All About Ascension - Interview

What's going on in the Ascension process on Earth right now? How are our lives being affected and how can you work with it? Here's a thought provoking interview recently with Open by "Conscious Talk Radio" in Seattle...

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Thanks so much for the lovely supportive words of feedback. It's such a joy to be able to share this and have it 'seen'. It makes it all worthwhile.


Open *wink*


It's still astonishing (to small me) that I can hear Open talk and know deep within that what he is saying is true for me. It makes me feel like I'm in on and part of disseminating one of the greatest truths known to humanity...How blessed are we!! Thank you Open and the Team. Joann


What an excellent interview! Best way to start your day.
This should now be the mainstream :)



Brilliant interview, Open. Loved the ease of flow between you and the interviewers and the gentle, light undertone with bits of humour. I'm thrilled that the Seattle media is getting the word out about Openhand philosophy.It really hit me when you said star souls have been around for billions of years. Egads! It does take a while to lift the veils of illusion ha!

Cathy :)


I truly enjoyed starting the day listening to this intervieuw - so great that evolving Radio's feel the pull to ask Open's perspective about Ascension , New paradigm shift , how we can tune in and navigate the 5 gateways , work on our daily habits - infuse more Soul ,etc.... Its heart warming to know many more Souls will be listening to this radio interveuw and maybe feel the pull to check the website / articles / videos / and get intuned with the Openhand community sharings . Spot on