5D Human Metamorphosis

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What's involved in the metamorphosis of 3D Homo Sapiens to 5D DIVINICUS? What do you do when you hit those crunch points of difficulty and unresolution along the path within the shift? On retreat in Mexico.

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Hi Open,

I usually start my day living in full flow, but as the hours go by and my bodymind gets tired I find it hard to reconnect. My body receives less infusion when I meditate and my mind tends to think more, making it difficult to feel the flow.

I suppose this is normal and I should sit with this tiredness. But would you have any further advice?

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Greetings Edu - I'd say that's fairly typical - the flow slows down or ceases when the bodymind gets tired.
But this can only really happen if there's identification with the bodymind. So the increased investment causes consciousness to diminish in the other vehicles.

When you get tired, turn into it - really feel through it. Work to transcend it. A good thing to do is to work on intermittant fasting - because there's more freedom of consciousness. Also, how much caffeine do you take daily? The problem with caffeine is that it keeps the bodymind going when you should really be resting. So the effect is to build increasing residual tiredness, which then catches up on you. Try doing an extended caffeine fast for a few weeks. This will likely make you feel more tired in the beginning. But when the body is cleansed, you could then drink some green tea or coffee when the body gets tired - but crucially, have plenty of days where there's no caffeine at all. The tea/coffee will give you a real boost when you need it most.

Best wishes

Open 🦋

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Hi Open,

So this tiredness seems like a good opportunity to transcend the identification with the bodymind. Now I see it in a different way!

Yeah, I'm a coffee lover, but I have no problem in leaving it away for the highest good. To me, it's more about the "ritual" and the taste of it, so I think I'll buy some decaffeinated coffee in the future. But I'm aware that drinking it daily will probably be a sign of conditioning.


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Since I started my caffeine fast (3 days ago) I felt a descent in my progress, which was very disheartening. So today I made some coffee again to see what would happen and WOW... just one sip was enough to feel all that lightness and expansion again. I took a few more sips, but then I felt it was right to throw the rest away in the sink.

I don't want fake spiritual progress, so I'm leaving caffeine away completely. And I advise those who haven't reached Gateway 1 yet to do the same.

This has led me to reflect more about meditation. I don't intend to keep asking questions all the time, but I'd like to share some thoughts about it since I'm more intimate with it now.

I notice that meditating has nothing to do with the mind, because it happens in the body. Energy flows downward from the crown and fills the whole body, causing it to relax (the silence of the mind is a consequence). Therefore, meditation is all about "holding" that feeling of relaxation in the body and allowing it to grow until one becomes that feeling, thus transcending it.

When I do that, my consciousness drops from the mind to the heart, the senses expand and the flow becomes clear. Am I getting something wrong?

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Hi Edu - it's great to have you share your experiences here đź‘Ť,

Firstly, with coffee and caffeine, it's essential to get to know why the need of it. Yes, it's pleasurable (to plenty), and there's absolutely nothing wrong in enjoying pleasure. But where we become addicted to a substance that elevates or shifts consciousness, the risk is to become dependent. Can you find a balanced harmony just in yourself. Maybe you don't feel so "up" as with coffee. Can you then accept and integrate what the density feels like without judging it? You will likely find the density reveals itself as the denser layers universal Torus. And in embodying them, you ground more and create more successfully as the infusing higher dimensional energy cascades in and can more easily crystallise.

In meditation, I would always recommend beginning with the experience that wants to happen now. Begin with what you experience. There can be nothing wrong with that. But do watch how it wants to evolve and change. Maybe the energies will also start to rise from the base for example. It sounds like meditation is going well for you.

Best wishes

Open 🦋

It's great to have a minute like this to get in tune throughout the day.

Thank you, Open Praying EmojiHeart


These videos are excellent! Very concise...easy to assimilate and take with you through the day and moving forward. 

We're on retreat in Mexico having a very deep, rich and transformational retreat. Here's a snapshot outside the studio - what's involved in the metamorphosis of the 5D Human?

Let us know your thoughts. đź‘Ť

Open 🦋

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Hi Open,

They feel GREAT to me! Clapping Hands Emoji

A quick reminder when feeling lost; an inspiration in a time of doubt; all very easily accessible. They combine such a burst of positivity and enlightening practicality. The phrase "short and sweet" fits them well! Heart Love the Mexican backdrops. Fabulous that you have more visits ahead that will provide plenty of dramatic and picturesque scenery around the world Emoji Earth Globe Asia

More please  Heart Eyes Emoji

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