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 It's the first 'anniversary' of 5GATEWAYS. In that time, we’ve connected with people all around the world who’ve seen the film and resonated with the journey of Ascension we’ve described within. It’s so heart-warming to hear your stories of what’s happening in your lives. And also that people are beginning to feel a common sense of purpose and direction. It can be very confusing out there in the world right now, and I think the beauty of having a routemap, is that it can help make sense of why things are shaping as they are. As the old world begins to crumble around us, it can greatly help if evolving people pull together with a common sense of destiny...

That was always our heart-felt intention. Not to tell people ‘what’s going on’, but rather share from our experience what’s happening to us, then to see what resonates and connects with others. For us, there is a co-creative ‘consensus’ reality that at a higher level, we are ALREADY subscribing to. The challenge – and therefore the opportunity – is to figure out exactly what that is?

It’s by no means an easy thing to do. Naturally, evolving people ‘want what’s best for the world and for mankind’. The problem is that all too often, a subtle sense of need and desire can creep in. There’s a genuine feeling, which the mind then tends to embellish. There might be a feeling to want to ‘heal the world’ for example, when really Gaia and much higher levels of consciousness have already got that well in hand.

To me, there is a divine design for untangling the confusion and disharmony, which is at work right now, entwined within the underlying weave of life. So for us here at Openhand, the key is surrendering to the knowing that the unwinding mechanism is inevitable. And all we really have to do is stop resisting that. We may feel we’re here to do many things, certainly we each have a path to follow, but I’d say one central purpose is constant: to uncover and express beingness. To me, this is the purpose of life itself and in aligning with this flow, situations and circumstances begin to make much greater sense. Even when things ‘go wrong’ in our lives, there’s no problem if we’re working to figure out “what are we being shown by this event and how is it helping me to evolve and grow?” This is where the routemap can be helpful. Because it details what things we tend to experience at what stage as we’re processing blockages on the path. Let’s be clear, when the soul starts to radiate beingness, when we truly commit to the path of self realisation (the only thing going on anyway), then we’ll be caused to encounter and confront all of those ‘sticky situations’ in life that might hold us back.

To truly realise and accept this, what’s really needed is a change in perspective. It’s not about everything being ‘hunky dory’ all the time. It’s accepting that to truly expand, we must confront that which causes us to contract. For only then can we realise exactly why we are contracting and let go of that attachment. I think more and more people are discovering this ‘manifestation fallacy’. It’s not about trying to change the circumstances we’re uncomfortable with, it’s rather figuring out why we’re uncomfortable in the first place, watching our need for an outcome unwind, and then ‘miraculously’, we find we don’t recreate similar circumstances again.

For us at Openhand, this is what it means to be truly walking the path, and it brings us great joy to meet and connect with more and more people feeling the same way. Yes we’re all unique. Thank God! We’re all beautiful in our own way and we each came here to express a magical aspect of the divine. Yet of course we’re all connected, and especially so by a common sense of purpose. It’s my feeling that this co-creative destiny has been a touch obscured in the past! But now with certainty, those veils are beginning to fall away. Suddenly, you’re not walking alone anymore. Through the cloudy mist, there are brothers and sisters walking along side of you. Wow, what a feeling that is. So on this first anniversary of 5GATEWAYS, we invite you to watch the movie again and to share it with your friends. Then to feel the connection and the benevolent guiding sense of direction in your heart...

  • One day soon, on a day not unlike today, we’ll open our eyes and the panorama that will greet us, shall not be of the old world, but the new one. See you there!



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Would like to extend my immense gratitude to all Openhanders!! It has been the source of light during journeys, illuminating the path before, encouraging and strengthening my resolve. Oh, I would've been so lost without your invaluable guidance!

Most of what I've read here is constantly being played in my mind over and over again. Of the most profound for me, would be that everything happens for a reason, and that we attract exactly what we need at that point in time to reveal to ourselves aspects that needs processing. It is perfect!

Ever since then, I have only been surging forward, with utmost trust that each step I take is being floated by the clouds~ :)

Much love and thanks and peace!


This is the best movie I've seen to date. The rest of the movies I've watched have only ever hinted at the possibilitys. I love the simple directions as they always prove hardest to do. Yet step by step, year by year forward we move. Truly amazing thank you all so much, roger


what you are providing is greatly appreciated. This anniversary is a reminder of the what my friends at Openhand give in person, in thought, via the web, text and image, and the impact it has made on my life. Thanks you all. With love, Mark


Thank you Chris for your inspiration and your continuous support and encouragement. And of course, not forget to say that Im also deeply grateful for the movie which I've watched no less than 20 times and it continues to serve as an inspiration. Thank you all my Openhand friends!


I also wanted to express the deepest respect and gratitude to both Chris and Trinity ,(and co) for all their work as divinely ''sent'' lightworkers.
Any person tuning into Openhand is being blessed to wake up and shake up and find their own way back ''home'' to the ''heart'', and beyond the illusion in such an intuitively guided manner.

Guiding and Shining Stars.!..Thank- you



What no one posting anything?

When I read a post like the one you have written above I am often left speechless. The words you share and the energy in which you deliver are truly profound, heartwarming and inspiring. I am often left looking at the page just going WOW!

The five gateways routemap has personally been invaluable in helping me navigate the MANY twists and turns, and dark alley ways on my journey. It is something I always come back to, and helps shed some light on the "next layer on the onion" that I am so often facing.

With heartfelt thanks for the work and energy that you both bring forward.



I just want to say that I can't possibly put into words my appreciation and gratitude...

This movie, the book, this site and my communication with friends I found here help me align back when I am lost and 'pull myself' out of the swamp.

So thank you and happy anniversary to the movie! :)