6th mass extinction

From the makers of "The Cove" comes their new project: "6" about the 6th mass extinction. Here is the website: You can watch the trailer here...

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the new book (War of the Whales) tells the true story that the US Navy has been trying to suppress for decades. Josh Horwitz spent years digging into classified Navy files and interviewing people involved in the Navy's Marine Mammal Research Program all the way back to 1961! Retired Navy dolphin trainers -- and even retired admirals -- shared secrets of the program that have never before been reported. Finally, we know the true facts about Navy sonar and the mass stranding’s of whales and dolphins worldwide.
check the webiste

even though seeing these scenes breaks my heart, even though I feel overwhelmed, angry, hopeless and wonder if there is a point in doing anything at all now that it has gone this far, a part of me says "be a witness" and let others see what you see, so this is the least that I can do.



Cynthia - I just watched the Revolution clip, that was powerful for me, especially hearing it from the mouth of a child!

Thank you for sharing xxx


We're on pretty much exactly the same page stargate.
I've seldom come across people who get it to that depth.
You have deeply insightful intuition. *OK*

Although I totally empathise, I wouldn't say it was humanity that 'forced it to happen'. It's the intervention that caused it to happen - a long playing cycle of entities that have been disconnected from the source, creating synthetic realities. Homo Sapiens has been caught within that unraveling mechanism - this 'battle'.

But I totally agree with your conclusion.

Right on.



It is clear that human activity is driving the coming collapse.

So many species will perish. Our Mother Earth will be transformed beyond our recognition.

Human civilization as we currently know it will also collapse, and many (or most) will perish. It will bring out both the worst and the best in human nature.

Ultimately, this great collapse is "necessary", within the confines of the energy signatures at this node of the universe and the way organic life has played out. It is necessary because it will force the next transformation, which is the natural flow of universal energy. And it is necessary because the "current version" of Homo sapiens is simply not sustainable. As with every great collapse, the void will open up "new dimensions" for new energies to emerge.

I am very sorry that humans forced this to happen this way. It could have happened in many other, more gentle and inclusive, ways. Their single-minded selfishness is costing all other sentient beings too dearly, including our Mother Earth and everything she manifests.

Ultimately, a few new humans will emerge, whose energy signatures will be very different from what is normal today.

Ultimately, the Earth will survive, although the paradise she has engendered during the current age will not re-emerge within thousands of years.


I will be interested to see this film. If they have not included the devastation caused by farming of animals then it will be extremely sad, and a big opportunity missed.
I am forever trying to think of ways in which I can help and looking carefully at my life to see what changes I can make to ease the negative impact on our world.
I guess there are two areas to look at, one being consumerism and the second one being our implants/entities.
with love Myra x


Here's an issue that affects every man, woman and child on the planet. So what are your thoughts and concerns? It would be wonderful to hear from you...


Thanks for sharing this stargate. It has been brought to our attention before. Looks like a powerful movie.

The one thing that put me off from the trailer though (which might not be the case in the full movie), was that it seems to apportion too much blame for the 6th mass extinction with those who hunt endangered species. The point is, this mass extinction that's now clearly taking place, is caused by the mass consumption of humanity in general. High on the list is humanity's consumption of meat and diary, which is destroying much of the natural habitat around the planet and releasing huge amounts of CO2, thus causing a rapid acidification of the oceans (fastest for 300 million years according to greenpeace).

One thing I do love about the film, is its encouragement to action. The makers are clearly expressing their souls in a passionate and courageous way. I find the energy inspirational. It's great motivation. Even if you knew the world would end tomorrow, would you still planet that apple tree today? An truly awakened soul would!

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