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Evidence on How Solar Magnetic Forcing is Impacting the Climate

It's high time to get increasingly cued up on how solar magetic forcing is impacting our climate in increasingly extreme ways, and how this is becoming the new norm in the immediate decades ahead. It becomes especially impactful as we transition through the Grand Solar Minimum which then amplifies the effects of the Earth's dwindling protective magetic field during the culmination of the Pole Shift.

Exploring your concerns and queries about the "Event"

Just as the build up to 2012, you're going to hear increasingly about the upcoming Solar Nova Event that scientific evidence, mythology and prophecy point towards. So what will be involved and how do you genuinely feel about it? I felt to explore your interests and your concerns in this thread here.

Phenomena, Anomalies, Spaceweather, etc.

I couldn't find a forum or topic where unusual anomalies and phenomena here on Earth and in space were being recorded (but please tell me if this belongs somewhere so it can be merged!).

So here is one I just noticed this amazing video captured on August 6th over Northern Italy (from Switzerland) of Red Sprites above a thunderstorm. These have fascinated me for some time, as many photos get shared, and I wonder what sort of an entity / energy they are - anyone know anything non-standard about them? Hopefully they aren't a threat!

Heatwaves, the new norm in Climate Crisis

We've just suffered a punishing heatwave in Europe, but that was nothing to compare with what happened recently in Japan, where 18,000 people were hospitalised. It may be extremely inconvenient, and something you don't delight to see in your social media feed, but it's utterly essential we normalise in the new era of Climate Crisis. If we continue nose-to-the-grindstone in the matrix, we'll suddenly find, one day, there's no grindstone! And then what do you do?

Climate Crisis: The European Sauna Due to Fixed Jetstream Ridges

Central Europe is currently baking in a hot house sauna, as the broken jestream funnels hot air up from the Sahara. Another indication that we have entered Climate Crisis. It's essential that we stay abreast of exactly what is going on across our planet due to abrupt climate change. This from Paul Beckwith. Your views?...

Meet the Money Behind Climate Change Denial...Then Hug a Tree!

Are we still debating whether abrupt climate change is really real? Well as they say in conspiracy circles "if you want to find the truth behind a particular situation, then follow the money". That's what an incredibly thorough study has done by Robert Brulle of Drexel University.

Unusally Cold Weather Amongst the Global Warming - Solar Minimum

Hi Everyone, in the interests of normalising so we can equalise with the phenomenally transient weather patterns across our planet right now, I felt to draw attention to the spats of unusual and unseasonal cold weather and snow that we're witnessing in places around the globe at the moment. Just take a look at some of the headlines and links below.

Extinction Rebellion - the Planet's Fire Alarm

I enjoyed this interview by the UK's Guardian with Extinction Rebellion - the rapidly growing global movement protesting our immenant demise caused by society induced climate change. For me it hints at the underlying fundamanetal cause - that being capitalism itself.

Spirit Guides Confusion/"Emergency"


Hi there! My name is Joseph and I'm new to the forum. A year ago I had a strong metaphysical experience involving very intense energy, and ever since I've been following my spirit guides. Long story short, after a few radical life changing decisions, I'm currently homeless and have cut my family loose. 

Climate Mayhem in the Southern Hemisphere

We must come progressively into the truth, as it really is in life. It's only by the full emersion that we can confront and progressively unwind that which identifies us with the limitation of separation. Become as-one with all things and circumstances, then you will have nothing to fear; neither will you have anything to constantly 'hope' for. Hope simply removes us from the full majesty of the moment, not accepting what is.