Ascension Timeline Accelerating

Submitted by Open on Sat, 12/10/2022 - 05:50

The spin of the planet is accelerating in the shift as the natural Torus strengthens. Reconcliliation between various ET groups influencing humanity and society is beginning to happen. There are widespread uprisings against the injustice of the Old Paradigm. How can you best work internally in these turbulent times to navigate the best way through?

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I’m so grateful for this powerful video! It has made a huge impact on me and how to deal with challenging situations. Very clear explanation! Thank you 🙏❤️

I'm highly motivated and enthused to share this latest 5D Shift podcast episode today. Major shifts and developments are happening in the field. Particularly amongst the various ET groups that are influencing society and human consciousness. This is bound to have an opening and expansive effect. I do believe we're already witnessing that in various popular uprisings against injustice around the world. It bodes well. Come and explore with me. Dive in with the premiere at 9am UK time on Saturday 10th December (scroll up).

Bright blessings

Open 🙏🦋

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Thank you Open, this was wonderful and really helpful. I'm again in a similar (Ra/Isis, Pleiadian/Reptillian) dynamic back in the restaurant here in the Netherlands where I have space to explore new expressions, and I feel joy with the opportunity for realignment. The interesting thing is that the stagnant energy and slowing down of the torus is reflected in the restaurant. Things are not moving, pests showing up out of nowhere. Now I have no attachment to how the restaurant is doing personally, but at the same time I feel strong purpose in wanting it to thrive. In my own being I feel a lot of speeding up in energy and wanting to break down the stagnation, but my expression of this energy is still quite underdeveloped and distorted, therefore a lot of times contributing to further stagnation (though I can also see it's breaking through now and then). Dynamic energy, new ideas and changes wanting to happen feel like they're being sucked into this black puddle of sticky goo. Every change wanting to be made is being judged, when things are done in an authentic unique way, it's being corrected by the dictator energy that's claiming it's all for our own good yet it's obvious to me it just wants to control and is uncomfortable with surrender. The podcast made me see there is still judgement of this energy and though I'm not collapsing under it in victimhood like before, fighting it with distorted masculine energy is equally futile - in that sense it's a great reflection. This has been going on before but didn't have the awareness to see and work with it, it feels like an exciting new chapter!


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