Planetary Kundalini Rising

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The Kundalini of Gaia has been stifled and supressed by an Interdimensional Intervention trying to take dominion of the Earth. But now, through various mechanisms, her Kundalini is being reactivated. And we may feel this as an activation of Kundalini too. In this episode of the 5D Shift Podcast, I'm looking at this planetary dynamic and how to we can each work with it to support our evolutionary process.

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Wow I have to say that red dragon breath is something else! And that's just an introduction?!? Made me think of the wounded dragon meditation because n ot too long ago while trying to be celibate because I felt something or someone was trying to manipulate me sexually, I'm an easy target lol, I had been using tantra to try and redirect the energy but I was being wishy washy about and rushing through it so it didn't help. I got the "brilliant" idea to fill my Danten (sp?) with the energy. Let's just say it most certainly gave me energy. Highly explosive energy. But at least I "expressed" it and finally released it and the pressure eased. So it worked, after a fashion lol. Doesn't matter how stagnant I am an Openhand podcast lifts me up every time. Course I'm stagnant because I'm having trouble letting go, been shirking my duties, but I still check in with myself at least once every day at least, and like the recent dream, I'm like a train in the station, getting ready to journey on into the light. So the awareness is there, "enjoy it while you can, time to let it all go soon." And tbh, even though I'm still not ready yet, I'm starting to feel relieved, because honestly, this shit is getting old. Beginning to look forward to a simple, clean, awake, fearless, full-on, magical life with no attachments or expectations, just getting closer to my true self and expressing and exploring. Growing and learning. Anyway I'm now in a great place that while all the important lessons triggers etc are there they are much more manageable. I know Openhand loves the major breakdown/breakthrough but I haven't managed to get the courage to unwind enough, let go enough, I guess. I keep chickening out. Anyway Im about to move in to my own apartment for the first time in something like 4 years. I will not squander this gift. I feel this will be the chance to do more in depth lower Chakra work I need to get done so I can get that train going on to whatever calling I've been ignoring, or maybe truly just not ready for. Thanks for yet another informative, clear, straightforward, honest, energizing and uplifting video. So appreciated. Can't wait to get back to it.💙💜🙏barb

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Hi Barb - so glad the Podcast and Dragon Breath Meditation worked for you 👍

Yes I know there is often that "pregnant pause" before we truly let go, where the courage is summoned...

"And there came the point where you realised
that to remain small in the shell
was more painful than breaking out."

Anais Nin

I have no doubt your time will come.

Open 🙏

Today just happens to be the Red Dragon Day in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar. I didn't plan the release of this new podcast episode, Red Dragon Rising, it just happened that way! So is the flow. It would appear we're converging with some deep synchronicity here.

In this episode I'm looking at the reactivation of planetary Kundalini, how it's been thwarted by the Intervention for nefarious purposes and how that's suppressed humanity. But now there's clear evidence and synchronicity that it's rising once more. How can we each benefit from this activation in our lives and in the Shift? That's what I'll be exploring.

And be prepared for much more material in relation to this to be shared here in due course.

I wish you a powerful Red Dragon Day!

Open 🌄

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