5D Shift: The Patterns are Falling into View - Essential to Equalise in it

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The Shift accelerates right across our planet; the patterns are falling clearer into view now, and it's essential ascending people equalise with what's going on, because that's how you find the path of light through it. Here are the developing patterns: (1) There remains the zombified denial of society, desperately clinging to 'business as usual'; (2) Gaia is responding predominantly through the Pole Shift, which is accelerating earthquake and volcanic activity, lowering her magnetic shield, progressively opening the biosphere to transformative cosmic cleansing; (3) Meanwhile plenty in the Spiritual Mainstream are still languishing behind blinkers - thinking there's a sustainable 3D solution.

The unwinding cleansing through the 4D and into 5D IS the solution. Let's get real folks!

Business as usual? - unusual is the new normal!

It's a fascinating curiosity indeed, that society can still continue 'business as usual', when all around are the ever increasing mirrors of biosphere breakdown. We have the near complete summer melting of the arctic ice. This in itself should be sounding alarm bells in every corner of the globe, because it's certainly affecting pretty much every aspect of global weather patterns. Then there's the accelerating melt of the Greenland Ice Sheet, now an unstoppable event, that will partially unleash 50 giga tonnes of permafrost methane into the atmosphere in the immediate years ahead, thus greatly accelerating global warming.

And now, according to comprehensive scientific data, the Antarctic ice melt has tripled in the last 5 years (see EcoWatch). That's not to mention the 91 volcanoes recently discovered under Antarctica, one of which, is now active under the fastest moving ice sheet (see The Watchers). Consider it in terms of a hockey stick: we're approaching the end of the still gentle curve, before the escalation of changes goes vertical.

Have I got your attention? Good. 

The first question is to feel what goes on inside. If there's tightness at what I'm sharing, then there's still attachment and investment in the Old Paradigm, there's still identification with the physical self. And if that's still happening, it's essential to illuminate how and where. The sense of love and light will draw us forwards on the path, yes, but it is the fear and anxiousness of what's transpiring that illuminates the gateways we must pass through.

It's like being continually pulled into the eye of an inner karmic needle. You have to feel into the contraction in order to equalise with it, to normalise with the intensity of it, until it no longer holds you. It's when you're so completely accepting of the trauma, to the extent that you don't need it to go away, that you become as-one with it - you become The One in it. And that's exactly what this 'game ' is all about. From that moment, you reclaim the fragment of soul that was stuck in the delusion, and expand gloriously out the other side. You unleash Your Miraculous Cosmic Self!

Profound Self Honesty Utterly Essential

This is where profound self honesty is utterly essential. Without it, you're still an identity, still a polarity, that can get battered around by the twist and turn of fate. The spiritual identity for example, that can't accept the irreversible breakdown of the biosphere and Gaia's cleansing of 3D earth. Peel the veils from your eyes, see what is transpiring all around you - there is no sustainable 3D solution.

Humanity is consuming the planet at an escalating rate, and has ALREADY set in motion an irreversible event line. Society itself was the catalyst for the Great Earth Shift now unfolding all around us.
(here's the process of transformation from 3D to 5D earth).

Take a look at a mere snapshot of climactic events that unfolded across the planet early in 2019...

* More than 35 000 homes destroyed as TC Kenneth hits Mozambique
* Thousands affected after floods and landslides hit Indonesia
* Rare snowstorm hits Chicago, breaking 109-year-old snow record
* Deadly landslide hits Malawi after heavy rain
* Massive crop loss as heavy unseasonable rain hits Telangana, India
* Vietnam breaks its all-time record high temperature
* Snow and hail damage crops, block multiple roads across Lebanon
* Thousands of homes flooded and isolated as Canada's spring thaw worsens
* Severe floods and landslides hit KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
* Extremely heavy rainfall hits Spain, Costa Blanca
* 4000 domestic animals killed & 100 homes destroyed in large wildfires, Siberia
* Deadly landslide hits Rosas after heavy rain, Colombia
* Earliest recorded snow in history of Western Australia
* March rainfall in Nukuʻalofa extremely above average, Tonga
* Massive mudslide wipes out remote villages in PNG's Enga Province
* 3 000 vehicles stranded on Jammu-Srinagar highway after heavy rain and landslides, India
* Unusually high level of landslides worldwide, over 1 000 fatalities so far this year

What's Gaia doing in all of this?

It would be foolish to think that somehow she is powerless in the face of humanity's obliviousness. It's like resting on the ground, waking up from a long sleep, as you realise somehow the ground is moving - you've been sleeping on the back of a giant!

The pole shift has been ongoing for some considerable time, but now it's coming to its final culmination - according to Berkley Scientists, we will see complete reversal in the space of a human life time. This ought to be headline news across the planet, because it will leave no stone unturned. 

What's begun, is an escalation of earthquake and volcanic activity, right across our globe, for which the Kilauea Volcano has represented a crucial keystone. I could list reams of evidence - check out The Watchers

The Pole Shift will lower the Earth's Magnetic shield over time, rendering the biosphere open to transformative cosmic radiation - an essential part of the complete cleansing of 3D earth. 

How can we best ride the changes?

I know my frank sharing will likely take plenty into some degree of anxiety and even fear - it's okay if that occurs. Realise and accept that fear does not happen in a fully self-realised being, and therefore it illuminates the pathway forwards to your immaculate home coming. You've died and passed on a zillion times - what is there really to be afraid of?

On the contrary, what lies before us represents a golden opportunity. In times of gentle change, veils over true reality are readily formed across one's multidimensional eyes - we become closed down to our deeper cosmic connection. The mirrors that are now progressively presenting, will offer tremendous inner reflections of our limitation, and therefore the phenomenal opportunity to transcend and expand out of them. We're presented with no less than the opportunity for spiritual mastery: to rejoin our cosmic sister/brotherhood.

We must not sleepwalk into what lies in front of us. Awareness is the crucial key. When you inquire deeply into what is going on, but most essentially internalise it to reveal the inner impact, that's when you step into the crucible of profound alchemical change.

How do you spend the bulk of your day right now?
How much of it is spent seeing the inner reflections and working to unravel tightness?
If you're to successfully ride the changes, that needs to become your daily emphasis right now.

We can do it. If you're reading this, you're seeded to do it. Let's not see change as something to be afraid of and resist, but rather to dive right into; let it motivate you, through the unveiling of your immortal greatness! That's the encouragement of Openhand's new documentary PARADIGM SHIFT.

It's time to follow the synchronicity...

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In loving Support

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Hi Mark - nice to have you tune in The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

The ice sheet in the antarctic is melting at a phenomenal rate. If all the ice were to melt (and I see that as highly likely now, and within a few decades), then global sea levels would rise by around 60 metres. The biggest cities around the world are close to the ocean - that would put them all under water, with hundreds of millions of people displaced. I see this as now unavoidable. It's only a question of time. So I'd say your dream was a prophetic one.

I found this video which provides an interesting insight of what's happening...




2 days ago I had a dream. A huge flood appeared in it out of nowhere and the whole world was consumed by it in the blink of an eye. It was quite shocking - the dream eventually woke me up in the middle of the night. 

I don't know if it's directly related to the global Shift, or 'only' mine (I myself have been going throgh quite a lot of upheavals lately). But my intuition's telling me, it is the former and now we have arrived into a completely new phase of the Shift.  

Sending love to everyone in the Openhand community.




Hi everyone - great to see you tuning in The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

Jennaya, you said... "Feelings are mixed - one from division and suffering, the other from people coming together."  Yes indeed - I think the point is that humanity is already deeply divided - from oneanother, from the animal kingdom, from Gaia and from the divine. And I do believe The Shift will bring people close together.

Charlie - interesting that you're seeing the Pole Shift from the ground now - a different perspective indeed!

Paul - yes, a lot of people will be concerned for their kids. However many of the kids coming in right now, have exactly the vibration to deal with what's going on - their frequencies alone can help the realignment, which is why they chose to come. And often, it is only the fears and anxiety's of their parents that they pick up. Otherwise, many would normalise with it much faster - something for us older generations to watch out for. Wink Emoji

Much love

Open Praying Emoji


Thanks for this catalytic article Open. It has helped with a feedback loop that has been running for a couple days.

This morning when I asked inner Guidance if there was anything I needed to know about today, the word “KARMA” in big block letters floated several times through my mental space.  Then I immediately received a vibrating image of shifting polarity that exactly matches the pole shift picture in this article. 

I have felt like Neo the Matrix living two lives in the past - one “spiritual” and one “normal”, but increasingly find them overlapping. When I am at the center I feel a lot like you, Charlie - in awe, and some sadness yes, but tinged with a reverence that can indeed be blissful.

I do acknowledge a level of fear still present around what this event line could mean for my children aged 3 and 7. There is also still anxiety remaining around self-expression. But the trust reservoir is deepening moment by moment.  The recurring thought “I need to die before I die” keeps popping up.  

As daunting as this is, I feel it at my core that this is why I’m here. 



This has resonated with me for quite some time now. I have visited some dark places here and through the darkness found the light. The further I go into the darkness the brighter the light I find.  It is funny how one can have a feeling of wow,awe, sadness and bliss all at the same time. This is quite a remarkable feeling. From questions come answers and from answers, come more questions. Is this the circle of life. 

Watching how the poles are shifting seems to be something I had witnessed many times before. The difference this time is that  I am seeing it from the ground level rather than an aerial view. Which creates a feeling of intensity that it can happen at ground level without recognition for most. 

One of my greatest manifestations at this time and place, is you Open and the Openhand community. This is a reflection of my truth. 

 The picture under the segment in this article, Profound Self-Honesty Utterly Essential has 2 facial images in it. I see these images in everything and everywhere. I feel that these images are a reflection of myself witnessing all that is here and the different ways it can be perceived. 

As I read this article and Came Upon the title "It's time we become Supernatural" instantly it came to me we are Naturally Super. 

Truly What A Ride.

Much Love 

Charlie Tyrannosaurus RexHeart