Planetary Alignments, Solar Eclipse CMEs this weekend 10th-12th Jan 2020

We have some major planetary alignments, a solar eclipse and the risk of CMEs happening this weekend, at a time when the underlying movement of the energy field feels strong anyway. So sensitives might be feeling this in the field. It could kick off karma, and also an expansion of light. Plus it could likely reflect out on the 3D with earthquakes - something to be aware of. Interesting that the angelic summit would begin this weekend. I just had a test connection with the organiser, and she was clear that the angels strongly guided her to this weekend. My recommendation is to stay tuned to the energy field and aware of how consciousness might move.

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I said in an earlier post in this thread about the various planetary convergences over the weekend Jan 10th - 13th that the shock waves on the surface were by no means over yet. Here we have the Taal Volcano in the Philipines that's opened up multiple new fissures in the last day - the authorities are now urging total evacuation of the island...


Hi Marije,

The energies over the weekend have been very strong indeed, and continue to be so. So it's no surprise that someone with empathic tendencies and given to process field energy would experience what you are.

The arousal is likely caused by the feeling of kundalini activating as field energies strengthen - and the heaving dealing with the energy that comes up as a consequence.

You said...

A part of me would want to just let rip and let it all happen and another part of me still fears the consequences of doing so....

At some point, there is a requirement to let go of the fear of consequence in being authentic. But then you will be stepping onto the edge which will push buttons in those around you.

I mentioned to you earlier to explore ways in which you might dampen the energy temporarily. Have you looked at possibilities for that?

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Hi Charlie,

It was nice to see you again at the Angelic Summit Slightly Smiling

Here's to your question...

Was it easier 2 refer to feminine and masculine because of man and woman here in this reality? Is this not separation from oneness? For me I see divine as not feminine or masculine, but oneness in it entirety. 

For there to be true oneness, is where all experience disappears, yes, I agree this is accurate. However, unless there is relativity, at the same time, there can be no experience at all. The relative must therefore coexist with the oneness, it is neither one nor the other. In us, the relativity is manifest as the soul, which has varying characteristics of beingness, including the divine masculine and feminine. To deny the soul is to create an isolated bubble which is divorced from true oneness - the absolute.

In the Openhand Approach, the full expression of the wave of the soul in any given moment, simultaneously delivers you on the shores of the One.

Best wishes to you

Open Heart


Here in Glastonbury, the heart chakra of the planet, there have been plenty of ceremonies and meditations to harness the planetary conjucts. It was always going to be a 'big' weekend and for sure that's been reflected onto the surface with two major volcano eruptions over the weekend...

Eruption at Kuchinoerabujima volcano, Japan
Powerful eruption at Taal volcano, volcanic ash to 16.7 km (55 000 feet) a.s.l., Philippines

There were also some powerful electricity storms over the US on the 11th, which can be seen in the first couple of minutes in this video...

Mysteriously there's been a huge dust cloud blanketing the whole of Australia, blocking out the sun and bringing some rain. You have to wonder about weather modification?...
Massive dust storm across Australia extends almost the total width of the continent

I get the sense we haven't see the last of the impacts yet of this conjunct.

I also felt some strong benevolent Pleadian energies connecting in and wanting to be grounded through a bridge. I was happy to provide. It's always a pleasure when it comes to you!

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Hi Desi - thanks for the positive feedback. They're difficult subjects to talk about for sure, but I feel to work to normalise these phenomena in our understanding and vocabulary so we can have an evolved look at them. Bear with me a little while and I feel to write in more detail. I'm so glad that you picked up on these issues, like the harvesting of souls. Plenty of people don't want to go there, and yet it's a commone phenomenon. I'll post shortly.


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Thank you Open for all that was shared last night. Once again I was left with the feeling that you bring knowledge and perspectives from realms that few others understand! 

Thank you also for having the courage to bring up the BIG topics as humanity stretches further into the shift and there is so much focus here on Earth in this moment. 

I would be very grateful if you can shed some light on how do we know when we are processing our own karma and when we are dealing with, if I can call it a “false" karma. 

My understanding is that there is a soul trap to recycle humanity back into the system over and over again. After dying the system tricks you into believing that you are reuniting with deceased friends, family and loved ones, where you rest in lower astral realms that have been set up to appear similar to what we believe is heaven. After a time, your “guides” tell you that you have more karma to take care of, things left undone in the physical plane, and not knowing any better, the person going through this system gladly comes back. The only catch being, is that before incarnated back into a physical body, the soul essence is subject to an incredible powerful electromagnetic pulse that wipes memories of who they are and what they have learned. When I tune into the energy I can feel the confusion of the souls and the unknowing of that particular bit of information, until it happens which by then, is too late. The cycle starts again. The soul is recycled back into a dark, heavy environment, experiencing traumas as a result of the system set up and becomes overran by parasites and devices. 

So how do we know when it is our own stuff we are dealing with and when it is the etheric control system in play?

Written with love, 




Hi Laura - thanks for the kind words of feedback Heart

Being a soul-exchange or walk-in is often portrayed in quite a glamorous way. But as I expressed, it was highly challenging for all the relationships I inherited. I felt compassion and love and respect for everyone, but what I couldn't do, was not be me. That just wasn't an option. If you're not being true to yourself, then you can't be true to others and therefore you're supporting an illusion in your reality and there's. Yes it was intensely painful, all my relationships fell apart over the time, and I felt very isolated, except for the higher dimensional team that were always there.

Now some of those relationships have come back together, and I have new ones that are authentic and very harmonious, because in being authentic, others have no choice to be real with you.

As I said in the live stream, mine was an extreme case, but a very clear one too. I know that for most people, things are not so clear and that can be confusing, you're pulled in different ways that are often conflicting. You want to connect with people, yet they expect you to be a certain way. So what I advocate is a progressive, step-by-step emergence in relationships. Create the space to allow things to change - be clear with those around you that you are growing and evolving. Then just take each step as it comes - this is how I feel to be now, how I feel to express now, and be that. Compassionate and caring yes, but not compromising in who you are.

If it's really love, the other will accept you. And if they want to be in your life, they'll shift and change too.

"Be the change you want to see in the world". It becomes a catalyst for the shift, and all those around you who are ready to get it.

Much love to you

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I was just chatting with the organiser of tomorrow's Angelic Summit on 11th January, she's got a great energy and very aligned with the Openhand view. She definitely has an angelic connection, and they expressed how it was made clear to her that the conference should be this weekend. It's certainly timed with some major planetary conjuncts and moon/solar influences. You can check out the details of the conference here. You can get a free space, I think, although the bookings have been busy. I'll be appearing as the opener, at 11am Pacific or 7pm UK, 6am Sydney time (on the 12th)...

Angelic Summit 2020

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Hi there old friend. I was with you at the summit yesterday and bask in your sharing. everytime I started to ask a question the answer was already with me. So being part you I knew that you knew that I knew the answer already. The universe verified that by not allowing me to ask the questions anyway. I did a lot of smiling  as you shared your wisdom with the audience. 

I do have a question.  

Was it easier 2 refer to feminine and masculine because of man and woman here in this reality? Is this not separation from oneness? For me I see divine as not feminine or masculine, but oneness in it entirety. 

Thank you for being you. 
Much love 

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