And if we are to shine..

I would like to quote this beautiful poem by Tahilia Hunter;-



And if we are to shine

May we shine as the stars do

Which glow brightly in the darkness

And illuminate the beauty of all that surrounds them


And if we are to heal

May we heal as the forests do

Which regenerate following the harshest of fires

And the coldest of winters


And if we are to grow

May we grow as the plants do

Slowly with stability

Directed toward the light


And if we are to let go

May we let go as the trees do

Shedding and releasing what is old

In order to make the way for the new


And if we are to move forward

May we flow freely as the rivers do

Which surrender to their paths gently without resistance


And if we are to transform

May we transform as the moon does

Which continues to shine in all of its phases

Knowing that it is no less beautiful

When it isn’t perfect or whole



May we live as those before us did

Bravely, boldly, passionately and purposefully

And may we never lose touch with the dreams that lie dormant within us

Waiting to be expressed and shared with the world.


   - Tahlia Hunter


[Image: Eclipse by Japanist artist Tsuyoshi Nagano)


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