread and involved in the Openhand Facilitator Work. We caught some stunning and evocative footage from the event this year, which I felt to compile in this video for you all. Enjoy, it was an epic adventure for sure...


Hi all,

I like to send my gratitude to all who participated in this event. Everyone of you gave me something special just by being you. Extra thanks to Open for tirelessly keeping the spiritual sheep together and Aspasia for kicking the sheep in the butt when necessary.

Thanks Sam for your sharing and the link. That's magic indeed. And thanks for your heartfelt hospitalty in your Belgian home. Hope to visit you once more and exchange more creative ideas.

Thanks Anastasia for giving me clarity on my awakening Merlin magic.

Til we meet again fellow Openhanders.

Eelke morphing slowly into Apollonius.


Fascinating - it wasn't me! I can assure you I didn't sneek out in the middle of the night with my drone and boards!

It's difficult to know if these are authentic unless you visit them on the groun and feel the energy. Also the really great ones, which I believe would be practically impossible to fake, are those with depth, perception, shadow and intricate geomteric design.

The one above sure is fascinating. To me it speaks of the galactic core with solar systems orbiting around it. The interrelation of our earth with the sun and galaxy are clearly a central theme in this years creations.

Thanks for sharing

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It seems someone has just created a crop circle of the drawing that Open usually demonstrates at Openhand events Tears. Just reported today in Wiltshire....



Back in Austria now and I'm still feeling the energy of the Summer School flowing through me. To experience such alchemy, growth, divine and co-operative purpose, love, emergence and of course fun has me feeling extremely blessed. 

Hats off to Open for holding the energies and weaving the magic through them, especially during challenging group processes. And to Aspasia for all the support, artistic investment behind the camera and as unofficial retreat DJ ;-)

And to all my fellow particpants who each made the experience such a special one in their own unique way. 

Much love to all,




It was such a gift to feel the divine everywhere in this Facilitator gathering. Thank you Open for creating the conditions for everyone to explore, dive deep, unravel and feel the emergence of the divine inside and outside.

The Divine always present...

In the felt sense, as much as in the mind

In the connection, as much as the disconnection

In the chaos, as much as the structure

In the separation, as much as the unity

In the land, as much as the ethers

In the fire, as much as the water

In the soul, as much as the body

In the confusion, as much as the clarity

In the expression, as much as the numbness

In the silence as much as the movement

In the Emergence...

The mantra Purnamadah sang by Shantala is a gift for the senses and an altar of the divine  present in all of us. Keep Traveling in Trust <3




My heart is still brimming with the sense of love and divine connection since our wonderful Facilitator Gathering. Besides the hard work we all tirelessly invested, there was also plenty of joy and hang out time. I recall especially the final evening, where we danced soulfully, alchemically woven by Aspasia's divine embrace. What a fabulous play list!

Here's one I felt to share with you all - "when you're lost in the dark, keep your eyes on me (the divine!)"...


The Avebury Facilitator Summer School drew to an epic conclusion, better than our wildest dreams. I say that, but actually I did dream it!

I'd been pretty perplexed why there had been no crop circles in the Avebury area to date, where usually you might consider it "crop circle grand central". Yet thus far in the season, not one single one had appeared. It's when we were out on the group doing our field energy work I understood why - it felt like energetically the whole area was on some kind of lock down. To me, and others in the group, it felt like some kind of alien technology was interrupting with the frequencies of the land and ley lines.

There were many places we were given to work, and at times it was pretty intense, dense and challenging. But the group worked through admirably, and we could all feel a palpable lift in the surrounding energy by the close of the last full day. Synchronistically the flow guided us to a quiet market town called Marlborough for some free wheeling synchronicity 'treasure hunting'. And what should we find? Apart from each individual reflection, the group "Lighthouse Family" just happened to be playing an open air gig in the village that night! Check out their signature track then tune in for part 2...

It seemed like perhaps our treasure hunting and the "Lighthouse Family" magical synchronicity might be the conclusion for our gathering. Yet I'd had a dream a couple of days earlier, where as we parted on the final day, we'd be gathering in a crop circle somewhere nearby. There was a sense of magic and expectancy in the air. And certainly a feeling for me that with all the amazing clearing work that had been done, that there'd certainly be a reflection from the Universe.

And then "Pow!" A tremendous crop circle appeared right at the conclusion of our final day.

So after a final night's partying and rest, we hastily assembled our gear and made our way down there early on the parting day. I can tell you it was utterly spectacular - for me especially the first view from high up on an overlooking ridge. It spoke clearly of the sun, a reflection that it would take centre stage in the culmination of the Shift.

Here are some photos we captured...

Our view from the White Horse ridge...

Making our way carefully and respectfully in...

Feels like divine magic at play...

Rich, magestically holding centre space...

Peace, healing, mysticism and serenity...


An epic conclusion - sending loving vibes to you all out there in the Openhand Coummunity HeartHeartHeart...



So I have started deliberately stepping onto those things which fire my curiosity and interests like trekking, singing and meeting up with people. I wonder which is more deliberate - holding back and observing or stepping on with courage and determination. I have quite a few synchronicties coming my way in the last 2 days. First of all I met up with a friend of mine who is an inspiration to organize some short travel. That didn't go as planned but u got the opportunity to listen to some of his stories. This guy is unbelievable on so many levels. He has a crippled leg and with a dozen other medical condition. But I have never seen him without smiling and his mind is full of excitement and vigour. He talked to about his recent achievemt of cycling 12 hours straight for more than 200 km. After only 20 km he had blood coming through his prosthetic leg and filling his artifical urinary bladder. With stabbing pain with every pedal, he didn't stop but kept going and completed his mission. Now I don't really know, if he should have a stopped or kept going and chosen another time and place. This reminded me of a story from Chris's experience in the breakthrough book.

This friend of mine, may only be crippled in his body but I feel most of us humans including me are crippled in our mind with fear of losing our beliefs, destroying our illusions, perfectionism etc. And it has the same effect or maybe even more. Some time back, I was invited to play guitar for a band and that day I felt this same crippling effect. I got this 'problem', where I need everything mapped out before I'm playing, otherwise I get stuck. That day in the jamming studio I experienced some self judgment in the start and consequently my space being invaded my entities distorting my experience. I found reasons to quit and move on. Now thinking back, I should have persisted with it a bit more. 

I'm reminded of this question from Open - what is it about that I need things to be comfortable? Is the universe always comfortable? Part of the reasons is for letting my illusion stay in their place and not get painfully ripped apart. I guess this in unavoidable if we are move forwards in our authentic path. 

Yesterday, after a short trekk through the woods and on the way back, I saw this funniest synchronicty. I saw a small pick up truck with the name of my inspirational friend. This is dragging another broken down rickshaw by attaching and pulling it with a rope. The message was clear for me. Its this inspirational energy and determination that pulls the life forwards. 



Yesterday we 'quantum jumped' to a very special aspect of the Facilitator Work - it's all about unblocking energy fields, freeing up leylines and establishing portals of Ascension - vortexes that can lift the energy of the whole vicinity.

In effect what you're doing is allowing the pull to guide you to a particular location that may have a big influence on the wider area, feeling into blocked or blocking energies by feeling it in your body, then working to break it up, unwind or unravel it. Following which, you can establish a boundary which becomes a foundation for an ascending energy portal. In this case we joined hands and sang progressively through each of the chakras, then moving the energy in spirals with feeling intention.

Yesterday was marvellous - the group took to the work like ducks to water!

Gathering in the carpark of a nearby neolithic fort and burial site. We're standing on one of the oldest 'roads' in the UK, which it's rumoured was one of the original tracks used to transport the Stonehenge stones. It certainly has a great sense of history and reverence...

Showing respect for the elders of the site in the ether. Asking if we may enter and be in divine service...

On our way up to an ancient fort site, sitting at the culmination of a glaciar from the last ice age. Jeff pointing the way...

Appolonius befriended by an unusual bug, what does it have to say? "Don't be afraid to be the maverick!

Alex getting close to nature...

Heike, "Calling all angels!"

Openhanders unite!

Don't be deceived by the humility of the misfit mavericks, we're reaching out deep into the cosmos, forming bridges and moving the energy...

Inspired? It's time for the energy workers to unite!

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Beautiful vid, I am so encouraged by what was said, great footage and the music touched my heart,very moving indeed. THANKYOU SO MUCH!

I cried with tears of joy!

One day shoulder to shoulder! Kindred spirits!  

Love to all.


Zee xo


We're having a deeply rich and rewarding experience here at the Summer School - so many gems arising for each of us, in terms of our own 'healing' and the direction forwards that our facilitation service wants to go.

I felt to explore with you tuning in what is the nature of true healing?

In this work we consider there's always two aspects to any internal challenge or problem we might have: (1) There's the unrealised aspect of soul (2) then there's the blocked energy that gathers around the misalignment.

You could imagine it this way: you put a rock into a stream, which then gathers the stream around it creating an eddy current. The eddy current then sucks in debris from the flow. It is this debris that causes the pain. The point being that a healer can take away the pain by removing the energetic debris, but unless the 'rock' has also been removed, then the problem will recreate, but perhaps in some other guise.

So what we're doing here is not working to remove the pain straight away. Rather to use the pain as an indicator of where the true source of the problem is - in other words, where the soul is identifying with reality and causing a block in the stream.

In the Openhand Approach to facilitation then, true healing is about assisted self-realisation. Only after which, help is given in removing the symptoms of the pain.

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The real key to successful spiritual facilitation the Openhand way, is to locate the triggering points that push those inner buttons of resistance that continually derail our reality. In these trigger points will be some unconscious judgment of the moment, some resistance to the way life is, or else denial of the path the soul is inviting us to take. Society tends to bury these trigger points under soft comfort and distraction. So our work is to delve deep into them, uncover and express them, so the attachment can be released. It's deeply healing and alchemical.

Here are a few photos of the first day to give you a sense of the energy:

Rich illuminating the way...

Jean going deep with Jeff...

Healing hands from Aspasia...

A touch of the angellic energy from Heike...

The embrace of the divine mother from Heather...

Empathic care and understanding from Hannah...


We wasted no time at all here on the Facilitator Gathering in Avebury - people diving straight into deeply embedded karma and working with each other to process it through.

At the core of Openhand facilitation is a process we call "SEER". It has the capacity to take people deeply through the inner layers very quickly, and right into karma - the reason we incarnated here.Here's a brief insight, bearing in mind that although it appears simple, it is not at all easy! 

The "S" stands for Set-up and Situation: facilitators establish an energetic space - a field of clear consciousness - in which to work. This has many considerations including reducing clutter and electromagnetic smog. It's about opening a bridge into higher dimensions, connecting with benevolent forces to work with you. Then it's about embracing the client in this space - embracing them within your own field. This in itself begins to resonate authentic beingness and activate subconscious blockages such as karma. Within this protective and energetically nurturing space, the facilitator will then ascertain from the client what they feel the session is meant to be about - bearing in mind, this can change through the initial meditation itself.

The first "E" stands for Exploration and Entrainment: through the use of skillful intuitive questioning, the facilitator helps the client explore their situation - what is arising in their life as challenging and to be worked with? The facilitator is trained to look for 'spiking' words that naturally emerge - words that spike in the field. For example: worthlessness, loneliness, fear, worry, sense of lack, neediness, responsibility or obligation. The approach is to then 'entrain' to this energy. Which means to give attention to it and activate what's underlying it - the karmic source pain which limits people's reality and creates the circumstances of their lives.

The second "E" stands for Expression and Empowerment: the facilitator encourages the client to express outwards the feeling of the source pain that their touching - that which is subverting their life situation. By fully expressing this pain, means you can become as-One with it. Instead of rejecting it and creating inner polarity (which is the cause of suffering), we completely embrace the pain by honouring it. There comes a crucial point where you - as the One - can then step through the pain and into presence. Here comes the empowerment part - because as presence you don't need the pain to go away. You can totally accept it. Here's the beauty of it - in that place, you reintegrate lost fragments of soul that were holding in place that eddy current of pain. The pain has no more anchor in consciousness. Upon which, you can work with the infusing soul to wash the pain away. The karma disappears! Instead of being disempowered by subconscious limitation, now the soul is empowered and the client can authentically create an entirely new narrative in their lives. It happens effortlessly as an arising flow through them. It's literally breath-taking to behold!

The "R" stands for "Right Action". As you become the One through the karma, then you reclaim the lost nugget of 'soul gold' that was buried there. At this point, people will be feeling the sense of a new aspect of soul coming through. This is utterly essential to authentic transformation. We're working then to help the partner express this new aspect of themselves so that it comes strongly through. They embody the new aspect of soul. Following which, we'll help them intuit what aligned actions to take in daily living. Old neural pathways which caused the previous limiting behaviourisms now progressively dissolve because the anchoring source karma which formed the roots have gone. It means more aligned and authentic behaviours can naturally come through. Hence people shape a more harmonious life aligned with the core of their soul.

It leads to successful and fulfilling living.


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Dear Openhanders,

Wishing you plenty of love and support through the ether. I am going to be tuning in as well ! 

Lots of love 



So welcome to all those tuning into the Facilitator Summer School here in Avebury. The Sun EmojiCall Me HandSlightly Smiling

Everyone arrived here safely last night, and I can say the atmosphere has different threads to it - there's excitement and anticipation, there's recongition of maverick misfits coming together as family, there's a great deal of humour, watching Jean and Appolonius trying to figure out how to put up their tent! And there's deep alchemical magic, as we all connected the circle last night in our opening meditation. Already there's masses going on and connecting in the ether. At our venue, we're right on the edge of many of the sacred sites and laylines in the area. So I know we're in for a magical alchemical time voltage emoji icon

We're all giggling because....

Is it a tent? Is it a kite? Or is it a spaceship?!

Once everyone has landed, the 'work' begins today with the main principle of Openhand Spiritual Facilitation, which is...

To always, but ALWAYS come from the energy.

What do I mean by this?

People who require facilitation will present with all manner of issues: be it in their careers, relationships, general living circumstances, whether they've got kundalini activating or processing karma. There will be a myriad if different issues that people would like help solving.

Here's the key to successful spiritual facilitation...

Whatever someone has going on at a surface level or in any disharmony they can feel, it's all about convolutions in their energy field. So to truly help them tackle the issue and come to a harmonious resolution, it's only going to be successful if you can tap into that space and help the energy field itself ailgn.

I've been in the most chellenging of circumstances with people, sometimes people who've been suicidal even, and I've watched great facilitators holding the space and hardly saying a word. Yet if you know how to work the field, the most challenging of situations can resolve themselves and the path forwards illuminated.

What we're really talking about here is faciltating a reconstitution of a person's "toroidal flow". Everything reflects outwards because of convolutions and disharmony within this field.

So let's say someone has a challenge in their job, in a relationship or with the movement of kundlinin for example. Everything in the outer manifests from this torus dynamic. Where there are blockages, they manifest reflective situations in the outer. If there's pain or disharmony, confusion or fear, it's going to emanate from convolutions in this field. If you can help the field realign itself, then you're already along way to finding resolution in the situation.

So how do you do that?

That's what we'll dive right into today. Essentially you activate and resonate your own toroidal field in meditation. Then here's the fundamental part...

You expand your Toroidal field out to embrace the other person. You then begin to feel their field within yours. You start to sense and pick up where there's might be blocked. You then bring your own attention to these places. This in itself will start to catalyse movement, animation and activation in those places. It takes facilitation to a whole different level than merely 'coaching'.

It does take some fair degree of mastery, and you have to be very clear on the inside in order to pick up and stimulate the activation of these blockages, but this is where deep alchemy is to be found.

So if you're tuning in, see if there's some way you can practice that today...
1. You could try feeling different things in nature - a tree, a plant or an animal for example
2. You could explore with a friend in meditation with a friend
3. If you're experiencing a challenging relationship, you could work to hold and feel the field between you and see how the dynamic changes by working with the sense of facilitating free flow.

See how that goes, then tomorrow, I'll share how we then take it deeper into illumination with the Openhand SEER inquiry process.


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"Listen to the song that's playing on your own soul's radio"

LOVE that! Thanks for sharing this Sam and Open =)

I am sure it will be a magical and beautiful week together exploring, growing, connecting. 

Tuning in with you all! <3