Comet ATLAS close encounter (in constellation of Orion)!

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Just had to share this from, given your mention of Comet ATLAS earlier in the year AND the fact that it is not only transiting through the constellation of Orion right now but also making its closest approach so far to Earth. Surely the significance is there, right?!

"Around the world, amateur astronomers are taking incredible pictures of Comet ATLAS (C/2020 M3), which is approaching Earth for a close encounter this weekend. The big green comet is gliding through the constellation Orion, which makes it very easy to find. Bonus: If you go outside to see Comet ATLAS, you're also likely to spot a Northern Taurid fireball".




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Wow, thanks for sharing Clare. I hadn't realised that was happening and yes, a powerful synchronicity - signalling perhaps the karmic interconnection between our constellations. I guess this must be a different Atlas to the other two that came into our solar system 6 months ago? I'll have to check into that one - the first broke up as it got closest to the earth, but then I do believe a core element of it continued. Still, I think this one must be different.

Thanks so much for sharing!

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Hi Open,

Yes, of course, I forgot that the 'original' ATLAS broke up, so perhaps it is because it was the same satellite / system that picked it up (I think that is part of their naming system?). I did note the designation '(C/2020 M3)' after this current ATLAS, so I am guessing it isn't one and the same. However, a repeat of its same energy in a fresh form, perhaps?

When searching, though, I did happen across this very interesting piece about the significance and timing of this year's 3 comets (ATLAS, SWAN and NEOWISE - all with already highly-significant names in their own right!), and felt it was worth sharing here as it seemed to tie these comets together in an interesting and valuable way, particularly this summarising passage:

"The Comet ATLAS, as giant, can be imagined as the will nature of being human, and its appearance was simultaneous to a stirring in the global economic sphere, where we would awaken to association rather than competition; likewise, Comet SWAN can be imagined in relation to  the feeling life, especially as demonstrated by the communities that bear the cross of social injustice and that seek our awakening in the rights sphere; and now Comet NEOWISE coming into naked-eye view during the weeks of the soul’s summer dreaming, when in dreamlike quiet the thought life must rest content, while new organs of perception gestate, for meeting the world anew when we awaken through the rise of meteoric iron cast into the system through the Michaelic Perseid meteor shower come August". [Full article here].

For me, it is a most interesting synchronicity that the comets DID seem to cradle the different stages of the unfolding plandemik! I was already aware of the significant 1-in-500 year astrology pounding (!) at this year, but it is even more spectacular that these comets seemed to act as catalysts and messengers too.

Would love to hear what you think!