Crop Circles in the Summer of 2020

I'm out in Avebury at this time, checking out the early crop circles this season. They can give you some important messages about what's unfolding out there in the energy field - with useful bridges of communication. Providing they're authentic that is! This year, my sense is that plenty have been man-made. But I just came across this one here below, which certainly feels authentic to me. What might it be saying?

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I'm currently out travelling again in the Avebury area, drawn to a favoured location where I often take the Facilitator School and where I camped a week ago. Low and behold this stunning Crop circle has appeared. It feels highly signifcant, particularly to our recent inquiries here on Openhandweb.

I was directed to this one by a guy I just happened to 'bump' into (through one of those lovely synchronicities!), who says he had a miraculous healing in it. Having visited myself, I can vouch for the fact it seems very authentic - the crops delicately all folded and interwoven, with the energy high and uplifting. Take a look at the video and see what I says to you. I'll share my personal view below the video...

(video courtesy of Stoneage Dronscapes)

For me it all interweaves with the exploration of sovereignty that we're been having here on the site - sovereignty of being, and sovereignty of doing. So the figure of 8 is the coherent sense of the soul coming into being from the source. The infinity sign suggest this whole, completeness of being interconnected with the source.

This then sits within a weave, that speaks of the relativistic aspect of life - the separation consciousness crystallising around the soul. In this depiction, there is no fragmentation of soul - again, complete coherency, suggesting sovereignty of doing and action.

But there's also the tremendous complexity of shades and interplay, the crop circle displaying different varied forms from different angles - it's one of the key signs of authenticity of design - extremely hard to replicate.

So to me it's showing the beingness and dance of the soul within the weave of life, displaying rich and varied form, yet not getting at all lost. I'd say it's all about this sovereignty.

Do share what you see. These are very intriguing communications.

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There are 3 concentric circles and the number 9 features strongly in all 3. There are 9 segments in the outer circle and 18 on each of the other two (1+8=9). So you get 999. Which is an emergency call in the UK. Hmmm. It also gives me the sense of lotus petals opening. Take a peek. What do you get?...