5D Shift: Embodying the Higher Self to Form the Merkabah

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Ultimately the Shift is about activating and embodying what the ancient mystics have called The Merkabah. You're activating the subtle vehicles of the Higher Self and progressively purifying the Lower Self, which then becomes a chalice to receive the inflows of cascading divine light. You're here and now in the 3D, but being steered and guided from the higher dimensions. Here are some key considerations to support that actualisation.

Peak Moments of Divine Lucidity

Earlier on the path you'll start to get activations of Higher Self awareness, especially now as we're being literally bombarded with infusions of energy from the galaxy and the sun. We're moving into a Grand Galactic Convergence of the culmination of various cosmic cycles that are elevating the energy on the planet - it's why so many people are waking up.

You'll start to get poignant moments of divine lucidity: synchronicity around key numerology such as 11:11 that speaks into the fibres of your soul. Simply by noticing them, you're already beginning to weave the divine light. You'll start to feel interconnected with nature, creatures will jump right out and you'll become aware how their "medicine" is inviting you to be a certain way. You'll get prophetic dreaming and flashes of divine knowing, "This is the way to go now". It's simply wonderful, jaw-dropping at times, as you feel held by the divine.

But it's not plain sailing. Many times you'll feel cast out again, disconnected and derailed. That's because of the karmic density you still have the work through and because the shadow is playing its game of smoke and mirrors - charades to lock souls into its high-tech synthetic agenda. Be especially careful these days of the social media, and the 3-second dopamine spoonfeed run by AI, that trawls your usage and feeds back exactly what the ego wants - it's just a dim shadow of connective feedback loops with the divine that speak into the core of you.

The Spiritual Gym

It's time for hard work. If you're committed (and you'll need to be in order to progress) then you'll be in the 'spiritual gym' every day: purifying the physical body with deep conscious bodywork, high vibrational diet, decluttering your space improving its vibe; you'll especially be working on the emotional plane in relationships, being more authentic and honest in your expressions, setting boundaries and honouring your sovereignty; on the mental plane you'll be softening attachment to outcomes, working to break down fear and conditioning so the mind becomes a free tool of expression, rather than something which owns you.

You'll need to be working daily on multiple levels.

Through regular meditation, chakra opening and attunement, you're now readying yourself to embody more of the cascading inflows of higher light. The key is to be paying attention more to this guidance in daily life. You realise you're walking through two worlds not one. It's like the lower 3D world which is steadily unravelling, becomes more metaphoric. You're not taking things so literally, but looking through the configuring events and circumstances to find the deeper meaning and flow from the quantum field.

Here's insight into developing your daily 5D Shift Practice

The Genie and the Bottle

Especially when you're in meditation, you'll actually start to experience the energy of the Higher Self. You'll feel expanded, with a sense of deep peace and connection, but also highly active and alert. You'll feel held with the sense of belonging. You'll get deep soul-stirring of destiny activating in your life - a reason and purpose for you being here.

I've literally felt the Higher Self as a huge balloon of light, like a genie that's escaped a dusty old bottle. But here's the paradox: now you'll want to channel the genie back into the bottle again. Although this time, the bottle is cleaner and more expanded. You'll have to work especially hard at this point. Why?

It's still very dense here in the 3D/4D, and the shadow is reconfiguring its agenda by the day, purposefully to shut this divine energy down. Have no fear, for those who are committed, it will fail. And plenty of facilitators have now come awake enough to punch gaping holes of light through this density.  Nevertheless, you've still got work to do.

At times you'll feel like the Lower Self is too constricted, too limited to bring this energy in. I've often experienced it like trying to push a balloon underwater. The resistance seems too strong. But you can do it. If you work daily on attuning the chakras and centering in the breath to open the Lower Self, then you can expand the pipe and literally breathe the Higher Self in.

Sample Openhand's Chakra Attunement Meditation from ancient Himalayan Yoga

Keep Opening the Pipe of Divine Light

It's likely that for some considerable time, probably lasting several years, you'll be bouncing between the two: sometimes in that heavenly higher state, and at others, flailing around in the density. No worries, have no fear. This is the path. Keep working to detach from outcomes in the lower 3D. You can be sure you will create there, and you'll manifest like never before, but be prepared to bounce in and out.

Keep opening the pipe through dedicated daily spiritual work, and progressively, you open it wide enough to breathe the Higher Self down, so that it can merge with your daily experience. Now you're creating and embodying the Merkabah, so that you can actually live in it. You are Homo Sapiens no more - that was merely a bunch of limiting programs. Now you're activating the 5D Being and living at one with the divine here and now. It's heavenly, and you're ready for the ultimate Ascension into 5D.


If you've been inspired by my sharing and would like to work towards activating the 5D Human in you, ready for our Ascension, then explore the groundbreaking work of Openhand:

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings

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I am interested in this subject. I feel like I actually got my merkaba body spinning, actually felt I was levitating slightly during the past year when I went thru a dark night of the would, twin flame activated crazy time. 

when I read the above discussion I believe you are saying  that if you do the work, of praying, working thru past life and childhood issues, treat your body as a temple, etc your merkaba will become active because the energies are supporting that right now? 

I ask because I run a healing center, and I keep thinking I would like to find a facilitator to teach merkaba activation but maybe it is too personal of a thing, something that each person has to go through on their own?

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Hi Meribeth - welcome to Openhand 🙏

It sounds like you're having some powerful experiences around the Merkabah light body. Awesome!

There's absolutely no reason why we need to go through this alone. In a world that's going into a great deal of confusion and density, where plenty are lost in the distraction of the 3D drama, I think it's essential to connect with kindred spirits going through the Ascension. If you feel it would help to connect with a facilitator, then reach out to our Community Connector, Tilly Bud... Contact Tilly

Meanwhile, here's another Openhand video about the Merkabah...

Bright blessings

Open 💎


30/04/2024 Shift Update: Merkabah

Nothing can be more important for your journey here than activating the Merkabah. It's how we thrive as reality terraforms around us. You cannot sleepwalk into today as if it were yesterday - then you'll be behind the flow. It's learning to work with the Merkabah by purifying the lower self as a chalice; then activating the Higher Self and drawing the energy down where both merge around the level of the heart. You're walking through life with the cascading inflow of your Higher Self, expressed eloquently and fluidly through your Lower Self - the feeling is sublime...

Do read my lead article above...

Embodying the Higher Self to Form the Merkabah

We've got two pivotal retreats coming up in May, where we'll be focussing specfically on activating the Merkabah...

6th-11th May: DIVINICUS in the Desert:ZOOM
It's time to activate your Spirit Light Body for 5D Ascension, and navigate from it in your daily life. Dive deep into the "Desert of the Real" with Open, strip away any distraction, journey multidimensionally and shed the layers of ancient Human karma. This is Openhand's jewel in the crown stage 3 course, in the energetic harmony of your own home.
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17th-24th May: DIVINICUS in Snowdonia: WALES
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See you there!

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So how did you find my article above on embodying the Merkabah in daily life?
Have you started to experience it?

Here's a video I produced about the subject some while ago. Sometimes people call it the Spirit Light Body. But to be strictly accurate, the Spirit Light Body is only a part of the Merkabah, relating mainly to the Higher Self...


As I've shared plenty here on Openhandweb, when the Merkabah is fully active, then at a soul level, you decide when it's time to leave here, through the practice of Maya (or Maha) Samadhi.

Here's a Tibetan monk who has clearly undertaken just that. As the Shift ultimately concludes, I do believe it will be how plenty will pass on into the higher state of consciousness. You simply leave the physical body and step into a body of light - the higher aspect of the Merkabah.