Are we Human? Or are we Dancers of the Divine!

Submitted by Open on Wed, 04/18/2018 - 06:04

I just came across this awesome video, put to the music track, "Are we Human or are we Dancers?" Check it out, it has some amazingly inspirational clips celebrating just what it means to be "human". But then also, you get a great sense of something beyond. And that's what I often feel about this curious experience of 'being human'. It feels, at times, very dense and physical, hence we can dance! But then at the same time, there's the possibility to be expanded into the cosmic.

That's what comes across in the video for me. What does it do for you?
What are your thoughts on being this crazy cosmic paradox of being human?

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Oh this just makes me giggle! After all, I happen to be .. Human. We all are. Unless of course your a furry creature or something else. The video reminds me how dancing has changed over the course of time.


Being human to me is just fun and totally unfathomable. It's like finding the holy grail on the best quest you ever set upon. The things learned, seen, heard and even tasted is the most phenomenal experience! From the random and what the what, to the wow, take my breath away life! Its an experience, an every single day is a gift.


At least that's how I configure it to be anyways. Recently even my human experience just kept tasting lifesaver candies. That flavor and smell just permeated my being so I set upon what seemed to me to be a quest to find a roll of lifesaver candies and all I could find were gummies. Absolutely exasperating that was and no I did not get the gummies. Why should my human experience settle for something I don't want!


Yet on the flip side too here I actually did what you teach Open, I said out loud awhile back “Show me a wizard!!!”

Welp, I commissioned a painting for another human and as they came to pick it up they brought me a gift, A wizard statue. Poor thing looks a bit worn for the wear and has symbols upon it that I'm pretty sure the world has meaning for, but to me they are just that. Symbols Nothing more, nothing less. I just look at it like, hrmm.. It has intrigue to me, but good grief that could be a rabbit hole huh following the trail of , what does this mean?!!!


But hey.. for all I know, this life this being human could be nothing more than some vacation – oh lets see what this does endeavor! Like a total recall movie moment. I'm in it until, I'm no longer in it. One of these moments I'm just going to wake up from where I was before and I'll go Wooooo, well now.. That was a ride huh.. Pretty serious, but absolutely brilliant. Nope, not goin again.. You cant pay me to do this for at least another 50million years...if that LOL :)



Wishing you all the absolutely best human experience ever