Volcanic Action and Spectacular Mother Nature

Volcanoes around the planet are triggering as the Pole Shift continues and the Stargates open. This forum thread is dedicated to spectacular mother nature reclaiming herself...

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This eruption and all the other stuff going on around the globe reminds me of the bushfires around me a year or so ago and having to face up to all the possibilities of being burnt out and homeless or getting caught in it and dying! 

It's certainly alot to equalize with and is still ongoing. I am so thankful that I am connected to this community to find encouragement. 

Thankyou all for your beingness. 

Much love



It's the same "War on Materiality" in different guises we're witnessing across the planet. This time it's in the triggering volcanoes as the 11:11 alignment infuses the planet with energy. This is what we must learn to equalise with and set our orientation in life accordingly. I will keep saying it, 'we need to come together and align with the Shift to inspire and uplift oneanother'. Nothing could be more important at this juncture...

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Hi Openhand,

I loved the La Palma Video! No wonder the Icelandic Volcano is about to erupt!

I've been mixing my methods recently, which has quite frankly resulted in some sleepless nights in hysterics, but also, as the tissue and nervous system of the body further clear, a more refined sense of Self and life meaning and expression - Although there is nobody here, nothing to do, nowhere to go.

I felt to share this story about a Monk called Naropa, it's one of my favorites. Naropa was a well-educated monk and the top professor at the ancient Indian Buddhist university of Narlanda. With a mind like a computer, he had a vast knowledge of the sutras and tantras. He was famous as an expert debater and was able to defeat all the non-Buddhist scholars in public encounters. Nevertheless, Naropa was unhappy and dissatisfied and longed for realisation. He thought to himself, 'There's something wrong. I have learned all these intellectual ideas and I can explain absolutely everything about the Buddhadharma, yet I still feel empty and dissatisfied. Something is missing.'

Naropa's guru instructed him to recite one of Heruka's mantra, om hrih ha ha hum hum phat, until he found a solution to his problem. Naropa recited several million mantras. Then one day, while reciting a mantra, he feolt the earth shake. A voice spoke to him from space. 'You are still a baby! You have a long way to go. Your knowledge is merely intellectual, and this is not enough. In order to gain real satisfactionyou must find Tilopa. He is your special guru.' So Naropa left the monastery in search of Tilopa. When he eventually found him after months of difficulties. Tilopa was on the ground cooking live fish. He looked more like a wild man than a great yogi! Nevertheless, Naropa became Tilopa's disciple. 

Year after year Naropa requested his guru for intiation; and year after year Tilopa would get him to perform some outrageous action, always denying him the initiation he so desperately wanted. Naropa struggled like this for twelve years, and twelve times he almost died. One day when they were walking together in the desert, Tilopa suddenly decided to give Naropa the initiation. Unable to make any other preparations, Naropa mixed his urine with sand and offered this to his guru as a mandala. Then pam! Tilopa beat him on the head with his sandal. Naropa went into deep meditation for seven days.

Whatever gets you there I guess!

Thank-you so much again, for creating this platform, which allowed me to express and explore my psyche in a way that I had never had the opportunity to do before. May everybody here realise their permanent and never ending connection to Source and All that is, may all veils fall away.




Just take a few minutes to watch this spectacular footage of the active Iceland Volcano. What I would have given to have been there in promixity watching. What does it do for you?