Amazing Inspiring People...Who Inspires YOU?

Throughout my life journey there have been the personal stories and words of amazing people that inspired me to be myself and to follow my Soul's heart beat. One of them has been Maya Angelou, an extraordinary woman of immense wisdom and spiritual depth.

I wish to dedicate this forum to all the extra-ordinary people out there who reflect back the magnificence of expressing Beingness in all forms. The form and the formless unite :)

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"Doing "Right" may not be expedient. It may not be profitable, but it is good for the soul."" Maya Angelou

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Lovely Anastasia, <3 <3

Thank you for your sharing, very touching, as well as the video - took me back to the land of the past, in territories where pain and pleasure interweaved!

I am currently and for some time now been experiencing major and VERY interesting kundalini movements on all levels - multidimensionally - so apologies for my delayed response.  xx Listening to the body-mind-spirit conversing requires space and care as you clearly feel yourself and as you shared on another thread. Today I had a Tui Na massage and everything feels intensified! A 'good thing' ;) x

Watching AMA, the first thing that popped into my mind was the feeling of what she is experiencing and how it must feel! I felt stillness, quietitude, a sense of presence, lightness and grace expressed through her body in water. The closer I could relate to this feeling in water is scuba diving! What totally amazed me was how expressive the body can be in challenging conditions. If one fights with the physical or neglects its key messages as an apnea practitioner, or as a diver (well as anyone!) this dance would be impossible. I feel that there is a harmonious upgrading here of capacities that are mobilised by a tuning into the Source. 

And yes! I totally agree with you about how we harshly condition our bodies (at the gym, sports etc) and the seeking of perfection through this engagement! And the internalisation of all the distorted social messages about beauty, perfection, body and form magnifies this seeking and feeds it - kinda like being in a vicious circle.

I have witnessed and have experienced being the seeker of perfection of body, perfection of mind and even perfection of spirit. I find that the self in all its manifestations can be a project that seeks perfection! When I used to do a lot of sports and gym work, I wanted excellence of body. When I used to be an academic, I wanted excellence of mind. When I used to meditate 11 hours per day I wanted excellence of 'my spirit'. And then you hit the wall!! That sth that 'interrupts the routine'. The inner truth. And for me it interrupts it because it asks me to 'see more clearly', to feel into the filters because although there is the distortion, there is also the truth. Can I uncover the truth and love myself and give space WITH the distortions, so as to re-discover the truth of my Being?

Now I go to the gym and meditate. Feel my body, feel awareness, feel any filters as they arise. I listen to the harshness if it arises and I ask it: 'tell me'...'who is this?' And feeling. Its an exploration. I know my body wants to move and feels a sense of freedom, responsiveness, aliveness, vibrancy, energy when it moves, in any way. Dance happens everywhere :)

What was very touching Anastasia is that you mentioned Beauty and Pain coexisting in your experience, or at least thats how I read it here:


I’m being shown something about myself through this amazing video. I seem to believe that if I don’t have the perfect dancer’s attributes, (which I will never have again, for natural reasons) -then I can’t dance.

It also translates as ‘if I don’t look or express a certain way, then I can’t be loved.’

I feel the pain clearly now, but I also feel the emerging beauty of my dancer’s soul spiralling through and around it gathering momentum...



In response, I dedicate this song/video to YOU - you are such an inspiring dancing soul!! Love you x



Theos kai Panagia, Aspasia!

That was one of the most penetrating and touching things I’ve ever seen and read. So poignant. An arrow straight for my heart, revealing so much pain and beauty interwoven into one another. The divine paradox of something being so exquisitely beautiful it hurts.

My lower mind wants to ask, how does she do that? But my higher mind doesn’t care.

It makes me think of how harshly we condition our bodies. Each in our own way. As a dancer more so than others. Always striving to perfect the form, according to preprogrammed ideals, but constantly failing for such a form doesn’t exist. I remember a dancer I was acquainted with. She was an absolutely beautiful dancer but noticeably ‘overweight’. And she was struggling to find work because of it. I always questioned why it had to be that way, but I still continued to obey by the rules and judged myself harshly for every extra pound that I allowed to surface.

I realise now as I type this that one thing that pains me so much about watching this woman in water, is how beautiful and perfect her body is. The way I always aspired and worked hard for mine to be. Always at the gym building muscle, burning fat, making sure everything stayed in place, panicking if any piece of me began to ‘transgress’ the boundaries.

Two years ago, however, something strange happened. I couldn’t continue this way. Something always interrupted my training routine, and although I formerly always managed to overcome such ‘interferences’ with discipline and an iron will, this time it was impossible! My soul simply refused. Wild horses couldn’t drag me to the gym, despite my egos desperate pleas as I was watching my precious, hard earned ‘form’ falling apart. My soul literally said ‘I will not set foot in that place again until you do it for the right reasons!’.

I’m being shown something about myself through this amazing video. I seem to believe that if I don’t have the perfect dancer’s attributes, (which I will never have again, for natural reasons) -then I can’t dance.

It also translates as ‘if I don’t look or express a certain way, then I can’t be loved.’

I feel the pain clearly now, but I also feel the emerging beauty of my dancer’s soul spiralling through and around it gathering momentum...

I cannot thank you enough for this thread. I really am dancing again, inside and out.

This one is especially for you, Aspasia, 😉 (but all are welcome to it of course)




What an inspiring soul expression Christopher Cross! And Sailing is just pure dive into fluidity. Totally love it, thanks for sharing <3

...And it now invites me to share a short film by this magnificent woman Julie Gautier, a French apnea champion dancing her pain in water, in flow, in NOW, in stillness and movement, creating her story, our story.

Be Inspired! <3 <3

Statement of intent:

“Ama” is a Japanese word meaning "Woman of the Sea". Amas are traditional shell collectors, strong and united. For me, it represents the relationship that we, women, must build between ourselves and the link we must keep with nature. The film confronts us with immense capacity of women - capacity that we all have but that we leave sleeping, or we do not dare to develop. Unfortunately in our modern society, social bond is often broken and loneliness infests a lot of homes. For me, this film is a way to say: you are not alone, open yourself to others, talk about your sufferings and your joys. I wanted to share my biggest pain in this life with this film. For this is not too crude, I covered it with grace. To make it not too heavy, I plunged it into the water. The result is a beautiful and mild film that touches the hearts of those who can read between the lines. Life makes sure to put some challenges on our paths that if they do not break us, help us grow. We all have our story. We all carry a burden that we have learned to lighten and to live with. As this theme is universal, the film invites to share and becomes an emotion liberator, because to indulge is also to give others the opportunity to do so.
"Ama" is a silent film. It tells a story everyone can interpret in their own way based on their own experience. Some may see an artistic work or a physical performance, some may feel indifferent or cry ... There is no imposition, only suggestions.
"Ama" uses grace as an emotion vector, there are no words, just movements. Grace is a way of expression, communication and being. I think if we use grace in our lives, actions, words, relationship with others and with the planet, we can be kind to the world. This film speaks a lot to women, because it was written by and for women but it is not exclusive to women. I do not want to make it a militant film, nor feminist. For me, it's just an open door for the heart of a woman.


With Wise Loving Grace to everyone <3

Anastasia! What a powerful piece of music and lyrics! Really moved! And the video, magical! I am picturing in my mind's eye the way you 'moved with reality' <3 Thank you for sharing! Im dancing alright!! Thumbs Up Sign

Upon reading and listening to the lyrics, the memory of an amazing movie I watched a few years ago popped into my head and heart, its called: 'Inside Im dancing'. The story is about two men - alternatively abled - who claim their physical and emotional independence by defying the "protective" institutional living and society's stereotypical attitudes, including pity...

Life is a dance indeed and movement is a never ending conversation with ALL realities.


It is so ironic/perfect that you posted that song "lose yourself to dance" regarding conscious dance!  I was late, and I intensely dislike being late, for the first day to join the local conscious dance group and was thinking about waiting until the following week so as not to be rude by my Amazon music decided to shuffle in a song that I had never heard (the Universe must have hit a button or something), which was exactly that one.  Taking it as a sign of synchronicity I showed up four minutes late and had a mind blowing, orgasmic experience.  I now am attending as often as I can and I find it to be the BEST experience for me!  I would never have even known that it existed if it weren't for the intensive where we began that process of meditating and dancing it out...I was doing it alone in my home and now I get to do it with a bunch of beautiful souls!  I wish I lived closer to all of you as we are DEFINITELY kindred spirits :))))) Sending love, light and dancing hearts to you all!

Sending Warm Light,


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That's a remarkable synchronicity Aphro Heidi! This song is really one of my best favorites! And its not a very well known one because I guess it's quite old. But what a tune!

I totally get it when you describe it as an orgasmic experience! Thats exactly how it feels to me too. Even when I meet tightness or tiredness or resistance, this body welcomes it all on the dance floor so as to allow for that transmutation and often orgasmic integration to arise! And the vibe just intensifies when you are in a group, have you noticed??

And the dancing heart does ride like the wind.....! Lets ride like the wind through the ether! <3 <3


Oh My God! 😂

Aspasia, I’m laughing and crying at the same time. So crazy quirky and so beautifully moving all at once. Just like I feel sometimes. Priceless!

I got one for you guys as well. This one really got me going tonight after tons of intense processing finally gave birth to something.


We are here, we're all alone in our own Universe, 
We are free, where everything's allowed and love comes first, 
Forever and ever together, we sail into infinity, 
We're higher and higher and higher, we're reaching for divinity.

Thanks all of you for being here doing this crazy dance with me ❤️💃



YOU already know how to move!  We are all dancers. It is very inspiring to feel your Soul moving 'here and now' and the feedback loop it creates!....Earlier today I tried a different facilitation approach with a very challenging 'client' that integrated stillness, music, words that activate, touch, physical holding, movement and energy gathering. It was a mix that took the journey on a different level!! And here you are connecting though the ether, our 'dance souls' communicating. And what I find amazing is the deep stillness that one finds within Movement <3 So alchemical!

Here is one of the tunes I have used in my 'conscious dance' classes that just invites the Soul in. The video is so interesting. Every single person in there is a dancer, SO inspiring. And amusing and reflecting back the diversity of the embodiment of the Soul moving and expressing!

Enjoy and xorepse me tin psychi sou <3


Theiki Agapi





Right now YOU inspire me!

I can feel your dance vibes and I want to move with you. My soul is starting to take baby steps, and I know that one day soon (I hope), it will remember how to dance again.

Thank you for sharing your precious experience in the dance studio. I have internalised the images and will give them their own dance space in which to move and improvise. 

Ela moro mou va xorepsoume!

Me megali agapi,


Thank you Aspasia.

Being an old dancer, that really moved me. I could feel what it used to feel like to express that way. I can really miss it sometimes.




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Lovely to read Anastasia <3

Went to a beautiful dance space yesterday night to put this energy into creative reality. It was awesome! I just transform on the dance floor! I have had visions of a past life as a dancer and it just flows on the open floor.

I find that physical movement is an amazing medium to move the etheric; its a multidimensional energetic bridge and I dont find it limiting. Challenging yes but not limiting. xx

Sending etheric loving dance vibes your way fellow dancer xxx

A surge of energy bursts through to more fluidity; The feeling of 'stuck-ness' being re-integrated back into the pool of embodied awareness and expression giving rise to Movement.  Sergei Polunin embodying the Twin Flame energy whilst dancing in the divine music and lyrics of Hozier. BREATH-TAKING!

Sergei, an extraordinary soul, a true revolutionary who blew up the system of the Ballet Industry just because he was himself! Full of passion, humility, following a true inner voice that all rebellions just have to Listen to.





I still watch you when you're groovin'

As if through water from the bottom of a pool

You're movin' without movin'
And when you move, I'm moved
You are a call to motion
There all of you a verb in perfect view
Like Jonah on the ocean
When you move, I'm moved

When you move
I'm put to mind of all that I wanna be
When you move
I could never define all that you are to me

So move me, baby
Shake like the bough of a willow tree
You do it naturally
Move me, baby

You are the rite of movement
Its reasonin' made lucid and cool
I know it's no improvement
When you move, I move
You're less Polunin leapin'
Or Fred Astaire in sequins
Honey, you, you're Atlas in his sleepin'
And when you move, I'm moved

When you move
I can recall somethin' that's gone from me
When you move
Honey, I'm put in awe of somethin' so flawed and free

So move me, baby
Shake like the bough of a willow tree
You do it naturally
Move me, baby
So move me, baby
Like you've nothin' left to prove
And nothin' to lose
Move me, baby

Ooh, ooh, ooh
Oh baby, oh baby
Move like grey skies
Move like a bird of paradise
Move like an odd sight come out at night

Move me, baby
Shake like the bough of a willow tree
You do it naturally
Move me, baby
So move me, baby
Like you've nothin' left to lose
And nothin' to prove
Move me, baby
So move me, baby
Shake like the bough of a willow tree
You do it naturally
Move me, baby



Here's Stan Lee, who created many of the Marvel Super hero characters. To me his sharing extolls the virtue of really finding what you love in life and expressing that as much as possible. If you're really in your truth, then you find the Universe will give you wings - in his case, literally!...

Thanks for your sharing Open, what an inspiring message Peter Dinklage has! Dont wait just be it! When one re-claims 'nuggets of soul' in the messiness of life then something magic happens. :)

Wynde hey! What an amazing way to be inspired and re-create another moment in time, endless moments of soulfulness in the arms of the Universe. Upon reading your sharing I pictured you in the middle of the Universe, something like this!


In the arms of the Universe

Hey Hey!!!


What inspires me is this universe, God. In how every day and every way it shows me how much I am for it as it is for me. Therein lies the secrets for me ready to discover and uncover. Its like tapping on a burned out light bulb and saying Cmon now, I know you want to work and then it just turns on and thus begins a new journey or story. Another moment in time.




Great thread Aspasia Thumbs Up Sign

Personally I get more inspired by musicians and actors than many in 'spiritual' work. Why? For me (and in the Openhand Approach), it's all about the revelation of soul. It's not trying to be spiritual. It's not putting on some mantel (although of course that happens in acting). I'm intirugued by authenticity of soul. And I think the people that tend to most stand out, whether in an acting role or performing on stage, have tapped into their soul and are allowing it to flow. And many who are really good at it, will have stories to tell of how they got knocked back, time and time again, but for some reason, they were at a place where this didn't stop them. I observe that for many, it's like that here in this density in terms of the ermegence of soul - you feel like you're getting knocked back, time and time again. Yet here's the crucial thing to hoist on board...

It's not to see getting knocked back as the sign to stop. Yes, what you're doing might need to change. However, the getting knocked back is the actual forging of the soul. You get back up again and say.... "well I expressed like this last time, how can I do that better? In other words, how can I be more of me?" When you tap into the mainstream of your soul, and keep opening the channel for that, that's when magic and miracles happen.

Watched the film Bohemian Rhapsody recently and it was a deep journey into the vastness of human potential and pain, going hand by hand. Freddie Mercury's life story is indeed an inspiration. Watch a short clip of his life's story here. Just Soulful!