A Moment's Life Review Amongst the Crop Circles

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It's summer time in the UK, and for Openhand, it's a slowing down period in August for a couple of weeks. The Openhand program - the 5D Shift project - runs in cycles from September to July, kind of like an educational year of inquiry, and so August is a time for reflection on the previous cycle, and anticipation of the patterns building for the next 'academic' year. This week I'm spending time in "Crop Circle Grand Central", namely Avebury in South England.

I invite you to join me for some consciousness still time, to tune in, and see what patterns on the horizon might be emerging for you?

Year of Transformation

It's been a year of transformation for Openhand, a redefinition of purpose and mission. The last 15 years here have all been about supporting - through the field - the activation of the Shift, which feels well under well now. It's clear (at least to us) that Gaia is signalling her movement into higher densities and encouraging all to prepare themselves. What I admire most about this, is her compassion and love for humanity - despite all that's she's suffered and suffering, it feels like she's moving gently forwards.

To me, when I feel into the Shift, I sense a pretty much unstoppable event line has now kicked off. Gaia will do what she needs to do to restore balance and harmony here on Earth - so there's a viable long term future. For me that comes with a great sense of relief. Everywhere I witness the mistreatment of sentient life here. I feel happiness that their suffering will not have been in vain and will come to rest.

So what is the next phase?

I feel the next phase is to connect with as many people as possible who might be able to hear and see, exactly what is unfolding, so that they may maximise the golden opportunity for spiritual growth. I already know this will not be an easy mission. To me, when I look into society, misrepresentation, misunderstanding and even deception are rife. There are so many vested interests, even amongst the spiritual mainstream, so many identity filters to work through and so much karma. Even a general idea of what the Shift will likely entail, will spark fear in many, and so I believe some key approaches of soul will be necessary...

- Working not to make the other wrong. Their belief system and perspective is right for them, and in a Universe of relativity, we can never be sure our version of the truth is completely accurate.
- Personally I work to find 95% accuracy in my perspective of reality before I share something. This is mainly confirmed through the feeling response to synchronicity, and the sense of that deep "aha" feeling of the soul. I find leaving 5% to uncertainty is healthy, because it allows the scope to question, adapt, evolve and refine.
- Building bridges into the old paradigm. Even in a place where there is so much disharmony, injustice and inequity, I find it worthwhile to remember that every reality comes into being as a consensus construct to explore karma. Karma builds as a distortion of truth, and therefore every reality, no matter how distorted, was still originally founded on truth. Hence the need to build bridges into it and recognise the truth at the core of it.
- Keeping it as simple as possible. Although we regularly discuss complex phenomenon of the Universe, I do believe following the soul is simple. It's not necessarily easy, but I believe it is straightforward. To me, it can be defined as aligning with the sense of rightness within, as confirmed by the synchronistic mother tongue of the Universe. We all have a natural aptitude to listen to the soul. If we align with this rightness, then progressively reality comes into view. 
- Connecting through community. I witness that people are ready to get levels of truth. Truth cascades 'downwards', like a waterfall into successive pools. That doesn't mean you personally have to influence everyone. In fact just a small group, that resonates on your vibration, who can feel accuracy of their own truth in what you're expressing, is enough to activate a chain reaction. There is nothing so powerful as an accurate meme!

Crop Circle Grand Central

So these are the kinds of things I'm reflecting on during this next week in Avebury. I do believe that Higher Dimensional Consciousness speaks through the crop circles. When you witness the grace an majesty of an authentic one, that appears over night as if from nowhere, when you feel the sophistication and energy of them, I find they speak volumes.

What I think is wonderful about them too, is that they seem to speak in metaphor. In other words, it's a language that does not try to tell you "The Truth". Just like the Openhand approach, it shows you a reflection, and asks... "What's your truth".

I felt to share this one to kick off the inquiry. It's one that appeared a while ago and really stood out for me. When you look at it and feel, what does it say to you? How might it speak into your personal situation right now?

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I've just visited this most recent crop circle shown in the video below. An interesting experience indeed. 

Whilst it may seem another superlative example of this incredible technology, I always find it essential to feel the movement of energy when you're in them. 

So what did I experience?

I felt a tightness in the head, on the plane of the intellect, and a heaviness in the abdomen. The energy spiral was descending, not ascending, and it was pretty depleting of my energy. I felt it disconnecting. Plus I'd been seeing synchronicities of "falling by the wayside" and plenty of grey colours around.

It was afterwards when I saw the video, that I particularly noticed the 3 intersected concentric circles, which to me, suggest the "cycle of life" being intersected and broken. I'd say it was a reflection of the grey cycle of life thus far, and potentially a calling out for realignment (at least that's what I took as a feeling inference). As I pointed out in the PARADIGM SHIFT movie, compassionate realignment of the various ET energies that influence us all is a major part of the Shift. For me it's a reminder of how essential it is we all work on the energies within - which then radiates out into the field.

That's my impression at least. I still greatly admire the technology. Simply amazing. Do share if you have any feelings about it....

The star shape reminds me of open arms. The bigger/outer one represents the physical plane, and the inner/smaller one represents full ascension. My message was to keep opening myself, in every moment, because in this way I can reach the simplicity of the smaller one. The other stars in between represent my karma/conditioning and also tell me that I must keep opening myself up in the midst of them.

If I imagine myself in the very middle of it, it also reminds me of the soul's compass. The stars with grass in the center symbolize the moments that I was in peace, but the flow led me to experience some blockage. On the other hand, the stars absent of grass in the center symbolize the moments when I was stuck, but eventually found the light through them. Very cool!

And speaking of the second one... wow! I immediately saw a baby wearing a pacifier in the mouth, and when the image turned sideways I saw a person wearing a gas mask - which dialogues with what you said, Open. I felt some dizziness as if the image was trying sucking me in. I also saw other things that you can see below.

crop circle description

I had never tried to intuit the meaning of crop circles before. It was fun, even though the second one gave me some bad vibes Smiling Face with Closed eyes I'll give it a try more often!


Wow Eduardo - an amazing interpretation. I can resonate with much of what you say. Thumbs Up SignThe Sun Emoji

For anyone else tuning in, the invitation is to interpret these through higher mind and the field. So with higher mind, to practice what immediately lands without trying to logic it? And then how does this tie in with the feelings you have about them?

Remember aswell that what we'll also see reflections that we each need to work with. After viewing this one, I needed to spend a good 2hours on a nearby hill releasing and processing the energy - felt like a whole fleet!

Open Praying Emoji

My initial sense of the first one is just the ascending and descending of the triangles...and there is the feeling that there is a wider version/wider possibility of the star...I can feel it in there, but there is something missing at the top - it's cut off...interesting to see that and reflect on that. 

The second one - I only saw for a moment...my only sense was a deep aching in the heart center. Will watch again later and see what if any other impressions come =)

I got goosebumps when I saw this one.

To me, I felt an immediate Pleiadian energy to it. A feeling of openness, connectivity and collective power. 

In Greek mythology, the Pleiads were the seven daughters of Atlas, a Titan who held up the sky, and the oceanid Pleione, protectress of sailing. The sisters were Maia, Electra, Alcyone, Taygete, Asterope, Celaeno and Merope.

LOL - I've just been out flowing with the pull, this way and that, with no apparent objective. Until I reached a dead end, right next to a pub, called....."The Seven Stars!"

The Pleiadians are in play!