Amazing Inspiring People...Who Inspires YOU?

Throughout my life journey there have been the personal stories and words of amazing people that inspired me to be myself and to follow my Soul's heart beat. One of them has been Maya Angelou, an extraordinary woman of immense wisdom and spiritual depth.

I wish to dedicate this forum to all the extra-ordinary people out there who reflect back the magnificence of expressing Beingness in all forms. The form and the formless unite :)

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"Doing "Right" may not be expedient. It may not be profitable, but it is good for the soul."" Maya Angelou


Watched the film Bohemian Rhapsody recently and it was a deep journey into the vastness of human potential and pain, going hand by hand. Freddie Mercury's life story is indeed an inspiration. Watch a short clip of his life's story here. Just Soulful!

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Personally I get more inspired by musicians and actors than many in 'spiritual' work. Why? For me (and in the Openhand Approach), it's all about the revelation of soul. It's not trying to be spiritual. It's not putting on some mantel (although of course that happens in acting). I'm intirugued by authenticity of soul. And I think the people that tend to most stand out, whether in an acting role or performing on stage, have tapped into their soul and are allowing it to flow. And many who are really good at it, will have stories to tell of how they got knocked back, time and time again, but for some reason, they were at a place where this didn't stop them. I observe that for many, it's like that here in this density in terms of the ermegence of soul - you feel like you're getting knocked back, time and time again. Yet here's the crucial thing to hoist on board...

It's not to see getting knocked back as the sign to stop. Yes, what you're doing might need to change. However, the getting knocked back is the actual forging of the soul. You get back up again and say.... "well I expressed like this last time, how can I do that better? In other words, how can I be more of me?" When you tap into the mainstream of your soul, and keep opening the channel for that, that's when magic and miracles happen.

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What inspires me is this universe, God. In how every day and every way it shows me how much I am for it as it is for me. Therein lies the secrets for me ready to discover and uncover. Its like tapping on a burned out light bulb and saying Cmon now, I know you want to work and then it just turns on and thus begins a new journey or story. Another moment in time.




Thanks for your sharing Open, what an inspiring message Peter Dinklage has! Dont wait just be it! When one re-claims 'nuggets of soul' in the messiness of life then something magic happens. :)

Wynde hey! What an amazing way to be inspired and re-create another moment in time, endless moments of soulfulness in the arms of the Universe. Upon reading your sharing I pictured you in the middle of the Universe, something like this!


In the arms of the Universe