5D Human Activating

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What is the "5D Human", what does that mean? Especially how do you find it in today's craziness of the 3D world. This is a recording of Openhand's recent Facebook LiveStream exploring the 5D being and what typically gets in the way...

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One of the things that came to me prior to this Livestream was the sense that there's going to be an explosion in health problems for people who are taking this highly experimental (and dubious) jibjab. It's all to do with "spike proteins" and what they do in the body. For anyone arguing to "back the science", they'll need to start exploring deeper. Here's a short Podcast I felt to share which elloquently defines the problem. I would suggest sharing it widely...

“We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now,” said Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist and associate professor at University of Guelph, Ontario, in an interview with Alex Pierson last Thursday, in which he warned listeners that his message was “scary.”

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Dear Open ,

It already started . In India ,the controllers have done the best thing ever  . There is NO system for reporting adverse effects at all. Hence they can pretend they don't have any . They are rolling out the carrot of free jabs now and also the stick of " if you don't comply we will fire you ". They seem to be getting more and more desperate however and as word of mouth spreads about the adverse effects ,it's interesting to see what happens. 

I suspect the desperation is so that most people are jabbed before the end of the year when they plan to Reset the economy . 

On one hand while I do feel grief for all the sufferring ,there is also a strange feeling of dynamic calm.  As I lose a little more of the "saviour complex" I unconsciously harboured ( which came from karma) ,I feel happier to be alive each day. My practice is deepening and everyday a new layer shows itself( also implants keep appearing much more regularly to be released ) . I am much less concerned about how things will pan out ,there is much less " planning" even for the organic farming homestead with the Ayurveda practice . I am sitting in the middle of a hospital ,with jabbed people and a lot of misery surrounds me ,and yet ,right now I feel ...content . I am sure there will be more attachments to see and let go of,but I really wanted to share this. 

I am feeling a lot of movement in the heart centre since last night - something new is shifting within the field or maybe it's eclipse energies. 

Thank you all ,for just Being within this most engaging illusion :)


It's always such a pleasure feeling the connection of people around the world, kindred spirits, all tuning in and inspiring each other to deepen the journey and ascend out. Thankyou all for tuning in - here's the recording of the LiveStream.


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