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‘Dragon Man’ skull discovery in China tells story of unknown human ancestor

Hi Open,

Saw the below article of a critical recent discovery and thought it really matched much of what you discussed in 'Divinicus' about our DNA manipulation and true ancestry. Really interesting that the research team decided to call the species Homo longi, Dragon Man!

A couple of interesting quotes from the article that made me smile that we are surprised by these 'discoveries':

"“In some ways, the face looks almost modern” and

Crop Circles in the Summer of 2020

I'm out in Avebury at this time, checking out the early crop circles this season. They can give you some important messages about what's unfolding out there in the energy field - with useful bridges of communication. Providing they're authentic that is! This year, my sense is that plenty have been man-made. But I just came across this one here below, which certainly feels authentic to me. What might it be saying?

Siberia in the Arctic Hits 100 Farenheit

In case we took our eyes off the climate challenges during the pandemic, Gaia has sounded an alarm bell to wake us up again. The small town of Verkhoyansk in Siberia in the Arctic Circle has just recorded 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, 32 degrees above the normal high temperature. This is likely the hottest temperature ever recorded in Siberia and also the hottest temperature ever recorded north of the Arctic Circle.

Planetary Alignments, Solar Eclipse CMEs this weekend 10th-12th Jan 2020

We have some major planetary alignments, a solar eclipse and the risk of CMEs happening this weekend, at a time when the underlying movement of the energy field feels strong anyway. So sensitives might be feeling this in the field. It could kick off karma, and also an expansion of light. Plus it could likely reflect out on the 3D with earthquakes - something to be aware of.

Why the Openhand Work is so important for Climate Stricken Areas

In 2019 there have been particularly 3 climate stricken areas on the planet that I felt essential to bring the Openhand Work to, particulary because of climate crisis: Eastern Australia, California and South Africa. These three areas have been greatly hit by drought and/or fire. I always found it pointless and self defeating to try to paint a rosy 'love & light' gloss on the Shift.

Realising Ourselves as Eternal Beings of Light in Climate Crisis

Weather conditions are getting pretty full on out there in the Shift and the climate continues through dramatic upheaval. The Openhand Approach is one of powerful internal confrontation of any fears, anxieties and karmic trauma that activates. Let's be crystal clear: we've created this incredible mirror, so it's essential we own it. Why have we created it? What is it inviting us to let go of within?

Evidence on How Solar Magnetic Forcing is Impacting the Climate

It's high time to get increasingly cued up on how solar magetic forcing is impacting our climate in increasingly extreme ways, and how this is becoming the new norm in the immediate decades ahead. It becomes especially impactful as we transition through the Grand Solar Minimum which then amplifies the effects of the Earth's dwindling protective magetic field during the culmination of the Pole Shift.