Why the Openhand Work is so important for Climate Stricken Areas

In 2019 there have been particularly 3 climate stricken areas on the planet that I felt essential to bring the Openhand Work to, particulary because of climate crisis: Eastern Australia, California and South Africa. These three areas have been greatly hit by drought and/or fire. I always found it pointless and self defeating to try to paint a rosy 'love & light' gloss on the Shift. The situation is impacting people in very real ways and will only escalate into 2020. The point being, the Openhand work has been purposefully crafted to help people mediate through the challenges so as to embrace the shift into the higher 5D Paradigm.

It's also why we place such emphasis on the Facilitator Program - because that way, skilled people are able to offer support more widely. If you feel you're ready and able to help in the Shift, do get involved...
Openhand Facilitator Program.

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We were battered by storms and monumental flooding in the UK over the weekend. My sense is it's highly likely to be due to the Grand Solar Minimum allowing in increased cosmic waves that then batter the ionsphere which cascades into the jetstreams - of course the mainstream is not in a place to look at the bigger cyclical factors beginning to deluge the planet. They'd then have to be transparent about where this is all leading. But that doesn't have to stop you and I normalising with the situation so we may equalise with it. There will be no ultimate solution in the 3D. It's time to accept that and allow higher 5D waves to guide us...


Indeed Laura - I don't believe it's possible to truly transcend a situation unless you normalise and equalise with it first - to become as one with it. So I always felt from day 1 here, to share what I felt was coming and reflected out into the physical. I believe it prepares us well.


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A year or so ago Openhand was hosted to run a couple of courses up in NewFoundland, eastern Canada. So I feel a special warmth for the people I connected with there. So my heart and warmth goes out to you in the historic blizzards you've been getting these last few days. It's all down to the Grand Solar Minimum which recently had the reverse impact so devastatingly in Australia. We need to equalise with this because the effects will only get stronger, especially as we accelerate to the culmination of the Pole Shift too. It's going to test our identification with physicality like never before. Which means we can grow in it. It seems like these guys were finding the lighter side...


Lest we forget that as some places on the planet are going into extreme heat, we're also getting the opposite in other areas like Northern America with intense snow and cold. And what comes to mind when you think of the Sahara Desert? Perhaps not ice! But here it is right now...

For more on the story and some other great photos by Karim Bouchetata

The Grand Solar Minimum will be driving these much colder temperatures in various parts of the world. But it's a complex picture indeed. Because Earth's Pole Shift is lowering our magnetic shield, which allows in more solar and cosmic charged particles. These bounce around in the magnetosphere, cascade down into the ionosphere and impact the jetstreams. So you get places that are usually hot getting cold and vice versa. And then of course there's the manmade footprint impacting the dynamic.

You can say for sure that we're in an intense state of flux. All predictions are off the table. And what is that encouraging?

To be in the moment and go with the flow.

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Wow, the resembling images of the sky and Aboriginal flag touched me deeply. I have been standing on the sidelines when it comes to climate change, which is easy living in a country that hasn't experienced anything life threatening (yet). But with the situation in Australia it's impossible now to look away or not be deeply shocked by the effects of human behavior on this planet. The millions of animals that lost their lives, natural environment being destroyed. Yes, the mirror is undeniable..

What a mirror - what about the 65 billion grazing creatures that are blindly slaughtered year on year in the Industrial Food chain? Are they worthy of compassion too? And how might that be contributing to the effects we're now witnessing?

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I contacted some of the people I know out in Australia over the weekend. The situation sounds simply surreal out there. Biblical. It's the gut wrenching impact on the eco system that is most moving. And I would say, well, what we're witnessing is the underlying movement and stress in the field that is unravelling itself and now made manifest. We can't go on living the way we do in society and pretend that 'everything is okay'. It's plainly not.

Half a billion creatures will have been lost in the fires. And that's deeply saddening. And we'll all have been moved for sure by the sight of Koala's desperate for water, being replenished from the hand. What a mirror - what about the 65 billion grazing creatures that are blindly slaughtered year on year in the Industrial Food chain? Are they worthy of compassion too? And how might that be contributing to the effects we're now witnessing? One of the things I've consistently said in the Openhand work about the shift, is that we're going to witness in the times ahead, mirror upon mirror upon mirror, to what we're being, with an invitation to step out of the untruth.

I was sent this tremendous mirror by Katie in South East Australia, not too far from Victoria - a picture of the skies that reflect the Aborignal Flag. It's time to return to our origins and compassionate alignment with Gaia.

The last few days a small group of us have congregated up on the Glastonbury Tor at sundown, playing didge and drum for the people and creatures of Australia. We are with you Heart


As we move into the festive break 2019, in various parts of the world, Gaia is making herself felt in no uncertain terms about the nature of how society exists here. Fire is an incredible mirror. As society has plastered itself across the depth and breadth of the planet, so can nature destroy it. It will probably take more lifetimes of increased awareness for the majority to see the law of cause and affect in full reflection. If you're awake, it's time to be calmed and centred by the incredible power of nature; always working to be as-one with it; and as much as possible, helping others to come into line with it too.

As painful as it may be, I felt to share an update on the Australian bushfires, which are escalating, and showing signs only of increasing in intensity rather than abating. Openhand has held many gatherings in Australia over the years and so I feel a big heartfelt connection to everyone out there. As tough as it may be, know that you are loved unconditionally. Ask always in these life challenging situations, "what can I let go of inside?" And how can I be more connected to the divine? How can I evolve and grow? Then we'll always gain from the loss.

The fires seem to be all aross the country. Our hearts go out to anyone caught up in them Heart


Let's be crystal clear about the way forwards, it's going to get increasingly challenged and challenging in the 3D. Especially in key areas of the planet as outlined above in the video. It's no coincidence that of all the areas the Openhand work could have taken place during 2019, three key areas were of those hardest hit. This is NOT about shirking away from the great challenges we face in front of us. It's going to take a deep well of inner courage and compassion, a way of articulating exactly what is unfolding across our planet, and most importantly, how to help people mediate through their layers of karmic energy.

In the times ahead, the Openhand Facilitator Program will come into its own in this regard. If you feel moved to facilitate the shift in the deepest alchemical and supportive way, if you have the sense of service, and a bundle of warrior energy, compassion, drive and entrepreneurial motivation, then the program would be for you. It's my sense of inspiration to help more facilitators in the shift unfold their gifts and develop their craft in the years ahead.

Openhand Facilitator Program...Is it For You?


I'll be bringing the Openhand work back to Africa in 2020. To me it's essential to get the message out there of what's really happening in the Shift, why the planet is affected in the way it is, and how we can help illuminate the path into the higher densities for those ready to hear. There is a way forwards for everyone when the bigger picture is understood and embraced...