The Openhand "ARISE DIVINE BEING" World Tour 2019 (Sep/Oct/Nov)

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Our time has arrived. As the mainstream sleepwalks into a synthetic reality based on 'Smart' technology, so we must now begin our Ascension into 5D consciousness in earnest. The healing of Gaia will be to cleanse this cancerous invasion in the 3D through Abrupt Climate Change and the accelerating Pole Shift to progressively shift vibration into 5D/6D/7D. It's time to truly uncover the Divine Being in the depths of you, to break open the shell, and step out into the world as your glorious God-Self. The time for playing it small has long since evapourated. Come step into the Openhand crucible of profound evolutionary change. Our time has come.

If you've been following us through the ether, it's time to connect with us on the ground, and feel the awesome vibe of soul family, all exploring, expanding and evolving together. Let's make it happen. Arise Divine Being!

A Crucible of Profound Alchemical Change

For anyone with the eyes to see, our times are changing ever more rapidly now. Gaia has endured the Intervention of Opposing Consciousness long enough. The unseen powers-that-be have scant regard now for our beautiful eco-systems - that is becoming increasingly clear. But every cause has an effect. And so with the introduction of highly invasive 5G, so will the Universe respond with an acceleration for the Earth into 5D. That is the startling synchronicity of our times.

People with the eyes to see and ears to hear must now grasp the metal, go deep into the soul, and let the heat of alchemical change burn away the ego's dross, to unleash a new sparkling Divine Being. It's about digging deep through the karmic ballast, working it through, unleashing Kundalini, reuniting Lower with Higher Self and activating the Spirit Light Body. It's a new consciousness of light that you can prosper in from day to day. It will be your vehicle of Ascension when your time comes to pass on. And it will be an immaculate home coming!

illuminate with Openhand

We'll be applying a new Openhand deep meditation practice called "illuminate". It's using cutting edge internal focus to move past the grasp of ego, through layers of karma, and centering in the divinity at the core of you. We'll help you feel the enlightened consciousness around the Void of Presence and establish this as the Sacred Ground of Being from which to step forth in life. Your authentic self emerges from this Infinite Potential, and the space-time-continuum of life bends around it for truly successful and abundant living.

Openhand - A Higher Dimensional Bridge

Openhand is a higher dimensional bridge, the integrated consciousness of Ascended Masters through the ages. It is working with the Benevolent Mission in the ether all around us supporting Humanity's Shift into 5D. But to be clear, this is never about telling you your truth. The New 5D Paradigm can be theorised, yes, but it must then be realised. It's about holding a cauldron of alchemical exploration for you to get to know the deepest aspects of yourself.

Where do you really come from?
Where is your true allegiance in life now?

It's a frequency that can only be felt in the depths of your being. Openhand is an energy that can hold that space for you and point to the gateways of expanded higher consciousness.

Held in a Safe and Protective Space

During the work, you'll be held in a safe and protective energetic vessel, where the veils over authentic reality are thin. We'll be resonating authentic soul vibration - keys to unlock the door of your next big shift. We'll be taking you deep into the Void of Presence, integrating soul, helping process Karma, unleash Kundalini and activate your Spirit Light Body, which is our vehicle of Ascension.

5D consciousness is not something to wait for. As the energy of the old Karmic Construct now unwinds, you'll find ever more higher dimensional energy to support you in 3D living right now. Our new process "illuminate" is perfectly crafted to help you fulfill this.

The New "DIVINE BEING" World Tour Program

For those new to Openhand, we've been around on the planet some 17 years now, and aeons elsewhere before that, giving a helping hand in challenging Shifts like the one taking place on Earth right now. After countless iterations to define accuracy, we've developed the 5D Shift Project, which is a framework for your progressive spiritual unfolding through 3 stages of development (discover more... The 5D Shift Project). This latest Openhand "ARISE DIVINE BEING" World Tour, with the process "illuminate", will represent stage 1 of the work. But even if you've done stage 1 before or if you're already advanced down the spiritual path, this is all energy work. It will meet you in the ether exactly where you are, and advance you along the steps you now need to take.


Here's where we'll be from September to December:

1st Sep: FREE, WORLWIDE WEBINAR 9am & 3pm (UK time)
Introducing Openhand's new body of work, designed to explore your Sacred Ground of Being, deep in your divine core, and then how to emerge from there in 5D consciousness for successful, fulfilling and abundant living. Scheduled through two 2hr Webinars to connect freely with as many of you around the world as possible.
Our Times Call for the Divine Being in Each of Us To Arise!

4th Sep: GLASTONBURY PLG, Evening Seminar
We're thrilled to be back in the heart chakra of the planet, Glastonbury, in The Town Hall with the Positive Living Group, for an evening seminar of deep alchemical magic. We'll be exploring your Sacred Ground of Being and from there, how to live successfully and abundantly in 5D consciousness right now. Doors open 7pm.
Our Times Call for the Divine Being in Each of Us To Arise!

7th/8th Sep: BRIGHTON/UK, 2 Day Intensive Workshop
We're back in the sunny seaside town of Brighton, just a short hop from London and it's international airports. This will be a 1 day Saturday intensive, followed by an optional Sunday morning of integrational meditation. We'll take you deep into the Sacred Ground of Being and emerge in glorious 5D consciousness.
Our Times Call for the Divine Being in Each of Us To Arise!

15th Sep: SYDNEY/AUSTRALIA: 1 Day Intensive Workshop
Sunny Sydney has always been an Openhand Favourite. This will be a 1 day intensive that impacts at a deep energetic level, taking you into the alchemical magic of your Sacred Ground of Being. Touch your deep divinity and know how to come forth from there in successful, fulfilling and abundant 5D consciousness.
Our Times Call for the Divine Being in Each of Us To Arise!

20th-23rd Sep: BYRON BAY/AUSTRALIA, Weekend Retreat
We're back at the aptly named and stunning retreat  "Phoenix Rising", just outside Byron in Mullumbimby. Kick your shoes off for a weekend retreat of deep discovery into your Sacred Ground of Being. Touch infinite presence together with us, feel the vibe of 5D consciousness, and let it emerge to illuminate your life.
Our Times Call for the Divine Being in Each of Us To Arise!

11th-14th Oct: GDANSK/POLAND, Weekend Retreat
We've always wanted to work in Poland, and here it is! Our first Openhand event at the Sound Temple of Joana and Huzy, with the 'gong of love and peace' at its heart. We'll be just outside Gdansk for a weekend retreat of deepening into your Sacred Ground of Being and emerging into successful 5D consciousness.
Our Times Call for the Divine Being in Each of Us To Arise!

19th Oct: EXETER/UK, 1 Day Intensive Workshop
The Phoenix is calling us once more! We're gathering for a deep 1 day intensive of inner inquiry, softening into the Sacred Ground of Being within and stepping forth with successful, resilient and abundant 5D consciousness. Whether you're new to The Shift or a seasoned master, a deep day of alchemy awaits.
Our Times Call for the Divine Being in Each of Us To Arise!

25th-28th OCT: BRUGES/EU, Weekend Retreat
It's "Blessings from Bruges" once more! We'll be back at the stunning private retreat of Michael & Marielle, just a short drive/train from Brussels International airport and in easy reach from all over Europe. Bask in the tranquility to touch your Sacred Ground of deep inner Being. Emerge into glorious 5D consciousness.
Our Times Call for the Divine Being in Each of Us To Arise!

8th/11th Nov: CALIFORNIA/USA, Weekend Retreat
It's high time we brought the Openhand alchemy to the magical California! And here we are, at the stunning Seven Circles countryside retreat, for a weekend of deepening into the Sacred Ground of Being. Touch deep presence and emerge in successful and abundant 5D consciousness. Sure to be unmissable.
Our Times Call for the Divine Being in Each of Us To Arise!

22nd - 25th Nov: AFRICA, Sterkfontein Caves Retreat
Heard of the Sterkfontein Caves, the "Cradle of Humanity"? That's where we'll be for the epic conclusion of 2019. You can feel the energy here touch deep into your DNA. What better place to deepen into the Sacred Ground of Divine Being, and to emerge forth in glorious 5D Consciousness. Experience of a lifetime.
Our Times Call for the Divine Being in Each of Us To Arise!

25th Jan-1st Feb: LA PALMA, CANARIES 7 Day Retreat
And there's still one more exciting event as we shift into 2020. This is Openhand's legendary 7 day retreat on the stunning Volcanic Island of La Palma, just off the coast of North Africa and in easy reach of main European airports. The vibe off the scale! Spend 7 days of deep inner inquiry & soul revelation for the New Year.
Our Times Call for the Divine Being in Each of Us To Arise!

Thoroughly Looking Forwards to the Work!

As I write this, I'm already greatly fired up by the new tour to come. The Openhand work has been carefully crafted and grounded to meet exactly these times of profound evolutionary change that the planet is sailing into. We've built the ship, now it's time to set sail!

If you have any queries or would like more info, don't hesitate to ask.

See you down the flow, it's sure to be divinely alchemical.

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji

RESERVATION INFO: To get more information, and register, email our community coordinator Aspasia: ***IMPORTANT*** We will respond to your email as soon as possible, if you have not heard from them within 24 hours, check your spam folder.

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'Building a new humanity'. How awesome - and what a wonderful culmination! Great to see all your smiles! Well done, everybody. Sending you all much love from over here in the UK.


It was a magical conclusion to the Arise Divine Being World Tour, amongst the high vibe energy fields of the Sterkfontein Caves in the "Cradle of Humanity". And it really did feel during the tour that we were building a new humanity. We've been infusing soul, processing karma, activating the spirit light body, and weaving together the new threads of 5D DNA - it's been an amazing journey.

To everyone I've met and worked with on the journey, it's been a real privilege and a pleasure. You touched my heart Heart

Know that you are all a part of an ascending family, a beautiful spectrum of rainbow souls, all emerging, all unfolding, all stepping forwards into destiny. How inspirational. How humbling! Here are the final shots then of an utterly magical tour...

Melody Hill Retreat - felt like we were in the Garden of Eden...

Just heavenly...

The Group arrives. Zahirah the colourful....

Terry our charming hostess...

Ntombe & Archie - our African support team...

Sindi Integrating...

Alex Journalling...

Gugu poised...

Nonhle, ready to dive deep...

Roll up, roll up, time for meditation...

Here they come!...

Dropping through the layers in our amazing studio...

After the hard work, nothing like a dip...

Heike, feeling the light...

After the work, nothing like a high vibe lunch...

A beautiful Rainbow Tribe...

Wave riders!...


What is it that fires up my soul? A sense of Adventure for sure supported by signs and synchronicities. I might need a new vehicle for this. Going to adjust my everyday life to add some sense of adventure. I just realized I have a perfect setup for it.  Can't wait to see where it takes me! The Sun Emoji

On with Adventure,



What an honor and pleasure it was to have been part of this gathering of beautiful souls and having supported the retreat in California. It was the first one for me and I have learned a lot about myself as well!  I look forward to meeting you all down the flow!

With Love,



Hi Heike - when I was in Hopi lands having just seen the prophecy stone, the meteor that came down in front of our car was blue - like that one. voltage emoji icon

And it's maevellous that you're now coming to Africa - awesome! I get the strong sense that we'll pick up where we left off in Bruges - DNA changes all round!

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Hi everyone who's travelled through space and the end of Atlantis,

I've just, by "accident", come across this video from a home camera in Missouri .

Probably not a singular event, or so YouTube informs me. Meteors fall from the sky all the time.

But this one is so very, very blue ...

A very blue star, falling from the sky.


Hi everyone from the wonderful Badger Retreat in sunny California - great to have tou tune in here, Mark, Helene, Betsy and Randy - welcome to Openhand's virtual home Heart

I'm back in the UK at home on Dartmoor now, reflecting on our wonderful time together - how quickly we all connected and how warm and friendly that was - a lovely synchronicity that despite the water heating breaking down, it seemed to bring us ever closer!

That said, I'll make sure they have hot water in Seattle!

Much love

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Hi Openhand family,

It was so wonderful to spend time with such beautiful souls this past weekend. I trust everyone returned home safely. It was an interesting journey for me getting home. My plane in Fresno was grounded due to mechanical issues. I had to re route my way home. I flew all night and went on quite a journey from Fresno to Phoenix, Phoenix to Charlotte, and then Charlotte to Charleston. I know there was a lesson in this for me....and then it clicked.... different directions,yes please, re routing, yes please,. ... uncomfortable at times but the end result was home. It's the telling of the unraveling for my soul in the short time directions, new routes, probably uncomfortable at times, but I will land home..! Home in the new path for my soul. Thank you universe for this lesson, this synchronicity that is mirroring what is to come.

I hope to see everyone again down the flow. Until then, lots of love through the ether to the Openhand family



Hi Open,

We wanted to thank you again for tuning in and hearing the call from California. It was an incredible weekend and an honor to meet such a wonderful group of kindred spirits. You opened the window and gave us more insight to better understand the nature of the soul. The journey was both intense and uplifting and we're so grateful for your support and guidance through it all.

Thank you again and we'll see you in May!

Helene & Mark


It felt so much like brothers and sisters in arms in the wonderful Badger. For sure we've travelled before...

In reply to by Open


It was such a blessing to experience our journey together!! With all of the wonderful beings, brothers & sisters on this awesome yet challenging journey. I look forward to experiencing  you all again. Thank you all for your presence! Thank you Open for your guidance & love. I feel so blessed & supported!♥️🙏🏼🤗 Until we meet again.... Much Love



It's been a lovely warm and connective group here in California - I know some of you have followed Openhand for 10 years or more, hence the wonderful sense of family. And if course, we'll have crossed paths in past lives too - these gatherings never happen by chance. You could especially feel that in the deep journeying that we unfolded through - what adventures! The Sun Emoji

So go well my fellow travellers, I look forwards to our next convergence point - Seattle possibly in May? Let's see. That would be lovely. Meanwhile I'll leave you with the closing group photo. Fond love and blessings to all Heart

I'd also like to pay special tribute to our charming hosts Chris and Jim (left and centre in the photo below). We felt your love and care which held us beautifully in the space and kept things lovingly warm (even when the hot water ran out!). So a huge cosmic hug coming your way...


The journeying has been deeply moving here. You can definitely feel the energy of the Shift strengthening and so people responding much more deeply to that now. It's absolutely crystal clear to all, a phenomenal shift is going on that makes no sense to avoid - it's going to unravel the nature of our reality in due course.

The key is to ride those changes right now. Not to wait. The shift is going to pull apart all the old structures and its also going to impact greatly inwardly. Inner density is going to come up with increasing regularity and strength - it will feel at times like you're in a cosmic washing machine! Society will continue to try to surpress and resist through ongoing distraction, but this will only escalate anxiety. What we're demonstrating and experiencing in this work, is that when you get right into the tightness that the karmic shifts are now escalating, you can regress right into the hooks and the triggers that fix you in. The density then unravels and the soul flows freely with the energy of the shift. It starts to feel at times very euphoric as you feel the waves coming through you - they start to animate your daily actions.

And some point, reality is going to bend and break apart. Your physical being is electromagetic - so imagine the impact for example as the pole shift changes the whole nature of earth's magentic field. Reality will start to warp and bend. But if you're already attuned to the shift, it will come to represent the reflection of what you already know - that reality is not fixed and rigid. And that by living in the moment and being attentive within, you can ride these movements like a surfer riding a wave through life. That's what we've been experiencing here in California. It's been awesome to behold.

It's 11:11 here and there are 11 of us. There are 11 densities of consciousness, and as your physical crystallisation softens because the magnetic field dwindles, it's like the gap between the dimensions narrows. Everything aligns - which is amplified as you connect  your soul (1) to Gaia (1), the Solar Logos (1) and the Galactic core (1). You cease to be this merely physical first density being. You start to become connected through all 11. As we journied through the collapse of Atlantis yesterday through a similar alignment of a Solar Nova Event, these are some of the very palpable experiences people have had. Recognising this helps us break the fixation with the separation and isolation. It empowers you within the nature of the often isolating physical. It feels like coming home!

And as I've consistently said to the group, even though the changes are going to become increasingly momentous, challenging every internal fixation you have with the material, nevertheless, you are loved, cherished and held by a veritable army of angels. We've been sure to connect a bridge this gathering (and at all gatherings) so that they can palpably support the journeying and transitions that people make.

Here's a song that touched everyone so deeply after a deep journey yesterday - I regressed people from distant constellations to be here to support the shift, and the many feelings people have of getting lost in the density and isolated from 'home',  what it feels like to take on a dense physical body, how to normalise in that; and also at times feeling like you don't fit in, sometimes judged and persecuted. But nevertheless, calling on dimensional support to remind you of your natural inherrant vibration, that then forms the bridge, breaking down the veils of obscuration, and this helping you fufill your mission..."in the arms of the angels indeed!..."

In loving support

Open and the Team HeartPraying Emoji


Indeed Aspasia! It is magical here, a very light vibration indeed. The light is amazing, the sky the deepest blue and we're experiencing it as tremendously expansive. The group has connected brilliantly and so we're journeying deep through the layers. Have we really only been here 2 days? As you come into the moment time stops, and our journeying back to the source and then through aeons of karma, you get the sense you've been here an eternity - in a good way.

I trust those tuning in can get a sense of the vibe. I'll share more as I get a window of time.


Open Praying Emoji


By the way, there are 11 of us here and the final day is 11:11, so I wonder what that might hold in store for us all! Thumbs Up Sign


Hey everyone - the cockeral is calling as I write this and we begin the first day of Arise Divine Being here at the Seven Circles Retreat in the Sequoia National Park, California. If you were put off by the wild fires, then as I said, no worries because we enlisted Gandalf to keep the area clear! And so it is, absolutely stunning, beautiful, expansive and free. The vibe of the group connected last night beautifully and so it all bodes well for a superb weekend. Do take some moments out to tune in and join us if you can. You'll always get senses of the connection if you pause, breathe and open a heart-felt connection.

To give you a sense of the energy of the place, I felt to share this video. See you in the ether!...


Hi Desi - thanks for the photos Heart

Heike & Sam - yes, some pretty amazing things happened during the retreat. Just to recap Heike, the energy I was given to help move, took Original Human DNA and blended it with higher dimensional "Divinicus" DNA. Hence the need to embody the energy above the frequency of the physical - which immediately seemed to make it much more bearable and so could integrate to bring a new harmony. I'll be sharing what I saw in more detail in due course here on the site.

Meanwhile it feels like rest and recouperation is called for, plus a degree of celebration!

Much love to all

Open Raised Back Of Hand


Oh my wow. What an amazing weekend! Was it really only two days? It feels so so much longer. Aeons, maybe. But then, I suppose that happens when you travel so far through time and space. Wink Emoji

And such an awesome journey it was. Right from the start, when over heavenly lasagna and an out-of-this-world dessert experience (I need those recipes!!!) the group just clicked together. I've never been with such a small group at an Openhand event before and wondered what it would be like. The answer: amazing. A real group experience, everyone connecting with everyone, at the same time, instead of in smaller groups as part of the whole gathering. I feel blessed in that experience.

Such lovely, lovely people, too! Anneke, who was such a steadying presence by my side when I lay there on the floor, not knowing what to do with all the energy. Katrien, the cake sorceress, who quietly but bravely stepped forwards and inwards. Daggi, who braves the language barrier time and time again and came forward so courageously during the work. Desi, with her lovely energy and deep insights, who set the tone right at the start saying: "Guys, we're going to have so much fun!" Sam, with the great questions and calm presence and awesome cooking skills. (Samwise the Brave! Sorry, but the association happened all by itself Angel Halo). Myc, who came in black and then dressed in white, wise woman with the eyes of a child (I can see where Sam gets the questions from). Jean, my fellow facilitator, who went through his own darkness and came out brighter (hope you’re doing all right!). And Open, of course, who held the space for all of us – thank you.

Thank you to all of you for this wonderful experience. HeartEmoji Earth Globe AsiaStar Emoji

And, well. I’d had a feeling the weekend would bring something biggish, something changing. Just hadn’t expected it to be my own. Smiling With Sweat Emoji

(Besides, after clearing some karma on Saturday, I'd thought that had been it. But maybe clearing that paved the way for what happened on Sunday.)

Yeah, so, I'm still not entirely sure I really remember what happened. I felt present and with it during the event, but looking back it's all a bit muzzy. Like, I remember the space travel meditation. I remember being a bit wary, because I know that one and have a clear memory of how much of a shock hitting density felt like last time. So I'd been holding back a little, until we got to Earth and the density built up again. I remember clinging to the memory of before, rather resisting the experience. "I'm not going to forget this time", I remember thinking. "Not again."

Then I heard Open's voice through the music/turbulences, encouraging us to soften, accept, integrate. I remember the realisation of "Yes, why suffer through this again when I can try something else?" So for the rest of the journey, I worked hard to soften, accept, feel, and integrate, and at the same time gently holding that place inside where I remembered who I am. We approached the build up of the Atlantis cataclysm, and I remember quite clearly how that felt. I'd spent so much time working on softening, expanding, integrating, that it actually did feel almost blissful to me. I was aware of the crazy around, but felt so expanded, so centred, it wasn't able to shake me. I remember seeing the blackened sun, seeing/feeling the pulse, and seeing a giant wave approaching me. I remember knowing I was going to drown - there was no panic, no fear. I remember drowning, but while it felt horrible on the physical plane, I was pretty okay through it.

Then we jumped to the present and things become less clear, memorywise. There was so much energy inside of me by that point. I'd been feeling it, or something like it, basically from the time we reached Earth. It felt similar to something I occasionally experience when processing karma, and since the journey was through our lifetimes, I took it as the same and worked with it as I would with processing karma. I think I lost the thread there for a bit - the next thing I remember clearly is lying on the floor, unable to move, hands and arms tingling, almost burning with the sensation. My legs and feet, too, to a lesser degree. Still thinking it was something karmic, I worked to soften into it, accept it.

Which probably opened the doorway even wider. I remember at one point that I felt something like a wave go through me, from my feet up through my body. It wasn't painful, actually felt warm and gentle, just incredibly strong. That was probably the time when I started lifting off the floor. It was so much, there was nothing but that burning-tingling sensation, mostly in my hands. And I remember that I had no clue whatsoever what to do with it. It wouldn't integrate, wouldn't soften, wouldn't go away. I think Open at one point told me I didn't have to do it right now? But the energy was persistent, there was Knowing that this was going to happen now.

The next thing that is clear in my memory is an easing of the energy. There was the sense of a communication happening, between the energy coming in and the energy that was already there. The sense of a realisation that merging, integration isn't possible. Imagine two dogs that had been barking madly at each other slowly becoming curious about the other and calming down, sniffing each other and cautiously starting to wag their tails. It felt a bit like that. Slightly Smiling Then there was a resolution - and that is a very clear memory: I saw, inside, the energies winding together, like a helix. One strang was a pale, light green, the other pure light. That felt Right, the two together.

When I feel upwards right now, as I am sitting at my desk in the office, I can kind of still feel them, twining together.

So, yeah, fuses a bit burnt, but so far I'm feeling okay. Tired and a bit like after a fever. With some (a lot of) settling still needing to happen.

I also feel something else building. Something I've heard other Openhanders express as, "The soul wouldn't let me do it, I can't be anything other than authentically me, no matter what." There's an imperative building (a strong word, I know, but that's what it feels like) that is telling me right now it won't accept anything else. It doesn't feel like change so much as it feels like slotting into Rightness. With a sense that as long as I stay attentive, it will do so by itself.

Feels as if I'm heading for some inconvenient falling off the log here. Wink Emoji


(The End. Sorry for the constant updating, I hit "save" too early - probably so that I couldn't chicken out of typing and posting this. Smiling Face with Closed eyes)


Surrounded by beauty (the location is a hidden gem) and by people whose warmth and openness exceeded all my expectations. Thank you Open again for the scope and the depth of the sessions. Favourite retreat to date! 

Here are some little moments that were meant to be captured. Slightly Smiling




And as our reality transforms, as the shadow side reveals itself and unwinds, a new paradigm of consciousness will inevitably emerge. We are for sure living within the winds of change - which is the song that picked itself off my playlist for the final ceremony. I felt to share it with you all here. It's been a lovely, life changing experience with you all...


The wonderful Bruges retreat has now closed and people are winding their way back across Europe. It was an absolute delight - the group connected deeply and warmly right from the outset. So this felt like a full retreat, even though in the space of a weekend. And we caught a few snaps to share with you all...

Catching some rays between sessions...

Katrien, taking part with her partner Sam, AND preparing delicious food for the group at the same time.
Can you see the Halo?! Angel Halo...

Desi & Jean, resonating some higher vibes...

Wait...the tree is hugging Annette!...

Shells were opening all round as we were birthing a new humanity...

The closing ceremony...

Warm hugs all round - and to you out in the ether...

A lovely group of souls. Travel well!...


What a great revelation! I hope you're alright Heike and your fuses are burnt and are still able to function a bit before you seamlessly will transition to 5D. It's a beautiful piece to the 5D puzzle. I feel the same about it after years of doubting what will happen. I feel we will be able to 'walk into' 5D effortlessly but without our physical bodies. Realities I think will split at the singularity point in the near future; every soul will go to its own dimension best fit for their personal evolution. Could this be the at the coming pole shift? Great adventures ahead for sure!Sunglasses cool emoji


It's been an incredible experience here in Bruges. It's been an intimate group  of 9, which was clearly necessary for the depth of experience that unfolded. By the end of the second day last night, so much light was being channeled, we were literally witnessing the birth of the new humanity right in front of us. Let me explain...

I'd been having quite a personal challenge of late. I've been hearing all over the world from leading spiritual teachers, when speaking about the shift, they're saying that the "Event" will 'raise the vibration of the physical body into 5D' (along with transforming the nature of our surrounding 3D reality). I've been hearing it so often, it was questioning my own version, which strongly varies with this - it was not a problem as such, it's always good to question and evolve one's personal view on reality if it clearly needs to change. The problem was, I just couldn't square with what they were saying. The physical vibration is a standing wave in the Universal Torus and meant to be that way. As I explained in this film, How to Raise Your Vibration, my knowing is that if you channeled 5D consciousness through every cell of your physical being, it would litterally explode. Based on the affirmatory experience we had here in Bruges, I still feel my view to be clearly right. So what happened?

I'd journied the group over 2 days of intensive clearing work, leading to a karmic regression beginning in some distant constellation and travelling here to earth, to then support the seeding of Original Humanity (plenty of you out there will have this story in your karmic memory). We then progressed in meditation, through the various stages of birthing humanity, leading us to the tumultuous challenges of the Intervention, where Homo Sapiens was hybridised and downgraded from Original Humans - this has all been encoded into our DNA. I took them through the Atlantis experience, leading to the breakdown of that civilisation through a solar nova Event, around 12,000 years ago. And I prepared them for a similar cyclical event to come.

It was at this point, that one of the participants, Heike an Openhand facilitator, began to channel so much energy, she was literally bouncing off the floor. I could see it moving through her body, like some superfast 'broadband' shooting out of her hands and third eye. It was literally barrelling through her and hitting any internal blockage of density. Heike has done a great deal of clearing and evolutionary work over the years, and has a highly pure vibration within, quite angellic. However, it quickly became abundantly clear that she could no way hold that much energy in her physical being - this being 5D energy. And so I was given to help her by channeling higher dimensional awareness to what now needed to happen.

I don't have the full details yet, but here's the essence of what took place and what I was guided to do: to take an aspect of the DNA helix, that of the Original Human in us, and extend it 'upwards' into higher densities 4th and 5th, to meet with a new DNA encasement descending downwards. It would leave behind what which will become redundant DNA of the hybridised Homo Sapiens. So a new DNA configuration was coming together beyond the physical body and this would create the higher dimensional aspect of the "Merkabah". As I encouraged Heike to apply herself in this way, fairly rapidly, the situation eased for her, she was able to settle, becoming much more congruent and settled.

What was beautiful for me, was that I could literally see the birthing of the new human form in the 5D - that which I'm given to call Divinicus. Heike confirmed that as the essence of her experience too. It was deeply moving for all.

So, to cut a long story short, by doing the inner work you transform and purify the lower self. BUT, I strongly maintain, you DON'T raise the vibration of the lower physical into 5D consciousness. Instead, the very best and aligned aspects of the Original Human form are 'lifted' and then blended with a new DNA encasement in the higher densities. This becomes the new Divinicus form. Arise Divine Being indeed!

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji

PS: and here's the Openhand video on How to Raise Your Vibration...


We're having an amazing time here in Bruges. The group has connected really well and 'broken the ice' extremely quickly. So rather than it being just a weekend, it feels like a week long retreat already. And in just a day and a half, we've journied deep and unravelled plenty. If you get a chance today, do take some time out to meditate and tune into what we're doing. You're sure to find it beneficial. Here's a track that can help you do that, by Liquid Mind, which we've been using a fair deal. Kick your shoes off, sit back, breathe and relax...


I'm here in Belgium before the start of the first day - it's prior to daylight and blowing a veritable storm outside. It reminds me of the energetic storm we're travelling through as we cross the bridge of the 4th density. This is why the world is so turbulent at these times: the 4D karmic construct we're living in is unwinding, breaking down, and people's veils of karma are coming to the surface - which is triggering and activating in day-to-day life. What's needed therefore in these turbulent times, is to embody all qualities of soul, and especially the spiritual warrior. What do I mean by embodying these qualities and how do you do it?

I've introduced the concept of the "Sacred Ground of Being, that which is right at the core of you, around the source. It's like the banks of an ancient and bottomless lake. Once you're connected with, and 'looking into' this lake, then all qualities of beingness will arise - those that are the source of your soul's vibration. They will start to flow through you, which is essential, because this is authentic self. It is highly alchemical, and therefore deeply transformative in your daily life.

When a new energy starts to break through, you'll get signs and synchronicity reflecting this new aspect of beingness - the warrior energy for example. It's something I feel given to speak of this weekend on this Arise Divine Being retreat. This is what signs and synchronicity begin to speak to us about - how you can be more of the real you. When these energies start to come through, it's essential to embody them - meaning to let them express through you. Not to put them off because it's inconvenient at the time. Find a way to express. So in the case of the warrior example, it might be going for a run or power walk in nature, doing some strong deep consciousness bodywork, or moving vigorously to music. This helps you embody the energy more readily when it next arises - your lower dimensional being is ready and receptive to it.

With that in mind I felt to share a link to this Openhand article for further reflection...

The Time of the Spiritual Warrior Has Arrived!

And this video clip from Lord of the Rings, which is a personal favourite...

You Shall Not Pass!


As the turbulence progressively builds around the world while the shift gears up, your Sacred Ground of Being will the the mast in the storm - when you're there, anything can happen around you and yet everything is okay - awesomely okay! That's what I get from this great song by Rising Apalachia. Be inspired...


Hey, Open.

Just tuning in to wish you well on this leg of the tour. The work you are doing with the Sacred Ground of Being work feels so vital and precious and powerful at this time. Deep gratitude and love for your sharing it with the Openhand community.

With all love and blessings and looking forward to seeing you 'further down the flow', Tonya Praying Emoji


I've just arrived in Bruges, in the heart of Europe, on the next stop of the Arise Divine Being World Tour - phew, 6 events already complete and just 3 to go, how time flies!

The key thing we've been focussing on thus far in the Tour is what I'm calling the Sacred Ground of Being. It's the collective of feelings that arise as you approach the source within. The source itself is pure presence, and therefore void of experience, yet there's an aspect of the soul 'looking into' this deep well of infinite potential. It's the quintessence of beingness, of your soul. When you're in it, you feel like you've come home, that you belong. It feels timeless, complete, blissful. Most importantly there are very tangable feelings of this. It's like having your mast in the storm. So we've been working a good deal on finding this space.

Essentially it happens by clearing a lot of density, thus stilling the inner layers, and then expanding through the densities. Clearly meditation is a crucial vehicle for this, and I'd say breathing meditations are probably the best we can apply. Like this one, Openhand's Breakthrough Breathing.

I'll share further insight as we unfold through the weekend, so do tune in if you resonate.


Open HeartPraying Emoji



We had a deep and powerful gathering at the Phoenix in Exeter - thanks from the heart to those who came and dug deep with us. I could feel such wonderful connections in such a short space of time - like we've travelled in places before. Of course we have!....

Giving it our all in the soulmotion...

Warm hugs after a deep karmic journey...

Heartwarming to connect with you all Heart...

And here's the Tour's favourite song thus far that got us all moving so emotively, "Keep Your Eyes On Me" from the awesome film "The Shack"...

See you down the flow! Praying Emoji


We've just completed our weekend retreat here in Poland after journeying deeply through the dimensions, working with the spirit light body and finally all topped off with the most tremendous gong bath. Unless you've experienced it, it's hard to imagine how the vibrations resonate through your entire being, cleansing away any density that is ready to dislodge, and connecting soul frequencies - it was spectacular! For certain the Openhand energy will return here again in the no-too-distant future.

I don't have a video of gong master Huzy peforming, but I found a couple of videos on youtube which convey the sense of it. Sit back, relax, breathe and feel the sense of this incredible healing instrument...

Radiating these loving vibes your way.

Thanks for tuning in!

Open HeartPraying Emoji


We had a brilliant day travelling together yesterday, using breathwork, inquiry and movement to connect people deep into their Sacred Ground of Being, right in the core. And then from there, unleashing the Toroidal Flow that is our natural flow state. You do have to practice the Breakthrough Approach with this aswell though, because you will almost certainly hit inner triggering points of ego identification...the approach is explained here... The Breakthrough Approach

Having found this 'anchoring mast' of core authentic consciousness, today we'll be opening into the dimenisions and unleashing soul through them by opening and attuning the chakras - cleansing them basically. Again, you'll need a process for cleansing your field of any density that is released. For this we'll be using the following meditations...

This is Openhand's Chakra Opening and Attunment Meditation, which has been adapated from the ancient Kriya Yoga and frequently used during Openhand's courses and events. It applies breathing and relaxation to bring awareness to the chakras, to open and attune them for greater authenticity and alignment in life, through the choices that you make from relationships to careers and general living circumstances.
Sample and Download Openhand's Chakra Attunement Meditation

This is a guided audio meditation of the Openhand Bow, applied frequently on our courses, which has been developed from Kriya Yoga. It is designed to help you get deeply into inner tightness and density, to process it, unravel it, and let the soul infuse through for maximum transformation. It is deeply liberating and empowering. You can freely watch a visual demonstration of the bow in this Openhand Shift Video Diary here... "Transmutation".
Sample and Download the Openhand Bow Meditation

We'll then be journeying interdimensionally through humanity's past life history and working to activate the spirit light body for the Shift as we unfold into the future. You might already be intuitively feeling your way forwards with this, and relating to the articles often written here...check this lead Openhand article for example...


Taking the Inner Journey to Higher Dimensions, 5D/6D/7D


If you can, I would suggest coming to an Openhand physical gathering where there's plenty of experience and energy for journeying in this way. It would be lovely to host you!

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji


A warmly diverse group of souls have joined for this special weekend at Huzy's marvellous Sound Temple. When I arrived, I sat and sang with Huzy as he played - I can tell you it was otherworldy, like coming home!

We have people here from Poland, the Netherlands, Hungary and Finland - so a rich and colourful group.

If you'd like to tune into some of the meditations, all you have to do is come into stillness and get a sense of the Openhand energy, based on what you know of it from this site and previous gatherings if you've been on them. It's a sense of expansive open connection - an allowance of the flow to begin to move through your field. Essentially we're helping unleash the natural Toroidal Flow, in and through people. Bringing them back to their authentic selves. Ultimately this is what it means to be in a place of free flowing kundalini.


Here are two specific Openhand download meditations applied within the Stage 1 Breakthrough work, which we'll be practicing today:

A powerful audio meditation to help you let go and allow in the Ascension energies of higher consciousness. People have told us it's deeply releasing, catalytic and evolutionary.

The meditation has a duration of 25 minutes and can be listened to for free at this link below, or else downloaded to your device for a small fee:
Openhand Ascension Meditation

The Openhand Breakthrough Breathing Meditation connects with internal awareness, and then, helps find correct alignment of the One, your soul, and the harmony between soul and bodymind. Over 25 minutes, the meditation teaches technique, which can then be practiced for just 5 minutes at various times through the day so as to reattune that internal alignment. It leads to centredness, balance and harmony in life.
Openhand Breakthrough Breathing Meditation

On this page below, it also explains the Breakthrough Approach we'll be working with later to activate and release internal density...
Openhand Stage 1: BREAKTHROUGH

So if you feel the pull, do tune in and join us. You'd be most welcome!

Open HeartPraying Emoji




We're at the stunning Sound Temple of gongmaster Huzy this weekend, near Gdansk in Poland. If you are wanting to join in with the sense of the energy and what we're doing, you can get a feeling sense from these images below. It's a stunning hand-built (by Huzy and friends) temple in nurturing woods and the banks of a peaceful lake. We've already been serenaded by Huzy's tremendous musical resonance. When he plays and sings, it so reminds me of the Mongolian Shamans...

Openhand has been invited to the inspiring Sound Temple of Joana & Huzy for our first event in Poland. It is located at Borsk, not too far from Gdansk. Here's a sense of the venue and energy...

An inspiring Sound Temple in peaceful secluded countryside...

Set in peaceful and secluded countryside surroundings.

Relaxed hanging out spaces...

Divine accommodation...

Charming hosts Joana & Huzy...


It was a wonderful weekend here in sunny Byron Bay - was it really only a weekend?

As with all of these getherings, when people dig deep and unravel through the layers, then you're journeying through the 'ether' where linear time simply evapourates! Our intrepid explorers ventured deep into the nature of the Pole Shift, Solar changes and Galactic waves, sensing how these impact us emotionally and mentally in a microcosmic way - in the day to day. And as you breakthrough the contractining tightness, then the waves of consciousness flow through and sweep you up. Each one of these gatherings seems to go to new levels as the shift unfolds. I could palpably feel the spirit light bodies activating and connecting as a group. Of course that might not remain after the workshop as the density comes back in, but once you start activating it, then its going to come progressively more alive in the day to day, until you're living it the whole time. The spirit light body forms the merkabah and becomes our vehicle of Ascension. This is the new process "illuminate" which I've been introducing. It's taking things to a whole new level, and very timely too.

Thanks so much to everyone who attended in person and through the ether. Your energies were felt and treasured.

The Byron Crew, riding the wave...

In parting, I felt to share this song with you by one the Openhand course favourites, the wonderful Lex Van Someren, who effortlessly carries consciousness between the densities...


I was up at Crystal Castle here in Byron the day before our retreat started. It's a pretty stunning place that featured in the Openhand 5GATEWAYS video...

And they began the day by playing Tich Nath Hanh's wonderful Bell Chant through loud speakers. It was a serene experience. I felt to share it with you all to celebrate the Equinox...


Dear Open ,

I live the song ! I love the words 'ancestral twine '. The image of that particular Phoenix seems very Egyptian to me too. Here is the juxtaposition of the Twin Flame dynamic on the song . I find this very moving


The weekend ARISE DIVINE BEING retreat begins here in Byron Bay tonight and the marvellous Rising Phoenix is looking and feeling stunning. It's peaceful, secluded and the vibe takes you deep.

How I found this place was literally amazing. I needed a new venue out here in Byron. Meanwhile in the UK one day I was drawn to a shopping centre. The pull was very insistent, one step this way, another one that. Turn steadily this way, and then suddenly, I see this carving of a Rising Phoenix on the shopping centre wall. It confirmed for me something I'd already heard and it all fell into place.

Yesterday I discovered by synchronous exchange that the wonderful alternative artist Xavier Rudd lives in this area, and the words "Spirit Bird" resonated in my awareness, which happens to be a song of his. I very much felt myself connecting with the elders here the other day in morning meditation. So I felt to share this tremendous song with you all to convey the vibe. Tune into the sense of what's unfolding here this weekend. It's sure to be deeply alchemical. This is for you all. Namaste...


Hiya all, I'm now up in Byron Bay ahead of This weekends Arise Divine Being Retreat here. Of course the vibe here in the wonderful forested hills is a far cry from the hubub of Sydney.

I have to say I experienced my three days there, around the 1 day workshop, a full on assault to the senses and to higher dimensional consciousness. Why so? My guidance, in all its friendly wisdom, booked for me a box type airbnb room in a big block, with no outside windows and maybe a dozen wifi channels beaming in, 3 of which were 5G (thanks guys!). I guess it's the experience I needed to have. So what was it like?

When I lay down to rest at night, I could especially feel the intensification of the 5G; a much greater impact than previous EMF. It seemed to strike most around the area of the 3rd eye, in the pineal gland, and contract down around it. So it felt dense, disorientating, disconnecting and closing down. I was able to work with it, but it meant that sleep was simply not possible, in order to avoid the closing down, shutting off impact especially of the higher chakras. So essentially I wasn't able to sleep at all for the 3 days, instead working constantly through the night. The work involved focussing on the epicentre of the 5G impact, then working to soften any internal reaction to it. Essentially you work to expand around it so that it doesn't contract you down. I kept opening back out to the higher dimensions and reconnecting. It was no tea-party and it did leave me feeling quite exhausted after the 3 days.

But one thing helped greatly through the time. My room was a short walk away from Hyde Park, so in the mornings I would get up at sunrise and go out to meditate in the freshness. I made some wonderful connections with the trees, especially this beautiful old corker. What a very special energy. I felt especially grounded through the roots. And when I was back in my room at night, the spirit of the tree would come to me, and wrap around me, which helped negate the more serious effects of the 5G. How stunning!
(and after taking the photo I noticed the figure 9 above me - thanks Team!)

So there are ways to work to negate the impact of 5G, absolutely yes, however it does require full-on spiritual commitment. It's clear to me, sadly to say, that the majority who are unaware, are going to be greatly effected by it and have little chance of negating it, even if they were motivated to.

Paradoxically, as I was leaving the park, I came across a homeless couple, living under a tarpaulin against a small row of bushes, tucked well away out of sight. It struck me how tremendously comfortable and luxurious it was in comparison with being stuck in modern accommodation - what I wouldn't have given to have traded places!

Give me a tree any time

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Hi to the Openhand Sydney Crew for Arise Divine Being experience yesterday...

What a beautiful connection we experienced together in the Leela Centre. It's hard to imagine it was just one day, we traveled far through the dimensions and connected a deep empathic resonance in the group. What wonderful warm hearted souls you are!

And I celebrate your courage and tenacity - it's not easy when we confront the truth of what's really going on in the transformation of the Old Paradigm. But you did so with an openness and surrender that meant we could sail through it all and come up smiling. What a joy and a pleasure it was to facilitate.

As with all the groups, you asked me about the 'play list'. Well it all gets picked pretty much spontaneously in the moment. However there are some new favourites right now and some old ones too that find their way into the experience...

A current favourite that is taking the groups very deeply, very quickly is "Liquid Mind". This one is called Serenity...

And a real classic that I've been using in the meditation work for some time is Lex Van Someren, "Gold"...

I've been playing this track quite a lot too, "Keep Your Eyes on Me", from a great spiritual movie called "This Shack". Here's the trailer, I can thoroughly recommend it...

The Openhand 'band wagon' moves on to the beautiful Byron Bay for a retreat at Rising Phoenix this weekend. It's a stunning location. I know a fair few of you were considering coming up. Do join us. The retreat experience takes people much deeper still. It's sure to be a beautiful and deeply revelatory experience. Here are the details if you feel the resonance...

Arise Divine Being Byron Bay Sep 2019

See all you wonderful souls somewhere down the flow!

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Thank you, Open, for sharing this. The work you are doing on the Sacred Ground of Being feels like  gold dust for awakening souls who are finding life in the 3D tumultuous at the moment and have not yet found an anchor inside and an inner compass to navigate by. And beyond that too. I can really feel the power of this work. And it will be invaluable to some of my clients too, I'm sure.

Wishing you well as you take this work on to Oz this week and beyond. Hi also to Desi (and thanks for your inspiring words in this thread!) <3



We had a tremendous experience in Brighton this weekend and connecting with what I've recently introduced as The Sacred Ground of Being - it's the anchor in the storm as you're making the journey of transformation within. Here's the lead article if you would like to know more... Your Sacred Ground of Being

And also I introduced on the Sunday, for the first time, Openhand's new process called "illuminate". This is a process that integrates a lot of the Openhand meditations into one progreessive inquiry, which ultimately leads to connection with the spirit light body, and the formation of the 'merkabah', which is our vehicle of Ascension. I will be sharing it on all the gatherings in the current Tour, and then releasing an audio guidance meditation afterwards. In it's first developmental outing thus far, it appeared highly successful, so I'm looking forwards to sharing that more widely.


Open HeartPraying Emoji



Hi Tonya & Desi - thanks so much for the heartfelt words. It was a magical experience indeed - it always is when people open their hearts and are prepared to inquire deeply. It was a pleasure and a privilege.

Much love

Open Heart



Wow, what a beautiful experience to be a part of the Arise Divine Being World Tour. Everything leading up to going was synchronicity at play and I knew this would be a magical weekend. The Sun Emoji

Each time we work with you Open, there is a deepening and revealing of more and more intricate layers of ourselves that you always seem to find a way to lovingly (but unwaveringly) confront and challenge us within. Amazing sessions. So much knowledge shared in a short period of time. Deep healing and empowerment to continue self- healing. Universal harmonisation, and an awareness that magic is real!  Heart



What an awesome weekend this was - and such a pleasure and a privilege to be part of it! I am certain that the effects of the extraordinarily deep and beautiful work we did will be creating waves of transformation way beyond the event itself - and so if anyone feels they'd like a little extra help integrating it, please be in touch with myself or one of the other facilitators (listed on the facilitator page on the Openhand website here). We're here to help you!

I'm left with a resounding feeling of joy in my heart and a feeling that we can do anything - both individually, as we tune into the awesome resources within - and together, as part of a worldwide group of evolving souls. We are all powerful and hugely resourceful beings - let's rise now! With much love and gratitude to Open and you all - and wishes for smooth and powerful integration over the next few days. <3


The first terrestrial events on the Arise Divine Being World Tour kicked off this weekend with a rich and diverse group of souls from far and wide, including even someone from Hong Kong! It was a very special experience indeed, I loved spending time with you all and journeying deep, even though our time was short.

I wish you all great joy and emergence in your ongoing journies, and very much look forwards to when you grace the Openhand shores once more. Here are a few closing photos the camera captued...

What a resplendent group!