Angelic Summit 2020 - Openhand Speaker Involvement

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Hi Everyone, I have to say there are plenty of times, just  like you I'm sure, when I don't feel much like an angel! Neverthelss, I've been asked to speak at January's 2020 online summit, which certainly has an otherworldy air to it and promises to be pretty interesting. Certainly there's a growing energetic resonance and upliftment going on within humanity, as summits like these resonate and reflect. You can access the event for free, and listen to different viewpoints concerning the shift of consciousness happening across our planet.

Here are details of when to listen in...

Openhand Involvement in the Angelic Summit 2020

I get the feeling 2020 is going to be a powerful year of change. The Openhand Approach and the message for this phenomenal shift have been careful crafted through countless iterations to meet and mediate these tumultuous times we're unfolding into. Yes it's cosmic! And at the same time, what you expeirence must come in a very grounded and embodied way. We need to be clear about not floating off into la la land! And it must also be your truth, that is real and experienced for you. The shift into higher consciousness can be theorised and pontificated about, yes, but to actually experience it, you must unfold it from within and live it in the day to day right now.

I speak very spontaneously, direct from the source, and so I don't know exactly what I'll be sharing until the moment. But there are main themes that are arising at this time which feel like they'll be a part of it...

1. The nature of the Solar Nova Shift Event and how that is physically going to transform the Earth's biosphere
2. How to unfold into multidimensional consciousness and the New Paradigm of 5D/6D/7D
3. How to live 5D consciousness right now, in your day to day life, for successful and fulfilling living.

Speaking Time and Web Access 11am on the 11th

I've got an interesting 11:11 slot to speak, so maybe that bodes for some intrigue and adventure!

Date: 11th January
Time: 11am - 1pm: USA pacific time, UK 7pm - 9pm, EU 8pm-10pm.
Where: Angelic Summit 2020 online

Do check out the weblink, and if you resonate, I look forwards to tuning in with you there.

With love and best wishes

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Hey Open,

Due to having a break from gagets I missed the summit. Is there any way I could catchup with what was shared?




Beautiful Open!

Courage to confront what’s going on is life changing! Definitely enlightenIng through 5D involves letting go of the denser energy of 3D reality. 

very excited to see your stage expand

much Love



Hi SeaMaiden,

Great. Yes I'll be fascinated by the experience too. I'm working to get across a point of view which generally isn't yet accepted in the mainstream shift movement - firstly that we don't 'raise vibration of the physical into 5D' - which conveniently avoid the need to do the inner work, and also avoids having to deal with the dramatic effects we're now witnessing in the 3D. We've got to confront exactly what is going on and work with the inner tightness that generates. The we can shift the centre of our consciousness into the higher frequencies - we're not held back any more.

See you on the 11th.

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Good morning Open! I signed up for the Angelic Summit. I am really looking forward to hearing you speak at the summit 🙂 I have been following Openhand for a while now and I resonate so much with your vision and your message of enlightenment to humanity. Keep up the great work! 👏

Much Love & Light 💫🙌❤



This looks like it's going be an interesting event - a chance to get the Openhand perspective across to a wider and more diverse audience.

I have to say it does concern me that the shift is being painted as 'rosy light' - which risks detaching from the reality of what's truly unfolding. Ask the people of Australia in the Bush Fires, those in the USA in the snow and Ice, or those deluged by floods in Jakarta right now. I believe it's essential to embrace the truth as it is, right now. Only then can we equalise and normalise with it - this is the path to real transcendence. You're no longer likely to be shocked by what transpires. In the Openhand Approach, this is the way to true empowerment.

So that's the approach I'll be taking at the summit.

If you resonate - see you there!

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